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Title: Rubicon Solid
Post by: BallReviews-scodaddy21 on August 06, 2020, 09:18:15 AM
Roto Grip is doing something different with the Rubicon upper-mid performance ball in their HP3 line of balls. This ball introduces the asymmetrical Rondure Core which was designed to provide more ball motion overall without the need for the now banned balance hole. This performance core is wrapped in Roto Grip's eTrax-S20 Solid Reactive coverstock which can be sanded or polished to meet your needs without reducing traction or responsiveness. Out of the box this ball is ideally used on medium to medium/heavy oil conditions.

Color: Azure/Black/Navy
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Core: Rondure Core (Asymmetrical) (14-16#)
Coverstock: eTrax-S20 Solid Reactive
Finish: 3000-grit Pad
RG: 2.49 (for 15# ball)
Differential: 0.052 (for 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Medium/Heavy
Title: Roto Grip Rubicon review by Trevor Roberts
Post by: TrevorRoberts on August 24, 2020, 05:26:21 PM
Length: 40
Volume: Medium
Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS

The brand new RotoGrip Rubicon is the first asymmetrical ball in the HP3 line. This means that it is not as early or strong as the asymmetricals you will find in the HP4 line. In my YouTube review, I compared the Rubicon to the Idol and found that they are very similar. To me, the main difference in these two balls is that the Rubicon rolls forward at the breakpoint while the Idol has more continuation to the left. This allows the Rubicon to be more controllable and predictable overall. I like that the Rubicon is not as strong as the UFO because I will be able to use this ball for more games in a tournament, and even move left and cover more boards. I can’t wait to throw this ball in some tournaments on harder patterns and see how good it is!


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Trevor Roberts
2016 PBA Southern Regional Rookie Of The Year
Storm / Roto Grip Professional Staff
Turbo 2N1 Grips Staff Member
Right Handed
Rev Rate: 440
Speed: 17
PAP: 5 1/2 up 13/16
Title: RotoGrip Rubicon by Casey Murphy
Post by: caseyccg on August 25, 2020, 07:30:35 PM
Orientation:  Right Handed
Rev Rate:  400 RPM
Speed:  16-17 MPH
PAP:  4 ½ over and ½ up

Location:  Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO
Pattern:  High Volume THS
VLS Layout:  5 x 4 x 2 1/2

The Rubicon is a new “Asym Lite” from Roto Grip.  This ball was designed with the new USBC rules in mind, by making the core slightly asymmetric.  I love the result.  The Rubicon picks up like an asym and backends like a symmetrical.  The first couple of shots I threw, I didn’t understand the motion because my eyes weren’t used to seeing a ball pickup and then still tip.  I’m going to LOVE the Rubicon.
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: StormMan300 on August 26, 2020, 12:48:07 AM
The Power of the Rubicon at a Great Price Point

The Roto Grip Rubicon is impressively strong yet predictable solid reactive ball in the HP3 Line. I drilled mine 5x4x2. Threw it out of the box 3000 finish.  It reads the lane very nice, got through the heads fairly clean without reacting early at all. Starts to read the midlane, then transitioned smooth with a good strong backend when it got to the dry.  It allows me to play in the heaviest part of oil on the lane on our 25ml house shot when most balls skid way to far. I was most comfortable around 18 at the arrows playing it tight in the oil, but I could easily move as far left as possible playing the deeper inside lane.  Just stand left, throw right and it struck a lot.  The deeper I played it still drove hard thru the pins. I loved it the most when I bumped it to the dry from anywhere inside, but it was still good on most pulled shots inside as long as I started deep.  To me this ball fits between the my UFO and Wild Streak. Compared to the UFO it skids longer, stores more energy and has more angle on the backend.  Compared to the Wild Streak it starts sooner in the midlane and is sharper on the backend. Hitting Power is tremendous just like practically every Roto Grip Ball.  My PAP is 5-1/8 and 1/8 up. Usually around 16mph, I’d probably be classified between and tweener and cranker.
See my ball review video on YouTube here:
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: Kevin Duncan on August 26, 2020, 12:01:58 PM
Roto Grip Hustle Rubicon
Layout: 4.5 X 3 X 2 Storm Vector Layout
Rev Rate: 325 rpm, 7 degree of axis tilt, 40 degree of axis rotation
Testing Information: 41-foot THS (medium volume)
Kegel Machine – Brunswick Anvilane

Not only a great concept on paper but delivery of that concept by Roto Grip.  See the Rubicon is designed to provide that ball motion that strong symmetrical bowling balls, with low weight holes, provided.  See the Rubicon is a low-end asymmetrical bowling ball (PSA Diff. =0.011). Based on the ball reaction I see from my Rubicon, the Rubicon delivers on the previously mentioned concept.

The Roto Grip Rubicon utilizes the eTrax-S20 (pure reactive) solid reactive coverstock and Rondure core. This combination created a tighter than normal oil ring pattern on the ball for me.  My experience tells me this tight oil ring pattern translates into a great ball for me and other bowlers.  The Rubicon reads the mid-lane correctly for me, not too early of a read.  It did remind me of my beloved Storm Code X, both in visual appearance and from a ball reaction standpoint.  I can’t wait to throw the Rubicon during tournament action.  The Rubicon will be that step-down ball from your hook monster ball and should be of use left of the third arrow.  The bigger asymmetrical bowling balls sometimes don’t play well deep inside but the Rubicon will.  I could see myself having two of these bad boys – one with surface and one with shine.

Visit your local Storm VIP Pro Shop to order yours.

Continue to bowl up a Storm!

#Stormnation  #OwnIt
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: sk8shorty01 on August 26, 2020, 12:05:27 PM
My Stats

Right Handed

Ball Speed: 17.5 mph

Rev Rate: 325

PAP: 5 x1 up


Roto-Grip Rubicon

Core: Rondure

Cover: eTrax S-20

Surface: 3000 OOB

Layout: 65 x 4.5 x 35

To say that the Rubicon was impressive would be an understatement.  It was stronger than most HP3 balls I have thrown in the past, but the nice thing is that it was strong in the right place.  It didn't hook early and bleed off energy so that allowed me to have a generous amount of miss room to the outside, while still maintaining enough strength to hook-up when I missed inside into the puddle.  This was true for me on both house patterns, as well as sport, obviously the former having a wider margin of error.

This ball was similar in motion to an Idol, however it was a decent amount stronger for sure.  The nice thing is that the intermediate differential on the Rubicon post drilling falls quite similar to what the Idol does with a weight hole.  So, if you are one of the people wondering what to do now that the extra holes have been outlawed, punching up one of these would be a good option for you.

See my video and comparisons here:

Mike Bauer
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: cmattingly on August 26, 2020, 12:53:46 PM

Length: 43'

Volume: 23 mLs

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: Similar to one of my all time favorites, the CodeX

Dislikes: Nothing, This ball slots in nicely to the arsenal.

For a straight solid reactive ball, this thing creates some angle!  Although its an asymmetrical, it has very little asymmetry.  It does though have enough asymmetry to provide a little extra torque that a  symmetrical core isn't going to give.  The straight solid e-trax S20, allows the ball to get down the lane, read the mids and give EXCELLENT down lane motion.  This has similarities to one of my all time favorites...the CodeX!  I drilled my first one 50x5x30 and I have already placed an order for a 2nd one so I can drill it pin down!

Other balls on rotation:
Parallax- 50x4-7/8x30
AstroPhysix- 50x4-7/8x30
IQ Tour Nano-50x5x30

Title: Re: Roto Grip Rubicon review by Lonnie Pemberton
Post by: k1ngsizepapa on August 26, 2020, 09:27:05 PM

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS


Cover: eTrax-S20 Solid
Core: Rondure Core
Finish: 3000
RG: 2.49
Differential: 0.052

Right-Handed Tweener
Speed: 12-13 mph
Rev Rate: 315
PAP: 4 7/8 Right 3/8 Up

Ball Layout: Pin way over bridge 55 X 5 3/4 X 15

The new Roto Grip Rubicon gives you an Asymmetric option in the HP3 Line. It features the Rondure Core. The design intent is to replicate a symmetric core that has had additional mass removed by a weight-hole. The idea worked very well on the HP4 UFO. I think I may even like this ball better.

The E-trax 20 cover is supposed to be all about versatility. It lands between the earlier and later versions of E-trax and is responsive to surface changes. With this being the first foray into an Asym in the HP3 line I was worried about the ball being too early so I opted for a long and strong layout. Turned out I didn't need to be worried, the R&D on this ball absolutely nailed what they were going for.

Overall the Rubicon lands between the UFO and Idol for me but it is cleaner than the Idol and more responsive down-lane. I took it with me to a tournament the first weekend I had it. Despite having thrown it zero times, I took it out in practice. The shot was very cliffed to the angle through the front had to be really steep. I didn't have a ball that was slow enough down-lane to cut any of the angle out and after trying 2 or 3 balls in practice I opted to stick with the Rubicon as it was cleaner than a few options and smoother than a couple other. The ball is really versatile in your hand as well, it responded beautifully to changes in speed and tilt as the lanes transitioned.

On oil patterns with a little less shape I definitely would have opted for an earlier layout. The idols were very early for me so I wanted to be sure I could get this ball down-lane. I like what i've seen from it so there's a 99% chance a second one of these is going to end up in my tournament bag with an earlier layout.

Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: addynyr on August 27, 2020, 02:52:48 PM
My initial reaction to this ball was WOW.  This ball is not only clean, but it strong in the midlane and continues through the pins super well.  Compared to the Idol, the Rubicon is stronger and is definitely more continuous considering it is an asymmetrical core.  I drilled mine with 50 x 4.5 x 70 drilling and these types of drillings for me especially on an asymmetrical core do not continue well past about the 3rd arrow.  The Rubicon not only continued through the pins at 3rd arrow but continued at 4th arrow and even further left than that.  I was truly impressed with how well this ball continues throughout the whole body of the lane.  I never feared once about this ball coming back to the pocket on the typical house shot.  I can see myself using this ball on a wide variety of sport patterns as well that have some volume of oil to them.

Adam Chase
Storm Staff
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: StormAndrew on August 28, 2020, 08:31:26 PM
Featuring the brand new Rondure Core, the Rubicon will pack a powerful punch in the HP3 line as the only asymmetrical ball in that lineup. There is tons of overall shape and contination with this ball. For those missing their weight holes and the continuation it provided downlane the Rondure core replicates that shape in it's internal core to provide that desired entry angle. The Rubicon is perfect for those medium to heavy oil conditions.
This ball will be a must have!

Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: Haley3 on August 30, 2020, 02:36:14 PM
Bowler Bio
Gender : Female
Rev Rate : 315
Ball Speed: 16.5 mph
P.A.P : 4 3/16 over  7/16 up
   Roto Grip Rubicon
As Soon as the first shot left my hand I knew right away that this ball was going to be one of my new favourites. Strong cover with the new core that simulates a low weight hole really helps any bowler pack a punch on the back end. The Shape is strong but very predictable which is huge on house shots. I hate when I have a ball that will just turn sideways and not know what it’s going to do. I compared This ball to the UFO and it made me see how much my UFO laboured down lane. The Rubicon really revs up and generates good rotation with that new core helping with the new weight hole rule. The Rubicon was about a board or two more but not much. the Rubicon just drives through the pins different. The UFO was a rounder shape then the Rubicon. The Rubicon definitely has more teeth when it comes off the back of the pattern. This ball will be great for all types of ball speeds , rev rates and styles. !
Title: Rubicon
Post by: fazzone22 on September 08, 2020, 02:18:33 PM
The all new Roto Grip Rubicon features the eTrax-S20 Solid cover and the all new asymmetrical Rondure Core which yields an RG of 2.48, Diff of 0.052 and a PSA Diff of 0.011. I drilled mine 4.5 x 4 x 4. Since the introduction of the Idol Solid I have loved the motion the one with this ideational layout in it but due to the new rule of no longer allowing extra holes I am unable to use it but I think I found something that is close if not an even better reaction in the Rubicon. This ball just flat out hooks and continues through the pin deck like nothing ever before. It response to friction without over reaction but when there’s more oil it doesn’t give up and plaque. This is going to be a very popular ball with lot of people and versatile as well weather you drill it pin up or pin down !   
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: wburr835 on September 22, 2020, 06:30:45 PM
Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  THS

Right handed
57 years old
Rev Rate:  320
Ball speed:  15 to 15 1/2 mph

Today, I drilled up the newest release from Roto Grip in the HP3 performance line, The Rubicon.  Thanks to Steve Green of Green' Pro Shop for drilling it up.  He has been very good with drilling equipment for myself and my daughter for several years now.  If you live in southeastern PA, please consider making him your ball driller.

I used a 5"x4"x3" layout, hoping to enhance the ball's natural characteristics.  I chose to leave it at the box finish of 3000 abralon since my rev rate has declined precipitously as I've gotten older, down to around 320rpm now.  Bowling was done on a typical, StoneStreet type house shot.  For comparison, I also threw a UFO and a SuperSonic, both with similar layouts and box surfaces.  It seems that RotoSchlem was spot on with his intent and finished product.

The first two things I noticed were:  1) holy flare, Batman!  It flares a lot and 2) It rolls like a ball that has a P4 hole in it.  No kidding.  Staying around the oil line, it was clean for a dull solid through the front.  No need to jump into the puddle.  Nice midlane read without being too quick a response while showing a strong downlane continuous motion and going through the pins well.  Whether I went with a weaker wrist and going more up the back of the ball or firming up and getting around it more, The Rubicon exhibited the same type shape and ball motion, just more or less hook.  The best word to describe it is "blendy".  Compared to the UFO, it was not as early and more continuous on the backend.  The UFO is clearly earlier and more inclined to burn up with just a little bit of friction.  A 2 & 2 move left allowed it to store more energy and hit much harder but you can clearly see the difference in ball strength due to the coverstocks (Nano based vs. pure solid).

Next, I compared it with the SuperSonic, since that ball is a lower RG, quick-revving piece.  The nano-based, hybrid cover enhances the early revving nature of the ball so I thoght it would be and interesting comparison.  The Rubicon had a noticeably slower response and was more forgivng if I got it right early.  The SuperSonic was much more likely to over/under for me, also.  It did cover more boards, however.

Initial impressions of the Rubicon are very impressive.  I believe it will be a versatile ball, showing success on both Sport shots and House shots, due to its blendy, more continuous shape.  While making comparisons is a very subjective thing, I believe bowlers will see a lot of the Code X or Alpha Crux in the Rubicon.  Make sure to get yours at your local Storm VIP Pro Shop.
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: MattMusgrave on September 28, 2020, 12:38:40 PM
I drilled this ball 45X4X45. This is the first Asym in the HP3 line which offers the eTrax-S20 cover and the new Rondure core at 2.49 .052 .011. It offers a nice continuous roll for me on the left side. Its very comparable to the Idol solid except rollier in the back where the Idol seems to jump more off the spot. I ended up sanding it to 1000 to get and an earlier motion than the 3000. This ball would be good more inside shot or second game.
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: stormstarSLZ on October 05, 2020, 05:50:30 PM
PAP 4 ½ over and 1 up ball speed 15 rev rate 275
Drilling 75x4.5x55
So this is a new one for me, I've never had the opportunity to see a ball with this kind of combination before. I compared the Rubicon with My Halo Solid and my OG Idol being they are both solids with similar cover stocks. The Rubicon keeps up with the Halo overall but where the Halo loves the oil and starts to slow down after game 1 the Rubicon is a perfect step down/compliment to the Halo. Compared to my Idol, right from the start I love the strong down lane reaction I got from the IKON core and solid ETRAX cover, but when I just cant get my Idol around the corner when there is volume The New Rubicon is ready for battle!
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: JoeZibrin on October 05, 2020, 06:00:19 PM
PAP 3 ¾ over 1” up ball speed 17 rev rate 475
Drilling 55x4 ¾ x40
I drilled the Rubicon the same as my Original Idol to give me a comparison for this HP3 design. I am super stoked to see and HP3 assymetrical, so right off the bat obviously we see more midlane motion its an assym. Although the combination of the Rondure Core and ETRAX 20 solid cover stock I am impressed. I have the feeling of a BIG ball in my hands without all the burning up and turn an burn issues I see when I use Strong pieces. Thanks to the core development I get much better continuation and see get to keep this ball in my hands longer through a league night as well as seeing this piece multiple times through a tournament block on the fresh at times with that stong ETRAX 20 cover or also during the transition areas where we need a bigger core than a iq or an idol but cant get a ufo or omega to get down lane. The Rubicon is my arsenal builder anytime im going to bowl a tournament start with this and build around, such an asset in the line.
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: MSUHoss300 on October 06, 2020, 12:41:43 PM
Roto Grip Rubicon
55 x 5 x 30
The Rubicon is a must have in ever bowlers bag.  Being a tournament bowler, I'm constantly looking for control of the pocket, this ball is very smooth and predictable and allows me to play to my strengths.  For me it is the most comparable to a pink Idol but its not quite as early.  It gets through the front easier and has that same smooth predictable motion.  I have it in a similar overall hook category as my Phaze 2's and Idol's.  This ball fits between my big Asym balls and my mid range pieces.  Everyone needs one!  Order yours today!
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: NateGarcia on October 06, 2020, 03:45:42 PM
I have never been so excited to have a bowling ball in my bag since the Physix! This new Rubicon is something else! The newest addition to the Roto Grip HP3 line is the Rubicon. The Rubicon features the new Rondure Asymmetrical Core with an RG of 2.49 and diff of .052 and an intermediate differential of.011. I have yet to see a shape like this in the Storm or Roto Grip line. If you look closely at the numbers, the numbers are identical to the Storm Physix. 
Picture a cleaner and sharper version of a Physix solid and this is what I see out of the Rubicon and the continuation of this bowling ball is unreal! I've never been able to get so far left and have an asym come around the corner and send pins across the deck like this ball does! By far one of the best bowling balls I have thrown in my entire career. If you can't get your hands on 4 of these, just make sure you get at least one and you wont be dissapointed!
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: Chad Hauser - Storm Staff on October 10, 2020, 01:43:15 AM
I was excited to throw this ball. The new Rubicon has a brand new core, the Rondure. The design intent with this core, is to allow players to have the same motion without a balance hole. This ball definitely does that and more.  This ball  reminds me of a Alpha Crux or Code X, but this balls doesn’t slow down.  In the ROTO Grip line I find the UFO is very angular and the IDOL was a bit too smooth at times.  The Rubicon is a great blend of the two balls.  This ball has a nice arch motion and very controllable and easier to read the reaction.   I drilled mine 50 x 4 1/4” x 45.  This is my medium/benchmark layout.  This ball is awesome with this layout in it for me.  When it makes the corner it doesn’t seem to quit.  It also doesn’t seem to burn up as easily as most solids if they encounter too much friction up front.  This ball will be great for low rev players as well as high rev players looking for more control.  If I want to play up the boards or get in deeper this ball allows for both.  This ball will work great on a lot of different patterns, but most importantly will be very consistent. Awesome Ball!
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: Chad Hauser - Storm Staff on October 10, 2020, 01:57:18 AM
I was excited to throw this ball. The new Rubicon has a brand new core, the Rondure. The design intent with this core, is to allow players to have the same motion without a balance hole. This ball definitely does that and more.  This ball  reminds me of a Alpha Crux or Code X, but this balls doesn’t slow down.  In the ROTO Grip line I find the UFO is very angular and the IDOL was a bit too smooth at times.  The Rubicon is a great blend of the two balls.  This ball has a nice arch motion and very controllable and easier to read the reaction.   I drilled mine 50 x 4 1/4” x 45.  This is my medium/benchmark layout.  This ball is awesome with this layout in it for me.  When it makes the corner it doesn’t seem to quit.  It also doesn’t seem to burn up as easily as most solids if they encounter too much friction up front.  This ball will be great for low rev players as well as high rev players looking for more control.  If I want to play up the boards or get in deeper this ball allows for both.  This ball will work great on a lot of different patterns, but most importantly will be very consistent. Awesome Ball!
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: SquadRGer on October 12, 2020, 01:56:37 PM
The Rubicon.

WEIGHT BLOCK: Rondure Core
WEIGHT: 15lbs
RG: 2.49
DIFF: 0.052
PSA: 0.011
COVER: eTrax-S20
OUT OF BOX: 3000 Grit

Pattern used for review is a modified HP.

The Rubicon is the first ASYM in the HP3 line. 

In my arsenal I was missing a strong solid ASYM.  I could have gone with the UFO but in my hometown I don't usually see high volumes of oil.  The Rubicon fills this gap nicelly.  Just strong enough to get through the soupiest of conditions but still allows me to use it on medium conditions without losing energy.

For the pattern I had to play a little left of the track area.  This ball was really clean through the fronts and picked up nicely in the mids.  Missed left a few times and the ball still picked up and made its move to the pocket.  Missed right and the ball hits the friction and comes roaring back.

LOW DOWN: The Rubicon is must in everyone's bag.  The new Rondure Core gives you a bit more engine than what is normally seen in the HP3 line without having to go up to a much stronger UFO.  #SquadRG
Title: Rubicon Solid
Post by: Onefrombills on October 15, 2020, 09:15:08 AM
The Stats ….
Coverstock: eTrax-S20™ Solid Reactive
Weight Block:Rondure™ Core
Factory Finish: 3000-grit Pad
Radius of Gyration: 2.49
Differential: 0.052
PSA Differential: 0.011
BOWLER STYLE: RH - Power Stroker Rev Rate: 320 Ball Speed: 15-16 PAP: 4 7/8 right 5/8 up.
Layout 4 ½ x 4 x 2

My Thoughts…. Let me just start off by saying that I normally stick to the Storm brand of bowling balls and that is why you rarely see a Roto Grip review from me. So you may ask why this time?  Why this ball? You are asking all the right questions. So why this ball you may ask, one-word SPECIAL. This word gets thrown around a little too much in my opinion but is the correct word this time for THIS ball. That is what attracted me to this ball. This ball is in the HP3 line and seems stronger when thrown next to balls like the IDOL, IDOL Pearl, or the UFO. Without the use of weight holes any longer the player and/or PSO needs to focus more on the layout.

#Logo Infusion Staff Member (coupon code HIRSCH 20% off)
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: TonyMarino on October 23, 2020, 09:27:26 AM
The Rubicon to me is the future of benchmark balls. Having a slow response asymmetrical core and a medium strength solid cover allows bowlers and ball drillers the versatility to create the ideal motion for that “first ball out of your bag”. The Rubicon to me is a ball that will be in my bag every single time I bowl regardless if it’s on a house shot or a PBA tournament. It is that good! It reminds me a lot of the Storm Code X which was my favorite bowling ball for a while until it was discontinued. The core revs up quicker than its symmetric counterparts which translates to a slower shape, and the cover allows the Rubicon to be in play when the pattern is fresh. To me this ball does not read as a hook monster that wants to dig high volumes of oil, but more of a ball that will allow you to read oil patterns easily and be in play way more than not. Every tournament player should have a Rubicon in their bag!
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: dstewart16 on October 23, 2020, 09:46:20 PM
Introducing the newest addition to the HP3 Line, the Roto Grip Rubicon! The Rubicon is an Asymentric HP3 Line ball that features the eTrax-S20 Solid Reactive Coverstock wrapped around the Rondure Core! The Rubicon for me fits right between the UFO and, the Idol. For me the UFO, Rubicon, Idol are a 1,2,3 punch when the UFO starts hooking to much I can switch to the Rubicon which will get through the midlanes a little cleaner and, smoother and, still have plenty left on the backends and, continue through the pins
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: Bigmike on October 27, 2020, 11:07:38 AM
I drilled my 1st RUBICON with a layout of 45 x 4 x 35. I hit the box surface with a 2000 abr pad and let it lane shine back up. I drilled RUBICON #2 with almost the same layout of 45 x 4 x 30. The idea is to keep one at around 1000-1500 abr to use when there is more oil until the 2nd one is in play.

I used the 1st RUBICON on a PBA50 regional that was on 39ft Don Carter. We were squad C so the lanes were tighter for a 39 foot pattern than the practice session the day before. I like this motion. Good push and back end for a ball that is marketed as for more oil. The progression that day was RUBICON > MVP ATTITUDE > HYROAD X with pin in ring finger. I liked the way the RUBICON fit the progression.

2nd RUBICON has a slight bit more "pop" on the back compared to the 1st one. This is the one I am going to hit with the 1000-1500 CTD pads. My speed is naturally slow so this 2nd RUBICON with more surface will be in play on longer patterns than my usual heavy oil suspects (UFO, OMEGA CRUX, etc).
Title: Re: Rubicon Solid
Post by: agroves on October 27, 2020, 01:43:02 PM
Rotogrip Rubicon
Layout:  3x5x1
Surface:  Box Finish   
Lane Condition:  THS medium volume

The Rotogrip Rubicon gives us our first asymmetrical cored ball in the HP3 line!  With mild asymmetry it fills the gap between the OG Idol and UFO.  With the layout I chose, the Rubicon is strong, early and almost too much for our house shot.  I typically stick with longer pins but on this piece I wanted something that I could use on heavier tournament volumes.  Because of my higher tilt, shorter or stronger pins allow me to keep the ball in front of me longer and that’s exactly what I need on tighter tournament shots.  The Rubicon shines for me when I see that type of condition.  I used the same layout on an OG Halo and it was simply too strong and allowed for limited usage through a tournament block.  The Rubicon is much better and more versatile.  It’s a must have for your arsenal!

Youtube/Facebook:  Round Holes No Grips Proshop

Andrew Groves
Rotogrip Proshop Staff