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Title: Alpha Crux
Post by: BallReviews-scodaddy21 on February 03, 2016, 12:17:01 PM
Description: Storm is taking the success of the Crux line and continuing it with the Alpha Crux. The asymmetrical Catalyst core is paired with the GI-16 (Game Improvement 2016) solid reactive coverstock which is a follow-up to the GI-15 that was introduced on the Lock bowling ball.  This ball was designed to dominate heavy oil!

Storm Alpha Crux Ball Specs:

- Color: Black/Turquoise/Violet All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Core: Catalyst (Asymmetrical)
- Coverstock: GI-16 (Game Improvement 2016)
- Factory Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
- Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.50
- Differential (Diff): 0.052
- ** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
- Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
- Fragrance: Wildberry Cheesecake
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: REmarcaBOWL on February 07, 2016, 08:26:42 PM

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Various THS

Superb piece from Storm  8)

Likes: Strong, predictable, and versatile

Dislikes: Lane shines fairly quick. Will require surface maintenance to retain the monstrous out of box surface.

Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: Eoff on February 19, 2016, 03:17:25 AM
The Crux is probably my all time favorite asymmetrical bowling ball.  When I heard about the Alpha Crux, I was real excited.  I have had some success with the Crux pearl, but really thought I would like a solid version of the Crux. 

I drilled the Alpha Crux identical to the Crux.  I bowled on the kegel Chichen Itza pattern which is a medium length pattern that I have been using my Crux, Lock and Critical on.  The first thing I noticed was how much stronger the Alpha Crux was down lane than the Lock and Critical.  I was five boards deeper than the Critical and two deeper than the Lock.  After game one when the lanes started to transition, the Alpha Crux just got better.  I ended up moving about 5 boards left and it never lost hitting power as I shot 300 in game 3.

I am really impressed with the Alpha Crux as it is a great compliment to the Crux.  It has the same motion as the Crux, but about 2-4 boards stronger.  It is more angular than the Lock and Critical.

The Alpha Crux will best be used on medium to longer patterns with heavier volumes of oil.  This ball digs in and hooks at the breakpoint like no other Storm ball this strong. 
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: TamerBowling on February 24, 2016, 11:20:39 AM

Length: 41ft medium THS

Overall 8.5/10
In the previous Crux balls, we saw smooth but strong motion. The line has always used strong covers combined with this new strong core which makes for a top line ball that is a snow tire with good strong backend motion. The Alpha is definitely the strongest of the bunch. Despite its strength, this ball continues to be usable on more conditions than your typical snow tire. It definitely needs and likes some oil though, donít get me wrong. When you have lots of hand like our tester, you just get in and find the oil. The ball lays off just right in the midlane to create an extremely heavy rolling motion with excellent consistency.  With less hand, you can definitely play closer to the track and find excellent hit and forgiveness.
I typically lean towards a preference for the Hybrid ball motion in a lineup but to be honest, this solid Alpha really showcases what the Crux line is all about.

Video and more:
Title: Storm Alpha Crux Review by Casey Murphy
Post by: caseyccg on February 25, 2016, 02:28:14 PM
Orientation:  Right Handed
Rev Rate:  375 RPM
Speed:  16-17 MPH
PAP:  4 5/8 straight across

Location:  Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO
Pattern:  High Volume THS
Layout:  45, 5 Ĺ   , 40

The Alpha Crux is easily the best Crux yet!  I have to keep reminding myself itís a solid because it hooks so much!  The Alpha rolls early for sure, but is clean enough through the midlane that it creates a lot of continuous backend.  This ball is versatile enough to use on sport shots and house shots.  Itís the perfect blend of control in the front, but smooth strong backend.  I could amp up the speed and throw more direct and the Alpha would still face up and sling pins around.  But I could also slow down and jump in and cover boards and know it would still continue through the pins down lane.  The Alpha Crux is the versatile Asymmetrical Iíve been waiting for!
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: JohnRubeoJr on February 29, 2016, 09:47:49 AM
I can't say enough of how amazed I was with this bowling ball. With my style of no thumb and slow ball speed, asymmetrical solids aren't always my friend. I drilled this bad boy up and went straight to a tournament on a sports shot which had 42 feet and 26ml. This ball did its job. The ball for me picked up but just in the right spot, it was clean just enough for a asymmetrical solid. When the ball picked up, it never stopped!!! This will be a ball that is always in my bag at all times. It amazed me how clean it was and yet so smooth and continuous in the back when it did pick up. The hitting power was something Ive never seen before. EVERYTIME I HIT THE POCKET THE BALL CARRIED. It was the first time in my bowling career I could say my carry percentage on pocket hits was 100%. THIS IS A MUST HAVE IN YOUR BAG....
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: Wowitsnew on March 01, 2016, 07:51:07 AM



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS


Likes: Clean for a asymmetric solid and hits like a truck.

Dislikes: None I love this ball

Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: kevenwilliams on March 17, 2016, 09:11:41 PM
Staffer: Keven Williams
Speed: 18 mph
Rev Rate: 450 rpm
Hand: Left Handed
Oil Pattern: Typical House Shot

The Storm Alpha Crux is yet another great piece in the ever popular Crux lineup! Like the Original Crux, the new Alpha is very
early and strong. The Alpha is much smoother than any other Crux in the lineup. The Alpha Crux is great for longer-heavier oil patterns
because of how strong the ball is. I throw it more often on more blended oil patterns. I recommend it to anyone who likes strong
early rolling balls or to those who bowl on a lot of sport patterns.
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: rodbowler75 on March 24, 2016, 03:09:10 PM
I used my alpha crux last night for the first time. The ball looked really good on our fresh house shot. Very clean in the fronts and very controllable off the spot. I would recommend this ball for all different skills levels. This a great ball for using on fresh patterns and higher volume shots.

 Compared to my lock this more control off the spot and stores more energy down lane. The layout my alpha crux is 5x4 off my pap with a one inch hole on my pap. This helps to give the ball a smoother motion down lane and really drives through the pins.
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: avabob on March 24, 2016, 04:04:35 PM

Length: 40 ft


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


I demoed the Alpha Crux last week along with Fight, Phaze and Pitch Blue.  Didn't even intend to try the Crux because I felt I had that part of my game covered with the Lock and a Paradox.  However the A Crux gave me the kind of rolly look I haven't been able to get from the Lock.  The Alpha acts like it would be much more versatile than the Lock, despite being stronger than the Lock.  It was noted that the shell will polish to the lane quickly.  I think this core shell matchup will actually make the ball better for my game when it does polish up.  Alternatively I might just take it to 4000. 

Bottom line, if you are only playing house shots and have a Lock don't spend your money on the Alpha Crux.  However if you are looking for a piece that will give you a good combination of strength and control on flatter patterns of varying lengths the Alpha Crux looks to me to be a better bet. 



Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: Husker861 on March 29, 2016, 02:15:40 PM
I am going to have to start by saying I was not a fan of the Crux. Hooked a little too early for me and didnít really see a need for it. Then Storm came out with the Crux Pearl. This was definitely better. It got through the heads better being a pearl, and had some more continuation then the original crux. I was still a little skeptical when the announced the Alpha Crux. Needless to say Storm has hit an incredible homerun with this ball. There is No DOUBT this will be with me when needed.

I have used this pretty much only on lanes with lots of heavy Volume and Longer Length patterns. This ball hooks but is easily the best Asymmetrical balls that Storm had created since I have been with them. The Alpha Crux does need some head oil to work optimally, but when needing to move in, this ball still continues which is the most impressive thing.  I highly recommend this ball for heavier-volume medium patterns and up to the heaviest volume Longer patterns.
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: rotogrip_rick on April 19, 2016, 04:38:08 PM
Storm Alpha Crux
Layout: 40 x 3 5/8 x50
Coverstock: 2000ab box Ė tested at 3000ab
Lane conditions: 42 ft. house pattern with 2015 Flex with Fire and Ice conditioner on older HPL installed in early 2000ís.  And newer SPL and HPL using different conditioners and machines from Kegel
Test results: This is the best ball in the PREMIER line from Storm, it takes the GI-16 coverstock and match it the very strong and favorable Catalyst core to make the ďperfectĒ heavy oil ball. I love using this ball on the late shift or as mine transition ball after an oil push has developed on the left side of the lane for me or by me. Not a piece I would recommend to be used on really gritty lane panels or on wood, this ball needs OIL and a boot bit of it. Almost everybody wants a ball to go coast to coast, and this is it, A lot of good motion midlane and downlane, not like the original Crux which hooked for me way too early, and did not have enough energy stored. To me, this ball is like the original Roto Grip Cell, but with some ďproteinĒ added to it. This ball worked really well on newer HPL and SPL lane panels with 42-44ft oil pattern using Fire Oil. On the older HPL, it works better with the Fire and Ice oil with the FLEX machine than actual ION with just Ice oil being used. Itís save a punch for the backend unlike other solid reactives that are current on the market from other brands. If you want a ball that will travel thru the THS oil and still pack a strong punch, the Alpha is the ball for you.
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: rotostar13 on April 24, 2016, 11:45:52 AM
Storm Alpha Crux
OOB condition
House pattern 41 ft HPL
Layout-pin above bridge, cg kicked to the right 2 inches
This ball is everything I wanted and expected to be.  This ball is great and the oil and strong off the dry and hit the pins with the fury of a hurricane. This by far my favorite asymmetrical ball that I have.   Although, I didnít match up well with original Crux, and left me skeptical about The Alpha, but after throwing it is by far the supreme of the line.  It has a very eye appealing color scheme and wildberry cheesecake fragrance.  Overall, this is a must have for your bag.  Go see your local pro shop operator today and pick one of up.  Bowl up a Storm
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: ericacutler on May 05, 2016, 09:24:35 AM
My name is Erica Cutler and I am on Storm's Advisory Staff. I am right handed and throw the ball between 15-16mph. On the Alpha Crux the surface I have is out of box surface.  The drilling I have on the Alpha Crux is 50x4.5x25. All I am can say is that this ball really hooks.  I have never had a ball that hooks as much as this ball does.  The Alpha Crux reads the mid lane strong, but the ball still saves energy for the back and has a lot of motion on the back and hits like a truck.  Most balls that are this strong that read the mid lane strong just roll at the back end but not this ball. I have used this ball on 41 foot house shot and I about 6 boards left of my Storm Lock.  This is a ball that you are going to need Oil and also long oil patterns.  If you are on short patterns this ball is not the one you are going to need.  I have also used this ball on our State Tournament at it was 39 feet and I did not start with this ball, but when my Storm Lock was hooking to much and when I went left the Lock was not enough I went to the Alpha Crux and it was perfect. So if you are looking for a really strong Asymmetric Ball that hits extremely hard, then this is the ball that you need in your bag. This ball works really well on Typical House Shots also. So get to your Local Pro Shop and purchase a Alpha Crux. You will not be disappointed! #stormnation #bowlupastorm #stormalphacrux
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: StoRoto2013 on June 03, 2016, 09:13:58 AM

Length: Various Lengths

Volume: various Volumes

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Various Patterns

The Alpha Crux is one of the latest releases by Storm Products.  The Alpha Crux uses the catalyst Core that was used by the Crux.  The difference between the Cruxes is the new GI-16 solid reactive that provides extreme traction in the oil and an aggressive move when it hits the dry boards.  The layout I choose for the Alpha Crux was pin in the ring finger with Mass Bias on my VAL with no extra hole or for the dual angle people (40X5X65).  My coordinates are 5 5/8 over and ĺ up for my PAP, Ball speed is medium, Rev Rate around 300 and I am right handed.

I was able to compare the Alpha Crux to the LOCK on a wide range of patterns.  The biggest difference was the Alpha Crux started up quicker and was much smoother at the break point than the LOCK.  I like to go straighter through the front part of the laneÖ this motion is NOT a negative but a positive.  On the extra over walled up house shots I could play up the oil line and keep the Alpha Crux in play.  Yes on shots that I missed right it would check up quick but for the shots that I missed in the Alpha Crux devastated the pins!  I moved on to medium and heavy sport shot patterns and the Alpha Crux gave me a readable but strong motion in the mid lane.  On the fresh, the Alpha Crux kept me in play and open up the lane for me.  The Alpha Crux and moving left on a flatter pattern is an adventure!  I never lost the pocket but I lost a little hitting power.  So I did an experiment and polished the Alpha Crux.  I am glad I did because the Alpha Crux became the Alpha Ball out of my bag!  The Alpha Crux still rolled smooth but had more energy through the pins.  I could stay with the Alpha Crux and continue to move left and the motion through the pins was fantastic.  The Alpha Crux is a very good compliment to Lock and the Crux Pearl with or without polish!

Likes: Strong Bowling Ball


Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: PJ Haggerty on June 08, 2016, 10:48:02 PM
Alpha Crux Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

The Alpha Crux is the third Crus released domestically by Storm Products.  After the original and pearl Crux, the Alpha is definitely the strongest one.  Iíve seen it dig the hardest in the mid-lane and provide a similar motion to the Crux Pearl down lane.  Even with multiple surface adjustments, I havenít seen this Alpha Crux slow down yet.  Out of the box, I had a tough time throwing the Alpha because it was too strong. 

After getting some lane oil in the cover, the Alpha Crux tamed out a bit and made it easier to control.  This really is the first time Iíve thrown a ball that was too strong out of the box.   Iíve drilled one Alpha so far (5 x 4.5 x 70) and have been able to throw it on medium to longer patterns.

Iíve noticed a heavy rolling motion that truly revs up in the mid lane and can have a relatively quick response time down lane.  After getting approximately 50 games on it, I hit the Alpha Crux with a 3000 pad to slow down the response time and create a smoother motion.

If you need a big cored, assymetrical monster to never slow down going through the pins, the Alpha Crux is one you need to drill!

Title: Alpha Crux Review by Luke Rosdahl
Post by: ITZPS on June 16, 2016, 04:51:08 PM
Alpha is a fitting designation for this ball, as it is the premier choice on the market when it comes to balls that flat out hook.  However, the Alpha gives you a look that other heavy oil balls won't or can't.  Most heavy oil balls are smooth and rolly and don't like angle, or simply burn up too much energy trying to make the turn.  The Alpha Crux is a ball that can be played from any arrow on the lane, and is a ball that won't just recover from deeper angles, it will drive through the pocket with authority.  I can't remember the last time I saw a ball hook this much and be this versatile all at the same time.  At box surface, it will hook on even the wettest lanes, but with a bit of polish, it will be in play on medium heavy to heavy house conditions.  Make no mistake, this ball still loves oil and simply will not make it down the lane on lighter conditions, but on heavy conditions when the heads start burning up and you need traction in the middle and finish on the back end, this is a ball you can chase the shot in with all day. 
Title: Storm Alpha Crux
Post by: StormRoto on June 17, 2016, 01:34:59 PM
  The Alpha Crux the newest release to the Premier line for Storm Bowling.  After
coming out with a Hybrid and Pearl in early releases, storm released the solid version in the Crux line.  I drilled a couple of them, one with a favorite drilling 4.5 x 4 x 3 and 2nd one with a 2 x 6 x 1 layout.   The Alpha has a heavy rolling motion, with good continuation downlane.  It rolls a little on the early side and heavy in the midlane.
With the strong core and cover I was able to handle the puddle very well and still
have energy left for the backend. This ball is one of the strongest Storm balls that
I have drilled.  But also very versatile, and adapts to surface changes very well.
The Alpha is ball for mainly medium to heavy oil house shot and the longer sport patterns.

Brian Watson
PAP    - 3  up 1 1/2
Speed - 16-17
Rev Rate -380-400
Tilt   - 17

Title: Alpha Crux review by Mark Tarkington
Post by: GutterLine on June 21, 2016, 12:49:48 PM
Right Handed
Ball weight:  15
Rev Rate:  400
Ball Speed:  17.3
Axis Tilt:  7
Axis Rotation:  45*
PAP:  3 3/4 horizontal, 7/8 up
Layout:  35 x 2 x 65

The Alpha Crux is good!

Iíve had a good amount of success with this ball and layout on both house and sport patterns.

I get a nice smooth motion down lane and it doesnít tend to jump at the end of the pattern.  It reads the lane really well with the box surface, but tends to get a touch long as it acquires lane shine.  That said, Iíve been maintaining the cover to keep it as close to box as I can.

It also will open up a house pattern fairly quickly.  I can normally use it for about 2 games max in league before I have to ball down, but I really enjoy using it while the lanes allow it.

Iím quickly becoming a fan of the Catalyst core.  I find that the lower drill angles and closer pin to pap really complement my release and it never burns up or loses energy.  If I can keep it in the pocket, it always hits well.

This is a great asymmetrical release that would compliment any bowlerís arsenal.
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: Bigmike on June 23, 2016, 12:53:50 PM
I drilled my Alpha Crux up with the same specs as a Pearl Crux that I drilled last season. This made it 50 x 5 x 40 or pin up. I left it box finish to start which is 2000 abralon.

The Alpha is a beast. Good finish on longer patterns and really strong on house patterns coming out of the puddle in the middle. I did notice that once I got some "lane shine" the ball tamed down and was in play more on house patterns. But the good thing is the minute I touched it with a 2000 pad it was back to it's out of box hook.

Compared to the Pearl Crux it definitely picks up earlier and is still strong at the break point. I threw it some side by side with a Lock that I keep around 3000 and it is earlier and little smoother than the Lock. My Lock tends to want to get a later/stronger move towards the pocket.

Put this one in your bag if your looking for your "big hitter" in your arsenal.
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: dcutler on June 26, 2016, 02:14:27 PM
My name is Doug Cutler and I am Storm/Roto Grip Staffer. I am left handed and I throw between 15-16 MPH. My Alpa Crux I drilled it 45 x 4 1/2 x 70. The surface I have on it is Out Of Box 2000 Grit. I am new to the Storm Staff and all I can say about this Alpah Crux is WOW!!  This ball hooks and I am able to move inside and open the lane up and it won't burn up and lose hitting power if I miss left with it, or if I pull it in the oil it digs in the oil and still hits hard. The is the strongest Asymmetrical ball that I have ever had from any company.  I have used this on our Typical House shot 41 Foot, and I have also used this on PBA Shark pattern. This ball is great on Heavy Oil Patterns, but could also us it on Medium Oil Pattern with some surface change.  I have used this ball the last 2 weeks in league and have not shot under 760 series and had a 289, and 279 game. One week I had 2 other lefties on my pair and were playing around 10 and I wanted to keep away from them so I was able to use the Alpha Crux and move in around 15 and kept it in the oil and had a better look and carried more and they tried to move in but could not carry like I did because they did not have a strong enough ball. When I start with this ball and if the Alpha Crux starts to read the lanes to early then I go to the Lock and the Alpa Crux and the Lock are a good 1 to 2 punch. If you are on a short pattern then this ball is not for you. If you are looking for a really strong ball that will let you move in the oil and if you miss the ball either in our out you won't lose carry, then this is the ball for you. I am really impressed with this ball so far and I am going to drill another one up and drill it pin up. This ball is the Real Deal, and has been one of the most popular balls on the market for a few months and are still selling a lot of them.  So get to your Local Pro Shop today and purchase a Alpha Crux. You will not be disappointed!! Bowl Up A Storm! #alphacrux #stormnation

Doug Cutler
Storm/Roto Grip Staffer
PBA Regional Champion
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: TonyMarino on June 28, 2016, 09:11:25 AM
The Alpha Crux is the newest ball in the storm line with the catalyst Core. The new GI-16 solid reactive that provides extreme traction in the oil and an aggressive move when it hits the dry.  The layout I choose for the Alpha Crux was pin above the middle finger with Mass Bias just inside of my thumb with no extra hole. My PAP is 5 over and ľ up.
I compared the Alpha Crux to the LOCK and the Crux Pearl on the house pattern as well as the 2016 USBC team pattern. The biggest difference was the Alpha Crux started up quicker and was much smoother at the break point than the LOCK than both other balls. The Alpha responds to friction slowly compared to the other balls, so on the house shot it created a smooth predictable shape to the pattern and I could play just inside the oil line. Once I moved to the USBC pattern, the Alpha was just too much ball. It was still slower and smoother than the other two pieces, but the cover was just too strong and forced me too far in on the fresh.

The Alpha is great ball to use as the first ball out of the bag. The only time I have to put the ball down was when the cover was just too strong for the pattern. So short-to-medium sport patterns and light volume house patterns may not match up the best for the Alpha Crux. But if you have the oil, or need a little more ball, the Alpha Crux is a must have! It has earned a spot in my bag for the foreseeable future.
Title: Re: Alpha Crux
Post by: tommygn on June 28, 2016, 01:18:45 PM
The Alpha Crux is the third ball released by Storm in the premier line that has the Catalyst core. What separates the Alpha Crux, from the previous two balls, is the new solid GI-16 cover. This is the first ball released with this solid GI-16 cover. The box finish is 2000 grit Abralon. The black/turquoise/violet color combination reminds me of the X Factor Deuce. The Catalyst Core has an Rg of 2.50, a differential of 0.052, and an intermediate differential of 0.017.

I drilled my Alpha Crux really strong. I went with a 3Ĺ x3⅜ x2⅛  layout. I wanted a ball that was drilled for flooded lanes, knowing that I would only be using it sparingly. What I got, is a ball that I can use more often than I had originally anticipated. The Alpha Crux reads the lane really well on most patterns of a medium, to heavy and long variety, provided I have the surface prepared properly. I used the Alpha Crux at the box finish on PBA Shark pattern, and allowed it to lane shine over the few weeks of league on that pattern. I was able to cover more boards and have great ball motion, even when moving inside of fourth, and as deep as fifth arrow. It was really impressive to see a ball not dart of the spot, but hook through the pin deck, from this far inside on the lane. Now, back to the previously mentioned lane shine; the Alpha Crux didnít hook too earlier when I would bowl on medium conditions. When I bowl on true heavy oil, I just need to retouch the surface with some fresh abralon, and the ball wakes back up, and gives me that super strong mid-lane read and hook that is needed to get the correct entry angle through the pins. The most crucial aspect of getting this new Alpha Crux to read the lane the correct way, is with the surface preparation. I was also able to use the Alpha Crux on some very demanding sport patterns, because of the controllable hook shape that this combination of cover and core yields.

The Alpha Crux is truly a heavy oil ball, that with surface adjustments, can be used on conditions as far down as medium. This strong cover will eat the oil off the lane, if you have it dull, no question about it; but, with some lane shine, or polish, this ball will also read medium condition patterns really well. Comparing my Alpha Crux to the original Crux, both with the same surface and slightly stronger PSA placement on the Alpha, the Alpha is more controllable off the spot than the original Crux. They work really well together, just using the one that gives me the proper shape through the backend of the lane.

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to read my review of the Alpha Crux. Always remember to Bowl up a Storm!