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Author Topic: RST-X2 and both new Hustles reviews  (Read 1227 times)


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RST-X2 and both new Hustles reviews
« on: August 31, 2021, 08:36:41 AM »
My stats are 16.5 mph/275 rev rate-axis is 4 7/8>up 5/8. 35* rotation. Sr PBA50 participant when budget allows.

I drilled up the RST-X2 75 x 5 x 20 and both the Hustle CAMO and Wine 4 x 20. I wanted to get the Hustles to stand up more at the spot while figuring the X2 would do that on its own with the bigger core numbers.

X2 review: This is a pearl version of the X1 and it has some of the same motion except further down the lane. My X1 was a little lazy at times and lane shined fairly easy. When I did hit it with 2000 abr, other balls like the PROTON PHYSIX or REALITY were much better looks. The X2 I compared to my DARK CODE, ZEN, and RUBICON UC2. Compared to the DARK CODE, my X2 is less violent off the spot. The DARK CODE can really go sideways on me with my slower speed. The X2 was more forward at the spot. Some of that is the 20* back angle. When I drill asyms with this back layout, they get forward on me earlier and can control the break point. Compared to the ZEN, the X2 is more push and more rounder at the spot. The ZEN is my go to ball when I want to get thru the fronts with good motion that almost never misses the spot. For me, the X2 is a little longer but my ZEN also has 2000 on it at all times. I can see these 2 playing off each other in my rotation. Compared to the UC2, the X2 is earlier and slightly stronger. My UC2 is the go long/finish later look in my bag and the X2 could be the option when I am getting too much length with the UC2.

Hustle CAMO review: I put the CAMO up against the other smoother gear I carry like the IQ TOUR, IQ NANO PEARL, HUSTLE PBR, and HUSTLE RAP. Compared to the IQ TOUR, the CAMO is smoother thru the front. I keep 2000 on my IQ TOUR so the CAMO definitely glided thru the front much easier than both the TOUR an NANO PEARL. The NANO PEARL was more on the back end than the CAMO which should be expected since it is a stronger cover. CAMO and PBR were getting closer in motion. PBR is slightly earlier but very similar motion. CAMO does corner better but gets thru the front of the lane quicker. RAP was closer in push thru the front but slower at the back than the CAMO. CAMO has a HUSTLE INK vibe to it with a shined lower end solid cover that will get in play when the fronts are really getting toasty and the smooth balls like the IQ TOUR are still too early.

Hustle Wine review: I put the WINE in play against the pearls I carry like the UC2, Hustle RAP, and ZEN. Against the ZEN, the WINE was a lot weaker. The WINE compared to the ZEN is probably a couple of zones weaker and a lot less motion. Really no comparison. The UC2 got closer in push thru the front, but definitely more motion down the lane. The WINE against the RAP was more of an even comparison. The WINE picked up about the same spot but just slightly more sharper than the RAP. The WINE is an updated version of the RAP with slightly more chops at the breakpoint. Pick up the WINE for more friction environments where the stronger balls are forcing you too far left for your style or way you like to see the lanes.
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