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RotoGrip Rumble Review - Ron Case Roto Grip Staff
« on: October 13, 2013, 09:50:48 PM »
My Axis is 4 7/8 right, ¼ up, my speed is average and I would consider myself with higher revs but more up the back.  So not a cranker but not really straight either.

Drill pin 4” from PAP and CG 4 ½” from PAP.

I was looking for a strong, even, heavy roll with this and with my release that’s what I got.  I’ve used it on heavy oil patterns that I played straight through the fronts and it rolls great.  It starts turning well at mid lane and keeps on going.  The ball has a lot more back end reaction than I expected.  I’ve put it as low as 1000 grit on this ball and love it on oil, even the PBA 50’ pattern.  For oil this is probably my favorite ball.  I’ve even had success on wet house patterns.  For an even, predictable roll this ball is great.