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See what others cannot and you will harness the ability to predict victory. As your "eye" into the future, the Oracletm is a high performance ball that combines an all new weight block and coverstock that is sure to fulfill your prophecy.

The Cyclotron IVtm core delivers the energy from the moment it leaves your hand. This medium-low RG core creates enhanced revolutions in the body of the lane with non-stop energy through the pins.

Surrounding this core is the Visiontm particle coverstock. The combination of an aggressive solid reactive with a controlled load of particle allows for increased mid-land and constant backend reaction. Traction is the key component and this one delivers on those medium to heavy oil pattern.


Factory Finish  800 Matte  
Radius Of Gyration  
16# - 2.54
15# - 2.56
14# - 2.58  
Differential  .050 (High)  
Lane Condition  Medium - Heavy Oil  
Flare Potential  7+ Inches  
Coverstock  Visiontm Particle  
Available Weights  14-16 Lbs.  
Weight Block  Cyclotron Core IVtm  
Color  Purple/Black  
D-Scale  73-75  



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Re: Oracle
« Reply #31 on: May 05, 2005, 02:21:11 PM »
I like everything about this ball. i think it is best for the money compared to other particle balls.
I am an okay bowler, this has helped me in many lane conditions


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Re: Oracle
« Reply #32 on: June 11, 2005, 10:10:56 PM »
I love my Oracle, its like RotoGrip designed it specifically for me.  Its drilled 4.5 x 2.5(cg) with a balance hole an inch or two below my PAP.

As others have said this ball is all about smooth, continuous power.  I get a reactive look for the first 30 feet, then a mellow transition before the continuous backend pop kicks in.  The head clearing ability even when dull would sell me this ball alone being a med-low speed player with a lot of axis rotation. Stops unpredictable jumping earlier in the shot than you want.

It sort of shines up pretty fast where i play, leading to exceptional length and stored energy from a particle ball. But keep it box or duller and you'll get progressively earlier pick up the more course you go, however itll still hold energy well. Very versatile cover and easy to prep.

You get great continuation on the backend.  It like the ball is hitting for longer .. none of this rollout leaving weak 10pins. You carry percentage will go up with an Oracle. It stomps all over carrydown too .. best ball on carrydown ive thrown.

Personally i cant fault this ball, i just wish we'd see a version with a heavier particle load for those 'oil to the headpin' days. Oracle Intuition?
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