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Title: Idol Cosmos
Post by: BallReviews-scodaddy21 on July 15, 2022, 05:02:17 PM
The success of the Roto Grip Idol line of upper-mid performance bowling balls continues with the Idol Cosmos. This pearlized version of the XtremeTrax coverstock combined with the Ikon Core provides a cleaner option through the front part of the lane and then generates more motion and backend reaction on medium to heavy oil conditions.

Color: Stardust Teal
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Core: Ikon Symmetrical (14#-16#)
Coverstock: XtremeTrax Pearl Reactive
Finish: 4000-grit Abralon
RG: 2.49 (for 15# ball)
Differential: 0.052 (for 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil - Medium/Heavy Oil
Hook Potential: Medium to High
Length: Long
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: Kevin Duncan on July 17, 2022, 08:36:24 AM
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos
Layout: 5 x 4 x 2
Rev Rate: 325 rpm, 7 degree of axis tilt, 40 degree of axis rotation
Testing information: 40 foot THS (medium to light volume)
Bowling Center: Fulton Bowling Center
Kegel Machine – Brunswick Anvilane

The Roto Grip Idol Cosmos pairs the Xtreme Trax pearl coverstock with the proven IKON core. The Idol Cosmos makes a statement – on the lane and on the shelf.  I like the green color of the coverstock.  The ball just looks like it will perform well.  During testing, I definitely got an Idol Pearl vibe.  I would say it may be a touch stronger than the its pearl predecessor but similar in ball motion.  When tested against the newly released Storm Infinite Physix, the Idol Cosmos was cleaner through the front part of the lane and retained more energy for a more defined hook motion down lane.  The Idol Cosmos is going to be a good one folks.  If you are missing your Idol Pearl, this is an option for you.
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Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: Rick K on July 17, 2022, 12:55:50 PM
Idol Cosmos • HP3 Series
Core • Ikon • Symmetric Core
Coverstock • XtremeTrax Pearl Reactive • Finish 4000-grit Abralon
Weight • 15 lbs. RG • 2.49 Differential • .052
Layout •4 x 4 x 1 ½
Tester PAP • 5" R, 5/8" D Tester Axis Tilt • 11° Testers Rev Rate • 325
Test Pattern • 42' THS (Typical House Shot) • Modified, Kegel Stone Street

Roto Grip continues their legendary success of the Idol line with the release of the Idol Cosmos. And at the heart of the Cosmos is the proven and reliable Ikon Symmetric Core. Combined with the all-new XtremeTrax Pearl reactive cover, the Idol Cosmos not only performed with exceptional results but also has a versatility that makes the Idol Cosmos a strong choice for your arsenal. So, let's take a closer look at how the Idol Cosmos delivered on a THS!

The Ikon Symmetric Core debuted in the original Idol line and is a well-balanced core. This low Rg symmetric has a smooth dynamic roll through the mid-lane. And its high differential delivers a strong flare giving the Ikon Core a smooth, dependable motion for many different style players. Specifically for straighter players like me, you will love the Ikon Cores' ability to get down the lane while retaining an intense amount of energy that explodes through the pins. And for those rev-challenged players -the Ikon core maintains a strong continuation to kick out those annoying single-pin raps!

The new Xtreme Trax Pearl Reactive cover is what makes the Idol Cosmos stand out! This emerald Pearl Reactive cover has a firm bite in the front part of the lane, and I loved how it had a clean transition at the back end. Of course, being a pearl, it goes longer down the lane than its solid counterpart found on the Idol Helios. Yet, being a straighter player, I found the Xtreme Trax Pearl blended the skid, hook, and roll phases smoothly and distinctly all night on a THS. That type of predictability makes the Idol Cosmos an excellent choice for bowlers with a higher speed and lower rev rate like me. And the 4000-grit Abralon finish was ideal for your typical night of league bowling.

In conclusion, the Idol Cosmos is an all-around great new release from Roto Grip. Straighter and more conventional type players like me will enjoy the predictability and comfort the Idol Cosmos brings to your game. Further, the Idol Cosmos will deliver results by itself, but when added with an Idol Helios and a spare ball! Then, you have a great THS arsenal to give you that competitive edge all season long. So, visit your local Pro-shop operator today and see how the Idol Cosmos will complete your arsenal! It's worth it!

Rick Klimowicz
Storm Products Pro Shop Staff
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Penndel, PA
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: PD300 on July 17, 2022, 01:25:14 PM
Idol Cosmos is a good piece for Medium Oil Patterns. Compared to the Idol Helios, the Cosmos has more length with a smooth continuous Backend motion. Good piece to go with when the front part of the lane goes away or when the lanes get over/under reaction with other pieces. Compared to the 900 Global Zen, Cosmos is a few boards more all around.
Title: Idol Cosmos
Post by: Awiegand3 on July 18, 2022, 02:44:31 PM
The idol line continues to come out with the best balls in any line. We all liked the xtreme cover that was on the idol helios. So it only made sense for roto grip to come out with a pearl version with the xtreme cover. This idol cosmos comes at 4000 grit not like your typical shinny ball coming from utah. If this ball hooks too soon for you, you could hit the ball with a 1500 grit abralon pad and polish it to get it back to storms original. For you more speed dominant players this ball should be money for you guys at the 4000 grit abralon, with the pearl cover.

   Anthony W
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: chasev97 on July 18, 2022, 03:23:44 PM
The Infinite Physix is the newest iteration of the Atomic Core found in all of the previous balls in the Physix line. The REX Pearl coverstock originally featured on the Dark Code gives this ball a huge upgrade. The Infinite Physix is strong, smooth and continuous. It has the feel of a beefed up version of the original Physix. It tips just a bit harder downlane and overall is 3-4 boards stronger than the original Physix. If you like the Physix line, you're gonna love this one!

YouTube Channel: Millennium Bowling Supply

-Chase Valenzuela

Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: PJ Haggerty on July 29, 2022, 12:16:03 PM
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

The Idol line from Roto Grip has been extremely successful and I’ve been a big fan of them since the original, pink Idol.  The Cosmos is the latest release and the biggest difference is in the coverstock.  The brains in Utah used a pearl Xtreme Trax cover along with the same symmetrical weightblock that we’ve seen over the years.  The main purpose of the Cosmos was to create a cleaner, pearl version of the Idol Helios, and it has delivered.

I’ve drilled one Cosmos so far and will likely drill another.  I think I drilled the first one too strong when I drilled it with a 4 x 4 layout.  This really smooths out the response time, but is still very useful.  I think I’ll be able to use this Cosmos on shorter patterns when I need the ball to bleed energy at the end of the pattern.  When I drill another one, I’ll likely drill it with a 5 x 4.5 layout to create more length and try to make it usable on more patterns.  Also, I think the Cosmos will take surface changes extremely well.  Kris Prather used a polished one on the PBA League shows and it looked awesome.  Mine has the box surface on it and it's much smoother.

Overall, if you need a cleaner, responsive ball with a low RG that will be extremely adaptable to surface changes, you should drill an Idol Cosmos! 
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: ZackNewman300 on August 03, 2022, 05:31:49 PM
The Idol Cosmos is the pearl counterpart to it's predecessor the Idol Helios. For me, it's not the usual "way longer, way sharper" shape that you expect out of any pearl version of a ball. The Cosmos is definitely clean up front, but is exceptionally smooth down lane, never giving me the hockey stick motion or anything unpredictable. It's extremely good at controlling the pocket when the lanes start to transition. I went pin up with mine (4.5x30), and I couldn't be happier with what I see. It stands up in the mids decisively and kind of calmly and predictably makes the left turn. I'm usually not a huge fan of pearls, I can truly say this is an exception.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: k1ngsizepapa on August 05, 2022, 05:13:29 PM



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS


Core: Ikon
Coverstock: XtremeTrax Pearl
Finish: 4000
RG: 2.49
Differential: 0.052

Right-Handed Tweener
Speed: 12-13 mph
Rev Rate: 315
PAP: 4 7/8 Right 3/8 Up

Ball Layout: Pin Up 5 3/4 Pin to Pap 1 inch pin buffer

With all the honor scores that the Idol Helios racked up, and my own success with the ball I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pearl version. I wasn't disappointed when Roto Grip releases the Idol Cosmos with the same Ikon-ic core shape and the XTREMETRAX™ Pearl Cover.

What was already an incredibly continuous ball motion is further enhanced with the additional length provided by the pearl additive. The cosmos provides an ideal transition piece from the Helios and makes it easier to get the same reaction when the heads go.

I tested the Cosmos on the high volume 43 foot house pattern at my home center. The cleaner cover did play a little more friendly closer to the friction. While there's lots of volume there is plenty of shape to this high ratio pattern. The helios is so dynamic I definitely preferred playing the hold to playing the friction. That being said I definitely prefer the Cosmos after a game or so, when the hook spot has had more time to develop. It is useful with straighter angles out of box, but where this ball really shines (pun intended) is when you polish it up and open your angles with it. It's makes a great, quick move that generates great angle through the pins when you have to get steeper through the front of the lane.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: william.tefft on August 07, 2022, 01:46:25 PM
Ball Specs:
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos
Coverstock: 4000-grit Xtreme Trax™ Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Ikon™ Core (Symmetrical)
Color: Stardust Teal

Speaking of some of the most iconic lines in bowling history the Idol line is right up there with the best of them. The idol Helios was a great addition to the line, and they followed it up by introducing the Idol Cosmos. The Cosmos allows you to have a similar motion as the Helios with a pearl cover stock. When the lanes start to break down I pull the Cosmos out and still have the confidence that I am going to get a similar reaction as my Helios. The 4K Fast finish doesn’t affect this ball at all, you still get that pearl reaction. Don’t forget about the appeal this ball really stands out on the lanes. Make sure you go out and pick yours up today!
Will Tefft
Roto Grip Staff Member
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: rodbowler75 on August 09, 2022, 02:46:00 PM
The newest addition to the idol line the idol cosmos. This ball comes in 4k fast and for a pear is very clean down lane i drilled mine with the layout of 40 x 3 x 60. My goal was to get this ball to stand up faster with my loft and still continue off the spot. Compared to my helios this ball will allow you to move left when doesn't make it back.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: rotogrip_rick on August 10, 2022, 11:51:34 AM
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos
Layout: 60 x 1 1⁄2 x 60
Finish: 4k FAST
Lane types and pattern types: HPL lane panels with 48ft THS pattern and SPL panels with 46ft
I decided to drill the IDOL Cosmos with one of my favorite THS killer layouts. I bowled in 2
different centers with vastly different lane surfaces and overall length and volume of the THS.
So, while my main ball out of the bag to start has been the Roto Grip HYPED Hybrid for about 9
months now, I was missing that later motion but not super flippy like a Hyped Pearl or even an
Electrify Pearl. Normally, as the night of league matches goes on, The Hyped Hybrid is very
clean and carries a TON, it actually is still at 1500 grit polished and I am determined to leave it
that way, because if it is not broke, don’t fix it, but as the matches progress, I would find I would
need to have a smidge longer length before it would start to make any direction changes, I tried
an Idol Pearl, 2 Hyped Pearls, (2 in P2P and a 6 in P2P) in 1500 grit polished and 4K Fast and
even my own rendition of 4K FAST with finishing it with a 5000 grit pad, nothing seemed to get
me over that mid match hump, until the Roto Grip Cosmos came along. Was able to project
outside where the other lefties were playing, was able to open up the angles and even close
down the angles and play relatively straight with the Cosmos.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: sportshot on August 14, 2022, 07:08:53 PM
Ball Specs:
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos
Cover stock –Pearl Reactive
Symmetrical Core
Color Stardust Teal
Finish 4000-grit Abralon
Layout 45 x 4.5 x 45

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5” Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed at camera 15.5

The new Roto Grip Idol Cosmos is a very good ball. I like the motion and total hook of the Helios but sometimes it is too much ball for certain conditions. The Helios is hard for me to see transition due to the color I think, so I use it took long before balling down. The new Cosmos is unique because it has the same feel as the Helios even though it has a cleaner and more angular motion and hooks less overall. I can easily see when this ball makes its move also. I have had pretty good luck with the Idol line but the last two have been my favorites. I still use the Synergy on some occasions also. The Idol Cosmos seems to play best for me on medium conditions and I like this ball in box finish or polished. I probably lean on the polished version more than the box finish where I normally bowl.  This Idol Cosmos is different than the Helios in the fact it goes longer and makes a stronger move at the break point. I am not a high rev player, but I am able to move inside on different conditions and still maintain excellent carry. It’s nice when a guy like me can get those extra corner pins to fall.

The Idol Cosmos has a very good and unique motion.
The Cover sands and polishes easily for dialing in a shape on the lanes.
The hit is very good due to the entry angle.

Glenn Wendel
PBA Member
Storm Pro Shop Staff

Video Link:
Title: Idol Cosmos Review by Luke Rosdahl
Post by: Luke Rosdahl on August 16, 2022, 01:26:35 PM
The Idol Cosmos features the XtremeTrax Pearl coverstock that debuted in solid form on the Idol Helios, and it comes at 4000 grit. The core is the strong and rolly Ikon core the Idol series is known for, and it's a 2.49 RG and .052 differential in 15 pounds. The Cosmos is very strong and round shaping, just like the Helios, but obviously a slightly weaker version. The Cosmos feels like a stronger IQ Tour Nano Pearl that's firmer down lane, it has the control of an IQ with some extra teeth and punch. If both are at box, it's a very good step down from the Helios because it gives you the same type of look but that's a bit weaker and easier down the lane. It's a step sideways from something like the Zen, Zen Soul, and Phaze 3, because while technically it's stronger, it's also not as sharp, and would be a good ball up from something like an IQ Tour because it's the same general look and shape but in a stronger package. While the Cosmos might be quite useful for higher rev rates on easier patterns, it's better suited to tougher conditions I think because of the combination of strength and control. It could be a ball down, or a first ball on medium length and/or flatter patterns.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: TBenner300 on August 21, 2022, 07:32:41 PM
The new Idol Cosmos features the same successful Ikon core and wraps it in the Xtreme Trax pearl coverstock.  The Idol line which has been hugely popular and successful, has another winner with the Cosmos.  This ball comes finished at 4K fast (4000 grit abralon) and can be easily adjusted to fit the bowler’s needs.  Out of the box, the Cosmos’ pearl coverstock allows it to be clean thru even the most burnt heads and the Ikon core provides the consistent smooth backend that has been a trademark of this line.  The Cosmos has one of the smoothest backend reactions I have seen out of a pearlized ball. This ball is a great compliment to the Idol Helios.  For me the Cosmos is about 4 to 5 boards of less hook than the Helios.  It is a great benchmark ball and is also good on the typical wet/dry house patterns.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: hammermike2000 on August 22, 2022, 09:02:03 PM
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos
Layout: 45 x 4 ½ x 45

The Idol Cosmos, despite it having a pearl coverstock, has become my current benchmark ball. With the stronger composition of the cover, and the 4k-fast finishing process, this ball is in a different universe of ball reaction than that of the previous Idol Pearl.  The Cosmos has enough midlane traction to handle medium-heavy oil patterns, though it is also clean enough to be used on medium to medium-dry conditions. I would categorize the ball reaction as being smooth but with some backend kick. It is one of the most versatile pieces that I have seen in quite some time.

Mike LeViner
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: Tknoop1127 on August 25, 2022, 08:14:33 PM
Roto Grip outdid itself once again with the newest addition to the Idol series. The Idol Cosmos, for me, is a great one-two punch to the Idol Helios. Since the Cosmos is a pearl cover, it will save more energy for the back part of the lane. The Helios is a little earlier, so when I have to move left, then switching to the Cosmos becomes valuable. I have the Cosmos drilled pin over my bridge with the CG kicked 1' to the right. Very pleased with this ball, it gives me a nice, predictable motion.
Title: Roto Grip Idol Cosmos by Casey Murphy
Post by: caseyccg on August 27, 2022, 01:22:44 PM
Orientation:  Right Handed
Rev Rate:  400 RPM
Speed:  16-17 MPH
PAP:  4 ½ over and ½ up

Location:  Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO
Pattern:  High Volume THS
VLS Layout: 
Layout 2:  4 ½ x 4 x 4 1/8 (pin below bridge)

The Idol Cosmos is an updated version of the Idol Pearl.  It’s got more additive in the cover and rolls earlier while maintaining the shape on the backend.   The Idol Pearl got a little “squirty” in oil and the Idol Cosmos solves this issue with the stronger cover.  It never wants to miss the midlane so I feel I can use it earlier in a block.  This one is simple, if you like the Idols, this is another great one!
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: jshoe97 on August 28, 2022, 09:33:13 PM
The Idol Cosmos is the newest edition to the Idol line. It features the same core as all the previous Idol balls but is now wrapped in XtremeTrax pearl. For anyone that loved how the Idol pearl shaped but wished it has a little more teeth in oil or for someone that loved the OG but didn’t like how it shaped from farther left, look no further. The Idol Cosmos showcases the best of both worlds by providing enough control for the fresh but enough shape to allow you to open up a lane before going to quicker response balls. The Idol Cosmos for me will be fantastic on fresh house shots or a great three ball during a longer tournament block.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: rcgilmore on August 29, 2022, 09:04:02 AM
Ball Review Idol Cosmos, RG: 2.49 Dif: .052 Cover: ExtremeTrax Pearl 4K Finish
PAP 5 1/8 over ¾ UP, Medium/Ball Speed Rev Rate 275-325 Layout: 4 x 4 x 1 ¾

The return of a Pearl addition to the Idol lineup and definitely a nice surprise. The Cosmos is a great addition to the pearl line up. It has the performance that bowlers expect from the idol line. It’s smooth and rounded shape is very predictable. It has a strong backend motion with good continuation from the pins. The Cosmos with the ExtremeTrax Pear cover at 4k finish responds hard off the friction but doesn’t seem to overreact. The Cosmos picks up down lane and holds its energy well. The Cosmos will fit most play styles and conditions. I definitely recommend this ball if you are looking for a new smooth ball with a strong backend pearl.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: BRitch14 on August 30, 2022, 08:45:44 AM
Drilled this ball with the pin over the bridge with measurements of 4 3/8 by 43. Pretty similar to how I have drilled previous pearl balls (Zen to be specific) looking to get a slightly different motion and that's exactly what I got. The pearl coverstock has a little surface to it so it doesn't have a quick motion off the dry, but instead it's very controllable, very round, while not sacrificing continuation. Took this ball out right after drilling for a couple games on THS and was able to play a couple different parts of the lane. Was able to keep my angles in front of me with a little extra ball speed, and move left and circle it through the oil with a very smooth backend motion. If you are looking for an extreme hockey stick, this is not the ball for you, but if you want a controllable and versatile pearl ball, this will be a great add to the bag.
Brent Ritchie
SPI Staff Member
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: jordanmbehunin on August 30, 2022, 03:28:27 PM
Idol Cosmos – I have not previously been a fan of the Idol balls, but this one is awesome! It’s nice and clean through the front of the lane, but it doesn’t over hook on the back part of the lane. I have used it as my benchmark ball since I drilled it, and I have used it on many different conditions. It is very versatile, which is a big thing I look for in a new ball. I recommend getting one for your bag for sure!
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: 9orbetter on August 30, 2022, 08:59:50 PM
Most versatile release this year for me.

Drilled 65 x 3.5 x 30 close to my house shot layouts gives me a smooth and predictable shape and motion during league and most local tournaments.

Compared to my Zen it dug in the mid lane sooner due to the 4k Fast cover. Definitely a slight step up. Slightly less than a Helios with the same carry percentage

Performed well from multiple angles on the 40' Dutchman pattern thus the versatility of the cover combined with the Ikon core.

Should be apart of your league and tournament arsenal this fall.

Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: jmeorock on September 02, 2022, 04:58:50 PM
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos Ball Review

Rev Rate: 375

Ball Speed: 15-16 mph

PAP: 5 inches over, 1/2 inch up

Layout: 60x5x30

The Idol Cosmos is the fifth installment in the Idol series stateside. In testing this ball, I found it to be buttery smooth and very deliberate with its downlane motion. I was very surprised at this because I had envisioned it doing something else…like more of the Idol Pearl than a bigger version of the !Q Tour. But I love it! Its almost like OG Idol meets a touch of the Idol Helios…the smoothness of the OG with a sprinkle of the slow strong nature of the Helios. It’s another piece of versatility that’s on my “bowling rack” to add to my bag for leagues and tournaments.

Another popular Idol to bang out high scores!

Jamaal Oliver

Chad’s Pro Shop

Andy B’s - Bartlett

Memphis, TN
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: cmattingly on September 12, 2022, 01:06:35 PM

Length: 43'

Volume:22.5 mLs

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS
The Idol line was SO Amazing in the beginning with the first 3  domestic releases.  I much of a fan the few in the middle, but with the NEWEST inception of the Idol, the Cosmos, I am seeing this to be very versatile.

The Idol Cosmos while being a peal, has a very heavy nano load.  It reads the mids well with a strong but not necessarily angular motion.  This ball takes well to surface adjustment.  the more surface, the more it blends the dry but with polish, this thing can get after it down lane!

My layout is pin up, 4x5x2!

Other balls getting a lot of play:
Dark Code-4x6x2
Night Road-4.5x4.5x3.75
Wolverine Dark Moss-4.25x5.25x2


Likes: versatility

Dislikes: none!

Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: kristisbowl on September 15, 2022, 10:10:15 AM

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Multiple (Sport and Recreational)


The all new Roto Grip Idol Cosmos bowling ball features the Ikon Core and the pearlized XtremeTrax coverstock, which should result in a cleaner motion through the front of the lane while providing stronger reaction down lane. I have seen so many different Idol bowling balls roll very well for wide variety of bowlers.

Personally, I haven’t had much success with the Idol series. I have tried several layouts on different Idol’s and just couldn’t seem to find the sweet spot. I drilled my Idol Cosmos with my usual pin-up layout: 65 x 5 x 30. I expected this ball to flare a good amount and, due to cleaner coverstock, I thought it could be a good transition ball when stronger asymmetrical bowling balls start be too much.

The Idol Cosmos is a very “rolly” and “forward” to me. I was expecting a little more response in the friction out of this ball. For my ball roll and the layout I chose for this ball, it seems to be “in between” – too much flare to keep it online, to “forward” to open up the lane. I did find a decent use out of this ball on shorter patterns, where I really needed to slow down the backend motion. I can see this ball being pretty good on shorter “house-shots” as well. I would, perhaps, drill another Idol Cosmos with a pin-down layout and use it as a “specialty” ball for shorter oil patterns.


Want to see me throwing the Idol Cosmos? Watch my video on YouTube:
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: Kyle.Johnson88 on October 05, 2022, 09:19:03 PM
Ball Specs:
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos
Coverstock: 4000-grit Xtreme Trax™ Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Ikon™ Core (Symmetrical)
Color: Stardust Teal

The Idol line continues to pump out bangers! We loved the Xtreme cover found in the Idol Helios and so did many of our customers. Having a pearl version of this cover feels like cheating! We threw some polish on the cover to push that reaction further down lane and we are loving the shape We hope the timing of this release doesn’t keep people from trying our this ball because it really is something special. If you have purchased any of the Idol line of bowling balls then this is a must have. This is also a unique shape to put into your tournament bag. Great job SPI!

Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson
Roto Grip Pro Shop Staffers
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: bowlstorm3 on October 10, 2022, 05:01:34 PM
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos
Coverstock: XtremeTrax Pearl
Core: Ikon
Layout: 5 x 3 x 2.5

I did some of my best bowling last season with the Idol Helios. The Helios has a solid version of the Cosmos cover. Out of the box, I found the Cosmos very smooth and round. That would be fine for sport patterns but going into league season, smooth and round did not look good in my home center. To make it more immediately useful, I applied Storm Step 2 for a polished, cleaner look. With this slight surface tweak, I find this ball to be a first game of league type ball. It handles the buildup of volume inside quite well and the round nature of the cover/core allows for some blending action when I miss right. I have had quite a few league nights so far this year where I was able to throw this Cosmos all 3 games just paralleling my eyes and feet left. As always, you can’t go wrong with an Idol!
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: NateGarcia on October 12, 2022, 06:44:30 PM
Another Idol, another homerun. Roto Grip introduces the second Idol coming back into the Idol Series, the Idol Cosmos. This ball has the Xtreme Trax Pearl Reactive Coverstock wrapped around the Idol core we have all come to love. What's special about this ball is that it is not your typical skip-flip pearl. The Xtreme Trax Pearl coverstock maes this idol have a more rounder and smooth shape throughout the lane.

This is huge for the Roto Grip line and for more advanced bowlers that are looking for a stronger pearl but not something that's going to get down the lane and go sideways. This ball is going to come into play on wet-dry house shot conditions and for the flatter patterns that players see on the regional and national PBA Tour's.

Predictability, reliability, Idol Cosmos. Get yours now at your local Storm VIP Pro Shop.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: peterdohanjr on October 12, 2022, 07:43:59 PM
Roto Grip Idol Cosmos Ball Review

Bowler Stats:
Speed: 15.5 MPH
Rev Rate: 300
Tilt: 3-5 degrees
Axis Rotation: 60 degrees

I have drilled 4 releases in the Idol line and the only one I liked the reaction of was the Idol Pearl. So when Roto decided to release another with the nano pearl cover I wanted to see if I matched up with it. The Helios was too slow for my eyes and I was hoping for a quicker response pearl like the original Idol Pearl. With the stronger covers I drilled the Cosmos with a 5 X 4 X2 ¾ VLS layout to help the ball have length but recover down the lane. Out of the box the reaction was continuous and not too quick on our normal house shot. I scratched the ball with 2000 abralon to give it some teeth in the dry but the cover is too strong and not as responsive as I would have liked it on the house shot.

I am bowling the PBA 50 tour this year and did have success using the Idol Cosmos on the Mike Aulby 39’ pattern. For me this is a stronger pearl I can use to play the track area on the fresh. I have a lower rev rate and a high amount of axis rotation so this is a controllable option on older lane surfaces.

Pete Dohan
Storm Amateur Staff
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: Onefrombills on October 16, 2022, 05:55:40 PM
Hey everyone, I'm back with another ball review, and this time it's for the Roto Grip Idol Cosmos and In 15 pounds this ball is wrapped in the REX Pearl Coverstock and comes 4000-grit polished with an RG of 2.49 with a Diff of .052 with a layout of 5x3x2.
I will start this review out a little bit differently as most know I wasnt a fan of most of the IDOL balls. Not that they were bad, they just didn't match up to me. I am blessed to be a part of SPI and feel it is my job…I take that back. It is  my responsibility to throw the balls and it doesn't matter if I match up or not I can provide you with the info that I got from the ball. Now if you have read this far this is where you think I will now talk about how bad it is for me, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Let me just say this first! This is the first of any of the IDOL balls that my eyes saw the way my eyes like to see a ball shape. After a few shots I was joking with my teammate and asked him if this really said IDOL on the ball. LOL.
This ball took surface changes and polished very well and I'm starting this review with that info because a ball that does this is one you can put your favorite layout on and go hit the lanes. Now for me this is my auto ball down from new releases like the Infinite PhysiX and stronger balls like this. With more oil I can stay in the Infinite PhysiX for a game - game and a half and then need to go to the Cosmos. Our other center that is dryer I can throw the Cosmos for about a gameish before looking to ball down. This ball can be used on league and tournament shots as well. 
BOWLER STYLE: RH - Power Stroker Rev Rate: 320 Ball Speed: 15-16 PAP: 4 7/8 right 5/8 up.
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Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: Gil B on October 18, 2022, 10:13:51 AM
Loving the Idol Cosmos.. This ball features the iconic Ikon Core wrapped in the  REX Pearl Coverstock. This set up provides clean ball motion through the fronts with some controllable motion in the back end. This ball has been the first out of the ball for league so far. On the fresh i am getting some great length and solid ball motion down lane. So far loving this ball and might be my favorite Idol yet
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: Bigmike on October 19, 2022, 05:18:21 PM
I drilled up the COSMOS with an experimental pin position of 6" from the PAP. The pin buffer is about 3.5" away. So I expected by the layout and the composition of the ball to see it as smooth that I could probably use as a great middle control ball. This layout and ball is exactly that. I can get the COSMOS thru the fronts rather easily and still get a nice controlled arc in the back end. I have used this as a ball down option from my INFINITE PHYSIX when the PHYSIX is starting to get a little too sideways in the back of the lane. I can also cut my angles down and sort of line this one to the pocket and have it hold line to give me another option to attack the lanes. Think smooth and controllable with this one and you won't be disappointed.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: crasnic2012 on October 27, 2022, 08:05:20 AM
The Roto Grip Idol Cosmos features the XtremeTrax Pearl Reactive, the original Ikon core. This has to be one of the smoothest pearl balls I have ever thrown. It gets down the lane with ease, with a smooth mid lane reaction and a controlled back end. This ball works very well for me on a the over/under house shots. Has enough midlane to pick up in the oil and still carry, while also not overreacting when I hit the friction early. It also adjust to surface changes very well, as I prefer to keep mine with shine on it.
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: woelfelzp15 on October 28, 2022, 02:43:44 PM
The newest Idol, the Idol Cosmos, will be a great compliment to the Idol Helios. In my eyes, the Idol Cosmos is a great combination of the Idol Pearl and the Idol Synergy. This ball is extremely versatile, I can play up the boards when the pattern hasn’t quite been developed, or I can move way in and hook the lane with the best of them. This ball will be a great addition to the Idol line, this ball will be in my bag wherever I go! Go out and get yours today!
Title: Roto Grip Idol Cosmos
Post by: StormRoto on October 30, 2022, 09:43:56 PM
Roto Grip Cosmos review by Brian Watson

Lets start out by saying I am a huge fan of the RG IDOL line.  The new release in the line is the IDOL Cosmos.  RG used the Pearl Xtreme Trax cover on the very good rolling Ikon Symmentrical Core.  As strong as the Idol Helios was the Cosmos to me is very smooth and controllable.  I drilled mine 4 x 3 x 1 .75 pin up.  Compared to the Idol Pearl the Cosmos is much smoother and longer.  More of an archy motion with decent response to the friction.  Where the Idol Pearl was stronger overall than the Cosmos.
I will be able to use the Cosmos on a variety of the medium and shorter patterns as it so predictable and not as early as the Helios.  But it does create a great 1-2 punch with Helios and Cosmos for the RG line.
I drilled a 3 inch pin for a higher rev guy and he loves the control on his normal wet /dry league pattern.  Carry was good and the availability to stay lined up for awhile without having to move a lot of boards. Another great addition to the IDOL line!

PAP - 4 up 1 1/8
MPH - 16-17
TILT - 17
RPM  - 400
Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: msipple on November 01, 2022, 12:59:54 PM
Pin Length: 3 - 4 
Starting Top Weight: 2.71 oz
Ball Weight: 15
Pin buffer 5 inches

Pin over the ring finger
Rev Rate:  380-420
Ball Speed: 15-16
PAP/Track:  PAP:  5 13/16” and 1/2" up
Box Finish: 4000 abralon
 The Cosmos is a very smooth and predictable motion for a pearl cover
I drilled this ball pin up with my favorite drilling It’s a smooth and predictable motion and has become one of the first balls out of my bag.

Mike Sipple
Storm Amateur Staff

Title: Re: Idol Cosmos
Post by: MANCSTORM on November 03, 2022, 08:19:43 AM
The Cosmos is definitely a cleaner easier to get down the lane addition to the Idol line. Customers who are big fans of the Idol line are loving it but this one is also appealing to one's who weren't as successful with the Idol line.  It seems to take very well to polish and gets even better with it!