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Author Topic: Spare Tire users?  (Read 735 times)


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Spare Tire users?
« on: May 08, 2005, 04:47:40 PM »
Has NE1 that has the Spare Tire used it on burnt lanes?
I am just curious to see if anyone has come to the same conclusion that I did the first time I used it on dry lanes.
The first night that I had my tire I decided to see how well it worked on dry lanes. It was late and there had been a 5 man league bowl and open bowling on top of that so the lanes were shot and I couldn't find out how it would work for a dead straight spare ball and decided to use it for a strike ball.
Well after a couple of games I came to the conclusion that for a spare ball it has some serious hit. At one point I left 3 solid 9s in a row. I have never seen another spare ball other than a XXXL drive this hard through the pin deck.
I was actually getting a reaction out of it and that is something that I have never gotten from a spare ball before. This is both good and bad, because I know it will be a great ball for dry conditions but I am not sure how good it is going to be for a spare ball since it hooks more than all the other spare balls I have personally had.
I think that it would make a great training aid for some bowlers though because it is very easy to see how much tilt and rotation you have on any given shot and lets you now right where the end of the oil is because you can easily see a sudden change in roll when it encounters friction at the end of the pattern. Looks really cool going down the lane too, I found myself wanting to play around with high degrees of axis rotation just to see it spin.
One other reason I expected to be very straight is I drilled is negative and ended up with 7/8 oz negative side weight by placing the pin/CG right in my track for both straightness and to keep the tire in more of a roll instead of a wobble.
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