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Author Topic: Tour Dynam-X and Clone Review  (Read 8575 times)


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Tour Dynam-X and Clone Review
« on: August 05, 2023, 08:15:50 PM »
Ball Review (Dynamo X & Clone):

The Tour Dynam-X will be a staple in the bag for some time to come. In this review I bowled on a very light THS that had some recreational play on it prior to me bowling. I drilled 2 Dynam-X balls as I was a big fan of the Rubicon which features a modified core in the Dynam-X. With the high friction/early hook conditions I encountered the pin down provided the best look of the 2 as it blended out the pattern real well. As you will see in the video with the pin up I begin to loft the ball a bit to get the ball to clear the fronts and provide energy down lane. I believe the Tour Dynam-X will be a great benchmark ball to throw on medium to higher volume and will be good with surface adjustments. I saw real good continuation with the pin down as that ball matched up the best, provided plenty of margin and great hitting power through the pins.

With the Clone given the strength of this asym and the environment I was bowling on it was way too strong for those conditions. I winded up moving right from the Dynam-X and increased my ball speed to get it through the fronts and provide angle down lane. You will see on the first few shots when I play left to right it read too early and didn't provide enough shape down lane. Once I got right and increased speed the ball looked real good. This will be good for medium to heavier conditions and could be used either on the fresh or as a transition ball off the stronger solids.