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Totally Defiant
« on: May 24, 2013, 09:07:31 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
Roto Grip Totally Defiant Ball Specs:
- Color: Yellow/Smoke/Ruby All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Coverstock: 74MH Pearl Reactive
- Core: Paragon Core
- Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polished
- Reaction: Lenght and High Hook
- Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal

Description: The Roto Grip Defiant sports a Paragon Core (14-16) covered in the MicroBite Solid Reactive Coverstock. This combination, finshed with a 1500 grit Abralon sanding, creates a motion that reacts mid-lane, and has a continuous action, hooking towards the backend. This ball was made to react well in heavy oil conditions.



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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2013, 01:21:59 PM »
Totally Defiant : Layout: 40 x 4 ½ x 55 at box condition… 
Tested on: 41 ft THS with HPL with ICE oil and Beaten Path with ICE oil.
The Totally did really well for me for the house shot, standing at 22 and looking at 6-8, the ball have excellent distance and even getting to the friction and thru the backend of the lane the cover did not overreact like a “typical” pearl cover for me… I am used to seeing longer and move angle with the pearl covers… On the KEGEL pattern, I was able to move left on the approach and keep the ball inside of the track area and play pretty straight with it looking at 12-14… What I love the most about this ball is the overall performance on both patterns, for me it’s hard to find a ball and layout combo that I can use on sport patterns and THS without changing the surface. I look forward in having this ball as my benchmark ball for the fall of 2013.


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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2013, 07:58:34 PM »
Totally Defiant

Roto Grip has improved which each new version of the Defiant.  The Defiant Soul has become an extremely versatile ball in my arsenal.  With the release of the Totally Defiant, you’ll find a stronger pearl reactive than any of the others which means more back end. 

I found more skid snap reaction.  On the WTBA Athens pattern I was able to stand in exactly the same spot as the Soul to get to the pocket.  The Soul read a little earlier than the Totally Defiant.  However the T.D really broke loose on the back end. 

A great addition when the heads are dry and you need more motion on the back. 

Kelly O’Driscoll
Roto Grip Staff


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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2013, 12:25:45 PM »
  I had my Totally Defiant drilled 5 x 3 with a medium sized weight hole 3" to the right of the thumb hole. The ball had a 3-1/2" pin. This is my favorite layout and I left the 1500 grit polished factory finish on the ball.
  On a 42' THS I was able to slide , put the ball down around 22, hit 15 at the arrows, 9 at the break point, and strike for a long time. if I missed right it would recover, but if I missed in (left) it would hold but hit strong and carry the weak ten.
   The ball is very clean through the heads, I was surprised to see it was 1500 out the box. The lower grit prevented squirt on medium heavy oil. The midlane reaction was very consistant and I got a strong angular finish. The ball has that Defiant snap and outhooks everything else in my bag.


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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2013, 10:50:48 AM »
Weight:  14 lbs.
Pin Length:  3”
Drilling:  Pin above fingers, stacked
Pattern Length:  40 ft.
Pattern Volume:  Medium
Pattern Type:  THS
Right Handed

I tested the TOTALLY DEFIANT on a 40 ft. house pattern, at 1500 grit polished, which is the box finish.  I also used it on US open senior womens pattern in Columbus, OH.

This ball gets through the heads very smooth, with a very strong angular motion when it comes off the pattern.  I found, on the house pattern, I had to move in further, but did not lose carry.  This ball does not quit!  It gives me more length than the DEFIANT, and the DEFIANT EDGE, with a much more angular move to the pocket.  I find I leave fewer corner pins due to the stronger entry angle. 

On the senior US open womens pattern, the TOTALLY DEFIANT read the pattern nicely on the fresh, even with the pearl cover stock.  This ball gives me a similar look to the old Cell Pearl, which was my favorite ball at the time!

The TOTALLY DEFIANT is a great addition to your arsenal. It is very versatile as it can be used on THS and sport patterns alike. 

Carol Teel
Roto Grip Amateur Staff Member


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Roto Grip Totally Defiant
« Reply #5 on: August 28, 2013, 09:50:52 PM »
The Roto Grip Totally Defiant is in the HP-4 Line.  The Totally Defiant is the pearl version on the Defiant Soul.  Which is a very popular and successful ball.  I drilled mine at 5 x 4 x 3, pin above.  My PAP is 4 up 1 1/4.  This ball gets through the fronts real clean as expected with the pearl cover, but still has good midlane roll and good continuation through the pins.  When the Soul starts to labor a little downlane I can switch to the Totally Defiant and stay in the same part of the lane.  The carry was really good from many different angles.  This ball may be the strongest ball motion downlane that we have in our Asymmetrical line today.  If you liked the Critical Theory, then you will love the Totally Defiant as it is stronger and creates more angle at your breakpoint. 

John Brodersen

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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #6 on: September 24, 2013, 11:28:40 AM »
The layout selection used was based on the Storm VLS system and suggestions made by Mr. Steve Kloempken of Storm.  My thanks to Mr. Kloempken for his suggestions, time and knowledge.

Ball specs – 15 lbs 4 oz, 2.69top weight, and 3 5/8 -inch pin.

The Totally Defiant was drilled with a low RG layout as follows; using Dual Angle terminology - 2.5 inch pin distance, 60 degree drill angle and a 40 degree VAL angle. Using Storm’s VLS methodology the layout is 2.5  X  6  X  1.5  pin buffer.  An X-hole was needed and placed in the P2 location.  The surface was left OOB which is 1500 polished.

The HP4 line Totally Defiant is asymmetrical, has a pearl cover stock and an eye catching color scheme.  The Totally Defiant was thrown on a fresh USBC White #2 pattern along with the Defiant Edge with a high RG layout (60 degree drill X 5 inch pin X 30 degree VAL).  The pearl cover stock allowed the quick revving Totally Defiant to provide about two additional feet of length than the Defiant Edge but the Edge had a more angular breakpoint shape.  Don’t get me wrong here.  The Totally Defiant still had plenty of hook, recovery and hit on the backend but with the low RG layout the down lane motion was smoother.  This is what I was trying to achieve.  A Totally Defiant with its pearl cover, drilled with a high RG layout (longer pin and smaller VAL angle – dual angle system, longer pin and smaller pin buffer – Storm VLS) would be just as clean but more angular down lane than what I experienced and probably stronger than the Defiant EDGE.

With the selected layout, the Totally Defiant will allow me to play with more closed angles and closer to the friction on fresh medium to medium/heavy conditions.

John Brodersen
RG amateur staff


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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #7 on: September 25, 2013, 10:02:56 PM »
My Axis is 4 7/8 right, ¼ up, my speed is average and I would consider myself with higher revs but more up the back.  So not a cranker but not really straight either.

This ball I drilled with the pin above the ring finger and the MB strong without any hole. 

The ball gets through the front of the lane very smooth and easy then when it turns “look out”.  It is very angular and sharp on the back end which helps when I have to move inside, deep on a pattern and need it to snap around the corner.  The way this one is drilled I left it shiney so playing straight through the front of the lane isn’t my first choice because then it may go too long and be too angular at the pocket.  If I give it a little surface that will fix that problem.  For those who want skid flip this is it.


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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #8 on: October 01, 2013, 08:24:24 PM »
TOTALLY DEFIANT review by Storm staffer Jeff Richgels
    Drilled August 2013
   The TOTALLY DEFIANT specs are here:

   Review of TOTALLY DEFIANT at my blog here:

The Roto Grip TOTALLY DEFIANT is the pearl version on the DEFIANT SOUL, an asymmetrical and one of Roto’s most popular offerings.

I drilled a DEFIANT SOUL at the Senior U.S. Open and Senior Masters in Las Vegas and have not gotten much use of it. It’s a very strong drilling and it’s simply too much for most conditions with my moderate speed and middling revs. That's more a knock on me than the ball!

When I got my TOTALLY DEFIANT I decided to try a quirky drilling I had some great success with in a MARVEL – pin in my ring finger with CG and MB kicked slightly left. The drilling angle is maybe 105 degrees. The numbers work out to 4 3/8 pin to PAP, 7 1/8 RG mass bias marker to PAP, and 3 7/8 pin buffer.

That drilling has allowed me to play straighter with a strong ball than more standard drillings allow, and it’s one of those that when it works it’s fantastic and when it doesn’t it’s obvious not to use it.

So far that has been exactly how the TOTALLY DEFIANT has been for me — when it works, it’s great; when it doesn’t, there’s no question about it. (That's actually how it is for pretty much all asymmetricals for me — the core is so strong it's difficult to tweak my release to tweak the reaction as the ball's power rules its reaction.)

The most notable case of that was a PBA50 Regional on Chameleon where the lanes were hooking a lot, but weak balls skidded too much and were hard to control. The TOTALLY DEFIANT let me stand just a bit left of the middle of the lane and throw it to the track, where it hooked but in a controlled manner with a smooth back-end motion.

As a shiny pearl, it gets through the fronts well. But as an asymm it is strong in the mid-lane, with a quick and powerful change of direction. I imagine with a strong drilling, it would make an even stronger move and be more continuous in the back-end than mine with the quirky drilling.

As a shiny pearl, it does little for me on heavy, fresh oil. That’s where I use balls with surface! (I have not hit the surface of the TOTALLY DEFIANT because I typically prefer hybrids or solids with surface.) It also isn’t much use on a super burned out or very light pattern, which you would expect with a strong asymm — even a shiny pearl.

The TOTALLY DEFIANT makes me think of an asymm version of the Storm FRANTIC or a less early version of the Storm SYNC.

If you’re a fan of the DEFIANT SOUL, the TOTALLY DEFIANT should be a great companion ball. And it should be a solid choice for anyone who bowls on any conditions beyond light oil.

But because it's a powerful asymm, I don't think it will be the most versatile ball in anyone's bag. I'd pick something like the DISTURBED or DERANGED for that.


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Totally Defiant review by Mark Tarkington
« Reply #9 on: October 30, 2013, 08:53:55 AM »
Totally Defiant

Right Handed
Ball weight:  14
Rev Rate:  378
Ball Speed:  18.2
Axis Tilt:  6.67
Axis Rotation:  45*
PAP:  3 7/8 horizontal, 1 up
Layout:  5 x 3 1/8 x 3 7/8

My plan for this ball was to have a high-end ball for burned up patterns, when everything wants to check up early.  Not the best idea I’ve ever had…

I’ve used this ball on a couple of THS and a 39’, 3:1 sport pattern.

The first night out of the bag was on older HPL synthetics on a late-shift league.  This league tends to give me problems as the lanes break down and the ‘major’ transition occurs.  At the beginning of league, I was standing about 25-28, rolling at about 13-15 at the arrows with my normal cupped wrist position.  I had a great look as long as I got the ball out of the oil by 30 ft.  If I tugged the ball inside or it didn’t make it out early enough, it would skate through the breakpoint or finish in the hole for a flat 10.  As the lanes broke down, I continued to move deeper, but the look got nasty fairly quickly.  Instead of making a ball change, I changed my wrist position to flat, making sure the ball was resting on the ball of my index finger.  I was able to move a little right and keep my look about the same.  I continued to have the problem with missing inside, but as long as I used the friction to the right of puddle, the ball rolled quite well.

My second league with this one was in a different house on HPL synthetics with a fresh THS.  I didn’t start with the Totally Defiant, but my first ball choice was just ringing 10s, so around frame 5 in the first game, I pulled the trigger on the Totally Defiant.  Right out of the bag, I was standing 27, rolling 14 with a swing.  The room right this ball created was absolutely amazing!  If the trajectory was off and I missed right, it came screaming back, if I tugged it, it held and crushed.  Started game 2 with front 10 and a flat 10 for 289.  The amount of room this ball gave me on a fresh house pattern was crazy.  As the third game started, I had to chase the shot left and begin hitting some burn.  As it was checking up early, or leaving a half 10, I had to make a ball change. 

Using this one on the 39’ sport pattern was quite unsuccessful.  I was really hoping for more length, but the ball just didn’t want to get down the lane.  I believe this is more due to the layout than the ball itself.  The layout made the ball more of a banana than skid/flip.

All of that said, this ball has a place in my bag.  It rolls quite well on various levels of the THS, but I’m still looking for a tourney pattern that it will hit as well as the THS.  My only complaint is that I missed the layout, which has created duds in the past, but with the Totally Defiant I still have a ball that will be quite useful.

I may have to drill another one of these just to try a more angular layout.  I believe this ball wants to make the left turn, so why limit it to the banana shape?
Mark Tarkington
Storm Pro Shop Staff Member
Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff Member
Turbo Pro Shop Staff Member
Manager, GutterLine Pro Shop

PJ Haggerty

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Roto Grip Totally Defiant Ball Review by PJ Haggerty
« Reply #10 on: October 30, 2013, 12:48:08 PM »
Roto Grip Totally Defiant Ball Review

The Totally Defiant is one of my favorites.  An asymmetrical beast.  A ball that makes the guys with low rev rates shred racks. Need to replace the strongest ball in your bag?  Drill a Totally Defiant. 

My favorite layout on this ball is pretty simple.  Pin above my bridge with the mass approximately an inch to the right of my thumb.  For me, this is right around 5 x 4.5 x 70, no hole.  The Roto Grip balls typically give me a more forward shape compared to Storm balls.  The response times are usually a hair slower than Storm balls too. 

This ball is GREAT on a house pattern.  The lower rev guys can stay farther right and can usually get at least a game and a half out of it before they might go to a Deranged, Rumble, or a Hyroad Pearl.  The high rev players can continue to move in, chase the hold, and continue to throw it to the hook spot down lane. 

Having a pearl cover with the monster Defiant core, this ball provides length, strength, and lots of pop down lane.  For any lane condition with a good amount of oil on the lane, this ball is a perfect fit.  Honestly, if the lanes are hooking a lot or are burnt up, I would recommend a Rumble, Lights Out, Deranged, or a Hyroad Pearl.  This ball is that strong. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Go #OwnIt with #RotoGrip and #StormNation


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Totally Defiant review by Staffer Garrett Richardson
« Reply #11 on: November 10, 2013, 11:11:55 PM »
Hand: Left
Ball Speed: 16-17mph
Ball Weight: 15lbs
PAP: 5 left 7/16 up
Degrees of Tilt: 17
Layout: 5 x 4 x 2

The Totally Defiant is drilled pin above the ring finger cg out and preferred spin axis (mass bias) is 2 inches away from the thumb. I must say I knew it would be a skid-flip kind of ball but it performs way more than I ever expected with the paragon and the pure pearl cover stock without the micro bite technology.

With the pure pearl cover compared to the pearl micro bite cover from the defiant edge I get more down lane recovery and a cleaner push in the heads. I am able to stand more right than I could with the Defiant edge, watch the ball rev up and once it hits the dry it would make a strong sharp right turn to the pocket. Even on the longer and higher volume patterns like the PBA shark I can stand left and it makes a small turn down lane to the pocket but more than I ever had with a strong pearl ball on a long pattern like the shark. With other pearls on the shark I am not usually able to see a motion on the back end but with the Totally Defiant I am able to get a read and see the movement to the pocket

I used it for the first time at a tournament called the triangle where you bowl at 3 different houses, 3 games at each center in 1 day! First bowling center with synthetic lanes I used it game 2 and 3 when I needed something that got down lane with a strong back end because the reaction was so define if you did not have something strong that would get to the pocket down lane and not something that started early you were not gonna have a good set. The next time I used the ball at the triangle was at the last bowling center with fairly new synthetic lanes the last game. I was still in the hunt to cash and needed a big game. I brought it out to give me recovery when my other stuff wasn't getting to the pocket to my liking. The Totally Defiant gave me the read I needed which was long and strong and shot 278 to make cash by 8 pins. For the Roto Grip fans out there here is a great skid-flip strong pearl for your arsenal!

If you have any questions about the Totally Defiant email me at

Garrett Richardson
Storm/Roto Grip Amateur Staff
Vise Inserts Amateur Staff
Pinole Bowler’s Supply

RG is King

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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #12 on: November 13, 2013, 07:25:15 PM »
                                       Totally Defiant

Well where do I start with this one??? This has to be the MOST IMPRESSIVE PEARL BALL I HAVE EVER THROWN!!!!
I first took my Defiant Edge out and got lined up on a fresh 39' house shot. I was crossing 12th board and went out to 7th board with an impressive backend motion. Then it's show time, I took the Totally Defiant out and played the same line with trip 4, trip 4 and stone 9. I moved in to 15th board and went out to 7th board and went flush, flush, flush, ect. I was striking at will. I could tug it in and it would set up and go high flush. I'd miss out to second or third board and the ball would recover like it was a magnet and the 1-3 was made out of steel.
I've used it on most any of all lane conditions from heavy house shots to some of the heavier sport patterns.
House shots it will strike for days.
Sport patterns it's super smooth doesn't start early, but it has a extremely strong and continuous movement to the pocket.
Only time I've seen it struggle is lighter oil patterns. For a pearl cover stock ball, the Totally Defiant rolls good as long as you have a little oil in the fronts this ball will keep you in play...


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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #13 on: November 14, 2013, 01:40:01 AM »
Weight: 15 lbs.
Pin Length: 4”
Drilling: 65 x 5 7/8 x 45 with a hole down
Pattern Length: 41 ft.
Pattern Volume: Medium
Pattern Type: THS
Right Handed
Wow, the Totally Defiant is totally awesome. This ball speaks for itself, the Paragon core wrapped with a pure pearl cover is a great addition to the HP4 line. Many of you might think this ball will be similar to the Defiant Edge; well scratch that thought from your brain. The Defiant Edge was an all around smooth rolling ball, but the new Totally Defiant is cleaner through the fronts and more angular down lane. This ball really gives me the opportunity to stand left and wheel it when the track area begins to burn up in the front part of the lane.

LD Dawn
Roto Grip Staff Member

mr ed 2u

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Re: Totally Defiant
« Reply #14 on: November 14, 2013, 07:48:01 PM »
Drilled my totally defiant  3 1/2 by 6 1/4 with a 2" pin buffer.  This layout is the same as I have in a defiant soul. The totally defiant is a great ball to go to when the soul starts to burn up too early. It goes longer and makes a strong move on the back end. Don't be fooled this is still a strong ball I can't use it in my league due to it hooks too much 
Ed Riffle
 Roto Grip Advisory Staff