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« on: July 03, 2014, 08:45:17 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Roto Grip Hysteria Ball Specs:

- Color: Yellow / Purple All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Reaction: Length with a strong backend
- Coverstock: 67MH Solid Reactive
- Core Type: Late Roll 69
- Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
- Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.58**
- Differential (Diff): 0.049**
- ** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
- Hook Potential: Medium
- Length: Long
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil



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Re: Hysteria
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2014, 09:24:40 PM »

41 ft Medium THS


If you liked the Nomad Dagger or Hy Road, this ball is for you.  It has that similar versatile but strong look on lane.  It's probably a tad smoother overall than either ball with its solid but polished cover.  However, lane control and readability are excellent.  It's one of the best benchmark balls in Roto Grip's lineup in a while.
We tested with both medium and high rev bowlers.  Both saw a very versatile piece.
Also tested the ball on Medium-light THS.  Here, you have to get a little deeper but the ball didn't lose any hitting power.  It's got excellent energy retention and a really nice look on lane.


Full review and video:
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Re: Hysteria
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2014, 01:19:46 PM »
41ft THS

OOB finish, I drilled the ball to compliment my original defiant that i have at 2000 with polish.  i drilled it with the pin under the ring finger with the cg kicked out.  this ball gets thru the heads very clean, and make the turn to the pocket very strong and controlled, not a violent reaction.  i was able to play multiple angles with this ball, with speed down the outside, and was able to get into the middle of the lane and wheel the entire lane if i wanted to.  this is a must have from the new line from roto grip.  with the fall leagues starting soon, get out to your local pro shop and pick this ball up. 
roto grip-own it
Charley Burge
storm/roto grip staff member


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Re: Hysteria
« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2014, 08:07:51 AM »
Hysteria - 60 x 4 x 40 pin up - out of the box surface
Oil patterns: 42ft Kegel Flex with Fire and Ice oil and 43ft PBA regional pattern
Lane surface: HPL installed 10 years ago and rescreened in 2014
On the house pattern this ball was "scary" wicked. To make a good comparison, this ball reminds me alot of the Nomad Solid, with smidgen more back end action. Was able to play any part of the lane I wanted to; 5th row, the gutter, or the track area, with even just slightly hitting the cover with a really used 4000ab pad. On the 43ft PBA pattern, it was a little delayed getting to the head pin. So, I hit the cover with an used 3000ab pad and it just gave it enough to make it playable for me.  As the pattern broke down, I was able to give it a little more room left and play closer to the gutter and still have a strong enough reaction to get to the pocket and actually a better look then when the pattern was fresh.


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Re: Hysteria
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2014, 01:23:29 PM »
Weight:  14 lbs.
Pin Length:  3-4Ē
Drilling:   40 X 3 3/8 X 30, pin up
PAP:  3 1/8 & 1/4 up
Pattern Length:  39 ft.
Pattern Volume:  Light/Medium
Pattern Type:  THS
Right Handed

The HYSTERIA is a solid reactive ball, with a late roll 69 weight block, and a  medium/high flare potential.  Box finish is 1500 grit, polished.  The color is green/purple.

I used the HYSTERIA on our 39 ft. house pattern, at box finish.

I found, for me, the HYSTERIA got through the heads and down lane very smooth, with a nice turn, and heavy roll to the pocket.  The HYSTERIA is similar to the Nomad solid, which was one of my favorites in itís time.  This will be a perfect benchmark ball for me.

I brought the surface to 2000 with no polish, and was able to get this ball to read a little earlier, but surprisingly, it still got through the pins great. I was still able to carry the corners.  I added a little polish.  The polish, combined with the higher RG in this ball, makes it great for drier patterns as well.

This is a great piece for light/medium and even a bit heavier oil patterns. It is a great ball for all levels of bowlers.   If you love the Nomad, and HyRoad, you will definitely be a fan of the HYSTERIA.  No arsenal should be without this ball!

Carol Teel
Roto Grip Amateur Staff Member


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RotoGrip Hysteria Review by Staffer Casey Murphy
« Reply #5 on: August 27, 2014, 03:21:30 PM »
Orientation:  Right Handed
Rev Rate:  375 RPM
Speed:  16-17 MPH
PAP:  5 across ĺ up

Location:  Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO
Pattern:  High Volume THS
Layout:  40, 4 ĺ, 65 w/p3 hole

WOW!  This ball is something RotoGrip has been missing for a long time.  A High RG Solid with a Performance cover.  The combination creates a dynamic and unique reaction.  Itís clean through the front, but has an angular and smooth move to the pocket.  The result is the Hysteria is a very continuous ball that keeps the pins low and slings them around.  Iíve never had more messengers. 

This would be a great ball for a lot of conditions, especially when you want to tighten up your line and play straighter to the pocket.  It will also be a very versatile ball for tougher conditions because it will clear the fronts easily and create a strong controllable reaction down lane. 

The Hysteria is a must have for RotoGrip fans!


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Re: Hysteria
« Reply #6 on: August 30, 2014, 07:56:51 AM »
HYSTERIA review by Storm staffer Jeff Richgels
      Drilled July 4, 2014
    The HYSTERIA specs are here:
      The HYSTERIA video is here:
      You can see a picture of it in my blog here:

My teammate Gail Myers Jr. has been on me for a long time to have a shiny solid ball in my arsenal.
I had a favorite shiny SYNC, but with a pin-in-the-palm drilling it wasnít usable on a wide variety of conditions.
Iíve tried a few other solids shiny over the last several months, most recently the HYPER CELL, but I tend to prefer hybrids and pearls shiny and havenít found a solid of recent vintage that I really like shiny.

I think itís because as Iíve gotten older and my hand slower through the ball, I find myself needing more skid to get my ball to the spot I want to get it to and pearls and hybrids naturally have more skid than solids.
When I heard the Roto Grip HYSTERIA was a solid that came shiny, I was very intrigued to get one and see how it rolled, especially after Storm staffer John Brockland of Ray Orfís Pro Shop in St. Louis said I would love the HYSTERIA. John is a fellow Raisin and a slower Tweener like me.
And boy was he right. Of the three new Roto releases, the HYSTERIA is my favorite by far.
Iíve been able to use it with success on everything from a transitioned heavy oil 47-foot PBA50 Scorpion pattern to an extremely hooking 39-foot PBA50 Dick Weber pattern and 43-foot PBA Regional Viper pattern once there was a little bit of play.
My drilling is a pin above the fingers with a strong angle of the CG kicked slightly right.

(I am not providing numbers on my drilling because I just donít know what to use for my PAP numbers. For years, I used old numbers that I know werenít accurate and my re-measured numbers came on one of my experimental grips that I gave up on as I returned to my long-time grip. I plan to get re-measured when I get a chance.)

The HYSTERIAía 67MH cover in shiny form with Late Roll 69 core gets down the lane fairly easily for a relatively strong ball even on the hooking conditions Iíve used it on, but even shiny it handles oil well, as it did on the PBA50 Scorpion once it transitioned some at the PBA50 Tour stop in Hammond, Indiana.
The HYSTERIA doesnít jump off the dry Ė the motion features a strong move at the breakpoint that is more a hard roll than an angular snap. One of its best features is that it retains plenty of energy and doesnít tend to plaque 10 except when it deserves to.
Another thing I love about the HYSTERIA is that it rolls through the pins, keeping them low, which to me creates better carry than a ball that throws pins high and around (not that I do that much anymore anyway).
The HYSTERIA is stronger than a HY-ROAD PEARL and may compare in hook to a FUSION, but it gets down the lane easier and isnít as strong in the midlane as the FUSION.

In last weekendís PBA Regional in Des Moines, Iowa, the Viper pattern was very difficult with tons of hook in the middle, hang outside and little help getting the ball to the breakpoint. A ball like the FUSION was too strong to get to the breakpoint, but balls like the HY-ROAD PEARL and REIGN SUPREME werenít strong enough to recover when they were thrown right as the pattern demanded. The HYSTERIA was in the small sweet spot in between, enabling me to swing it, get it down the lane and recover enough to cash a check against the kids.

The HYSTERIA is simply a great medium ball.

Overall, itís one of the best balls Iíve ever rolled and I canít recommend it enough.

I canít think of a style that wouldnít be able to use it as itís good on a variety of conditions and I imagine for a variety of speeds and rev rates.
If someone asked me to recommend one shiny Storm/Roto ball, it would be the HYSTERIA.



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Re: Hysteria
« Reply #7 on: September 10, 2014, 07:16:31 AM »

Length: Various lengths

Volume: Various Volumes

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Various Patterns

The newest addition to the HP3 line for RotoGrip is the Hysteria.  The Hysteria has new weight block called the late roll 69 which increased the Rg value and also raised the differential.  Even though the cover stock is solid the Hysteria has some backend!  The layout that I used in this beast is pin down under the bridge with the cg kicked out or the dual angle 45 X 5 Ĺ X 70, the weight hole is located on my VAL at 3 3/8 from my PAP.  My coordinates are as follows: PAP 5 5/8 over and ĺ up, Ball speed 15mph to 16mph, Rev Rate around 300 and I am right handed.

I used the Hysteria on numerous patterns along with the Disturbed.  What I found was on longer patterns the Disturbed allowed me to be more in play because of the earlier roll characteristics.  However, when the longer patterns started breaking down and forcing me left the Hysteria was in play!  The Hysteria allowed me to play the friction and opened up the lane.  The shorter patterns the Hysteria was in play from the beginning of the set to the end.  The Hysteria never lost hitting power and the generous length and Dynamic backend was a huge surprise!  The Disturbed just rolled too early and did not have enough energy on the backend to knock down a lot of pins.  This is where the higher RG and polished cover stock makes a huge difference for the Hysteria.  The Hysteria conserves more energy and has more ball motion than a Disturbed (even if the Disturbed is polished).   On a typical House Pattern was a toss-up between the two bowling ballsÖ. At the beginning of the set the Disturbed blended out the wet dry and was able to stay in the pocket with ease.  I could still chase the pattern left if I wanted too butÖ I changed to the Hysteria.  The Hysteria again allowed me to play more of the friction and the powerful backend made the carry down non-existent.  The Disturbed and the Hysteria is good one two punch for anyoneís bowling bag! 

The Hysteria is a great addition to the already diverse RotoGrip arsenal!

Likes: Great Length with Dynamic recovery

Dislikes: Needs some friction... not necessarily a bad thing?

Daniel Schaden
Storm/RotoGrip Pro Shop Staff
Vise Grip Staff Member since 2002
Bowlers Corner Pro Shop since 2002


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Hysteria Ball Review by Walter McKnight
« Reply #8 on: September 16, 2014, 02:48:43 PM »

Rotogrip Hysteria Ball Review by Walter McKnight

Lane Conditions: Medium-Heavy Oil
Typical Conditions: Variety of Shots
Type of Lane: Combination
What part of the lane did you play? Second Arrow
Weight of bowling ball: 15
Surface of bowling ball: Factory/Box
What grit was the surface of the ball? 1500
Likes: One of the cleanest balls through the front of the lanes .

Rotogrip presents the NEW Hysteria. Another great weapon forged in the HP3 Line. The Hysteria is a High RG (2.58- 15lbs) Symmetric that loves getting long. The late Roll 69 Core in combination with the 67MH Solid Cover helps the ball clear the fronts and save all its energy for the breakpoint. The cover comes factory polished but will take surface changes very well. The Hysteria is one of the most versatile balls to hit the market in some time. If you are looking for a ball for all occasions, look no further than here.

I went with a standard pin up drilling. 70ļ x 5 5/8 x 35ļ. I find this layout is very controllable and retains a massive amount of energy. I tend to start with this ball down and in (Up 8-10) as the lanes break down this ball has no problem getting back to the pocket. This ball has been my starter since it went to market. It has length, angle and versatility. In my opinion it is the total package for any and every bowler.


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Re: Hysteria
« Reply #9 on: September 17, 2014, 10:30:03 AM »

Length: 41

Volume: medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: clean through the front controllable backend consistent reaction

Dislikes: needs a strong drilling to make it back if missed right

They said this ball is comparable to the nomad, out of all 3 i would say the nomad solid. With the factory finish polish the ball gets through the front part of the lane. The solid cover make the ball able to read the midlane and make a smooth turn to the pocket. Very controllable and predictable. This is a great ball for house shots or medium tournament shots in my opinion.

You would need to switch to something like the optimus as the tournament goes on in order for the ball to recover from farther breakpoints as this ball won't usually jump off the spot hard enough.

PJ Haggerty

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Re: Hysteria
« Reply #10 on: September 19, 2014, 02:24:22 PM »
Roto Grip Hysteria Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

The Hysteria is definitely a shape that filled a gap in our Roto Grip line.  After you
look past our high performance, HP-4 line, there wasnít a cleaner, more angular shape to compliment the stronger balls.  The Deranged was AWESOME, but might have been a bit too clean.  The Hysteria is a perfect step down from the Hyper Cell, Sinister, or Totally Defiant.  Iíve only drilled one so far and loved it.  I put one of my favorite layouts on it (5 x 4 with a 7/8 hole 2í under my pap) and love the shape it creates.  When the lanes start to transition and I need to move further left, this is the perfect piece.  It is stronger than my UpRoar, and fits perfectly under my Sinister and Disturbed. 

For tournament conditions, I can see using the Hysteria in all areas of the lane.  For me, I will most likely use it later in blocks once the lanes have transitioned and the front of the lane has blown open.  I do like it with a bit of surface also.  By hand, I applied a 2000 pad with medium pressure.  This didnít affect how clean it flies through the front part of the lane, it simply slowed down the response time and created a smoother motion.  The Hysteria pairs well with a Disturbed also.  I can see those being a nice 1,2 punch for several tournament conditions.  To sum it up, If you have a gap after your high performance and mid performance balls, this would be a perfect fit. 

Go drill one and #OwnIt!!


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Hysteria review by Mark Tarkington
« Reply #11 on: November 24, 2014, 12:59:20 PM »
Right Handed
Ball weight:  15
Rev Rate:  378
Ball Speed:  18.2
Axis Tilt:  6.67
Axis Rotation:  45*
PAP:  4 1/8 horizontal, 11/16 up
Layout:  3 3/8 x 3

I wasnít really sure what to expect from the Hysteria.  I had never owned any of the Nomad series, to which this ball is being compared.  I didnít know what to do regarding a layout.  I decided to use an older favorite for symmetric cores and see how it went.

OOB, I tried it on a variety of house patterns, and was a bit disappointed.  With that shine, the Hysteria does NOT like any volume.  It will skate through the heads, just waiting to find friction.  When it does encounter friction, it does not make a hard left, but a very smooth move.  If it gets into that friction soon enough, it will get to the hole and carry.  If it skates a bit too far, you could be in for some interesting leaves.

Now, that said, this ball has saved my butt on a couple of occasions.  It was still new and I had it in the bag, just in case I ran across burn on which it could work.  Bowling a team tourney on a variety of patterns, one of which was a modified Cheetah (I am normally pretty terrible on shorter patterns, so I was just going to try to not hurt the team), I started with a dismal 160-something.  A teammate, weíll call Mr. Roberts, suggested making a move and ball change.  After discussing what I had in my bags, he suggested trying the Hysteria.  After one frame he suggested a feet/target move significantly left.  I did this and was able to play 12-out on Cheetah.  I have never been able to move left like that on a short pattern, but this ball cleared the heads so well and made such a smooth move that my next two games helped bail that 160-something start.  I canít say I killed it, but the Hysteria gave me the confidence to make good shots on a pattern on which I normally struggle.

My next opportunity was during a 12 game marathon.  The last 4 games were tough and this ballís ability to clear the fronts and make an even move allowed me to climb back into a cashing position when the middles had been totally blown out.  The Hysteria saved my butt again!

While having a lull were I wasnít able to use it for a while, I decided to knock the shine off of it and see what it could do with some surface.  I went with about 2000 abralon.  This made the ball SIGNIFICANTLY stronger.  On normal house shots with volume in the center, Iím able to bump it out to the friction and bring it back and it has plenty of continuation through the pins.  As impressed as  I was with the OOB finish, I think I really like the look I get with surface even more.  It reads the lanes really well, makes a nice move and is quite controllable.

With my use of this ball, Iím considering a second Hysteria just to keep at box finish for the blown out late games on tournament patterns, or any pattern where everything else just hooks too much.

It took some games and help, but Iím sold.  This ball is really worth all of the hype youíve heard.   

A great symmetric from Roto Grip!
Mark Tarkington
Storm Pro Shop Staff Member
Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff Member
Turbo Pro Shop Staff Member
Manager, GutterLine Pro Shop


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Re: Hysteria
« Reply #12 on: November 24, 2014, 02:51:15 PM »
The Hysteria is one of my favorite house shot balls in my bag right now. While I havenít gotten to try it out on sports shot too much yet, for the average league bowler, this is one heck of a ball. I drilled the Hysteria at 80 x 4 x 30. This drilling really allows the Hysteria to make it through those messy heads that we often see in league and get to the break point with the energy to make the turn without jackknifing through the pocket instead of rolling through with some authority. This is normally the first or second ball out of my bag for league nights, If I know Iím at a bit of a drier house first ball out easily, if Iím at a house that has a bit of a heavier volume of oil Iíll start out with something like the Crux and then move into the Hysteria. If youíre looking for a league ball for this season, the Hysteria should be high on that list, because itís going to drive the competition crazy!

Samuel Benifield
BowlersMart Buford


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Roto Grip Hysteria review by Staffer Garrett Richardson
« Reply #13 on: November 24, 2014, 06:14:12 PM »
Hand: Left
Ball Speed: 16-17mph
Ball Weight: 15lbs
PAP: 5 left 7/16 up
Degrees of Tilt: 17
Layout: 3 ľ x 5 5/8 x 2 3/8

The Hysteria is by far one of my all time favorite symmetrical solid balls of all time and favorite solid from the Roto Grip line up. The Hysteria has the same RG and DIFF specs as another favorite the nomad dagger but in a solid cover and a new weight block design that gives this ball a strong back end for a solid cover. The pin is left of the ring ringer and cg straight down from the pin as if it was a ďstackedĒ drilling (which pretty much is) with a low weight hole. With the covers surface at 1500 polished I get a great mid lane read getting through the fronts and strong back end. Some solids polished I don't get a good read but with this particular solid I get a great overall reaction that is predictable and strong. The Hysteria is a great compliment to the sinister another great ball from Roto Grip when the sinister starts to burn up and leave weak corners or come in soft to the pocket the Hysteria will save that energy and give it all to the pocket like a truck. So far the best pattern for me has been house shots or patterns like middle of the road. For a solid cover stock this is truly a great piece for the bag and for any nomad dagger fan this is gonna help the sadness go away if your nomad dagger has run its course and time to replace.

If you have any questions about the Hysteria email me at I have a video of the Hysteria on youtube!

Garrett Richardson
Storm/Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff
Vise Inserts Amateur Staff
Pinole Bowlerís Supply


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Roto Grip Hysteria Review by Brian Watson
« Reply #14 on: November 29, 2014, 09:54:49 PM »
 The new ball in the Roto Grip HP3 line is the Hysteria.  The Hysteria is a reactive solid ball that comes shiny.  I drilled mine just like my Asylum, 5 x 5 x 2 3/4 or 60 x 5 x 40.
Even with the shiny cover, the ball rolls pretty strong in the midlane for me.  Has good backend continual ball motion.  Hysteria is not flippy at all but more off a strong roll off of the breakpoint.  I have used Hysteria on house patterns.  Compared to the Asylum the Hysteria is a lot stronger overall and more forward rolling for me. 
Hysteria is good step down from the Sinister and Hyper Cell when they start to labor down lane. 
Right Hander
PAP - 4  up 1 1/4
Rev Rate - 400
Tilt -  15
Speed  - 17