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Author Topic: The Optimum IDOL REAL DEAL Review  (Read 4945 times)


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The Optimum IDOL REAL DEAL Review
« on: March 24, 2024, 05:03:11 PM »
Wait for it! OPTIMUM IDOL. The color and roll of this ball will appease all. 

Patterns used for review are HP modified.

Pattern A: 41Ft, 26.52 Mls, 7:1 ratio

Pattern B: 43Ft, 29.86 Mls, 4:1 ratio



The OPTIMUM IDOL is all that and exactly as expected. Controllable, big hitting power, mid and down lane read/hook and easy to move around on different patterns and lines of play.

Pattern A:

Ball 1.  Out of box the OPTIMUM IDOL stayed true to roll. Read the mid lane and revved up enough to keep the motion from being too early towards the end of the pattern. Easy to play out to friction as pattern transitioned after moves left to follow field of play. Able to shift back to original targeting line 12-7 and ply 12 to 2 with slight hand change to get around field of play from the right.

Ball 2: Polished up the OPTIMUM IDOL gave the length and backend one would expect and want. Still able to control the motion while keeping energy down lane. Easily able to back off the tweener line and play straighter with slight hand position change.

Typical house moves on a higher volume than most places.  High scores and Big angles.

Pattern B:

This pattern being a longer than pattern and with a hang spots and lower scoring index actually showed the strength in the mid-lane of the ball for both OB 2000 and polished versions.

NOTE A:  When playing the fresh the higher scoring angle with polished was from the outside with a soft release. As pattern transition it became a slow fall back from the outside. 

NOTE B: When playing the fresh with OB surface the OPTIMUM IDOL liked tighter inside but could be used with tweener angles playing the to catch the field down lane using urethane. The real key here is as the transition from 5 other bowlers (High/MID Revs) easily allowed for right migration on the patten with swinging into the mid-lane with controlled strong recovery.

LOW DOWN: The OPTIMUM IDOL is a ball everyone can use as a benchmark/upper move from urethane, transition ball and just fine tune to for your preference. Whether you want OB, polished or somewhere in between you can get the look, roll or motion you want with good hitting power. NOTE. Polished OI will rev up when ball surface track breaks down and your line of play has more friction from lane play. If house friction right> Just move left and swing if you like revs.

I prefer polished for general league play.



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Re: The Optimum IDOL REAL DEAL Review
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2024, 04:00:27 PM »
The Optimum Idol features the same MicroTrax solid and IKON core found in the OG, but now features the AI core technology. This bumps the differential up a couple of points and drops the RG as well. This provides a slightly earlier and more defined shape than the original. The Optimum for me fits right below my Summit and right above my Phaze II. Be sure to stop into your local Storm VIP pro shop and grab your own while you can!


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