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Nuke Cell
« on: March 02, 2020, 02:16:38 PM »
Modern Day Hyper Cell Fused? I think so…
I drilled this exactly like my favorite Hyper Cell Fused because when this ball was released that’s what I was hoping for. And they are very similar. For me, the Nuclear Cell is a little bit earlier but also a little bit stronger over all. The Fused was a little straighter at the end of the pattern whereas the Nuclear Cell is more angular. This ball is strong and versatile. I just used it on a 38’ medium-short pattern and then later in the same day on the same surface on a 48’ heavy oil pattern. It is a nice compliment to the Phaze III if you are looking for a 1-2 punch in the bag. The Nuclear Cell will be a great ball anytime something stronger and sooner like a UFO is too much too early but a Phaze III is too clean or if there is more oil loaded up in the front of the lane.

Jason Hollingsworth