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« on: August 11, 2016, 05:55:23 AM »
I drilled this ball as aggressive as possible. I placed a light polish on the ball and the results I got were amazing. During the beginning of league play I started out standing 35 and throwing to about 4 to 5. The reaction at the end was awesome. The ball snapped back to the pocket and destroyed the pins. The ball kept the pins low for maximum carry.

When the lanes began to break down I moved the ball inside to around 15. The ball rolled smoothly in oil and still had the no how to not overreact when it reach the back end. She sat and tracked well into the pocket with the same pin carry.

This ball is a must and it will be the ball of the year. Amazing reaction and Amazing results.



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Sounds like it worked great, have you considered a different layout?


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i drilled mine today left it in oob condition. pin above bridge and mb just right of thumb hole no balance hole pretty basic. ball is a monster i started out throwing 20 to 5 and on a fresh med heavy 44 foot pattern. after 6 shots had to move 5and 5 left i got more push and more backend this ball is an oil eater, absolute monster! i am probably gonna polish it. i also drilled a wreck it and the wreck it i played 15 to 4 with very strong backend reaction never had to move with it for three games. both of these balls are great in their own right cant go wrong with either.