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Strike Cell update
« on: September 08, 2008, 01:13:55 AM »
Started our sat mixed league last sat in a center I had not bowled league in for about 10 years and had only bowled 9 games there over the summer and they HOOKED. Our league is on fresh oil so i had my Strike Cell with me. Threw first shot and low and behold there's oil! Ball hit 3-6 in the face. Moved right with feet and target and the ball became the awesome piece I expected it to be/ Gliding through the heads with ease, picking up a nice midlane roll and then a strong smooth arc to the pocket and then just 10 pins off the deck. I had also brought my Dimension with just figuring I would throw a couple shots during practice to see how it came off my hand as I had just drilled it.As my hip was acting up i opted for the Dimension to start as it gave me a little more wiggle room on the fresh. went to the Strike about halfway through the second game with the same look that i had started out with the Dimension. These 2 will make a great 1-3 punch for this league. Will be bringing my regular Cell with next week for a comparison
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