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MVP Pearl
« on: November 09, 2019, 09:30:01 PM »
The first MVP was very quick for me. I needed lots of friction to the right and it seemed as if it was scared of the puddle on house conditions. It is a good ball, it just didn’t match up with my game. With this in mind, I drilled the MVP Pearl stronger to try to control that downlane reaction. The results were exactly as I wanted, I now have a weaker pearl symmetrical that doesn’t boomerang off the end of the pattern. Boomerang shapes are unstable and uncontrollable. With the stronger drilling, the MVP Pearl had good length but was much smoother off the downlane friction. This is my new go to ball for the dry house conditions and the burn in tournament competition. For the players who are speed challenged or rev dominant, I think this ball will play to your benefit the most. It will give you easy length with great pin carry. Players who are rev challenged or speed dominant, if you drill this ball on the stronger side, it will offer similar shape to an Idol Pearl.