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« on: April 17, 2013, 10:21:35 PM »
I need a true dry lane ball to add to my Roto arsenal. Is the Shout really a weak/dry lane ball? I see stuff that says its weak on the website, but after its drilled it hooks off the lanes. I throw the ball around 17.5 mph and my revs match up with my speed. My Wrecker is far from a weak ball and I'm hoping the Shout will be the answer. If the Shout is laid out identical to my Wrecker what difference will I see?



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Re: Shout
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2013, 10:32:18 PM »
The Shout is almost a true medium oil ball if not drilled weakly AND if you have matched speed and revs. It will handle less oil with weaker drillings. The Wrecker being a skid/flip ball for a large portion of the population, the Shout will likely have somewhat similar length with much less backend. BUT no one can tell you how different they will be in actual fact,  because there re too many variables involved.

It is not a dry lanes ball by any stretch of the imagination. It is just their weakest solid. You might get it to handle some very light oil with a large pin-PAP drilling and by modifying the surface to an extreme degree: 4000 grit + newspaper + a slip agent polish. But why bother? Get a Storm Tropical Breeze. It's in the same family and it will handle as light an oil as any resin ball can these days.
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Re: Shout
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Im puching up a shout soon...ill compare to my wrecker.  Im really hoping its a touch weaker and longer...I plan to drill it the exact sure charlest is right on the money as usual though.  'Sometimes' my wrecker is too much.. for what I see, so im hoping the shout will be a nice step down...
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Re: Shout
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Saying one ball is weaker or stronger than another is up to the users stats. and lane conditions so one BR user saying it won't or will work for you based off their use is a crap shoot at best.  :)

I'd say go back to your driller and find out thru someone that knows your game and conditions you bowl on...might be a little less expensive but maybe not.


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Re: Shout
« Reply #4 on: April 18, 2013, 07:49:33 AM »
I have an older weaker core solid Sonic X solid from Roto(.018 diff).  I also have a Roto Rising Star, the Wrecker's gold cousin(diff .040).  I also have a very similarly speced and drilled solid from Motiv the Ascent solid(diff .025) just like the Shout.

I will tell you my Rising Star is humungous compared to either my Motiv or my Sonic X solid.

I move often 3 and 3 deeper and have to be very aggressive with my Rising Star to keep in the pocket.  It hits, and hard.  The Sonic X if pulled will leave flat 7s flush in the pocket all day.  99% of the time.  The Motiv 70% of the time.  Both of these weaker cored balls must be spliced or slightly wide on a top hat to carry.


PS both the Sonic X solid and Motiv are drllied fairly strong 4 1/4 inch pin to pap.  Bowlers in our area are having great luck with the Motiv Ascent pearl I have heard on our wet dry top hat.(I have not seen)  This ball specs up with the Scream
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