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Title: Agent
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Your Objective: Infiltrate a hostile environment and blend in with the natives without being discovered. Use the Agent™ device to systematically eliminate them by conquering the ever dangerous and challenging medium-heavy oil conditions.

The AGENT Device: A Reactor™ pearl reactive coverstock that houses the EMC™ (Enhanced Motion Control) weight block. Specific functions are to produce smooth glide through the heads, generate heavy mid-lane roll, and finish with a strong arcing backend.

The Agency is depending on you - DO NOT FAIL.

AGENT™ Technical Specifications
Coverstock Reactor™ Pearl Reactive
Weight Block EMC™ Enhanced Motion Control
Ball Color Royal / Violet / Bronze
Ball Finish 1500-grit Polish
Radius of Gyration 2.47 (Low)
Differential .055 (High)
Durometer 74-76 Rex D-scale
Flare Potential 5" - 6" (High)
Fragrance Orange
Weights 10 - 16 lbs.
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: travis20 on May 01, 2006, 11:26:42 AM
i was at a proam this weekend and watched randy pederson throw the agent. this ball is amazing!!! when the ball hits the break point it takes a hard 90 degree left turn. i asked randy to rate the balls as far as aggressiveness. he  said probably
1st agent
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: CZ on May 11, 2006, 10:34:58 AM
Ball Specs: 15.4lbs, 3.2 oz, 3.75" pin
Bowler Specs: 18 mph, 450 RPMs.  I like to play 20 out to 5 on most house shots.
Drilling Layout: Modified 5x3.  Pin falls about 1/2 inch above ring finger, CG 2 Inches right from center of grip.  Weight hole on axis to bring it to 1/2 ox side.  

First Impressions; Suprised.  This ball is supposed to arc off the breakpoint, but I have a ball that is more angular than my Fired Up.  Good length with a remarkable backend.  

Later in the game; This ball seems to dislike carrydown.  The reaction became inconsistant as the shot carried down, but I was still basically in my comfort zone for the night, however, the big backend I was seeing became hard to predict with the lanes drying out later in the night.  

Strengths: Backend, good read, hit good, consistant reaction (through two games) with a strong backend
Weaknesses: Hard to control backend (at times), lost reaction with carried down backends

Overall: A great skid/flip ball to use on shots you are not used to, or just use it on a house shot a little deeper than you are used to.
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: thunder on May 15, 2006, 12:59:40 PM
I haven't drilled mine yet but I can tell that one of the best bowlers in the midwest loves this ball....
The pattern was #4 and was no cake walk....Carter made it look easy...

Storm's Jeff Carter put on a striking clinic with the new Agent at the PBA's Willowbrook Lanes Midwestern regional in Willowbrook, IL. In qualifying action Carter shot games of 265-267-280-300-227-260-279 and 235. The 2113 eight game total is believed to be a midwest region record for qualifying.

Title: Re: Agent
Post by: jonah300 on May 18, 2006, 09:57:45 PM
i have never reviewed a ball...but i will tell u this...i came to miami to visit a fiend of mine...i bought 2 bowling balls the pyro and the road hawg ...i did not get the agent because people told me it was too agressive
Today on the alley they put the usbc nationals shot...y shot 910 in for games with my 2 balls...and then i ask a friend of mine if i could throw his agent...i got a 290 and it seemed that i was bowling on a house shot...amazing midlane and so smooth but strong in th backend...i am gonna try to get one before i live to my country
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: Noy on May 19, 2006, 04:13:30 AM
Drilled according to Pattern #3 in drilling instructions.

Im a lefty with average ball speek and low-medium revs.  5-Step approach, bowling up the 10-15 board, down and into the pocket.

When I first used this ball in OOB condition, it was great..hooked a lot more than my Doom at 600 grit which is drilled Label Leverage.  Yet, I was yearning for more coverage on the boards and an earlier reaction.  I took a green scotchbrite to it and now this baby hooks and reacts like a dream.  A lot of people have mentioned its quirky reaction on the backend but having magical results after knocking the finish off.


After about 2.5 months using this ball, I don't think its as great a ball as its cracked up to be.  I've found it to be very picky with its dry spots although it does take surface adjustments well.  On a fresh THS, this ball will do wonders.  Broken down shots, forget about it.  I had to sand this ball up to 1000 abralon with reacta shine polish for it to wake up for me.  Good ball, but not great ball.

After knocking the finish off, this ball found its way to the pocket every time.  I bowled on a THS my first time out after sanding and I was impressed.  Brooklyn or Flush, this thing hit hard.  Only time I left pins was when I hooked straight into the head pin and even after that I only had 1 pin split the entire night.  I love this ball and it seems that a lot of the pro's are starting to love it too.  Get one, knock the shine off if you need to, you'll never regret it...
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: Jeff Carter on May 20, 2006, 02:34:26 PM
I am going to try and do more in this part of the site. I am a member of Storms pro staff so i will be reviewing balls on not only house patterns, but what i see during regional and national tour competition.

First let me say that this is the best ball that we've had since the original X-Factor. I didnt think there was a ball that could make me put the Fired-up and Pyro down, but i havnt touched a ball that didnt have the Agent logo on it for the last 3 regionals

Agent #1 - 5 1/2" pin over the middle finger, CG kicked about 45 degrees, extra hole 2" about  axis ( only to make it legal ). Surface prep was a light burgundy pad in the track area and heavier burgundy pad ( the other direction ) on the back flares only

Agent #2 - 5 1/2" pin under the middle finger, CG kicked about 45 degrees,
extra hole 2" past my axis. Surface prep is box finish

PBA pattern 2 - used Agent #2 in Raytown, Mo on guardian. Didnt expect this ball to come into play on the short pattern on a "highly fricticious" surface but it did. Was able to get the ball through the heads fairly easy from just left of the track area and still was able to get the ball to store enough energy to continue through the pins

PBA pattern 1 - used Agent #2 in Madison, Wi on pro-anvilane. Again a somewhat shorter pattern with light volume of oil and this ball never saw the bag. Used it from game one of Qualifying all the way through match play.

PBA pattern 5 - drilled Agent #1 specifically for the regional in Willowbrook, Il. Started with Agent #1 and had games of 265,267,280,300 and 227. Made a ball change to Agent #2 to finish with 260,279 and 235. Ended up 3rd for the weekend

If you notice both layouts are similar to each other and this is my favorite layout. I dont stray from this very much since i do more with surface prep than anything else. The midlane roll of the Agent is whats the key to the success of this ball. Our stuff is know for its "long and left" reaction, but this ball is the best of both worlds, earlier midlane roll and strong/continuous backend reaction
Bowl up a Storm,
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: H Man on May 21, 2006, 02:09:41 PM
I'm a lefty with med speed-high revs. Drilled an Agent up week ago, pin left of ring finger, CG stacked. out of the box shot 300. Ball reads the mid lane better the my Paradigm w/ the same drilling. Once the ball makes it's move it never stops. I have thrown 3 sets with it 780, 652 and 743. I foyu need a agressive pearl get it.
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: Los300 on May 28, 2006, 02:53:50 PM
Recently picked up an Agent after reading some very positive reviews on it and have not been disappointed. The ball picks up heavy in the mid-lane but has seemingly no quit on the back leading to tremendous hit and carry.One intersting thing is that the backend is so strong but controllable, a rarity for a strong pearl reactive. The one thing that you cannot do with this ball is miss in. With the unbelievable pick-up the ball has it makes it very hard for it to fade when pulled. If you are to make any mistake with the ball make sure it is outside. The ball may be too much for scorched backends but is ideal for some carrydown. Basically, if you are looking for one of those very strong pearl reactives that you can actually read while going down the lane, pick up an Agent.
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: cool_kevin1029 on May 30, 2006, 02:10:24 PM
I purchased my agent last week a few days before a Junior tournament that was contended for on five different tough patterns.  My Agent is drilled with the pin over the fingers and the CG just off the axis line.  It was drilled to go a little longer and recover a little harder then usual.

The opening round of competition was a tight 41ft pattern that had a massive volume of oil.  I was watching other competitors on my own pair struggling to get their balls to check at all and I was able to swing the ball from 12 and use a break point at 8 without a problem at all.  In fact, the only problem I had was leaving 9 pins on this pattern.  I left 11 in six games but I was not complaining at all since I was averaging 204 and the majority of the field was averaging closer to 180.

The second round of competition was a fairly similar pattern to the first round but was about 4 feet longer.  I played a fairly similar line to the block prior and averaged 198 which was about 15 pins higher then the majority of the field.

The third round was a drastically different pattern from the first two and it wound up being a 33 foot pattern that was fairly light on the volume.  After three balls of practice the agent was put in the bag and I proceeded to use my XXXL the entire block averaging 191 with a plastic ball instead of fighting the pattern with my more reactive equipment.

After the third block of six games the field was cut to the top 16 competitors and we proceeded into round robin match play.

The first block of eight match play games was contested on a 50 foot pattern.  I am not sure of the exact specs on the pattern but I do know that it was 50 feet long and extremely tight.  THe agent came back out of my bag this block and playing very straight up 8 I was able to control the pocket all block and averaged 208 for the block going 6-2 in my matches.

The second block of match play was an extremely flat pattern with a high volume of oil that was put out to 38 feet I believe.  Again the agent turned put to the my ball of choice and I moved back to my 12 to 8 swing line from the opening block with a bit slower ball speed and averaged 207 going 8-0 in match play.  

At this point the field was cut to the top 5 and I was sitting in 2nd place.  The top five competed in a step ladder final and I finished 3rd.

Overall this I threw this ball for 33 games in this tournament averaging 205 on a very tough set of conditions and finished in 3rd place.

I would give this ball a 10 out of 10 in anyone who can repeat shots hands.  If you are sporadic and can't repeat shots I would steer clear of this ball.  It is a monster on the lanes and carries like a dream but you must repeat shots.

Title: Re: Agent
Post by: Bluff on May 30, 2006, 02:54:44 PM
15lb 2-3 pin top 3.12oz.
Drilled up 4 1/2 x4 nothing fancy but this ball is weird! smell kind of like the Hospital! It had a backend like none of my other balls. out of box finish bowling on some juicy lane I can go down the 8th and it makes a nice arc/flip I don't know to the pocket. The Carried on this ball was very nice. 1st game of use 237, 157 , 171 2nd and 3rd was Human error miss easy spares. miss the cut by a mile. So 2nd day retry 1st game 131, mix balls pyro, delta, vapor , wow what a start! Lane was much dryer on the 5th out was goner. So 2nd game I stick with the Agent and shot 237, 247 both good for 2 sidepot and cover the ball nicely ! also made the Cut I can't wait to try it on THS and see what it can do! Will update on THS
On THS this ball shouldn't be allow !!! 279,279,169 dam ten pins!

Once again thanks too all the one who help paid for this ball !!
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: Michael on June 08, 2006, 04:38:09 PM
I punched the agent up 3, 3/8 by 3, 3/8 (pin and cg were lined up below and to the right of my ring finger) and left the box surface on it.  This is an excellent ball for league conditions.  It holds when there is oil and when you sneak it right it doesn't over react.  Left a few ten pins with it, but that is pretty common.  Hits great just as the passion and paradigm do.  I would recommend this ball for just about any player because it is a fairly forgiving ball.  I threw it on a sport condition some and I did not like the way it rolled when it saw oil, it tended to skid too far.  All in all this is another great ball from storm.

Good Luck and Good Bowling,
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: Pat Patterson on June 16, 2006, 04:19:17 AM
Got mine drilled today (June 14th, 2006) by Mike Miller at Ten Pins and More in Rio Rancho, NM. I got it when it first came out, but due to the pending verdict on my knee waited until today to drill it.

Before drilling ball was 15lbs. 5 oz. with 3.40 oz of TW and a 3.0" Pin. Ball was drilled 4x4 with a balance hole placed 30 degrees out from the Center of Grip and 6" out(it sits about 3-4" right of my ring finger), and the Pin is 1/2" right of ring finger. Ball has excellent midlane recovery and it's alot more aggressive on the backend on my typical house pattern(38" buffed to 45" synthetic)it is currently about 2 boards stronger then my Original Paradigm(4" pin above fingers and Polished) During the 1st 6 games of practice on this shot I averaged 234 with and average 1st ball count of 9.5.

Overall, another excellent ball from Storm, I will post another review later on after the cover tames down a bit or after some coverstock experimenting.

Hope this review is useful.

Pat Patterson
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: htotheizzo3561 on June 17, 2006, 12:30:09 PM
Drilled the Agent pin above and inbetween fingers cg straight up.  3-4 inch pin and 3 oz top.  

This ball is phenominal!  Its super strong from any angle, but its controllable at the same time.  Clears the heads and reads the midlane great.  There is a touch of skid flip on flatter conditions, but its not like other storm balls that go left turn at the break-point.

I got this ball after seeing Jeff Carter destroy the house at the Willowbrook Regional.  Quoting him, "this is the best all-around ball from storm since the x-factor"
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: TheAxeEffect415 on July 26, 2006, 07:19:32 PM
Well just coming back from a car injury and not having any equipment I punched an Agent up. I was very skeptical about punching the ball up since the Paradigm went 60 feet for me I thought this ball wasn't going to be any different. But seeing they brought back the Motion control weight block that was featured in the El Nino Gold and El nino 200 etc I always had excellent success with this set up I did it. ball was drilled pin up from ring finger cg kicked with small weight hold to take some side weight out. This ball really shines for you regular league patterns. Very angular ball. I was very surprised how much the ball continues and doesn't stop on the back end. Very forgiving ball. When lanes the lanes broke down I had to bag it. On a oily sport pattern I struggled with it. Ball seemed to go pretty long. But all in all for the average league bowler you will love this ball. You can play multiple angles with it and get real deep. A great ball by storm looking forward to the Double agent coming out soon.
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: matt300 on July 29, 2006, 11:56:00 PM
Drilled my agent with pin just below ring finger.  Ball is excellent, threw a 278 first game using.  The balls gets going nicely on the midlane with a sharp yet controllable back end.  I am surprised to get so much movement on this ball and not sacrafice any control.  Normally I play up the boards but I needed to play further inside with this ball, a welcomed change.  Storm has done it again.

Jeff Carter's review sums this ball up perfectly.

Title: Re: Agent
Post by: czerwony on August 10, 2006, 07:48:21 PM
I absolutely love this ball. I have it set up with the pin just over the fingers with a balance hole. I have a relatively high rev rate and I throw 17mph. My house is medium oil. So far I have about a dozen games on this ball and the more I throw it the more I like it. My last 2 games were 255 and 258! I have thrown other storm balls and I have loved all of them so this review might be a little bias. Anyway, this ball is absolutely amazing. Incredible back end with a very strong skid/snap reaction. Once the ball hits its turn point it really takes off and makes a B-line for the pocket. And even if I was a little off and didn't hit the pocket solid, it still carried for a strike. I would definitely recommend this ball to anyone.
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: MLBOWLER on August 15, 2006, 01:06:36 PM
medium velocity

I buy this ball one month ago, drill 3 3/8 from the pad, and play in 38Ft flat oil patterm, go long and the backend is MOsNtEr Reaction, i polish  to 2000 to play  in this conditions. Out the box is nice to play in 42ft oil patterm go long and the hook is Awesome!!!
This ball is one of the best balls i have in this moment. I recomend 100% no metter what style you have. Dont wait to buy, Do it NOW! hahaha them you know what im talking about.

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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: backswing_aplenty on August 27, 2006, 04:30:50 AM
Storm Agent
Weight = 16lbs
Pin = 4 inch Pin
Top Weight = 2.6oz before drill

Layout = Pin over Bridge, cg at 75 degrees, 5 x 4 1/2
Weighthole = None

Surface Finish - 1) OOB 2) 2000 abralon 3) 1200 abralon w/Storm Reactashine (mmm...banana)


19-20mph of hand
425 rpm
PAP - 5 > 1/2 ^
Axis Rotation - 10*-60* degrees
Axis Tilt - 0*-15* degrees axis tilt

I ordered this ball as soon as it was announced as a compliment to a Paradigm I had. I liked it so much that the Paradigm was sold to a buddy.  It's been used across the Southwest, from Texas, to Vegas, to Sacramento, to Los Angeles.  It's seen tournaments, leagues, and Nationals.  It has the honor as the first ball out of my bag anywhere I go.

This ball is meant for mediums, both heavy and light, but can handle a little more oil than medium-heavy.  OOB will squirt with heavy oil, carrydown, OB etc.  The OOB surface with this drilling loves longer, lighter patterns, and short heavy patterns.  On fresh backends the move can be quite angular, but as the mids start to go the ball smoothes out nicely.  I end up not having to move much over 3 games as the ball just smoothes out and still powers through the carrydown, a nifty trick if I do say so.
At 2000 grit abralon the ball picked up a roll a bit sooner on the fresh and allowed me to square up and play with everyone else, but the moves were sonner and bigger.  But carrydown becomes less of a problem.  This is the same characteristic I've seen with all of my Reactor coverstock balls, the Pyro, Tropical, and Hot Rod Hybrid.

Pin over my bridge is my favorite drilling.  It normally fends off the early hook i see sometimes and allows for a sharp controlled move.  This drilling on the Agent looks as if the pin is in a lower/earlier position, maybe 4-4 1/2".  The move is fairly early for a 5" pin as a result of the large, round EMC core.  The move is large, but not snappy.  I think this is one of the true arc balls out there.  There's arc, snap, and rolly...this definatly not the last two.

The OOB surface gives easy length, and the core won't let you push through the breakpoint.  I'm looking forward to seeing this core in heavier oil balls, you'll get super roll.  Of course taking the surface down allows the ball to read earlier, but the backend move didn't suffer as much as other pearls when you sand them, a definite plus.

Even with the big backend potenial, the core allows this ball to be classified as a control ball.  Put your favorite rolly drilling on this and be treated to area on a flatter shot.

Patterns played
Regional 3 38' crown
This pattern gives you a fake shot on the gutter, and a more manageable shot up the track.  This ball was to violent on the fresh, inside or out, but shined in the mid games when they opened up.  A duller surfaced would have helped but that's what the Trifecta is for

Regional 5 44'
This pattern was too heavy to start with and that where the Brunswick Strike Zone comes in handy.  Once things calmed down the Agent (OOB) slotted right in behind the SZ on the same line with a little more room the miss right with it's recovery.

Nationals 38'
What a day I had in singles...
Started out on 5 with my Trifecta, it's looking good since the Agent is sqirrly inside from round 25 to 10.  I go 215, 150 first two. Obviously the shot is no longer there, so the last ball of the 150 I grab the Agent slide on 45, lay down at 40, and send it to 10 at 40ft...crushed 'em.  And I proceed to not miss and shoot 300.  I had at least 4-5 boards of room to miss. 1-2 at my laydaown and 2-3 at my breakpoint...I got one out to 7. Crush.  One into 11.  Crush.  The ball crossed the lane marker, stood up and the pins were gone.  Very fun.

Compared to Other Balls in my Arsenal
Paradigm - same drill, cg @ 45 degrees.  The Paradigm is a magnitude stronger on the backend and gets almost a foot more length.  True skid flip compared to Agent.
Strike Zone - 4 1/2 x 4 drilling, 800 grit abralon.  The SZ is earlier, but the backend reaction is similar, the SZ does the Agent's job on heavier stuff.
Hot Rod Hybrid - Stacked drill, OOB
Hybrid gets 2 extra feet but stronger and smoother break, The Agent can handle more oil than Hybrid, but the different hook shape is the key.

Overall Impressions and Final Thoughts
This ball was fantastic OOB.  I couldn't put it down.  After 3 months of use, with regular cleaning (I work in a Proshop) it developed a little track.  No biggie, i've used it a lot.  I took it down to 500, then 1000, then 1200, and added Storm ReactaShine polish as per Storms reccomendation.  The ball has lost the punch it once had.  What used to be a noticable move off dry has really diminished.  I'd have to knock the rating of the ball down to medium and light medium duty.  I hope once I get rid of some of the polish it'll come alive again.  I can't wait to get the forgivness of the EMC core working again.  A super ball in a hopefully super line of Agents. I'll be passing on the Double Agent since my Trifecta hardly sees action, but i'mlooking forward to the solid and particle pearls.


PS - Thanks to Ramtart for the use of his review format.  Makes it easier than trying to remember to include everyhting.
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: Mike Austin on August 30, 2006, 02:45:54 AM
Drilled my agent with the pin over the fingers on my span line.  CG out slightly to the right, no extra hole.  This layout puts the pin about 4 5/8 from my PAP and the CG about 4" from PAP.  This ball had 3.46 top weight and a 3-4 pin before drilling.

Drilled the ball with PBA patterns 1 and 3 in mind, and we bowled on pattern 3 this past weekend on Zima synthetics in Greenville, TX.  We previously had bowled this pattern on bad wood and good wood with synthetic heads.  This ball was really excellent.  I got good length, and the ball started revving up around the middle of the lane lane, absolutely no problem with the heads.  The ball had a very hard back end motion, gave me great area to the right when I missed right down the lane, really opening up the back end.

220, 170 the first two with Scorchin Inferno.  Got to 143 over for the 8 game block using the Agent the rest of the way.  Missed 4 spares and fouled on a spare.  Qualified 9th out of full field of 80 bowlers, very strong field, 23 champions.

Straight players will like this ball on most anything but very oily.  Should be able to get a nice back end motion.

Tweeners will use this on everything except floods and deserts.  Great all around ball, and good league ball.  Don't be afraid to add some surface.

Boomers will like this ball on mediums, may be too snappy for some.  Again, add some surface.  High speed guys may not like it on fresh, may be too long.

This is a high end ball price wise, has great carry power, and does what Storm says it will do, goes long and has a monster back end.

Hope this helps ya....
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: islandbowler on August 31, 2006, 04:01:57 AM
I like this ball ! What more can I say . I won't get technical with lane conditions , or my drilling pattern . Well my pin is under my ring finger . Anyway , the ball does what storm claims it does . I can't wait for my double agent to arrive . Thats why its hard living on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean .
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: APheLion on October 08, 2006, 05:46:59 PM
alrite, its been few months now i have the agent, time for a review

bowler info:

2 Hand style, high revs and med speed.
normally playing from 15-20 to 5 and back to the pocket.

this ball has 3-4 inches pin

----o o----

at the beginning i was playing down and in (stroker), but then i decided to go for a more powerful type of games since i was never close to get above 180 on golden pins. Switched to twohand release and things had changed. This ball was drilled to go long, and that was the result i was looking for. very good read of the middle and moved smoothly into the pocket (got my highest score, 279, with it)
after i got new balls, i found out that my angent was "kinda" dying, so i put it in my bag for few weeks.
Yesterday, i went to practice to my alley where they are putting new syntetic lanes. I shot few shots with equation didnt like the reaction, too jumpy, so put it back to my back. tried the infinite one, burned up too quickly, back to the bag. Then my friend sais, why dont u try the agent, and i did so.
now i have to say OMG! i have never seen my shot so powerful. I couldnt understand what was going on. The old lanes was Guardian, and not many in the alley could do a very sharp and strong shot. I was standing at the left gutter hitting the 20, goin to around 5 with very high speed (for my type of release) normally with guardian ending up in the gutter, back to the pocket with amazing power.
I have never seen my shot goin so violent, the pins were flying all over the place. after few shots, i pull out my infinite one once again, and didnt even find a close reaction to my agent.
i was goin to do some surface change on my agent since i couldnt get it to react in the proper way, now i changed my mind.

so in few words, the agent is probably goin to be the first ball out of my bag for syntetic lanes. i dont think agent is goin to work on guardian lanes.

overall, this is gonna be my ball for the new lanes and i'll give infinite one a break until i find a suitable lane condition for it.
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: Dwight Albrecht on December 02, 2006, 01:33:10 PM
Storm Agent

Ball Specs
The ball being drilled was a 3” pin out with 3.00 oz top weight.
Drilling: Pin 4" from PAP and Mb 45 degree angle. Pin is Above Ring finger, 3" above grip midline. No weight Hole Factory Polished

Bowler Information:
Track diameter is 10 1/2.
PAP is measured at 5 1/4 over and 3/8" up.
Average ball speed (foul line to head pin) is 16 mph.
Axis rotation is typically 90 degrees
Initial rev rate is typically 300 rpm, "Tweener"
Lane Condition and Pattern:
AMF Bowlero and AMF West, HPL 9000 Panel. Oil Pattern: Medium Heavy Oil and slightly clean back ends.

1st off, this is the only Storm ball I've had that I like, previous Storm balls for me were big time under/over ball reactions, not this one. Truly something special here. The ball does what Storm said it would do, clean through the fronts, does not read the track early, revs up very quick in the mids, and has a Pete Weber back end reaction. I have had the ball for 2 months now, and have not had a series under 696 with it. The only condition I cannot use the ball on is a flood of oil, otherwise as my team mate tells me, you are deadly with that ball. One of the strongest recovery ball from a deep inside angle I've thrown.

Drill one up you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for reading my review.
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: CHawk15 on December 22, 2006, 12:34:11 PM
Storm Agent

Pin to CG Distance:  2"
Topweight:           3.06 oz.
Finish:              Box Finish (1500 grit - polished)


Pin slightly to the right and level with the Ring finger, CG kicked slighty out.  (Not sure of pin - PAP, CG to PAP distances.) - Parallel Drill

Ball Reaction:

Clean through the heads, late midlane roll and a very hard arcing backend.  

Bowler Stats:

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This ball is quickly becoming a benchmark ball and one of the most versatile balls I own.  This ball is playable on just about anything I see here in Tucson and responds extremely well to speed and tilt adjustments which are the 2 major adjustments I like to use. On slicker conditions it has enough backend to recover as long as I keep the speed down and on the drier conditions it doesn't roll out because it reads the midlane a little later.  It has some trouble on the extreme dry or heavy oil, but I'm sure with surface adjustments, I could make this ball play on those as well, but I like it the way it is.  If you're looking for a ball that you can use on many different patterns, this one is it.  I got this ball as a second choice in my anyball league (Epic Saga was my first choice), but as it turns out, I like and use this ball allot more.  Now with the Paradigm Domination I just bought (will review it once I've thrown it a little more) I have a great 1-2 punch that I'm going to use for leagues the rest of the year.  

Title: Re: Agent
Post by: traderfjp on January 07, 2007, 08:36:15 PM
I needed a strong pearl reactive in my arsenal and the Agent fits that bill perfectly.  The ball makes a big move to the pocket when you get on the side of the ball and hit the dry.  This ball crushes the pins and is not jumpy at all.  I'm getting a nice continous move to the pocket.  Obviously conditions, the bolwer, and the drilling will all effect your results. I higly recommend this ball.
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: gunnercrazeee on January 14, 2007, 08:10:22 AM
the best ball i've ever thrown. drilling - pin diagonally above to the right of ring finger(i'm right-handed) and no X-hole. this ball skids and when it reaches the breakpoint, it rolls up beautifully and makes a really really strong move to the pocket. carry is amazing! i've had quite a lot of strikes where the headpin flew across the rack to knock off the 10-pin. haha!

this ball is suitable for med-light to med-oily lanes. on fresh oiled lanes, this ball is a monster!! very predictable. however, like all other pearlized balls, this ball is quite sensitive to carrydown.

my rating for this ball - 10/10! GET THIS BALL AND BOWL UP A STORM!! Storm rules!
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: NickS on January 31, 2007, 03:45:00 AM
I love this ball! I drilled the pin a inch above the ring then shifted the left an inch(left handed.)This ball goes long and turns viciously. I love this ball because it holds when i tug it and out when i get it way out there and it carries ANYTHING!

i rate it 9.99 out of 10
cause no ball can be really perfect
Bowl over Storm HA!
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: jb74 on February 28, 2007, 11:01:40 PM
First out of the bag.

Im not sure of all my specs I would say tweener . Med revs ,med high track.
Drilled  pin under ring cg kicked rt weight hole in thumb quadrant. All I have to say is wow. This ball is great for me. I had the one last year and liked it alot drilled stacked . tO ME THIS BALL IS A LITTLE LESS SNAPPY AND hits harder. I personally think this ball is every bit as good as any ball on the market right now.
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: gunnercrazeee on March 01, 2007, 09:20:09 AM
this is my 2nd review of the ball. after about 150 games with the ball, i'm still getting a reaction very similar to that when the ball was brand new! i totally love the reactor coverstock. this ball is very versatile and suitable for any line, be it the deep inside line or the outside line. this ball can be played on most kinds of fresh lane conditions, including short and long patterns. the only setback about this ball is that it isn't very predictable on broken down lanes.

i absolutely love the way the ball reacts. my pin is diagonally right above the ring finger, no x-hole, and i have med-revs. this ball skids, but not too far, picks up a beautiful roll and ramps hard into the pocket. this ball flares A LOT too! incredible.

my ratings for this ball:

pin carry - 10/10
versatility - 10/10
predictability - 9/10
forgiveness - 9/10

thinking of getting a pearlized ball? GET THE AGENT, it'll do the job for you with flying colours!

storm rules!
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: zone on April 13, 2007, 07:12:28 PM
my first storm ball and im loving it. the Agent is a high flaring, fast revvving, hard hitting, striking machine! i have played this ball from everything to "hook at your big toe" dry to "flooded" heavly and this ball can handle it if u know how to made the adjustments. i am a medium speed cranker, but can play any part of the lane with hand position/ speed adjustments. out of 9 bowling balls, this ball is the most versitle ball i have. VERY FORGIVING BALL! i throw a 14lb. ball but it hits like a 20lb. GREAT JOB STORM BOWLING COMPANY!
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: APheLion on June 07, 2007, 11:54:04 PM
second review

gave up 2hand release long time ago, now im tweener, med speed.

ball: i believe about 4 1/2 - 5 from pap, pin above bridge
pap: 4 over
lanes and shot: synthetic (half year old) THS

reaction: clean thru the heads, stores lots energy, move little bit to the right and bang, a very hard arc to the pocket.

i think the house shot is too little for the agent, i would use it for a oilier condition. on fresh oil, the agent is very angular, when the release is good, it carries. However, when carry down and the lane starts dryin up, i only see this ball going back to the bag


this ball was originally drilled by the local driller who charged me 75 bucks for drilling and with finger insert. she did a crappy job and took my money!
gave it to someone else to change the pitch of the thumb (i like the feel of 1/8 rev) the ball had 1/8 forward. we drilled the thumb hole and put a sleeve in. changed the finger inserts (i like the pink one, dont know whats called) and the ball now feels great, when throwin it, i dont even feel the thumb.

now with the ball fitting properly, it was very nice, im more than impressed.
for my gold pin league on tuesday, i went to the place to redrill my agent, and drill another ball (brunswick red crown 3) we were too late for practice, so i got there pull out the agent and started bowling. 7 in a row, then 2 solid 10s (which i didnt spare any of em, had no warm up) to make the story short, i end up with 208 average (4 games, with my last game being in the 150s), crappy but i take it

agent is a very underrated ball, but anyway ppl who has it knows what im talkin about

overall 9/10
When a house bowler misses the mark, misses the break point and strike, for many ppl its called a wallshot. When a pro does that its call adjustment

When a house bowler gets his finger stuck in the ball and fall on the lanes, for many ppl its called lame bowler. When a pro does that its called the Machuga flop! ha i like this one.
Title: Re: Agent
Post by: shigady22 on June 11, 2007, 02:38:37 PM
This ball is awesome. Drilled this ball stacked with 2 inch pin and cg directly below my fingers. This ball has good length and a monster back end. Pin to PAP is 4 and 5/8 Virtual MB is 5 and 7/8. Cover is 4000 Abralon.

----O O--
---- P---
--- cg---
---- O---

Bought this ball while at Nationals after bowling a dismal team event. I was looking for something with good length but a really good snap on the back end. This ball performed beautifully.

Since then, I have used this ball on a fresh house pattern on synthetic lanes and it really blisters the rack. I've shot back to back 750+ series. 258, 249, 245 and 258, 252, 255. I can send it wide and it recovers, or tug a little and it holds nicely.

We'll see how it does on the Chameleon pattern coming up on June 15 through 17th at AMF Chesapeake in Chesapeake Va.    

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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: zone on June 11, 2007, 02:52:36 PM
my second review on this ball. (layout  with 4.5 pin & 2.5 top weight)

  0 0
           X - weight hole

i dont get to use this ball alot because it hooks soo much, but when i do, this ball is sooooo soooo sweet. out of all the balls i have (see profile) this ball hits and carries the best. sends alot of messengers flying around like pin seeking missles, making sure nothing stands. even on burned out lanes this ball still stores energy and kills. onlky downfall is long heavy oil. ball has to has something to react off of.
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: jolyoung5454 on June 11, 2007, 05:51:09 PM
Same layout as the Special Agent,  16#  4-5 inch pin,  1.75 top weight

O  O



Got this as an X-blem from Allstarbowling.  Have used this ball for just 3 weeks and all I can say is WOW!!  I can go down and in at 8-10 with a little speed,  or toss the big wheel standing on 35 and throwing at 10 with great results!!  Ball can be sensitive to carry down but is a MONSTER on a THS overall!!  If your Special Agent is burning up,  bring out the Agent and watch it leave saw dust in the pit!!  Very Strong ball overall,  maybe the best Storm line ever made in my opinion as far as versatility gos.  You can't go wrong with this ball!!
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Title: Re: Agent
Post by: jctiger on May 04, 2008, 10:25:25 PM
Got this ball used,pin over and right of ring,
cg kicked out,moved thumb to fit.
This ball really throws the pins around,used it
on friday night league (THS).It took me a few games
to get lined up 170,190,262.Wow,alot of backend
and great carry.It reminds me of my original paradigm,
but not quite as forgiving.
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