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Hyped Pearl Review
« on: October 22, 2021, 09:55:07 AM »
Layout 55 x 4-3/8 x 45 at box surface

The Hyped Pearl brings all the new Hyped Core wrapped in the VTC pearl coverstock found on the Hustle Wine.  The new Hyped Core in the HP2 line gives more midlane motion than the Hustle line in the HP1 line and more overall ball strength.  First impressions of this ball was that I was truly impressed with the motion this provides for this price point.  I was able to test on both a typical house pattern and a 37' sport pattern.  On the house shot, I was seeing a pretty defined shape in the dry while also seeing enough strength in the oil to possibly use at all games in league depending on your pattern.  My house pattern is 44' so it is a little more difficult to use when the lanes are fresh but it is fantastic in the transition phase when I need to throw the ball more left to right. If you are on a house pattern that is closer to 40' or has lower volume, I can see this ball working great for most games.  On the 37' sport pattern, this ball was able to open up the pattern extremely well.  I was able to be up the lane closer to the friction on the fresh and also able to hook most of the lane creating angle down lane with ease.  I can see myself having this ball in my bag on shorter to medium sport patterns and most typical house patterns.

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Re: Hyped Pearl Review
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Roto Grip Hyped Pearl Ball Review

Hey everyone, I’m back with another ball review, and this time it’s for the Roto Grip Hyped Pearl and in 15 pounds this ball is wrapped in the VTC Pearl Reactive Coverstock and comes 1500-grit polished with an RG of 2.52 and a Diff of .036.
Layout for this ball is 4 X 3 1/4 X 4
There are not many balls that can cover a variety of conditions, especially at an entry level price point. To give a comparison the Roto Grip Hyped Hybrid is cleaner through the front of the lane compared to the Hybrid. This two-ball release will be a nice transition when the “benchmark” balls are just too early. The Hybrid and Pearl will naturally be longer and stronger than something like a Hy-Road. Out here we have a couple of centers that are on the high friction lane surface, and this is when I see these balls shine…Some may even say I get Hyped!
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