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Author Topic: 2022 King Of The Lanes Scratch Tournament  (Read 2790 times)


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2022 King Of The Lanes Scratch Tournament
« on: May 10, 2022, 11:06:50 AM »
Hello everybody,

With the NBA playoffs upon us, I am excited to announce the return of the King of The Lanes Scratch Tournament, coming to AMF Rocklin Lanes on Saturday, June 11th, 2022 at 5pm. Check in will open at 3:30pm. Entry fee is $90.00 per person. Scratch singles format. Optional brackets and sidepots will be available.

The tournament will use the same format as the NBA Playoffs. Here’s how it works: All players will be divided at random into 6 divisions within 2 conferences. After a 5-game regular season on the PBA Bear Pattern, the top 20 players will advance to playoffs! Playoff matches will be 1 game single elimination within a bracket to determine the King of The Lanes Champion. With 40 entries, 1st place will pay $800.00 guaranteed! Plus, the top 16 players are guaranteed to cash regardless of tournament size!

Other rules and details are below, or visit us on Facebook:

Walk-ins will be welcome for this event, but reservations are encouraged! If you have any questions or if you would like to reserve your spot, please call/text 916-521-3524 or


1.     The King Of The Lanes tournament will consist of a Regular Season (qualifying round) of 5 games. Bowlers will skip 1 pair to the right after each game. The standings for the Regular Season will be determined by the 5 game scratch series for each player.

2.     Tournament Format:
a.     All players will be divided via random draw into 6 divisions (Pacific, Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, Central, Atlantic) in 2 different conferences (Western and Eastern).
b.     Regular season standings will be based on the highest scratch series bowled within each division. After the 5-game regular season, the 6 division winners will advance to the playoffs. In addition, the 4th through 10th highest scores in each conference will advance
c.     The tiebreaker for a playoff spot/cash spot will be based on the highest Game 5 scratch game.

3.     Playoff Format
a.     20 players will advance to the playoffs. The breakdown will be as follows:
                                          i.    6 division winners + the 4th through 10th highest scores in each conference
b.     Playoff participants will be seeded based on regular season scratch series.
c.     Seeds #1 to #6 in each conference will advance to Round 1 of the playoffs. Seeds #7 to #10 will bowl a “Play In Game”
                                          i.    “Play In Game” participants will bowl 1 game. Scores from the qualifying round will carry over.

1.     After completion of the “Play In Game”, the 2 highest remaining scores in each conference will advance to Round 1. The lowest 2 scores will be eliminated.
2.     Of the 2 advancing players, the player with the higher series (regular season total + Play In Game) will become the 7th seed. The lower will be 8th seed. 
d.     The 16 remaining players will be placed in a fixed playoff bracket. There will be no reseeding.

e.     All playoff matches are 1 game single elimination.
f.      Any ties will result in a 1 ball roll off. The higher seed will choose starting position, and bowlers will alternate shots until the match is decided.

4.     Entry fee is $90.00 per person. Payout amounts will be based on tournament size. With 40 entries, 1st place will be guaranteed to payout $800.00. 16 players will cash regardless of tournament size. The tournament will pay out 1 in 5 spots if greater than 80 entries.
a.     All sidepot and bracket payouts will be based on entry size.
b.     $90.00 Entry fee breakdown is as follows: $19.00 lineage and secretary fee, $71.00 prize fund
                                          i.    $6.00 from each entry will go to a bonus pot for the 6 Division Winners.
5.     Although not a USBC sanctioned event, the tournament will operate under the USBC playing rules. All other USBC rules not covered herein shall apply.