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UFO Alert
« on: August 11, 2021, 04:32:49 PM »
Your competition won't be able to identify this object as it flies down the lane. The Roto Grip UFO Alert bowling ball works well with bowlers anywhere in the universe regardless of your bowling style, rev rate, or ball speed. This high-performance bowling ball utilizes the E.T. Core - Equalizer Technology which has built-in "Equalizer Cavities" that take the place of past weight holes to create more mid-lane movement as well as continuation down the lane. This core is paired with the eTrax Hybrid Coverstock which is 2 parts pearl and 1 part solid. This coverstock formulation helps offer responsiveness to friction at the backend while not being overly angular. The core and cover pairing for the UFO Alert is ideal for medium to medium-heavy house-type oil conditions.

Color: Purple Solid/Emerald Pearl/Teal Pearl
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Core: E.T. = Equalizer Technology (14-16#)
Coverstock: e-Trax Hybrid Reactive
Finish: 1500-grit Polished
RG: 2.52 (for 15# ball)
Differential: 0.054 (for 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Medium/Heavy Oil
Hook Potential: High
Length: Late



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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #16 on: September 28, 2021, 02:23:15 PM »
Layout: 55 x 4 5/8 x 35

The UFO Alert has the biggest backend of any high end ball in recent memory. I loved the UFO, though that ball was very smooth and even. The Alert is the opposite! The strong asymmetric core does provide some mid lane traction, but it really unleashes itself in the back part of the lane. That lends itself to tremendous hitting power when it is used on the correct lane conditions. To that end – the Alert should not be used on long, fresh lane conditions. It will be too erratic. Once the lanes break down just a bit and circling the lane becomes crucial, the Alert will be right at home. This ball looks especially amazing as well – the dark sparkly green and deep purple are very attractive.

Mike LeViner


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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #17 on: October 03, 2021, 11:13:03 AM »
The Roto Grip UFO Alert is the perfect compliment to the original UFO. I drilled this one 5.5x4x2. It gives me more length and a later backend reaction from its Hybrid pearl coverstock. Reads the midlane well but does not pick up early at all. This HP4 line ball is an asymmetric but isn’t super snappy or overly strong like others such as the Nuclear cell. This was the same I felt with my UFO Solid, strong enough yet predictable and controllable. The UFO Alert just goes longer with the same smooth backend roll with the 5x4x2 drilling I have on it.  It skids nicely through the fronts when there is oil like on fresh and delivers a smooth yet strong backend motion. Hitting Power is great like every Roto Grip Ball I’ve thrown. I found the  best area on the lane was around 3rd arrow. Came off the spot smooth and not so snappy. Getting in deeper I saw the same, but it scores best straighter. My PAP is 5-1/8 and 1/8 up. Usually around 15-16mph, I’d probably be classified between a tweener and a cranker.


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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #18 on: October 05, 2021, 04:49:41 PM »
Ball Specs:
Roto Grip UFO Alert
1500 e-Trax™ Hybrid Reactive
Weight Block: E.T. Core™ (Asymmetrical)
Color: Purple Solid/Emerald/Teal

First off the color of this ball is going to catch your eye right from the beginning. If the color doesn’t get your head to turn the ball motion surly will. This ball is great for those people who love to move left and create and area on the lane that will allow them to swing the ball the lanes begin to transition. The UFO Alert offers a great step down from the original UFO making the perfect 1-2 punch. You will be hard pressed to find a more versatile Hybrid right now.
Will Tefft
Roto Grip Staff Member


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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #19 on: October 13, 2021, 05:56:44 AM »
Roto Grip UFO Alert is an absolute winner!

Bowlers Info: RH tweener, PAP 4-1/2 x 7/8 up, 365 RPM, 17* of Axis tilt, 60* of Axis Rotation

Ball Layout: 40 x 5 x 50

Finish: OOB

Roto Grip has reported another UFO landing and this one is a winner for sure!  One of the biggest feedbacks I heard was that customers liked the original UFO but it was too big. The UFO Alert takes care of that with the eTrax Hybrid Reactive coverstock combined with the original E.T. Core.  This core really keeps the pins low with great readable motion and continuation.  For me, pin over bridge CG kicked just a smidge from the thumb.  I did hit the surface slightly with 3000 for the ball to pick up the midlane a bit sooner, but this ball reads the front to back very very easily.  For an asymmetric, this ball has a strong arch motion that’s controllable, reads the midlane extremely well which is important on sport conditions.  A great transition piece to have for tourneys but will also score well on typical house shots!  Great colors, go check one out at your local pro shop today!

Chris Martinez
Storm Amateur Staff


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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #20 on: October 13, 2021, 11:42:16 AM »
Ball Specs: 
Coverstock:  eTrax Hybrid Reactive
Weight Block: E.T. Core
RG:  2.52   Diff:  .054   Mass Bias:  .016

Bowler Specs:
Speed: 15.5 MPH
Rev Rate: 300
PAP:  5 ⅜ over  1 ¼ up
Layout:  Dual angle 50 X 4 ⅜ X 20

With the original UFO we experimented with a pin down layout for me to use on shorter sport patterns or dryer house shots where I could play more in the track area during the 3 game of league. In the last few weeks I have been working on my game and my PAP has changed so the original pin placement when the ball was drilled was 5 inch pin now with the new PAP its 4 ⅜ iinch pin placement.

I have been using this ball during the second shift league. I need a strong core to help with the volume of oil that is in the middle of the lane after the first 5 person mixed league but the Hybrid cover gives me the clean reaction through the heads with a predictable recovery off the dry. This ball did get enough press since it was released at the same time as the Dark Code.

This ball will also be used on shorter sport patterns. I have a Reality for the fresh and depending on the lane surface I can switch to this piece to give me more length from the cover but still have the strong core to help in case bowlers are using urethane.

Pete Dohan
Storm Amateur Staff

Gil B

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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #21 on: October 14, 2021, 02:05:46 PM »
Loving the Alert. The original UFO was a little to much ball for me so i was skeptical about this one but the Alert is a keeper. This Asymmetrical really gets down lane for me and has such a smooth predicable shape form me. 1500 e Trax cover is one of my favorites, This ball really holds its energy for a smooth shape and gets through the pins very well. On a house shot or a tourney bowler this ball is a must have


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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #22 on: October 20, 2021, 09:58:45 AM »
Cover stock: ETRAX Hybrid Reactive
Core: E.T. Asymmetric  2.52 RG 0.054 Diff 0.016 Int. Diff. (15lb.)
Color: Purple Solid/Emerald/Teal
Finish:  1500 Grit polished
Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 4” Over 0 up
Rev Rate 400, Average Tilt, low Axis Rotation.
Speed at cameras 16.5 – 17
Layout: 4.5 x 4 x 2.5 (pin up)
Review:  The UFO Alert is a great first ball out of the bag on most medium lane conditions and when your big dull asyms are too strong but the pearls are skidding too long. This ball eats house shots alive! The eTrax Hybrid cover has 2 parts pearl and 1 part solid which helps the ball read the midlane more, blend the lane out and not over skid. The Alert is earlier than my Dark Code and RST X-2, but longer than the original UFO and 900 Global Reality. It has a smooth and continuous backend reaction, not snappy, so it will also work well on medium challenge or sport shots if you give the cover a little scuff. 
Ron D’Ambrosio
Storm Amateur Staff
#StormNation #SquadRG #900Global


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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #23 on: October 20, 2021, 10:03:55 PM »



Type - THS


Likes: 2 parts Pearl 1 part solid Hybrid

Really enjoying the e-Trax Hybrid cover. No over/under reaction just glides through the fronts, great midline read with power. Drilled mine to replace my 900G Volatility Torque which was too flippy and over/under.
Specs are RG 2.52 Diff .054 MB .016. Best suited for heavy/medium volumes depending on your stats

Used my favorite pin down layout 50x4 1/8x75 which gives me length with a strong response at the breakpoint. Same shape I get from my pin down OG Volatility (S86R Hybrid) just 3-4 boards less. Just a very predictable asymmetrical
Can be my first ball on league night or great transition ball on medium patterns at tournaments.

I would recommend this ball for anyone looking for a medium strong asymmetrical or if the were replacing a Hyper Cell Fused

#StrikingWorldwide #SquadRG #StormNation #12inaRowProshop

Keith Cordy
900 Global Staff Ambassador


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UFO Alert
« Reply #24 on: October 21, 2021, 12:12:03 PM »
If you're looking for a big asym that you can move left with, look no further than the UFO Alert! This hybrid reactive coverstock fused with E.T. core makes this ball good on almost any condition. This ball finished at 1500grit polished allows players to start with this ball on the fresh and move deeper and deeper into the lane and watch this ball drive. This is going to be a piece in my bag for a while. Don't sleep on this ball and get to your local pro shop and to get one drilled!

 Anthony Wiegand

Rick K

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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #25 on: October 23, 2021, 08:53:47 PM »
UFO Alert • High Performance • HP4 
Coverstock • e-Trax Hybrid Reactive Finish • 1500 Grit Abralon
Core • E.T. Asymmetric
R.G. • 2.52 Differential • 0.054 Int. Differential •.016
Layout • 45 x 4.25 x 35
Tester PAP = 4 ½ R x 3/8 D • Tester Axis Tilt = 12° •Testers Rev Rate = 325
Test Pattern = 42’ THS • Modified, Kegel Stone Street
Being new to the Roto Grip family this year, I am impressed at how competitively strong their bowling balls perform time and again. The UFO Alert is another excellent example! Built with the e-Trax Hybrid Cover and the E.T. Core, the UFO Alert is a clear choice for your arsenal. So, let’s take a look at how the UFO Alert performs on a THS.
The E.T. (Equalizer Technology) Core has some serious zest to it without being overbearing. As I looked up the ten board on a fresh THS, this core had a smooth motion in the mid-lane and a decisive turn in the backend. But, what really set the E.T. Core apart for me was its performance when entering the roll phase! Like in my review of the UC2, the E.T. Core stands up with authority and rolls through the pins with the inertia of a freight train going downhill! Then it hits and keeps on going! Even when I moved in and targeted 18 out to 7-8 down the lane, the E.T Core kept my slow rev rate hand in the game! I could count on it!
The e-Trax Hybrid cover is an excellent blend for medium to heavy THS oil. The solid portion of this mixture allowed the ball to clear the heads quickly and read the mid-lane smoothly. The pearl portion of this hybrid mixture allowed me to get the ball down lane without it burning up, as you would see with a solid cover late in the night by leaving ten pins. I found tweaking the cover with 3000 grit Abralon handled better for my high-speed, low-rev hand as it eliminated effects from too much carry down. Further, as I moved inside, the surface change kept the UFO Alert in play for me through a whole night of highly skilled trios! This cover is a perfect and reliable cover under many conditions.
My conclusion is that I highly recommend the UFO Alert for any higher-speed, lower-rev player. With its one-two punch of E.T. Core and e-Trax cover, the UFO Alert will deliver shot after shot and night after night. Further, I have found the UFO Alert to be a reliable and powerful ball after using it on a THS in many houses. I would suggest seeing your local pro shop operator today to have it ready for tonight’s league!

Rick Klimowicz
Storm Products Pro Shop Staff
Roll the Ball Pro shop
Penndel, Pa


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Re: UFO Alert Roto Grip Staff Chase Roloson
« Reply #26 on: October 24, 2021, 07:52:18 PM »
UFO Alert • High Performance • HP4

Coverstock • e-Trax Hybrid Reactive Finish • 3000 Grit Abralon Adjusted

Core • E.T. Asymmetric

R.G. • 2.52 Differential • 0.054 Int. Differential •.016

Layout •  Pin Below Ring, Mass below Thumb

Thoughts: My intent with this ball was to fit a gap between my HP4/Premier and my high end symmetric pieces, looking for a clean and round shape i could keep  the pocket in front of me on tricky patterns. With the layout i used i seen a very clean and round controllable shape out of this piece. This ball allows me to square up and stay closer to the friction on cliffed patterns. For me it is not a every pattern ball but it sees its time on the tougher stuff. In comparison to a storm dark code, with this layout i saw the ball about 4 boards straighter with a strong controllable read in the midlane and a smooth arc on the back end.

Chase Roloson
Ko’s Proshop Staff
Roto Grip Proshop Staff
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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #27 on: October 26, 2021, 12:46:57 AM »

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS


Core: E.T. = Equalizer Technology
Cover: e-Trax Hybrid
Finish: 1500 Polish
RG: 2.52
Differential: 0.054

Right-Handed Tweener
Speed: 12-13 mph
Rev Rate: 315
PAP: 4 7/8 Right 3/8 Up

Ball Layout: 50 X 4 3/8 X 55
    VLS 4 3/8 X 4 1/4 X 3 1/2

The UFO Alert is the second release to feature the ET Core. The core was designed to mimic a symmetric core after a balance hole was placed in it. The hybrid Etrax cover creates a new option to take advantage of the smooth predictable motion provided by the ET Core.

The UFO Alert is sort of a benchmark ball in the high performance range. It definitely outhooks most balls that feature such a consistent rolling ball. In my opinion this ball is very unique at its performance level. The other balls with this kind of core/cover strength are either noticeably earlier or later rolling by comparison. This ball creates enough motion in fresh oil to be useable right away but is so continuous that you can stay with it through transition.

I threw the UFO Alert on my home centers house shot this summer. There was alot of friction at the time so throwing a ball as strong as the Alert required me to be left on the fresh. Suprisingly, despite the midlane motion of the ball, i didn't have any carry issues until the 3rd game. To begin the Fall league season the center changed to a slicker oil, added volume and lengthened the pattern. This is where the UFO Alert really shined. This is easily one of my favorite balls to throw on longer patterns. Straighter angles on the fresh transitioning to a more left to right ball path without ever feeling like I'm losing either my reaction or my carry is pretty unique.

I would recommend to anyone that they give this ball a try. It fits so many games and such a wide array of lane conditions that its a no brainer.


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UFO Alert (14lbs)
« Reply #28 on: October 27, 2021, 07:05:35 PM »
UFO Alert:
Core: E.T.
Coverstock: eTrax Hybrid Reactive
Rg: 2.52(14lbs)
Diff: .054 (14lbs)
Intermediate Diff: .016 (14 lbs)
PAP: 5 1/8 over and 7/16 up

I drilled the UFO ALERT up 60 x 4.5 x 30. I have lightly touched up the surface with 2000 abralon lightly. The UFO ALERT is a strong round reaction that should be a staple in tournament bags. It has a strong arc and reliable motion. Compared to my DARK CODE, the UFO ALERT blends out the oil and is a little smoother and about 2-3 boards less in overall hook. The DARK CODE is stronger off the friction but still controllable but can also become a little over/under at times forcing me too far left before the pattern has broken down enough. The ALERT tends to blend the pattern better and is definitely better on the fresh THS.

When the ALERT is to strong, I was able to go to my Zen or my Burner Solid to get through the fronts a little easier.

Overall a solid ball with a predictable motion.

Daniel Schank
Storm Pro Shop Staff
Turbo Grips Pro Shop Staff
Logo Infusion Staff
Bowling Bigger Pro Shop


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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #29 on: October 29, 2021, 02:07:59 PM »
The UFO Alert is a hybrid version of the UFO released last year. The cover is called eTrax hybrid reactive and comes from factory 1500 grit polished. The Alert has the E.T. core with built in cavities that replicate using  a balance hole. The undrilled numbers in 15lb bowling balls come to 2.52 Rg, 0.054 differential, and intermediate diff of 0.016. The purple solid/ emerald teal is a great looking color combination.

I drilled the UFO ALert 4.5 X 3 x 4. This is the same layout I have on my Incite which too is a hybrid. The Alert has easy length with a very strong hard arch in the backend of the lane. This reaction is best suited for me when on blended patterns like USBC White, or patterns that don’t have a huge ratio of oil to dry. The Alert can be very clean in the oil, and a little over responsive on the dry if the ratio is too high. Comparing the Alert to my Incite, the Alert is much easier through the heads, and responds to friction very aggressively for me. Putting a little surface (fresh 3000 abralon pad) can smooth out the responsiveness to friction some, but the ball still wants to retain speed better than the Incite. I’m guessing it’s just the nature of the coverstock formula.

To use the UFO Alert on the left side of the lane, I really need the right conditions for it to perform optimally. The left side of the lane beds just aren’t as scratched up as much as the right side of the lane. Therefore, bowling balls that don’t want to slow down and then respond strongly to friction, can be a bit too angular off the spot for my bowling style. I really would like to use the UFO Alert more, as many righties I see throwing it, it rolls fantastic. A second UFO Alert with a stronger drilling to help the ball get into the roll phase quicker, would be the trick for me to take advantage of this unique core concept. Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the UFO Alert.
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Re: UFO Alert
« Reply #30 on: October 30, 2021, 07:57:18 PM »
Roto Grip UFO Alert

Core: E.T. = Equalizer Technology

Cover: e-Trax Hybrid

Finish: 1500 Polish

RG: 2.52

Differential: 0.054

The Roto Grip UFO Alert is a medium-heavy oil polished hybrid that gets down lane with ease and gives me a lot of room.

It has been my go to ball the last few weeks in a heavier house shot league. I am coming back from a recent surgery and I am not as accurate as I usually am.

The Alert is giving me miss room on both sides of my line, which is much needed right now.

It is strong but controllable.

For my style, the closest current Storm/Roto/900G comparison ball would be the Storm Incite. The Alert goes a touch longer and gives me a little more angle than the Incite.

In my arsenal it falls between two of my current favorites, the Roto Grip RST X-1 and the Storm Phaze 3.