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No Rules
« on: August 09, 2016, 01:32:38 PM »
Forget the rules! Go with the Roto Grip No Rules bowling ball and throw the rules out. Roto Grip has combined the best features of their best cores to create the Chaotic core. This core combines differential stability, consistent axis migration, and defined RG bands to produce a ball that is powerful. They didn't stop there. Roto Grip has covered this core with their strong Micro DNA Solid Reactive cover to give you the traction you desire. This bowling ball is finished with a 2000-grit pad and is best used on medium/heavy to heavy oil conditions. Go ahead and break the rules with the Roto Grip No Rules!

Color: Neon Green/Neon Orange/Black
Core: Chaotic (14-16)
Coverstock: Micro DNA Solid Reactive
Finish: 2000-grit
RG: 2.51 (for 15# ball)
Differential: 0.053 (for 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium/Heavy oil to Heavy oil



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No Rules
« Reply #16 on: October 27, 2016, 12:59:39 PM »
Weight:  14 lbs.
Pin Length:  4Ē
Drilling:  35X4X35
Pattern Length: 40 ft.
Pattern Volume:  Medium
Pattern Type:  House
Right Handed

The No Rules has the new Micro DNA Solid coverstock which gives 5% more traction than the proven Micro Bite cover stock from the Defiant line. This new coverstock is wrapped around the new Chaotic Core and comes out of the box at 2000 grit sanded, but can be polished.  The flare potential on this ball is high.

I have used the No Rules on house patterns and a sport pattern. 

For our 40 ft. house pattern, I was able to play further left and still have the ball continue through the pins, without leaving corners.  This ball doesnít stop as it goes through the pins.  This ball opens up the lane for me, which is something I was lacking in my arsenal. 

I also used the No Rules on a 44 ft. sport pattern.  I was very happy to say it did not disappoint on either pattern.  It hit very well for me on the longer sport pattern, and the house pattern alike. 

If youíre looking for a strong, versatile, continuous hooking ball, youíll not be disappointed with the No Rules.  Iíve also experimented with surface changes, bringing it up to 3000, with light polish, and got a bit more of a skid flip motion.  This ball is a great fit in my bag in the HP4 line.  When it does become too much for the shot, the Wreck-it is the other half of my 1-2 punch.

Carol Teel
Roto Grip Amateur Staff Member


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Re: No Rules
« Reply #17 on: October 29, 2016, 06:13:03 PM »
Roto Grip No Rules

Layout: Pin above the bridge, cg kicked out the right

Condition: 41 ft, HPL House Pattern

Volume: Medium to Heavy

The No Rules introduces a new coverstock and core to the HP4 line for Roto Grip.  With this ball I was expecting it to hook and was not disappointed.  I used a very versatile layout for this ball which allows me to play in the oil and slow down some to create angle or get firm, square up and go down the boards rather across them.  This ball is also is well receptive to surface change and polish.  if you want to had some length to the ball feel free to polish it or roll a touch earlier, then hit it with an abralon pad, there is no rules to surface changes on this ball to create the match up you want.  The color scheme and shelf appeal for this ball is outstanding.  Whatever you prefer if its performance or shelf appeal this ball is a sure winner.  Go visit your local pro shop and show everyone there is no rules to your game.  Roto Grip Own It. 
Charley Burge
storm/roto grip staff member


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No Rules review - Mark Tarkington
« Reply #18 on: November 22, 2016, 12:49:19 PM »
Right Handed
Ball weight:  15
Rev Rate:  400
Ball Speed:  17.3
Axis Tilt:  7
Axis Rotation:  45*
PAP:  3 3/4 horizontal, 7/8 up
Layout:  50 x 4 x 50

I have been keeping my Menace at the top of my bag for heavy oil, only really being able to use it when there is enough volume.  It was just replaced with the No Rules.  The strength of this ball is something I canít say that Iíve seen before.  On the few occasions that Iíve rolled it, itís been too early/strong to use for more than a couple of shots.

I have used it on our traditionally oily and blended house pattern and I couldnít keep it in the pocket.  It just needs more volume that a THS provides (for me).  I have the utmost confidence that this ball will be in my bag as the Ďoh my god, they are flooded!í option.  I am looking forward to finding the pattern that will allow me to use it for more than a couple of shots.

If you are looking for something to handle longer patterns or significant volume, the No Rules will not disappoint.
Mark Tarkington
Storm Pro Shop Staff Member
Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff Member
Manager, GutterLine Pro Shop


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Re: No Rules
« Reply #19 on: November 29, 2016, 02:21:28 PM »
The No Rules is the latest ball released in the HP4 line of Roto Grip bowling balls. The No Rules has a new core called Chaotic, and an enhanced version of the micro-bite cover from the Hyper Cell called Micro DNA. This ball is bright with the neon orange, black, and neon green color combination. The No Rules is the replacement for the Hyper Cell in the HP4 line.

I drilled this No Rules with the same layout as my Hyper Cell, 3 ĺ x 6 ľ x 2 Ĺ. The Hyper Cell has been very good for me on heavier, flatter patterns, that I need a slow transition of my mass bias, as to not stand up too hard or too soon, which is why I tried the same layout on this No Rules. The No Rules stands up earlier, and has a stronger change of direction than the Hyper Cell. I have used the No Rules on many different patterns, with a few different surface changes. With this layout, my No Rules has actually been the best with about  500-1000 abralon on a long 51 foot medium volume pattern (the old TOC pattern), and to my surprise, highly polished and using a forward rolling release, on Cheetah. For my game, every time I have polished the Micro-bite, or in this case, the Micro DNA cover, I get a smooth transition on the backend of the lane. It doesnít make the ball store all of itís energy and go sideways, like a highly responsive reactive cover usually does for me.

For me, the No Rules gives me the best motion through the pins when I can keep it in front of me with moderate head belly. When I start giving away the pocket too much, the layout I choose tends to come in behind the head pin, and if I try to go too direct at the pocket, the No Rules stands up too hard and goes through the face on me. I believe this is why the No Rules has rolled best for me either highly polished on short patterns, or very dull on longer lighter patterns.

The No Rules has looked incredible for bowlers in my area that are more speed dominate, or bowlers bowling on very high volumes of oil. If you plan on bowling on some high volume patterns, and your current ball just isnít making the corner, talk to your local pro shop operator about a Roto Grip No Rules, and OWN IT!
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Re: No Rules
« Reply #20 on: November 30, 2016, 08:49:13 AM »
My name is Doug Cutler and I am Roto Grip/Storm Amateur Staffer and the post I am doing today is for the No Rules.  I am left  handed and throw the ball between 15-16mph.  I drilled 2 of these balls and man I love both of them. The first one I drilled I put the Pin below my ring finger and kicked the CG out a little bit and kept the surface the same out of box.  The second No Rules I drilled I put the pin above my ring finger and kicked the CG out just a little and the surface I brought up to 4000 and these 2 balls I use a lot. I have used these balls on Typical House shots, and also on Long Patterns like Kegel Mexico City.  I usually start with my pin down and when this ones starts to read to early I go to my Pin up and these 2 balls are a good 1-2 punch and I keep with the same ball.  I have also used the pin up on some medium patterns like Kegel Abby Road.  We have sold a lot of these and a lot of my College kids have this ball and they love it. I have noticed that people with high ball speed and a lot of revs love this ball out of box finish, and people with low ball speed will have to bring the surface up on the ball and even go with a longer pin when drilling this ball because of how strong this ball is.  If these 2 balls are to strong then I go down to my Roto Grip Hywire. The No Rules is ďNo JokeĒ, it covers more boards off the pattern that ANY BALL I have used in the past. With the great color selection on this ball, it is very easy to read the changes in the motion down lane, which makes it easier to make those minor adjustments. The No Rules was 6-8 boards stronger than the Hy-Wire. Even with the amount of volume we have in the middle of our house pattern, it still hooked through it. A great ball if you are going to use on the larger volume THS, or on hard surfaces like Brunswick and HPL lane patterns. I know this is going to be the ball of the year. No Rules ball = No pins left standing. So get to your local Pro shop today and purchase a No Rules, You will not be disappointed!  #ownit #norules

Doug Cutler
Roto Grip/Storm Amateur Staffer
PBA Regional Staffer


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Re: No Rules Review by Lonnie Pemberton
« Reply #21 on: November 30, 2016, 11:19:56 PM »

Pattern: THS


ME: Right Handed Tweener
SPEED: Medium
PAP: 4 7/8 RIGHT 3/8 UP

Pin over bridge: 55 x 5 3/8 X 30

I drilled the first No Rules with fairly weak drilling. I was worried when I heard how much this ball hooked that it would flare out and stop downlane. My first impressions were, HOLY COW DOES THIS THING HOOK. Even with the lower flaring layout this ball makes a big move. I could throw it on the fresh and it only looked better as the lane broke down. I was surprised at the great pin action I saw later in the night when I first threw it in league. I moved about 25 boards over the course of the night and the ball just kept coming around. In houses that had more volume out the ball felt a little speed sensitive on the fresh. I quickly resolved to drill another No Rules stronger as I hadn't seen any signs of it rolling out in the friction.

BALL LAYOUT #2: Pin above and right of ring finger: 45 X 4 1/4 X 30

I wanted to see more flare on the second layout but still wanted a quick response to friction. This ball didn't disappoint. My first outing with the ball in league was in a house that is very tight on the outside part of the lane. A longer house shot with plenty of volume. This tends to force lower rev players left early because they cant get the ball back throwing up the outside. This ball had no problems picking up in the oil and getting back to the pocket. The best part was I was expecting to have to change balls when I was forced left but even with the early motion this ball didn't stop as I moved left.

In summary this ball is one of those special releases. It is super driller friendly and whatever you decide to do with the layout, this ball flat out HOOKS.



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Re: No Rules
« Reply #22 on: December 15, 2016, 01:37:53 PM »
Which ball do you think hits the pins harder, the Alpha Crux or the No Rules?

Have you tried the No Rules Pearl yet, and how does it compare to the Snap Lock or the Crux Pearl?