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Author Topic: One solid weekend of tourneys and I am alot richer thanks to RG bowling balls!!!!  (Read 597 times)


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I have had a solid week and a half with these new balls cannot rip them from my hand.  I have two epic battles and also a whole Roto Grip arsenal.  The only two balls I have used for a week and a half are my two epic battles.  I have them drilled differently and have different sufaces on both.  I haven't shot under 725 in 6 occasions on my leagues and have won one tourney an amde a good showing in another with multiple awards scores scattering.  I can not say enough about these epic battles and hope to god that they make this core in every coverstock imagineable, you can not pry these pieces of gold out of my hand and in the process am starting a huge interest in this ball around our parts where it is strictly brunswick dominated.  Great work to Roto and keep these gems coming!!!!  I suggest to anyone to get one of these epic battles it is the best ball that nobody throws around here and I am lighting em up with it!!!!
Boy do I love bowling, stone 8,stone 9, ringer 7,fly by 10,fast six got to love this game.  Short look at what most of my games look like with a few strikes peppered in between.  Isn't it wonderful.