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sonic-x solid
« on: September 25, 2003, 05:52:07 PM »
I finally drilled this ball up yesterday.15# 3oz 3.25 pin 3.25 top I laid it out with a 6" pin high x 60 degrees,this put the none marked mass bias to the right of my thumb.(yes I really like this 60 degree layout)it basically looks like a lefty lable with the pin being above their ring finger.I find that this ball is as advertised excellent dry lane ball.I only used it for one game or a game and three frames.i was standing 15 boards right of my blade particle playing 13 out to 5 on some really dry stuff.The typical shot in this house is 35' no buff 7-7 medium oil.The lanes I used it on had 3 games of league 5 member mens and 6 pot games with 13 people bowling so you could say a 100 plus games of use.The shot was gone by the end of the 6 game thats when I pulled out the sonic and lined up with it 15 boards right.The ball has good length (drilling) and a nice smooth transition and doesn't burn up on the dry.The part of the lane I was playing was so dry I already have a light track showing after one game.sorry for the long post but I am really pleased with this ball unlike other so called dry lane balls.I forgot to mention I drilled this with no grips and pitched the fingers 1/4" away to kill it as much as possible.
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