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Dominion Hybrid
« on: April 23, 2013, 10:39:38 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Coverstock Specifications
LNC/Râ„¢ Hybrid Reactive
Box Finish
4000 Abralon
Oil Condition
Core Specifications - Insignia Core
Weight    RG      Diff      MB
14lbs - 2.524 - 0.045 - 0.014
15lbs - 2.508 - 0.045 - 0.015
16lbs - 2.494 - 0.045 - 0.015



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Re: Dominion Hybrid
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2013, 01:56:04 PM »
SPECS:70X4X30, dulled to 500 abralon with motiv power gel polish.

Keglers Bowling Center: I bowl a couples league in this house. I would say a Meduim to lighter volume, over all with no double oil in the heads. Once Dominion came out it was a staple for me here. Starting the night playing around 13 going out to about 8 ball would make a move around 40-42 foot mark. movement was a smooth heavy rolling arc very easy to read and control. As the night goes on oil carries down due to the use of plastic by alot of bowlers and I find myself moving right to combat it. eventually playing at or even right of ten at the arrows going out 5 or even farther for the break point, ball makes the move 42-44 feet when they get this extreme but the smooth easy read and carry is still their.

PBA Cheetah: on a older anviline surface. I usually struggle with cheetah but Dominion changes that fact. I started about 14-15 and had the break point around 10 I was shocked I could start that deep and have a consistent line to the pocket but Dominion did not even think about reading early about 38-40 feet it would make a smooth motion to the pins carry was impeccable, as they broke down I moved right and still had a easy look at the pocket. Dominion gave me room to miss with on pattern that I usually struggled to find a line on.

HIT/CARRY: Hardest hitting Seismic ball so far, Dominion is throwing messengers all over the deck, back row leaves are rare on pocket hits, Light hits carry easily and the four pin is tripped on a consistent basis on heavier hits. flush hits keep pins down on the deck and move them straight back.

REACTION THOUGHTS: Well when I first got this ball I was confused I seen guys like Ryan and Gunny wheeling this ball from one side of the lane to the other, I could not do this, as my ball speed is much to high and the balls reaction very early on the lane, even with polish this ball is very early (OOB it was staggering how early it would pick up.) My ball speed makes this a ball I play straighter on shorter conditions with and it is the best ball I have ever had playing conditions like that. It adds a dimension on shorter patterns I didn't even know was possible. Small hand adjustments add length before reaction or vice versa depending on what is needed.

OVERALL: Great ball here, Keglers is not a house none for pins flying across the deck and high scores and good carry but Dominion makes all of those things happen very easily. I love the smooth roll and consistent reaction off the spot, and how easy it makes reading transition. This ball is going to be in my bag for a very long time.
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