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Title: Raging Bull Long Horn
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The first Long Horns™ rolled off the production line just a few days ago, and will be hitting pro shops at the start of April.

As mentioned in our previous article, the Raging Bull Long Horn™, like previous balls in the Raging Bull™ line, encapsulates the powerful Horn Core™ asymmetric core.

The Raging Bull Stampede™ caught the eye of many bowlers who had not previously tried a Seismic ball, and turned the heads of their opponents on the lanes! The aggressiveness on the back end and power through the pins was unmatched by any other bowling ball release in 2012.

One comment we heard a lot from bowlers was they "didn't want to put it away!", so we got to work designing a ball that they could move to when the midlane starts to burn up. Enter, the Raging Bull Long Horn.

The Raging Bull Long Horn features the same core shape as the Stampede™, however this time we raised the RG to 2.53 (15 lbs) to help the ball down the lane. A reduced differential and Mass Bias differential reduces the midlane roll to allow for a more crisp move on the back end.

The Long Horn coverstock, S.F-9/8™, is a Pearl Reactive version of the Stampede Cover and assists in attaining length and back end traction.
Title: Re: Raging Bull Long Horn
Post by: mainzer on May 27, 2013, 10:53:10 PM
SPECS 70x4x40

Lake Shore Lanes THS: On a Anviline surface that is a few years old heavier THS not the heaviest pattern but heavier than most THS patterns. LH is a monster at about 17-19 at the arrows LH would go down about 45 feet then make a fast left turn and rip the rack apart. I had a alot of miss room at the break point left and right as with any THS but what stood out in my mind was the hitting power.

USBC OPEN Team: Third game of Team I pulled out the LH moved back right two about 12 at the arrows out to 10-8, LH went about 44 feet and made a strong move to the pocket, hitting power again was incredible, LH gave me room on a tight pattern, I was able to move to back to the right and still get LH easily down to the break point and still have plenty of power in the pins.

DOUBLES AND SINGLES: On the drier Minors pattern LH came out earlier in the set about the second game of doubles, I couldnt get lined up with the Stampede it was a touch to strong I grabbed LH and went 13 at the arrows out to 10 or so and immediatly had a line. Again I had miss room in both directions, more than most of the other players I was bowling with. Hitting power and carry were tremendous.

HIT/CARRY: LH has power that is staggering, the hardest hitting Seismic ball to date, and easily hits harder than other equipment on market. Carry is great also Messengers are going in both directions, light and heavy hits are both carried routinly and easily.

MOTION: is Angular not so much as to be uncontrolable but far more than a hard arc. LH hooks all the way through the deck, even on the heavier USBC Open Patterns it never stops working.

COMPARE: to the Stampede. LH is more Angular by far and moves about 3 feet farther down lane than Stampede. I would say both hook about equally as far as number of boards are concerned. Comparing with the Charged, LH is longer by 1-2 feet and more angular off the spot and harder hitting.

OVERALL: This ball is amazing I love the power and angularity. It fits perfectly in the Raging Bull Line. I usually don't care about colors but this ball looks unique on the lanes it is a head turner in color and reaction on lane.
Title: Re: Raging Bull Long Horn
Post by: mainzer on July 28, 2013, 09:11:44 PM
Long Horn 2

Specs: 20x5x35 light touch of 4000 abralon of the OOB surface

Lake Shore Lanes THS Shot is about 40 feet long maybe a touch longer, More toward the heavy side for a THS but it is very consistent. Playing this LH between second and third and arrow out to around 5-7 around 43 feet, LH makes a hard arc to the pocket still easily controllable, ball goes all the way through the deck no stopping this ball until it comes off the back of the pin deck. With this layout I must stay a bit straighter and wait for the lanes dry out in the track before bumping in but that was the whole purpose of this layout, to keep me closer to friction and still retain a strong but controllable move to the pocket.

PBA VIPER PATTERN: On old worn Anviline lanes, I opened bowled on the pattern when leagues were over, My summer work Schedule does not allow me to bowl the league. So when I start they are already worked in somewhat. LH was my first choice and the only choice I needed. Started just inside of the Third arrow and went out to 8 at the break point right around 45 feet, LH made a fast turn to the pocket but was easy still easy to read, it opened up the end of the pattern very well gave me room right and left of target. As the Viper broke down making deeper moves was easy about 2-3 boards at a time and I found myself about 23 at the arrows to about 12 at the break point LH still roared back! LH still was keeping the over under in control and giving me a nice area to hit.

HITTING POWER: Incredible, the LH is a mauler a brawler a physical intimidate. This ball gives no quarter to anything in front of it. Messengers are every where going in both directions, high hits trip four pins easily and routinely, lights hits mix with striking speed.

REACTION SHAPE: The LH was designed to be a angular pearl and it is exactly that, Drilled to be angular (as my other LH is) This ball will corner like no other ball on market. This LH though I wanted something smoother hence the low angles and 5 inch pin to pap. Makes it a little smoother easier to play closer to friction it still retains easy length.

COMPARE: To BlackOut (35x6x35) Blackout is a hair earlier just a touch, and smoother off the spot. LH is a little faster to read friction and turns the corner a bit harder. LH is easily harder hitting.

OVERALL: LH is amazing IMO the best ball in Raging Bull line from Seismic which is saying something because the Raging Bull is just as good as any line on the market today. As far angular pearls go this is probably the best one I have ever owned it is controllable but still easily angular enough to corner on even the heaviest volumes.