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Hustle M&M
« on: August 14, 2023, 08:04:13 PM »
The new Hustle M&M is the direct complement to the Hustle RIP. It comes out of the box polished with ReactaGloss and has the same RG and differential values as the rest of the Hustle line at 2.53 and .030, respectively. In my initial testing, the M&M was the perfect step down from the polished solid Hustle RIP. The biggest difference is not seen in the front part of the lane, as they both glide through it pretty effortlessly, but in the back part of the lane where I found the M&M to be much more responsive and quicker than the RIP. I drilled my M&M identical to my RIP at 4.5x4x2, which is my typical benchmark layout. For fresh conditions, the M&M was a bit too erratic down the lane, but once the lane started to transition a bit and the backends got a little blended, the M&M was in it's prime situation and gave me the most room for error as well as continuation through the pins from deeper inside.
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