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TNT Review
« on: February 16, 2023, 08:02:12 AM »
Layout - 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 2
Surface - box surface

The new TNT is the newest benchmark ball in the Roto Grip lineup within the HP3 line.  The TNT uses the Torpex Sphere Core originally found in the Unhinged and Hysteria balls and the eTrax Plus Solid Coverstock.  The TNT has the lowest RG value in the current lineup.  At a 2000 grit abralon surface, the TNT has an early and smooth overall motion.

On my 44ft typical house shot, I saw a pretty early and continuous ball motion.  This motion was fantastic on the fresh and the ball went through the pins very well.  As the transition occurred, the smoothness of the ball reaction was not quite ideal for my higher rev rate style.  For lower rev rates and higher volume patterns, this ball would be ideal.  If you want a new solid ball for the fresh that's smooth and continuous, the TNT is your ball.  Polishing the TNT will give a more angular motion that is still early and good for more transition than the 2000 box surface. 

I was able to compare the TNT to the original Idol solid and I saw a pretty similar ball motion.  The TNT actually continued better down lane due to the weaker coverstock in the eTrax Plus versus the Mictrotrax Solid.  If you had an Idol Solid and are looking for a replacement, the TNT will definitely be that ball for you.     

My overall impression of this ball will be better for higher volumes of oil or where control of the lane is a high priority.  The TNT will be great on sport/PBA patterns for this reason.  For the typical house shot, lower rev rates will desire this ball more than high rev rates purely because of its overall strength.  Raising the surface or polishing the TNT will give you a slightly weaker ball motion desired for a larger bowler base.

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