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U C 2
« on: February 11, 2021, 09:05:53 AM »
The Rubiconís design intent is to give you an Idol like shape. The UC2 clears the front more than its solid counterpart just like the Idol Pearl did compared to the Idol solid. For me, the UC2 is slightly smoother than my Idol Pearl. With a small intermediate diff, the UC2 is an asymmetrical piece and thatís probably accounts for the small difference. I took the UC2 to the Players Championship with me and I couldnít put it down in the later games. On the flatter patterns, my angles had to be super steep. The UC2 cleared the friction I saw in the front part of the lane and gave me good motion off of the dry to the right down lane. Once they broke down on Shark, I was able to shim it up the hill from left of 4th arrow. I had other symmetrical pearls and they just didnít see the lane correctly for me. They were quick off of the friction in the front part of the lane where the UC2 blended them slightly more because of its asymmetry. The versatility of this ball canít be overstated. I think this ball, like the Idol Pearl that preceded it, will be a homer for a majority of bowlers no matter the style. Expect this ball to be stronger than our Idols and WildStreaks but weaker in the front part of the lane compared to the original Rubicon and Nuclear Cell.