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Solaris TSE
« on: November 21, 2014, 10:00:41 AM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
Trailblazer Tournament Special Edition

Suggested Oil Pattern - Medium Volume & Medium Length
Seismic POWER RATINGâ„¢ - 210

WEIGHT BLOCK: Trailblazer Core
COVERSTOCK: TSE Solid Reactive
RG (15lbs) - 2.480
RG Dif (15lbs) - 0.048
MB Dif (15lbs) - N/A



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Re: Solaris TSE
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2014, 09:44:30 PM »
LAYOUT:65X5X70 1500 Siair with 4000 siair over the top,

PBA Detroit Open: On a older anviline surface. To much volume to start with the STSE (Solaris TSE) I pulled it out game three of a four game block. played 14 at the arrows out to about 8, had a very nice look. Was surprised by how strong the motion was off the spot almost as angular as my Long Horn drilled 70x4x40, Just quite a bit less overall hook. I didn't expect I would be able to keep moving in with STSE but I was able to move farther in as the block went on and the track continued to burn I was able to easily get it back and it never stopped rolling through the pin deck.

COMPARISON: To the Original BlackOut drilled 35x6x35 at 3000 abralon. STSE has much easier length through the front part of the lane and is more angular off the spot. I was able to move in easier than I could with the Blackout, where the Blackout would have labored to make the corner the STSE could make it back easily.

COVERSTOCK THOUGHTS: I think this cover is incredible, it gets down easily even with the OOB Surface taken off of it. Reads the dry cleaner and easier than the cover on the Blackout but not as aggressive as the cover on the Venator and Stampede yet it the Cover on the STSE provides a smiliar motion just less of that total motion. Very easy ball to step down with if you are on a heavier volume or great to start with if you are seeing more meduim conditions.

CORE THOUGHTS: What can I say this core is amazing, I have always been more a fan of assyms but this is one Sym I just can't get enough of, with other syms I have had to put them away when moving deeper but the TrailBlazer gives me just enough of movement off the spot and maintains the easy roll of Sym. This Core is something special if you have not tried it I would highly recommend it.

TOURNAMENT SERIES: This ball will make more difficult patterns easier to play. It has given me that extra board right and left of target on tougher patterns every time I have used it. And lets face it on more difficult conditions that one or two board cushion can make a big difference in the final score.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I have mine drilled with what is for me a controlled layout something that should give moderate length and arcing backend, I would Imagine if this ball was drilled stronger it easily Rival a Long Horn in strength on the lane if drilled strong and OOB surface is replaced with a more aggressive surface i.e. 2000 abralon I would imagine this ball to be just a bit short of the total strength of a Stampede.

Very nice ball all around well rounded easy to use on a multitude of different conditions. Carrys great hits hard. Gonna be in the bag for awhile.
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