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Author Topic: Nuclear Cell Review w/ Video  (Read 4007 times)


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Nuclear Cell Review w/ Video
« on: March 01, 2020, 06:50:51 AM »
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The latest iteration of the Cell line, the Nuclear Cell, will not disappoint those looking for a strong asymmetrical pearl that will provide significant hook potential. The Nuclear Cell will be a perfect step down ball off either a solid asymmetrical or stronger symmetrical when the lanes initially transition and a strong core yet clean cover is needed.
For comparison purposes the Nuclear Cell is significantly stronger than the Astro Physix thus if you're not getting the correct shape with the latter feel free to switch to the former for more intrinsic ball power and angle.
I have personally found this ball to be a perfect gap filler in my arsenal on sport patterns for the reasons aforementioned. It will fit in nicely between the stronger solids and weaker pearls that will be used early on in squad blocks that will give the proper shape when those stronger solids are too early and the weaker pearls are not enough to turn the corner.