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Hyped Solid Review
« on: August 19, 2022, 11:54:05 AM »
Layout: 4.5 x 70
Surface: 3000 Abralon

The hyped solid brings back the hyped core with the VTC solid coverstock found on the Hustle Camo.  Comparative to the Hyped Hybrid and Pearl, this one will give a lot more traction in the oil and give you the same downlane shape that the hyped series is known for.  I was able to test this ball on both a typical house shot as well as a 37' Sport Pattern.

37' Sport Pattern Review
On the 37' Sport Pattern, I was aiming to hit between 5 and 8 at the breakpoint.  The hyped solid allowed me to be more up the lane for my style then typically solid covers let me do.  This actually played more to my A game keeping the ball in front of me when the pattern was demanding. As the lanes broke down, I was able to move left with my feet and still saw the same continuation down lane.  I did have to keep my ball speed soft to see the correct motion though.  For longer and heavier oil patterns, I can still see this ball really good for the fresh if you can get the surface of the ball to match up correctly.  I would bring the surface down closer to 1000 to see stronger overall ball motion.

Typical House Short Review
As I expected, the hyped solid was great when the lanes were fresh.  It gave me strong but smoother motion playing around 13 to 5.  It blended the lane well when I missed left or when I got the ball right early.  When I had to start moving deeper on the lane, the reaction became a little too smooth giving trouble getting the 10 pin out.  A change in hand position to be more on the side of the ball helped and I was able to still strike for longer.  As I started getting to around 20 at the arrows with my target, the carry started to suffer a little more basically as expected.  I would typically use this ball/shape for fresh medium house conditions when control is necessary.  Where more oil is on the lanes, bringing the surface lower will help the ball read the lanes better.  A pin up drilling would also help in using it more left to right for a right hander. 

Adam Chase
Strom Staff