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Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The new Epicenter brings devestation to the pins. We have designed the new Insignia core to be a fast reving nerve centre and wrapped it in the proved AVC pearl cover from the original Solaris to give you the perfect ball to open up the lane and destroy your opposition.

The medium low RG, medium differential Insignia core allows the ball to get into a smooth early roll, while the AVC pearl coverstock generates easy length with a smooth transition through the midlane, saving energy for a ferocious back end reaction and earth shattering power at the pins.

Coverstock specifications
Coverstock specifications for the Seismic Epicenter bowling ball Name:    AVC Pearl Reactive
Color:    Purple and Silver
Oil Condition:    Medium and heavier oil

Core specifications
Core specifications for the Seismic Epicenter bowling ball Name:    Insignia
Radius of Gyration:    2.50
RG Differential:    0.040
Mass Bias:    0.016



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Re: Epicenter
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SPECS: Pin under middle finger, Pin to PAP is 5 1/2 inches, OOB Surface.

USBC MASTERS PATTERN: Okay Wooden lanes lots of friction in the track. Pattern has alot of hang right of about 8-9 really a no zone, while the middle of the lane hooks like a Banshee inside of 9. Enter the EPI (Epicenter) going 18-19 out to around 10-12 at about 42 feet this ball was "REDRUM" Murder on the pins. at the BP it would make a strong controllable move for the pocket. Motion was more than arc but less than snap kinda one of a kind motion. ended with 630 for the set on the Masters pattern, I was very impressed. Miss room right and left of target and BP was about 2-3 boards. EPI Made me feel very comfy on pattern that can be very difficult.

Sabre Lanes THS: Same house as the Masters pattern I moved over a pair to try it on the THS. EPI was a little smoother and not quite as strong as the Masters pattern. Which really is good for me. Played striaghter 12 out to 7-5 at the BP. EPI got smoother calmer move off the BP than the it was on the  Masters pattern. Had alot of miss room, a good 5 board here. I was very impressed with how far right I was able to play and not have the ball rolling early, In my experince at this house, I have to play VERY DEEP on the THS Even with polished equipment. EPI with this drill pattern allowed me to play straighter with smoother break point. In league I would have been able to stay away from the worst of the transition longer than almost any other player.

COMPARE: To Nsane LevRG with the same Drill pattern at T&O Lanes. Usually T&O has very flippy backends and control layouts for crankers like myself are a must for the bag. NSane was earlier and a much stronger, I would say I was about 5 boards farther left with Nsane that I was with EPI. On the other hand EPI was easier to control allowed a much larger margin for error and carry was easier to come by.

HIT/CARRY/ROLL: Very impressed if it the 1-3 they all went away no doubt. Messengers were their as needed. When the EPI hit, it kept the pins low and moved them to the corners. Nothing really blow up in the air it all stayed down. Roll as stated on the THS is very smooth and easy to handle a good 3 boards stronger than my Craze which also has control layout. On Patterns lighter Volume in the center of the lane EPI allows me to get deep but still have good control.

OVERALL: Like all the Seismic/Kinetic stuff so far this ball is a winner. Easily as good as anything else I see being used on the lanes. Cant wait for the After Math!
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Re: Epicenter
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                   BALL SPECS
 Pin Length - 4.5"
 Starting Top Weight - 3.25oz
 Ball Weight - 14lbs 4oz
 Pin to PAP - 5"
 CG to PAP - 4"
 MB Location - 1.5" right of thumb
 Rev Rate - 400+
 Ball Speed - 15mph
 Grit - 1000grit(polished) & 2000grit polished
 Length - 40Ft(KEGEL Main Street) Modified THS & 40FT(KEGEL Highway To Hell)Sport Pattern
 Length - Medium Length, can be adjusted with coverstock changes(polish or no polish)
 Back End - a Very Strong Motion(close to being too much flip on very dry backends)
 Overall Hook -  Ball has  lots of length in OOB(1000grit polished), but enough bite to cut through  medium and medium/heavy oil patterns when you straigten your line to  the pocket.
 Midlane Read - Semi Strong Midlane on Medium Oil Patterns
 Breakpoint Shape - A very very strong  breakpoint, this ball saves just about everything for the late midlane  and breakpoint and makes a very strong path into the pocket. Not  uncontrollable and not timid by any means.
 Likes - Can open up the  lane playing( 25 to 7) on your 38ft or 40ft THS pattern.  On 41ft or  43ft THS i can straighten my line and play 12 to 7 and strike at will,  ball provides of plenty of length and a strong yet controllable  breakpoint that still plows through the pins like a skid/flip ball.
Seismic AfterMath Solid(Heavy Oil) 2000grit
 Seismic AfterMath Pearl(Medium/Heavy Oil) 4000grit
 Seismic Epicenter Pearl(Medium Oil) 2000grit polished
 Seismic Solaris Blackout(Medium Oil) 4000grit
 Seismic Euphoria(Medium/Light Oil) 2000grit polished
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