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Title: Barbed Wire
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The new Barded Wire features our legendary Thunder core technology with a twist a high density wedge offset internally providing generous flare potential.

Surrounding the core is our proven Pro-Glide reactive coverstock. Pro Glide provides a smooth overall arcing reaction, best suited for moderate to dry lane conditions.

Recommended for bowlers of all skill levels.

Contain your reaction...not your score with the Barbed Wire.

Line Hot
Color Black/Teal
Coverstock Reactive
Core 2-piece Asymmetrical
RG 2.56
Differential 0.044
Factory finish 1500 grit Polished
Weights 10 thru 16lbs
Lane Conditions Medium Oil
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: Billy Ray on October 15, 2003, 03:29:44 PM
Drilled my barbed wire stronger than I would normally just to try something different.

Pin: 4"
CG 2" right of center line
Extra Hole on axis.
Factory Finish

This ball clears the heads as well as anything I have thrown on medium to lighter patterns.
However it does not snap very violently which is by design.
Very controllable but hits very hard for an inexpensive ball!!!
I can't believe how controllable it is. it lets me play much farther right than I would with other equipment and hits like a truck.
Although not a all around ball for me it will still be a good addition to my arsenal.
I would love to see this core in a stronger cover stock for heavier conditions.
Have not tried it dull or scuffed to see how much earlier it will read. But the cover is Pro Glide and not as strong as the Accu-Tread or Cureylon.

Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: brschmid on November 03, 2003, 12:36:52 AM
I bought this ball because i was mistaken horrible on the lane conditions i am playing on. I bought a Turbo Diesel 3 weeks prior to this because of this mistake on my part.

I am playing on burnt out lanes. so dry i am surprised they don't catch fire!!!

This ball is awesome on dry to light and still works pretty good on medium.

Great ball, it is drilled to go fairly long before breaking, but i can' still throw a fairly nice arc with it, so i am happy.
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: Mike Austin on November 09, 2003, 03:49:19 AM
My Barbed Wire has the pin out about 2 1/2 inches from the CG.  The ball had 4.02 top weight before drilling.

I put the pin under my fingers on my span line, which for me is about 4 7/8" from my PAP.  I swung the CG out to the right just a little bit, putting it about 4 5/8" from my PAP.  The mass bias would be in about a 80 degree position.  I did not have to use an extrah hole and left the ball with the factory surface.

This ball goes VERY long.  I was expecting the length, but I was also expecting some back end too.  This ball goes through the first 3rd of the lane very well on just about any condition, fresh, used, choppy, whatever.  The weight block takes over in the middle third, which is good for control.  This rolly motion keeps right on going though.  This ball is very smooth, arcy, lazy, whatever on the back end.  Pretty weak.  

Even though the ball doesn't have much back end, it hits pretty good, when there is enough dry to make it usable.  This ball goes so straight I sold my Too Hot and Big Hit Pearl.  (I saved my Purple Pearl Hit though)

Coincedently, Storm Staffer Carol Norman drilled her Barbed Wire just the same as mine, and hers goes straight too.

I have to get this ball on some dry lanes to give it a real workout.  I bowl one late league, and the lanes haven't been dry enough there.

The Barbed Wire should be a good dry lane ball for most bowlers, with the empahsis on DRY.  The straight players will use this ball as a spare ball.  High speed guys probably will do the same.  BUT!!!, if you have medium/slower ball speed with any hand/rotation/revs at all, you will like this ball when bowling on dirt.

Hope this helps ya, more later.........

Mike Austin
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Houston, TX

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Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: JuniorsProShop - Bobby on November 13, 2003, 03:52:55 PM
We drilled one for a customer, over the label with the pin under the ring ringer. The shot bowled on was both a fresh house pattern and a second shift house pattern. Both on synthetics. The customers favorite ball in his bag was previously a Hot Rod. Unfortunately, this ball didn't seem to meet his standards. It seemed to get down the lane just fine and also make a controlled, smooth backend move. He had no problem finding the hole with this ball, however, carry seemed to be missing for him. However, he did seem very happy with the way the ball reacted both in the front and back part of the lane. Said it was a very smooth reacting ball. His only complaint was leaving a lot of ten's when he got it there. Overall, this ball gets through the front part with ease and makes a nice sharp, but controlled move to the pocket. Keep it out of the oil, it was not designed to be a oil ball. Of you are looking for something to get you through the front without a snappy reaction in the back, this is the ball.
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Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: louie on November 22, 2003, 03:27:51 PM
14# ball that started with about 2.5 oz top and a 3 inch pin. Pin was placed just a bit right of ring finger and the cg is almost stacked beneath it. Small weight hole on PAP.
This is a great ball when there is a defined dry area on the lane with head oil. It does need a bit of oil to get it through the heads or it breaks too early. When you have head oil with crisp backends the ball hits great! Hit suffers a great deal on carrydown, and you wouldn't even consider this ball on any significant oil.
Nice ball for the heavy handed when the backends are strong. A weaker handed player would probably have carry issues.
The Barbed Wire is highly condition specific, but very good on that condition. It tames strong backends and still carries.

I scuffed the ball with 600 grit sandpaper by hand just to take the shine off. The ball is useful on more conditions now as it can handle a bit more oil. On a short wet dry I score great with this ball. I have great pocket % with the ball on drier lanes or lanes with less than crisp backends but then it pings 10 pins like crazy. Not as versatile as I had hoped but very good on its condition.

I've taken the ball down to 1000 grit. Now the ten pin problem has largely gone away. It still gets through the heads no probem. This is the only ball I have that I can roll dull on a house shot. When the backends are overreacting I pull this baby out and it will stay right in the pocket without overhooking. If most modern balls seem too strong for you try this baby out. When you find the right cover prep you will kick some a**!!
I polished the Barbed wire back up since my Sonic X overlapped with it when the Barbed wire was dull and the Sonic carries better. With a mirror like sheen this is now my weakest reactive piece. The ball rolls great. Minimal hook and all arc. I just wished it carried better. I leave more taps with this than with any other ball I roll.


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Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: TimPBA on December 20, 2003, 10:54:39 PM
Drilled with pin on centerline under the fingers, cg kicked a little right, with extra hole 7/8 by 1 1/2 deep on val 1 3/4" below my pap. Used it out of box and didnt really like the look. Scuffed it with a worn out green pad and HOLY CRAP! This ball has given me a look that I have had with very few balls. Since drilling this one i've shot 722, 710, 813, ect. And to think I hated Storm stuff. Well I love it now!

However, most people who have drilled this ball around here just dont like it. Why? I dunno.
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: storm100 on December 28, 2003, 06:28:21 PM
whats up all!!! i just got back into bowling after about a 11 year break.currently i've been throwing a columbia beast and the only way i can get any kind of hook is to wear my $50.00 storm wrist that i've settled down with wife and kids who all love the sport i treated myself to some new equipment.i ordered a storm fear factor and a storm barbed wire.i just got the storm barbed wire in a 15 lbs with a top weight of 3.42 and a pin of 2.5 to 3oz the sport has changed so much i went to a local pro that a coworker recommended and rolled my beast a few times and told him i wanted a ball that would have good lenght and a nice hook on the backend.again since i'm not up on all the science of drilling i pretty much left it in his hands,so we talked and agreed on the "leverage" drilling on storms drilling sheet.we placed the pin and cg 3 3/8 from the pap,this drilling did require a balance hole so we put it on the pap to remove excess side weight,and i did have inserts installed.WELL................HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS......................this ball is UNREAL 1st off i didnt need my wrist guard and even though my approach needs alot of work(alot)this ball tracked down the second arrow with great lenght and a nice hook at the backend and carried alot of energy into the pin deck.with the pro watching i threw 3 strikes in a first turkey ever.he than gave me some pointers on how to improve even more and what to work on.the conditions were i guess you'd say house with light to med oil on synthetic lanes.since i had things to do today i only had time for one game but my score went up 20 pins .i cant wait to get my fear factor in and cant wait to go bowl again with the barbed wire.storm, i think makes the best ball on the market and would recommend it to everybody........this ball for these conditions is a 9.9 out of 10.0,i'm hoping my fear factor will work out the same but on heavier oil yourself a favor and pick up a storm ball you wont be sorry.
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: 123bowler on December 30, 2003, 10:28:24 PM
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: 123bowler on January 02, 2004, 08:16:15 PM
This thing hits like a train and has a high visibility. You can always tell how the ball is going to react. Great soft arc on medium dry and a medium strong arc on dry. I don't know what the drilling pattern or pin placement is but this thing is a great ball. Storm is the best company out right now. Thanks to Dwight at A J Discount Proshop in Roseville Michigan for drilling up a great ball

Heres the website
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Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: RevLefty on January 24, 2004, 11:29:10 AM

   I am a lefty that has quite a bit of hand, lots of revs and has decent ball speed 17-19mph and can play anywhere from 20 to the channel. i can get into 25 but that pushing it plus it never called for on left side. That said I drilled this ball last friday for something for dirt and i was not disappointed.  It hard to keep something in dirt when you have as much hand as I do.  I drilled it at zero with pin about an inch above bridge and cg just above center of palm.


                       0 0


This gives basic idea how i drilled it.  I am quite impressed.  I can play in dirt again.  It doesnt matter how much i reak on this ball it still makes it little controlled turn to the pocket at about 50 foot and hits like a truck, not wuite the carry power of an infero or stinger low flare but great none the less. Recomend this ball for any crankers looking for something smooth.  People with less hand dont know if the carry power would be there.  I have let off some shots and it either didnt get to pocket or left a 7.  So that said I am still impressed with this ball, dont bring it out in med or heavy oil not what this ball meant for it will skid 60 feet.  Great dirt ball.  give this a solid 8 out of 10. Cant wait for the razor wire already got it ordered.

Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: khescock on February 13, 2004, 02:27:26 PM
I got my Barbed Wire about a month back. My father drilled it similar to an AMF Ninja. He took a 3.5 inch pin and drilled it pin negative and the CG center. The Ball is weak and this made the ball weaker so that I can play down and in on Drier conditions. The ball will react to the condition and on tough condition where my other equipment is giving me over/under, this ball will react to the condition and allow me to take the condition out of play.

This is a good ball, but if you like to play the inside or the big swing and like to watch the ball hook I don't think that is the ball for you, but if like to play down and in you can use this ball and it will react without over reacting and hit like a truck.

Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: hotwire13 on February 25, 2004, 01:48:27 AM
when the lanes get unplayable, this is the ball throw.  its controllable, powerful, and versatile.  it will flip over dry if you have the revs, and u can play a more direct line and still get the same carry.  if you throw mainly storm, like i do, your arsenal will not be complete without this ball.  its very condition-specific, but its worth it for late rounds in tournaments when the lanes are bone dry
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Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: laxbowler02 on March 03, 2004, 02:57:45 PM
I got the barbed wire for the simple fact that the lanes here in lacrosse are more dry then oily.  I needed a ball that could simply get through the heads and remain smooth to the pocket.  I researched "barb" and decided to try her out.  This ball is great for dry lanes.  she remains smooth to the pocket where she has a snap that will knock everything out of the way.  she is also a very forgiving ball....i can pull it and its a rocket to the pocket...i can pitch out a little too much...she comes back like a train....nice price on this ball and a real quality ball....overall review....8 out of 10!
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Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: dcollins on May 05, 2004, 07:10:45 PM
I got this ball six months ago for use as a dry lane ball and generally for more confusing patterns. I have found that I turn to it not only when the shot breaks down, but also when carrydown, unfamiliar patterns, or other factors cause the other balls in my limited arsenal (X Factor, Throttle Up, Trauma Response, original Cuda) to stop working for me. As you can see this is the only down-and-in style ball I have in my arsenal, and I rely on it heavily. I even used this ball at a county roll-off recently where the shot was flooded from 5 to 5, playing straight over the 2nd arrow.

I have been very satisfied with the Barbed Wire. I generally avoid using it on a fresh shot or heavy oil (aside from the unusual circumstances mentioned above, of course) as it will skid and fail to recover on these patterns. However if you give this ball just an inch or two of dry it will make a solid, predictable move every time. If you have a lot of hand, as I do, it will cut through sloppy backends and patchy lanes very consistently once it starts rolling.

My Barbed Wire is drilled to hook early (since the coverstock is weak) and make a medium/strong move. I'm afraid I don't have the specs on-hand but it's actually one of the standard layouts Storm recommends. We took it (pro-shop guy and I) from a Flash Point package, it was layout #4.

So, I particularly recommend this ball for bowlers with high speed and high revs who want a ball they can turn to when swinging their atomic stuff is getting them in trouble. By drilling it to go relatively early I'm able to keep throwing the ball hard and fast but count on this very smooth ball to make a strong move. On dry or broken down lanes I can get a lot of area and the ball will make it back if I miss outside. Also hits like a truck, best carrying ball I own on the conditions described.
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: bowler0821 on May 31, 2004, 03:07:46 PM
15.4 lbs
3-4 pin

right handed
med speed
avg revs

I got this ball about 3 months a go and all I have to say is yes it is a great ball. Really good for drier lanes and when you have carrydown it will do the job. I set my up with pin under the ring and cg kicked right to about 5 oclock and it just gets out really smooth and just comes back hard. It hits and carries very well. So if you are looking for a ball to fit for the lighter stuff or maybe just starting try the barbed wire. I give it a 8 out of 10. Way to go Storm and thanks for making so many good balls.


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Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: Mike Austin on July 18, 2004, 10:32:25 PM
Don't think I have ever done a 2nd review on a ball, but on this one I just have to.

I drilled a second Barbed Wire.  3-4 pin with 3.2 top weight.  I put the pin on my span line over my fingers, which will be 4 3/4 to 5 inches from my PAP.  The CG is actually to the negative side of my grip center, about 6 1/4 inches from my PAP, putting the mass bias in my track, probably at about 100 degree angle.

I never really could find the right lane condition for my first Barbed Wire, it was always just okay, never really berries like my Too Hot, Tour Power, or other balls I used for dry lanes.  On really dry lanes BW #1 burned up too fast, not enough length.  On medium lanes it had enough length, but wouldn't turn the corner at all.  The best pattern for that ball, which I did find a couple times is a fresh pattern that hooks alot in the middle and back thirds of the lane.

After having drilled a number of these balls for customers, using more aggressive dry lane type layouts, I had to try another one.

This BW is so much better.  Very good length and the back end is firm.  If I really try to get on this ball, it has a little bit of a snappy motion to it.  This ball confirms what my customers had told me that this ball is very good and dry lanes, with a controllable break point.

Just got a little excited, this ball is really nice.  Hits so hard.

Hope this helps ya.....
Mike Austin
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Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: David Lee Yskes on October 15, 2004, 05:32:24 AM
Well i had this ball (16lb) drilled up about a hour before leagues tonight, drilled 5x4.5 with the pin right under the ring finger, no extra hole needed, and then had the ball polished up with some  Don Carter  Go-Long to make sure it gets down the lane.  

Well i went to my thursday nite bowling house, had a couple practice shots and was lined up.  and shoot 225-214-206, and besides two missed 10pins, and two splits in the 9th frame in the second and third game, i could have shot 700.  

the condition was a basic 10-10 house shot.  and i started standing on 31, going over 17 out to 12, and by the end of the nite i was standing 33 and going over 20 out to 12.  

I didnt have a problem missing the pocket with this ball unless i go the ball out early which happend twice.   And besides that, i didnt miss the pocket all nite long.  

overall so far, this ball is great, gets down the lane without any problems and makes a nice turn to the pocket.  the ball also keeps the pins low to the deck to for some excellent carry.

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Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: 10pinmaster on February 01, 2005, 07:34:13 PM
i bowl at del rio lanes in downey california in there juniors programs and i average about 210. i got the barbed wire about a year ago and i hate it i drilled it up when i bowl my weakly tournaments either the JAT or JST they have tournaments every week and i drilled the ball for when the lanes dry out and when i pull it out it doesn't hit real hard and when it does it leaves a 10 pin. on a scale from 1 to 10 i would give it a 3 this is about the only storm i don't like
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: DonSVO on February 14, 2005, 02:21:03 AM
left-handed, tweener, 16ish MPH ball speed

14 lb'er, 2.5 oz top weight, 2.75" pin

10:30 label drill, CG in palm, pin just above and to the side of the ring finger

fresh 36', buffed to 42', dry 7-to-gutter. shot broken down somewhat on the left by me, so i could try this critter where its supposed to be used... dry and busted.

well, i drilled up the barbed wire with the intentions of using it on drier conditions. i went to my 'control house' where i REALLY test out new stuff, on a sunday morning where i am the first person to touch the lane.

since i was overcome with anxiety about this Gem, i pulled it right out of the bag and stood looking to let it go 2nd arrow to 5. WOW. thats all i can say about this beast! it proceeded to rev up nicely and KILLED the 2-4-5 pocket. what the h3ll? i think it hooked a total of 4 boards. NIIIIIICE washout, Don. i moved in BIG TIME, ripping the cover off it up 5... WOW. a lazy move into the headpin. light. left a gorgeous 3-5-6 mini bucket.

i threw about 6-7 games with some other equipment, and then brought out the barbed wire again. i shot where i started before, 2nd arrow to 5 board. hmmmm. it caught the headpin this time! i was impressed! i piped it up 5, and it hit the headpin squarely, leaving a cute little bend-me-over-without-vaseline greek church. i roll her again with a tad less hand, and it hit the pocket flush. the only thing is, it hit like a marshmallow. thanks for the 7-9 split. i found a line for it finally: going over 4th arrow towards all my 7-pin leaves. yes, as it stands i just bought a pretty looking spare ball.

after 4 games and very much sub-par results, i am going to have to do something about it.

i am going to play with the coverstock a bit and see if i can coax a decent look out of it. i expected a mild move, but this is rediculous. i coulda picked up a bonanza 300 for $30 and had more boards.

 new review ETA: 2 weeks.

funniest thing i have ever read on here:

originally posted by Bjaardker, about if brunswick sells 2nds/blems:

Yeah, they're called Lane #1s....


Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: greatbowler14680 on February 27, 2005, 03:04:17 PM
the storm Barded wire is one of the most underrated bowling balls ever. When the lane are bad that ball is the greatest ball to have.
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: Kevin62571 on March 01, 2005, 03:55:46 PM
Cranker, 17.5 mph, 450 rev rate, very high track.

Ball drilled stacked leverage.

Had this ball for about a year now and its the best dry lane ball I've ever owned.  Don't understand why its getting ANY bad reviews unless people are throwing on heavier conditions than it was made for.  Maybe it's only good for crankers cuz it really does go long and has a smooth and EXTREMELY CONTROLLABLE arc to the pocket.  I bowl mostly on sport shots and this one is great when the lanes start to dry out.  Never had a problem carrying playing deep inside or off the corner.  You just have to be smart enough to know when to use this ball.

I agree, one of the most underrated balls out there!

BTW - The Razor Wire is an awesome complement to this ball!  I walk into several leagues and tournaments and end up using only these two balls and always have a great look unless their completely flooded.
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: DonSVO on March 13, 2005, 02:30:09 AM
re-review of this ball, per my previous promise to give it another chance.

14#s, 10:30 label, 3" pin. 800 grit sanded with a quick hit of polish

aside from spare shooting, the Barbed Wire has only one place: fried-headed dry lanes. the length is just fine here, since it takes forever to wind up. i used this ball on some rather worn 2nd shift conditions where everything i had was burning up/checking up at 40 feet... and it was actually a valuable asset. i was able to get some decent carry from it, the only drawback being its entry angle was only sharp enough to play a pretty direct line, and i left corner pins.

i intentionally let it hit high, and it started killing the pocket to my surprise. a literal swing 12-to-10 board-and-in shot... a slight hook with nothing special. the ball did what i wanted, it hit with energy. i was coming more up the back with some decent axis tilt and the ball reacted pleasantly.

i began moving out to try some other lines, finding the 10-to-7 board line worked well, and the straight-up-5 was another winner. it was decently forgiving with off-mark shots, not overcorrecting itself. it is a linear hook, so i can easily read its reaction once i start a line.

rating: 7 of 10.

the ball is VERY lane specific. i would probably give it a better rating but it is not a very good "comprehensive" ball since it lacks versatility. when there's oil it is out of its element... acts just like a VIS-A-BALL.
funniest thing i have ever read on here:

originally posted by Bjaardker, about if brunswick sells 2nds/blems:

Yeah, they're called Lane #1s....


Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: ML4BOWL on March 19, 2005, 10:52:23 AM
Well I bought this ball for what seems to be the same reason everyone else does, Worn Out Lanes. We bowl in a scratch league , 3rd squad, old wood lanes.

Drilled pin in the fingers, CG in the palm.

This ball still hits like a nerf. Unless you are going to throw this ball Mac 1 it will not carry. By far the ball I was replacing due to its worn out cover was a very old Hextreme that got cracked. This ball is drilled exactly like it but they dont work alike. It deflects, and just doesnt even sound right on pocket hits. You must hit high and fast.

Before going with this ball I would recomend either finding an old hextreme polished, or maybe trying what I ended up with. Polishing a Crunch drilled straight up. They hit and carry
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: bowlerXXL on May 02, 2005, 08:25:20 PM
I don't really remember the specs on this ball.  It is 15lbs and the pin is 2-3 inches.  Don't remember the top weight.  I purchased this ball in Detroit at a tournament.  Kurt Pilon, a pba member, drilled it up for me.  The pearl cover along with it's skid/flip core makes it a better option for me on some medium to light patterns.  The carry of course is great.  I shot 299 with it in the second game of the tournament.  I like it's consistency more so than my razor wire.  It is for medium to light only!!! so don't experiment with this puppy... you'll pay for it.  I don't really bowl with storm but this ball along with the razor is a good buy.
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: bowlfishing on August 03, 2005, 07:20:14 PM
I needed to replace my retired Hot Rod, and I now bowling on synthetics.  I needed something will less snap than the Hot Rod.  My friend had just drilled up a Razor Wire and it was more similar to my Hot Rod (1:30 drill), with a very strong arc. so I went with the Barbed Wire for more length and drilled it a similar 1:30 to take out some snap.   Don't remember the exact numbers but about 3" pin and 3 top.

I got just what I wanted.  A ball the went extremely long with a milder reaction off the dry.  However, it is actually more versitile than I thought.  I have used it on different angles, releases and speeds.  One thing is that it does what you do.  Note there can be some carry down problem, but I belive this is more the drilling than the ball.
Obviously this ball needs some back end.  However, recovery is excellent if on a drier condition.  On a wetter condition, you will need to ease up on the speed.  I will only use this ball up to a medium condition though.  I actually used this on a sport shot and it works quite well.
Very odd, on a lighter condition it hits, it carries, awesome.  With slightly more oil, the hit and carry changes a little.  The carry is really good, but less hit power.  However, with more hit and speed, it will hit better, but leave an occasional 10 pin.  I guess it makes sense if you think about it.

Overall, this is a great ball with good versitility through med conditions.  I would not used this ball on scorched lanes.  Despite the initial length, the core is just too stong and will burn out, leaving weak hits.  
Remember, if it is above medium oil or scorched put it away!!  Don't force a ball to do what it was not meant to do.
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: J09 on November 15, 2005, 07:42:17 PM
hello all,

        this ball was given to me and the span was about the same as mine and well i cant really get this ball to work i am a bowler who lets the ball out there and it comes back and that ball is not for that in less you get the ball drilled for it i guess i dont know how mine is drilled so i might have to go to the pro shop to see well i dont care to much about this ball
Title: Re: Barbed Wire
Post by: NYYTony on January 26, 2006, 09:21:25 PM
This is a discontinued ball, but there are some around on the
internet and in some pro shops.  This is my favorite light oil
ball.  My current average is 151 and I have a 240 in one house
and a 222 today in a different house.  I roll this ball down and
in between 15 and 16 mph between 4 and 10.  It hits hard and I get a
good number of strikes from the pins flying around in seemingly odd ways.