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Venator Pearl
« on: November 21, 2014, 09:45:11 AM »
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The Venator Pearl is follow-up to the hugely successful Venator released in 2013 featuring the Tenaciâ„¢, super high Mass Bias Differential, asymmetric core.

Suggested Oil Pattern - Longer & Medium-Heavy Patterns
Seismic POWER RATINGâ„¢ - 260

COVERSTOCK: S.F-8/8 Pearl Reactive
RG (15lbs) - 2.485
RG Dif (15lbs) - 0.054
MB Dif (15lbs) - 0.027
COLOR: Emerald/Golden Poppy



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Re: Venator Pearl
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2014, 11:03:42 PM »

VP #1 70X4X40, 1000,2000,3000,4000 abralon.

Lake Shore Lanes: Heavier volume THS. On a Brunswick Anviline surface. Ball plays very nice in the heavier volume. Going 13-14 at the arrows just out to 6-8 at the break point right at 45 feet VP makes a strong move to the pocket. Not a snap but very strong arc to the pins. As the lanes go away I am easily able to move in as nesscary VP continues to make the corner easily.

Compare: to the Long Horn same layout. VP handles more volume easier, and reacts just a tic earlier on the lane. The motion of the VP off the spot is just a little different than the Long Horn, Long Horn is a bit more angualr off the spot but is not nearly as versatile as the VP.

Compare: to the original Venator at 1000 abralon and the same layout. Obiviously the VP is quite a bit longer before the break point. Venator is about 5 stronger with the 1000 abralon but the motion off the spot is surprisingly similar.

VP#2 65X4.25X70 2000 Siair for the surface

Lake Shore Lanes: This ball slices up the fresh THS, Rolls at about 42 feet going 15 out to 8-10 Arcing off the spot but still enough to easily make the corner when their is a little more volume on the lane.

Compare: to the VP#1. VP#2 is earlier by two or three feet, and will handle a little more volume. Got to keep the VP#2 in oil though if you get it to the dry early it will check early, not push like the VP#1. VP#1 is more angualr off the spot corners easier, and is usable across more conditions.

Compare: to the Stampede same layout, surface at 2000 abralon. VP#2 gets easier length and corners better off the spot, Stampede was alot smoother off the spot probably handles a tick more volume but is not nearly as versatile as the VP#2.
Overall: The Venator Pearls are very very nice pieces of equipment, Very versatile takes surface changes very well. Tremendous carry and hitting power, and great continuation through the pins they never stops turning. Easily as good as any other highend pearl on the market today IMO.*
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