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Cell Pearl Review
« on: October 03, 2008, 08:39:50 AM »
My first impression was WOW!!!

This ball is going to be the best ball of the year...mark my word on that one!

Bowler Profile:
Hand: Right
PAP: 5 3/4 Right by 11/16 Up
Speed: Slower
Bowler has good natural roll on the ball and likes to let the ball just roll off his hand.

Drilling:  55 x 45 x 4 7/8 (Puts the pin right above his ring finger)

This ball was amazing!  The Cell Pearl handles oil very well with little to no squirt.  If thrown on the PBA Shark pattern or something longer with more volume you might see a little bit of squirt through the heads.

The Cell Pearl gets through the fronts and mid lane with lots of ease, but it does not like to get INTO the dry.  This ball likes to "bounce" off the dry and bounce it does...A LOT!

The only problem I ran into with this bowler is with his slower speed and the drilling the ball is a bit too aggressive for the house shot at Park Towne unless he plays very deep.  Even playing deep though this ball constantly made it back to the pocket.

Another thing that impressed me was the continuation through the pocket.  This ball has no quit and it hits extremely hard!