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Ultra Sonic
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Roto Grip® sets the highest standard with the introduction of the Ultra Sonictm. This entry performance pearl tops its class in price, performance and looks.

The power plant inside the Ultra Sonictm is the unmatched X-1tm core. This high RG and medium/low differential core delivers added length with constant backend motion.

Sure Grip IItm pearl surrounds this jewel giving it a stronger footprint on those medium to light oil patterns.


Factory Finish  1500- Polished  
Radius Of Gyration  16# - 2.60
15# - 2.61
14# - 2.63
12-13# - 2.67  
Differential  16-14# - .035 (Med/Low)
13-12# - .020 (Low)  
Lane Condition  Medium Oil  
Flare Potential  3-4 Inches  
Coverstock  Sure Grip II  Pearl  
Available Weights  12-16 Lbs.  
Weight Block  X-1tm core
Color  Royal Blue / Light Blue  
D-Scale  75-78  



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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2004, 07:28:40 AM »
Clean through the fronts. Great hit in the back,

I drilled this very attractive ball with my usual test layout of 5 (pin) x 5 (cg).

On a freshly conditioned 39ft house shot.  I got a great reaction.  Plenty of recovery from errant shots and great hit. No overreaction at the breakpoint. i like the control it gives me.

As a test; I went over to the lanes dressed for that day's NABI tournament. I was impressed. My initial mistaken impression is that the ball might be too mild for the puddle that is our NABI shot.  I was able to walk the ball in from the outside with no problem.  Unlike what I had found in the past on our NABI shot the Ultra Sonic reaction did not change drastically when carrydown started to take effect.  I was able to make simple moves to hold the pocket.

At the shop I sold one just because of the color.  This is a great looking ball.

I recommend the ball for anyone who has as wet/dry or a blended condition that is hard to control. You do not give up hit for length with this ball.
Mike Sinek
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Ryan Peebles

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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2004, 03:39:07 PM »
I was looking for a weaker resin ball that would give me an opportunity to play the drier outside line and shorter oil patterns.

I decided to experiment with an axis-leverage drilling (2" from PAP with CG in the grip center for early roll and small arc) with advice from Jeff Lizzi. With the weaker ball dynamics, I originally wanted to go full leverage, but a 3 3/8" pin from PAP, according to Jeff, was perhaps a bit too strong for a tweener like me.

This ball works best from the outside angle (first arrow); it has an early, but not-too-strong roll with a very smooth arc. However, with the above-specified drill pattern, the Ultra Sonic needs about 30' of dry backend to work effectively.

I think this ball will suit well in tournament competition, say a third-shift when there is a significant breakdown in the oil pattern. In league play, the Ultra Sonic would be useful if there is a bone-dry track!

Overall, I am pleased with this new investment!
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Ryan Peebles
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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2005, 11:13:25 PM »
I drilled this ball with the pin 5 1/2" and the CG 4 1/2"'s from PAP.  Without a doubt the best Sonic I've ever had.  The ball has great length and unbelievable back ends.  I've bowled with in on many conditions and only on the wetest conditions would it have trouble.  I throw about 15 1/2 MPH and more of a power stroker.  I left the cover shiney as it came out of the box.  Most other Sonics I have trouble getting them to hook enough.  I am very happy with this ball.


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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2005, 02:14:18 AM »
The Ultra Sonic is a very sweet ball .This ball is very great when the heads break down that allows you to move back right and basically start over from you originality playing the lanes with aggressive equipment . I see this ball covering little more harder on the backend.This ball also give me little more length about 2 to 4 feet through the mid-lane compared to the Sonic Boom.
I drilled my Ultra Sonic pin above my ring finger kicked my CG out 2 inches , then i came back over 5 1 /4 and punch the weight hole in the side . That left me 1/4 finger , 3/4 side .I never change the surface of the ball straight out the box 742 ,739 this week in my leagues . I recommend that this ball to everybody this ball is the best conditional ball that i have sen and thrown when the lanes really breakdown.



Mark Curran

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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #5 on: January 25, 2005, 06:04:19 PM »
Quick review of my new Ultra Sonic. Drilled 4x5 and left in the box condition. Great length, smooth through the midlane and very strong finish. Everything we've come to expect from the sonic line. I can't put it in writing well, but this sonic seems to have that little bit of "pop" that is hard to quantify but you know it when you throw it.

I drilled this ball for two reasons: (1) It was time for some new stuff (2) I've been fighting a very wet-dry condition this year in one league and it's been giving me fits. Basically an "overwall" condition with too much oil in the middle but very dry outside with screaming backends. With my other Roto equipment (several different sonics, Rush, and streaks of all flavors) I could hit the pocket all night but didn't have great carry as I had to play out of the puddle to the dry. With the Ultra in my bag I'm able to square up and make use of the oil line. Carry percentage has gone way up and I have control of the pocket.

Take home: If you are looking for a pellet with superior length and hit take a good look at the new Ultra. Frankly I'm still amazed that the Roto boys can crank out these nuggets at such an attractive price : performance ratio.



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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2005, 08:49:00 PM »
This is not that bad of a ball. I need to put a polish on it a lot to control the ball and that makes it react better. This ball has been coming around a lot. It is more controlled on Sport Shots for me. I would like to thank John Zufall for pointing this ball for me.
William Esau
Lafayette, IN

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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2005, 09:20:00 PM »
WOW!  Ultra Sonic = Ultra smooth.  I layed my new Ultra Sonic out with the pin sitting just in between my fingers with the cg stacked.  About a 3" pin btw.  I maintain just about a 19mph ball speed with a pretty heavy hand too boot.  Finding good mild aggressive equipment to complement my arsenal has always been difficult for me, but this one delivered.

    I normally practice in a full synthetic house with juiced fronts and  pretty aggressive backs on an average day.  So I wasn't expecting much out of it during practice sessions.  To my surprise though I was able to move right and play off the corner with predictability.  Even better, I took a line I was playing with a more agressive ball and went more square with the Ultra and lost no pin carry whatsoever.  Knowing that the real test was yet to come I actually got my wish to use the ball for what it was intended for, toast.  Subbed in a league tues night in a house with synthetic heads and wood backs.  Just so happened that the heads were almost gone and outside was gone.  I was able to get in deep and shot 247 going front six with a messenger going in front of the ten and a wash on a shot I completely overthrew in the 9th.  Shot 210 clean the next game before getting the rest of the carrydown from the little oil I had found, and then balled up to my RS-1.  I had a couple arid shots I missed right on a couple shots and the Ultra recovered for strikes to my surprise aswell.  Most importantly I haven't found a condition that has created an over-under reaction thus far.  That drives me nuts with mild agressive equipment.  While I am new to having an all Roto arensal this ball gives me great confidence that they are on the ball(no pun) with stuff made for the dirtier conditions.  I just ordered a Sonic Boom today and can't wait for it to arrive to complement my Ultra Sonic.
    This is definitely a ball to check out if your on the fence with the Scout/r's and Hot's of the equipment world.  Good job Roto Grip!!!

Matt Wolhar
Roto Grip advisory staff

Jesse James

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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #8 on: April 16, 2005, 02:11:40 AM »
Ditto on the WOW! I wasn't expecting this. Got my new UltraSonic and was very impressed.
15#  2.2oz of top wgt
4.25" Pin
Pin above and just to the right of ring finger, actually touching ring finger
CG stacked below in a 4x4 weight hole
Got this ball primarily because I was very impressed with the Sonic X. I knew RotoGrip had tweaked the core some, so I thought I'd give this one a whirl. Used it in my most difficult house, in box condition, and it turned into a skid/snap monster!! It would float long, and then flip suddenly. Not really what I wanted, but afterall....I did lay it out with a stacked drilling, so I should have expected it. This house is usually very spotty to dryish, so not too surprising. However pin carry was exceptional, once I got lined up. Basically shot down and in exclusively.

Put the ball in the spinner, and took the surface down to about 800 sheen. Took it out for a second test run in my Monday Nite league. This league lays out medium to medium heavy oil, for about 37 feet. Relatively strong backends however. Guardian surface. I didn't really expect much at all. Figured, this was not even the condition it was designed for. Threw a couple of practice balls from the inside, with a tight line. Ball carried everything, with no problem. Tried going up the boards and the ball literally, set itself into a groove!! Like magic...I was locked in! Never thought it could handle this much oil! I guess the surface tweak really helped. Standing 15 and crossing 8 at the arrows, procceeded to shoot 226 and 243 easily. The ball had eyes!!
Carry was phenomenal!! I only put it up when it began to struggle to turn the corner, because of carrydown. When I moved inside, it got thru the heads clean as a whistle, but flared like crazy when it hit the track. Definitely a keeper.

May be able to rev this ball up and really turn it into a monster!! My speed is usually between 15 and 16mph. This ball has a strong but very smooth move to the pocket. Extremely controllable, and an attractive piece of equipment at the same time. I like the arc shape to this one, even better than the Sonic-X
Great job Roto Grip. Keep'em coming.
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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #9 on: January 09, 2006, 04:43:11 PM »
Check profile for bowler diagnostics:

Pin 4 1/2 inches from PAP, cg in plam on midline, no hole

As is, light coat of black magic

Test Centers:
House #3- HPL's (heads only), wood backends, 34 ft pattern buffed to 37. Track blows up quick forcing players deep early

House #5- HPL's, again not sure of pattern, as mechanic is a caveman lacking people skills. They use an old pad machine and this place flat out hooks, everywhere and from every angle.

House #6- Very old wood, not sure of pattern, not even sure if they employ a lane man or even have a lane machine. Place flat out hooks, early and often.

Originally want a Black Ice to fill this void but was persuaded to try this. Seeing that I had great success with the original Sonic-X solid I figured id go with Roto-Grip again. Wanted something I could move right with or play an inside tight line.

-Easy length, ignores drying heads and scorched mids
-Backend, sneaky hook with loads of continuation
-Hit, not a weakling by any means
-Has a tendency to check early if you let up on the speed
-Large amounts of head oil/longer patterns force the Ultra back to the bag
-Continuation may be a bit steep at times, lot of 4-9's with this piece
-Tendency to sail past breakpoint

With most weaker pieces you sacrifice length for hit and vice versa, not with this ball. The Ultra is at its best when I can go end-over-end up first arrow or thereabouts with speed. Moving in and slow-hooking it takes this ball out of its comfort zone. If there is a defined track, reaction is ok, but I think its better suited to be played up the boards. Overall, tweeners and crankers should like this ball with the length and hit it provides, may have a little too much backend for slow speed strokers or low-end tweeners. In closing, a typical "ho-hum" ball, gets the job done grinding out 20_ games, nothing special.

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Re: Ultra Sonic
« Reply #10 on: April 10, 2006, 09:38:07 PM »