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Author Topic: Rubicon UC2 Review and Comparison  (Read 4008 times)


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Rubicon UC2 Review and Comparison
« on: January 23, 2021, 05:44:14 PM »
My video review and comparison of the upcoming RotoGrip Rubicon UC2.

Iíve not made it a big secret to folks I bowl with that I havenít matched up great with Asym pearls in a while. This time, I put my faith in the VLS layout based on a desire for a really strong reaction, and it did not let me down. This ball is reacting like someone kicks it, to the point Iíve really had to back my hand out of the ball on fresh. Iím loving that this ball doesnít really ďchugĒ like big block asyms can tend to do. If youíre looking for a STRONG Pearl with snappy down lane reaction that is very quick off the dry, this is a ball for you!



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Re: Rubicon UC2 Review and Comparison
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2021, 01:25:46 PM »
The Rubicon UC2 impressed me immediately after throwing the first time.  I was wondering how this ball would fit in while having the Storm Trend, Axiom Pearl and Roto Grip Idol Pearl.  This ball was one step above all the mentioned balls and gave significantly more down lane angle than them as well.  Although, the Rubicon UC2 was cleaner than most of the balls above, it had a more distinct backend motion on all test patterns.  On the house pattern, the amount of angle on the ball actually forced me a little further left with my feet to start than I anticipated.  Even on the breakdown, the UC2 angled so hard that again I was forced further left than I have been accustomed to.  If you bowl on a house shot that is more even across the lane than a typical wet/dry house condition, this ball is for you.  On a 41ft sport pattern, it was difficult to use on the fresh because of its sensitivity to the backend.  However, when the pattern broke down and I needed to shape the ball on the heavier volume, this ball really shined.  It allowed me to be more in my comfort zone and just feel relaxed that the ball was always going to hook down lane.  I believe on heavier and/or flatter oil conditions, this ball will be most useful.  If you want to replace an idol pearl, this is it.  If you love the Rubicon Solid, this will compliment it well.  There a lot of positives to this ball on the right conditions.  Don't be afraid to take off the polish on the ball to tame down all the angle.

Adam Chase
Storm Staff


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Rubicon UC2
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2021, 02:22:05 PM »
The newly release Roto Grip Rubicon UC2 features the Rondure Core which is wrapped around the latest version of the eTrax pearl cover. I drilled my UC2 5.5 x 5.5 x 1. I was excited to drill this ball because I absolutely loved the Idol Pearl and since the original Rubicon has reminded me so much of my favorite Idol, I couldnít wait to throw this one. After throwing this ball for awhile it stood out against everything else. It is a lot smoother than say an Axiom Pearl and Trend but has a little more backend shape than my iQ Tour Nano Pearl. Compared to the Rubicon, I actually have to be deeper into the oil with it because the cover stock sees the friction so well and doesnít slow down. I believe the Rubicon UC2 will be one of the most versatile balls in my bag by using it on the fresh and those early transition games!


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Re: Rubicon UC2 Review and Comparison
« Reply #3 on: February 27, 2021, 07:07:39 PM »
The Rubicon UC2 is one of the most angular pieces of equipment ever released. It will glide effortlessly throughout the front portion of the lane and make a controllable but large-angle towards the pocket in the back. This ball is perfect for league/tournament patterns that get worn out quickly. With that said, this ball has its uses for fresh patterns as well due to its great ability to generate angle. It will make keeping yourself in play easier for longer on any pattern. The UC2 will find success for players of all forms, styles, and speeds.

Personally, I laid out my Rubicon UC2 pin down to tame the overall angle ever so slightly. I have found success on fresh and burn with this bowling ball for the same reason, it is very clean through the front but saves a ton of energy for the pins on the back. When lanes begin to dry out, this ball is my go-to and it allows me to strike from all angles in the pocket(and sometimes out of it as well).

I feel the Rubicon UC2 and the Idol Pearl complement each other very well. When more angle is needed to get all ten pins down the UC2 offers the shape needed. If that angle becomes too steep, the Idol Pearl glides through the burn and saves enough energy to throw pins around.

This piece has a place in every league/tournament arsenal!

-Matt Hibbard
900 Global Regional Staff