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Author Topic: Rogue vs Dynamo in a six game league  (Read 596 times)


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Rogue vs Dynamo in a six game league
« on: March 30, 2009, 08:53:48 AM »
For a couple of weeks I tried to throw my Dynamo at my Monday morning league, six games.  The Dynamo was too strong for the Monday morning league, read the break point too strong and the continuation was too strong.  So on this oil pattern (shorter then Sunday) the Dynamo was too difficult to use and score well.

So this morning I took the Rogue with me to see if I'd be able to use this ball on the Morning morning league shot.

Once lined up with the Rogue I was able to use the Rogue all six games only having to move a total of two boards left.  The shot was very consistant and played the shot very well.  I only shot 641/645 but that had to do with a couple of bad releases and missed spares.  Carrying the 10 pin was a little difficult though.

On this shot the Dynamo was way too strong and scoring was a lot more work if possible at all.

I averaged over 220 in this league with the Agent Orange and I could almost compare the Rogue better to the AO then the Dynamo.

I'm sure the Rogue won't work on light or drier lane conditions, but will work on medium to shorter lane conditions as long as there is some volume of oil toplay out of, at least for my game.

Nicanor (Ten On The Deck)

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Nicanor (Ten On The Deck)