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Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« on: March 20, 2024, 07:28:32 PM »
The Optimum Idol features the MicroTrax Solid Reactive cover, the Ikon + A.I. Core Technology, and comes at 2000-grit surface. Welcome to the remake of the OG Idol and this ball is pretty close to the original. I have this ball stronger than the original but that is to be expected with the surface and A.I core technology. It still has a very similar shape as the OG Idol so if you are looking for a replacement, it has arrived. I compared the Optimum to the Phaze 2 and for me the Optimum is a slight step up from the p2. The Optimum read the midlane earlier and still had plenty of shape down lane. I felt like I could open my angles more with the Optimum and not worry about it getting back to the pocket. With the p2, I had to keep my angels closer to the pocket or else it had trouble getting back to the pocket. The Optimum Idol is here for all you Idol lovers.

Tobias Myers



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Re: Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2024, 08:23:10 AM »
The Idol returns! The long awaited update on the iconic Idol line has finally arrived. The all-new Optimum Idol features the original Ikon™ block encapsulated with A.I. Core Technology, and our MicroTrax™ Solid Coverstock wrapped around the outside. The ball motion has stepped up from the original motion of the Idol. This ball is extremely versatile, you are able to play wherever you need on the lane without sacrificing ball motion. The new A.I. Core Technology amplified the motion of the Optimum Idol that will create a whole new perspective on the HP3 line. The Optimum Idol will be a great option for all types of bowlers on all types of lane conditions, you will not want to miss out on this great release! Go to your local VIP pro shop on 3/15 to get yours!


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Re: Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2024, 02:27:18 PM »
Ball Specs: Optimum Idol
Coverstock: Micro Trax Solid Coverstock, 2000 Abralon Finish
Core: Symmetric Weight block

The Idol line has been the definition of consistency dating back to the original pink Idol. The Optimum Idol continues that greatness. The Ikon core alone is going to draw people to this ball. The Ikon core will draw people to the latest iteration of the Idol line. What is going to keep people throwing this ball is the performance they are going to see on the lane.  This ball is the perfect first ball out of your bag. With a smooth strong reaction, you are going to be able to judge the lanes very quickly and easily when throwing this ball. Besides the great reaction you are going to see with this ball it really stands out when going down the lane due to the vibrant purple that really stands out. This ball is going to be as close to the original Idol that you will find, make sure you get out and get yours today!
Will Tefft
Roto Grip Pro Shop Staff Member


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Re: Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2024, 08:53:29 PM »
Layout: 4 1/2 x 4 x 2 VLS

The original Idol is back!  Well.. it may not be the original, but it’s as close as any of the other Idols have been.  It is a little stronger, and it’s got the AI outer core in it now.  To be completely honest, I never owned an original Idol.  I threw it at a few Matchmakers and they just rolled too early for me.  I’ve changed my delivery quite a bit in the last few years and the Optimum Idol matches up with me much better, but I can see the similar shape and reaction.  The Idol is a great benchmark ball that you can trust to get a good read out of the lanes - a great place to start the night.  I’ve thrown it at box surface and liked the reaction, but the surfaces I bowl on typically have too much friction to throw it too long.  I’ve sanded it down to 1000 and put a light coat of step 2 on it.  It helped push the reaction a little bit further down the lane, but still gets me that Idol shape and continuation.

My Specs -
Speed - 16 mph,
Rev Rate - 315. 
PAP 5 1/8 x 7/8 Up.


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Re: Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« Reply #4 on: April 04, 2024, 11:27:12 AM »
The Roto Grip Optimum Idol is probably one of the most anticipated bowling balls of the year. The Optimum Idol features the original Ikon™ block encapsulated with A.I. Core Technology and the MicroTrax™ Solid Coverstock. Bowlers that are looking for a solid, symmetrical, benchmark-type of bowling ball should definitely take a look at the Optimum Idol.

Personally, I haven’t had much success with the Idol Series. Out of all bowling balls from this series that I have thrown, the original Idol looked the best to me and because of that, I drilled my Optimum Idol with the same pin-down layout: 55 x 4 3/4 x 75. The idea for this Optimum Idol is to possibly be a “benchmark” ball that would be coming out of the bag first. However, find my Optimum Idol be very situational and pattern depended. I found this bowling ball to be a little too early for me as I struggled to keep it on-line. On the other hand, once I tried to move left, because it was so early, it wasn’t responsive enough down the lane.

Since the Optimum Idol was quite “forward” to me, I can see it working well on shorter oil patterns where bowlers have more back-end distance and need to find more control down the lane. I have tried my Optimum Idol on a standard “house” pattern and I think this bowling ball does a good job a blending the “wet/dry” conditions. Finally, I think changing the surface to 4000-grit or even adding a little bit of polish to this Optimum Idol makes this bowling stay on-line a bit easier, which to me, makes the ball a little bit more useful.

Watch myself and Verity Crawley throw the Optimum Idol on our YouTube channel:

Rick K

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Re: Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2024, 01:28:49 PM »
Optimum Idol • Roto Grip • Hp3 Series
Coverstock • MicroTrax Solid Reactive • Finish 2000-Grit Abralon
Core • lkon + A.I. Core Technology
Weight • 15 lbs. RG • 2.47 Differential • .056
Layout •4 1/2 x3 1/2 x2 5/8
Tester PAP • 5” R, 5/8” D Tester Axis Tilt • 9° Testers Rev Rate • 250
Test Pattern • 42’ THS (Typical House Shot) • Modified, Kegel Stone Street

The new Optimum Idol by Roto Grip is a trusty new benchmark ball that will bring confidence and reliability to any straighter player’s game! The Optimum Idol is the perfect combination of the lkon + A.I. Core and the MicroTrax Solid reactive coverstock, making it a must-have for your arsenal. So, let’s take a closer look at what makes Optimum Idol the next “old-reliable” to add to your bag!

The Ikon core in itself has been a strong and consistent staple in the Roto Grip Idol line. And what I like most about the Ikon core is its consistency throughout the lane. You can count on the Ikon core to rev up methodically as it heads through the mid-lane without being overly aggressive. And because the Ikon Core has a continuously smooth nature, you can count on it to be predictable off the pattern of every shot. And now, combined with the A.I. Core technology surrounding the Ikon Core, there is a noticeable difference in striking power!

The Amplified Insight Core technology or A.I. Core surrounding the Ikon Core seriously brings a new dimension of hard-hitting impact power to the Optimum Idol. I found your typical ring ten pins to get kicked out; I saw high hits crush that high four-pin leave, and as a straighter player, I loved watching those light, low rev, and OH-NO  hits make the pins dance around the pin deck. So, if you’re thinking the Optimum Idol is just another Idol, think again! The Ikon + A.I. Core technology gives the Optimum Idol a whole new world of striking possibilities.

The MicroTrax Solid is the perfect choice for making the Optimum Idol a “go-to” in your arsenal. Being a straighter player, I like how the MicroTrax solid isn’t overly porous, which would cause it to roll at your toes. I took my Optimum Idol to 4000-grit Abralon and loved the smooth and dependable traction the MicroTrax solid provided. I found the MicroTrax to be crisp yet consistent early on fresh and equally so on the burn. So, as a straighter player, I would say that the MicroTrax Solid performs very well in many conditions with the correct surface for your game.
What I enjoyed most with the MicroTrax solid was how it blends the wet/dry and spotty conditions we straighter players tend to struggle with. So, suppose you find yourself frustrated by game three. In that case, you can count on the MicroTrax solid coverstock on the Optimum Idol to deliver the results you need to win the night’s total wood!

In conclusion, the Optimum Idol is an excellent new release by Roto Grip! Straighter and low-rev players will love the strength and power of the Ikon + A.I. Core technology and the MicroTrax Solid to deliver that benchmark roll you can count on all night long! So, stop into your local Storm V I.P. Pro Shop today and have your optimum Idol ready to roll tonight. And end your fall season with success!

Rick Klimowicz
Storm Products Pro Shop Staff
Roll the Ball Pro Shop
Penndel, PA


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Re: Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« Reply #6 on: April 10, 2024, 01:39:41 PM »
Ball Specs:
•   Ikon with A.I. Outer core
•   Micro-Trax Solid
•   2000 Abralon
My Specs: Speed Dominant: (16-17+mph), Approx Rev Rt: (280-320), PAP: 4.24 x ½↑, Tilt: 10°
Layout: 5 x 4 x 2



Manufacturer’s Write Up:
Tough patterns. Easy patterns. Issues with fresh over reacting backends. Struggles on transition. We say BRING IT ON! Between the original Ikon™ block encapsulated with A.I. Core Technology, and our MicroTrax™ Solid Coverstock wrapped around the outside, this beaut is definitely like using a cheat code on the lanes. And there is no doubt this combo of core and cover will increase the confidence and playability for bowlers of all skill levels on a variety of lane conditions.

My review:
The original Idol is one of those balls I passed on but wish I hadn’t, so when I heard this was coming out, I jumped on it!  All I can say is WOW, so glad I got this piece.  I place the Optimum in between my Eternity Pi and OG Eternity for when I still need a solid to chew through the oil, but not go too far down lane before making the turn.  With my 5x4x2 layout this ball reads the mids like no other and the scores it has been putting up show it.  What really surprised me was that I get the same reaction out of this ball on multiple lane panels.  So far I have thrown it on Pro-Lane, SPL and HPL panels and I get the same consistent ball motion on all three without it over reacting or being lazy on any of them.   The A.I. core’s presence truly shows its value on the “not so good”, aka: light hits, where my Zen Master would have left a flat 10, the Optimum really stirs the pins up and carries those shots.

I intentionally waited a few weeks after rolling this in a couple different leagues and houses before putting this review out there to see how the ball may have changed with some lane shine on it.  I found that after about 20 games I did need to freshen up the surface with a light 2k pad, but after bringing it back down the ball wakes back up just like new. 
I would say this ball matches up against my Zen Master with a little later reaction downlane (mainly due to a much more aggressive layout on my Master) and a higher carry percentage than the Master.

I would most definitely recommend this ball for any league or tournament bowler.

Lance Day
East Berlin, PA


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The "Optimum" Ball Even When The Pattern Isn't
« Reply #7 on: April 11, 2024, 12:05:26 AM »
Rev Rate: 315 rpm
Avg. Ball Speed: 14.5 mph
PAP: 5 1/4" x 1"

Whether you prefer a Pin Up or Pin Down layout, get ready to fall in love with the reliable and consistent motion this ball delivers to your arsenal. It served as the perfect ball up from my Tour Dynam-X, particularly when the pattern gets cliffed. Thanks to its Microtrax solid reactive coverstock, this ball maintains ample traction in the oil, while the Ikon A.I. Core ensures smooth and controllable movement off the friction. It responds well to lane shine, making transitions during longer blocks more intuitive. 'Comfort' perfectly encapsulates the essence of this ball, making it an ideal benchmark piece for your collection.


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Re: Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« Reply #8 on: April 17, 2024, 07:12:21 AM »
Sam Cooper Roto Grip Amateur Staff. Layout 45x5.5x45.  The new Roto Grip Optimum Idol is the return of the Ikon Core that was found in the original Idol. The twist is that the Ikon core is wrapped with the AI Technology to help the hitting power at the pins.  The Optimum also has the original Micro-Trax Solid cover from the original. This proven benchmark combination is back with more power at the pins.

In my opinion comparison to the OG Idol. The Optimum Idol feels slightly cleaner and smoother (yes I know that usually is not the case). The OG for me was strong mid-lane roll but felt “quick” it may have been the layout that I had on the OG compared to the Optimum. Regardless, this ball will give you a great reaction for fresh conditions or even cliffed house patterns. I will say that on the higher friction surfaces that I bowl on I have let the cover lane shine but then I do have to scuff it with a 2000 pad to get that strong smooth reaction back. It is a strong bowling ball. When lane shined it is usable across a variety of conditions. If you are bowling on a lighter volume pattern or something with lots of friction. You may want to use the Optimum to kind of set the lanes up and then ball down to a phase two or something cleaner. The versatility of this ball is for sure to make it a staple in your league bag or tournament bag!


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Re: Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« Reply #9 on: April 21, 2024, 08:16:49 PM »
About Me
900 Global Staff
Left Handed: High Rev High Speed Player
Layout: 5 X 5 X 2
Pap: - 47/8   +1
Rev Rate: +-500
Speed 17-18mph

Ball Video:
Smooth and packing a punch is the best way I can describe the new Roto Grip Optimum Idol. Like I state I have never owned any of the balls in the Idol line and boy am I mad at myself for not giving the Idol line a try. This ball is such a complete ball and should fit the eye for most people. It's long but not too long, it's angular but not too angular, and the Optimum Idol is as smooth as can be. This Idol reads the lanes beautifully and will give you every ready that you need to adjust or to ball down.
The Optimum Idol hits so ridiculously hard that I cannot even make a comparison. Most of the time you can say a ball hits like a truck or packs a punch, but this Optimum Idol hits the pocket it gives off a different sound and it’s so loud. The Optimum is going to be a benchmark ball for most or for some it will be a ball you start out with on house shot or games 2-5 in a longer game tournament. Like I stated the Optimum is so smooth and very predictable to be able to adjust or ball changes. This is going to be a cheater ball for many bowlers. Go get yours today if you want to score high.

Joel Donner
900 Global Staff Member
Cedar Rapids, IA



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Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review
« Reply #10 on: April 24, 2024, 01:36:56 PM »
Ball Specs:
Roto Grip Optimum Idol
Micro Trax Solid Reactive
Symmetric Ikon A.I. Core
Finish: 2000 grit Abralon
Layout:  4 x 4 with 1.5 Pin Buffer

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5” Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed at release 17

I am loving this ball! I have always liked the Idol line but this ball is better than expected. The Optimum Idol hooks a lot, reads the mids and back end like a champ and carries as good as anything I have. I am more than pleased with this one. I get everything I need as long as the lanes are not on the dry side. I have also noticed that I carry off hits and flush hits better than normal with this ball. I think the A.I. (Applied Inertia) core somehow matches up perfectly with this ball. I have already had some big scores and sets with this one and have a great amount of trust with this ball. I would put total hook between the original Gem and Tour Dynamix. So far, I have only rolled this ball at box surface but I believe it would polish nicely if you hit a dryer condition. I feel this will be a very versatile and popular ball.

The Optimum Idol is a great mid to heavy oil ball.
The Ball reads the lane perfectly.
The roll and carry are exactly what I like in a ball.

Glenn Wendel
Storm Pro Shop Staff

Video Link:

PBA Member
Storm Staff Member
Turbo Staff Member


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Roto Grip Optimum Idol Review by K Cordy
« Reply #11 on: July 07, 2024, 10:54:21 AM »

Length: 42'

Type: THS med/heavy

Optimum Idol
Micro Trax Solid Reactive
Symmetric Ikon A.I. Core
Finish: 2000 grit Abralon
RG: 2.47 Diff: 0.056
Layout: 5 1/4 x 1 1/2


Tough patterns. Easy patterns. Issues with fresh over reacting backends. Struggles on transition. We say BRING IT ON! Between the original Ikon™ block encapsulated with A.I. Core Technology, and our MicroTrax™ Solid Coverstock wrapped around the outside, this beauty is definitely like using a cheat code on the lanes. And there is no doubt this combo of core and cover will increase the confidence and playability for bowlers of all skill levels on a variety of lane conditions.

If the OG Idol had a child, the Optimum Idol is it. I had 4 OGs drilled various ways and none compare to the carry I get from the OI. I say the latest technology has elevated this to next level in my arsenal. It covers a broader range of conditions without any cover changes of which I prefer not to do.

As of this review I have well of 35+ games from league to tournament play because of its VERSATILITY and  PREDICTABILITY. I have been able to play the entire lane up to my capabilities on the fresh THS and broken down sport patterns in tournament environments.

Drilled with my go to benchmark pin up 5 1/4 x 1 1/2 layout, this ball stays in my bag because of the confidence it gives me with pin carry with my now lower rev-rate. Light pin hits have increased as well. Compared to other balls in my bag, the  is just a pinch earlier than my Sublime and I would attribute that to the quick rolling Ikon core.  When my Optimum Idol starts picking up too early, I have had success balling down to either my Xponent (cleaner) or Xponent Pearl (cleaner with a quicker response).

I recommend the for bowlers with above average ball speed and rev rate looking for a VERSATILE hooking  ball for THS heavy to medium patterns.  For a lower/medium rev late player wanting a stronger ball for league purposes I would apply some polish or 4k finish which will handle plenty of oil, but make a stronger move on the back end.


Keith Cordy
900 Global Staff Ambassador