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Solaris Requiem
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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To mark the untimely demise of our Solaris, but to keep the name alive, we present the perfect compliment. The Solaris Requiemâ„¢.

The Requiemâ„¢ provides undeniable strength throughout its route to the pins. It utilises the same low RG, medium Differential Trailblazer core as the original Solaris, allowing for early revving smoothness. At the same time the AVC+â„¢ reactive coverstock grips the lane through even heavy oil, while still having the ability to create traction on the backend.

Give yourself an added advantage on heavier and longer patterns – add a Solaris Requiem to your arsenal!

Coverstock specifications
Coverstock specifications for the Seismic Solaris Requiem bowling ball Name:    AVC+ Solid Reactive
Color:    Red/Dark Purple
Box Finish:    1000 Abralon
Oil Condition:    Heavy and Longer Oil

Core specifications
Core specifications for the Seismic Solaris Requiem bowling ball Name:    Trailblazer
Radius of Gyration:    2.48
RG Differential:    0.048



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Re: Solaris Requiem
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2009, 02:10:00 AM »
Stacked Pin Under 15lb    

, This ball is the most predictable ball in my bag heavy oil light oil with a slight change to the cover (4000 abralon) it handles every thing, no over under to the ball even through carry down it still finds pocket. Very versatile cover yet very hard only have about 15 games on it so far but still averaging 215 at 3 different houses with this magic wonder from Seismic!
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Re: Solaris Requiem
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2010, 07:42:41 PM »
Drilled 70x4x40 OOB Surface.

T&O Lanes: Usually this house is known for the screaming backends but when you bowl against 5 guys that are all Wussy Puss knucklers carry down becomes a issue. Tonight was one of those nights. Started with my Solaris Pearl drilled Rico had a good look then it sailed BAD. Dusty Confirmed my thoughts carry down was in the house. Enter SR (Solaris Requiem) went about 17 out 10 had to keep it inside due to the extreme friction outside of 7. SR never quit, picked up a roll around 38 feet made quick change of direction and kept hooking until it got back to the return rack! As the night went I actually bumped right and broke my wrist and was pleased to see that I could still get it down lane with just a touch extra speed.

STATE TEAM EVENT: This was a flood, old wood lanes with just oil everywhere. Grabbed the SR after my Evil Siege and Ultra Tactics couldn't cut it. Played deep in my comfort zone going 20 at the arrows feeding out to about 14 around 40 feet from the pins the ball would rev up and just make a angular move into the pins everything was carrying and I wished I would have started with it. As the night progressed I was bumping left with my feet eventually playing looser line roughly 25 at the arrows out to about 12 once they opened up. this worked great until it started hooking to early and I was to stubborn to change balls LOL.

HIT/CARRY/ROLL: Balls hit the pins look a runaway semi going down a steep grade. No quit it was like the pins were not even their. I was very impressed. Roll was something special really special. When this thing reads it makes a quick smooth change of direction and rolls and drives HARD! This thing came off the back of the deck Left of the 8 pin a few times! It is incredible.

OVERALL: Great ball here SR has a very unique reaction. Handles oil like a regular oil ball such as a Dimension or Mutant Cell. But is Angular like a Widow Nasty. Ball is easy to read hand crushes everything in its path nothing. So good I may have to get another one!
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Re: Solaris Requiem
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2010, 03:14:22 PM »
I saw a guy in Cincinnati with this ball. I was very impress by the way it kept coming back to the pocket. I know your thinking a hole lot of balls do that,But that's not always true when you throw the ball as hard as i do. For heavy oil I love it. I do put it away by the third game. It's funny when you us equipment no one have heard of, everybody wants to no your name. 16lb 2 3/4 top weight-- pin outside at 3oclock --cg tilted in about 2ins with a balance hole. 19-20 mph with very little revs down 9 or 10 board it will turn.


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Re: Solaris Requiem
« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2010, 08:24:55 AM »
May 2010 review

Layout: 60°x4.25"x45°
Surface: Factory 1000

This needs oil. Very strong continuous hook throughout the roll. Cover is very durable and accepts surface changes well. I've had it anywhere from 1000 abralon to 4000 with Snake Oil.

At 1000 abralon and on a THS, the Requiem is a hook monster. I was able to stand far left and play 4th/5th arrow with breakpoint around 8-10. Ball is hard charging, and maybe useful for one game on said THS. Where it really shined was on the PBA experience shots where there was enough oil, shark & us open pattern. Very good tournament piece.

At 4000 and Snake oil, I was able to play alot more right on a house shot, and able to use it almost all 3 games. At this surface it didnt fair to well on the tournament shots....too over/under. It was a monster on the Cheetah, and fair at best on the scorpion.

At 2000 and slight coat of Snake oil, it was a better all around ball. Handled the wet/dry better and smoothed out the backend. Overall a very versatile ball that I take with me to all tournaments.


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Re: Solaris Requiem
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2011, 11:38:48 AM »




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):
Ball was used on Many different conditions



Likes:Predicable great carry

Dislikes: None really





SPECS:35X4 1/2X70 Polished from OOB surface.


Scorpion Pattern: Used this Requiem a lot of the Scorpion Pattern the last three weeks of a PBAX league and had a great look, Surface was older Anvaline. Started with this ball. Playing pretty deep to start, around 18 at the arrows out to around 9 at the break point, Hard arcing hooking and great continuation through the pins. Requiem was easy to read and control and adjust with all through the lane, it showed where oil was and was not, and gave me miss room left and right of target. As the night Progressed I adjusted left. When I put the Requiem away and balled down, I was playing 25 out to 10. Just didn't have quite the recovery needed, I elected to ball down and go a little straighter. Overall it was great, I used the ball for the first 2 and half games each of the three nights and had a very similar read from the ball each time.

Shark Pattern: Same house same surface. The Polished Requiem seen limited use on the Shark, The people I bowled with didn't do a great job opening the lane up and thus screwed the shot up pretty good. I was forced right with more angular gear to get a almost good look. Requiem at 15 out to 10, had to keep the speed up or it would wanna jump early, overall not a bad look would have rather been deeper but the insides were way to annihilated to move much farther left. On this pattern Requiem was more angular than the Scorpion. seemed to have more pop in the pins. It gave a decent look when nothing else was working.


HIT/CARRY: Tremendous on both fronts. When the ball hits pins stay low, and move around quite a bit. Messengers are their as needed very few back row leaves on pocket hits.


Compare: To my Dull Requiem (70x4x40) and RIP/R (pin over Bridge MB out 1 inch) First Compare with the opposing Requiem. Both balls have hard arcs off the spot and both are very easy to control and read, the main difference is that the Polished one goes farther down lane and is playable on more conditions/surfaces than the dull one.

 RIP/R is at 4000 siaar, Requiem Polished is a touch longer and hair more angular. RIP/R covers fewer boards and as hook of the spot is a little more methodical very easy to read and control More so in some instances than the Requiem. IMO the Requiem however is better across more conditions than the RIP/R Which is versatile in its own right, just not as much as the Requiem.


OVERALL: Like my first Requiem (dull one) This one is amazing. Pins just vanish when the ball hits the pocket and it is so easy to use and get good reads from even when the lanes are ugly and not giving anything up. This ball finds way of getting pins down plain and simple. Seismic is just as good as any of the other companies out their, Give them a shot and you won't be disappointed


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