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Title: Big Hit Pearl
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Coverstock: Reactive Pearl

Core: 3-piece Asymmeterical

Finish: Polished
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: Storm Staff Dominic Green on June 16, 2002, 11:57:52 PM
This ball fills the gap between over reactive mid-performance and lame-hitting low performance. Dispurses backend power after breezing through broken heads. On drying conditions, this ball gives control and power. That's all you need.
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: rick stubbs on July 21, 2002, 06:36:39 AM
I recently drilled up a Big HIT pearl. This ball was drilled cg in grip and pin over index finger for length. The house I bowl at went to Anvil lane synthetics so I have screaming backends. Ball was left box finish. Big Hit went down the lane and made a very mellow move to the pocket. This pattern would be great for someone who really turns the ball. I found my second or third game ball, I am going to spin the ball to 1200, just to see how the ball will react, I need it to move a few feet earlier, thanks.
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: David Lee Yskes on September 13, 2002, 09:52:38 PM
Well i had this ball drilled up 9-10-02 and it was so i had something when the lanes are super dry, which is what they are putting out for the three leagues i bowl on.  The oil pattern is a simple Top Hat 38ft, i believe, and dry backends and dry outside 10. I was using a Trauma drilled weak, with the CG and MC2 in the weak position, with the pin under my fingers. I had the big hit drilled Storm #2 layout, with the pin under my fingers and CG kicked out in the Positive
to make it able to turn the corner, and a 1oz of negative taken out to kill it. i know it sounds weird but, well the ball still turns the corner when it hits the dry backends, or dry outside.  But i will say that this ball does hit with power! i left several solid 9's but, for someone who has alot of hand, and bowls in a house that has dry backends, or uses short oil patterns this ball is good for it. And i myself only payed 80$ for it. So i look at it this way, at least i didnt pay 250$ for it! But anyways i was bowling on lanes that was oiled for women, and it was after leagues was done, so i will post another message, monday night so i can see how it works on my saturday league and monday league. But so far i like the ball because it gets down the lanes and makes a nice smooth but big turn. But this ball is gives you more than what it seems, and the 80$ you pay for it is well worth it!
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: YeahHossNV on September 17, 2002, 12:06:38 AM
this ball has a 3 1/2 pin and a 3.2  ounce topweight.

i drilled this ball with the pin under the ring finger. and the cg kicked out 30 degrees with a 29/32 weight hole drilled 3 inches deep located 4 1/8 down and 2 1/8 out from my axis. the ball gets great lenth and takes a strong left turn in the backends but most importantly its still controllable. it hits great the carry is not perfect but it is good. this ball is great for dry lanes and playing up the boards on a wet/dry block. overall a great ball at a graet price.
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: David Lee Yskes on September 20, 2002, 10:32:18 PM
Ok, well this is my second review on this ball.  Well I havent used on a league since the first time, but i have been using it in practice, and i notice that when the temp drops and the oil doesnt move as much, the ball works great and i can play how i intended to with this ball.  And when i could play 15-10 the ball does hit with power, the problem i had was, the night i used it i was playing 4th arrow out to 10, and it was losing its power when it would make the turn, because i had to throw the ball harder than i wanted to, when it was warmer out, because the oil in the house i bowl in was breaking down fast. But anyways this ball is great for playing inside of 3rd arrow, thats where the ball will be most effective.
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: jonh on October 11, 2002, 01:32:28 PM
Med speed high rev player pretty much 45 degree semi-roller. Got thsi ball for dry and driled it with the pin over my middle finger. I like Storm balls but this thing hits like a bag of marshmellows. Haven't thrown it on a really dry shot but i am dissapointed with the jumpiness when it does manage to grab. I think I prefer my Blue Hot.  5 out of 10
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: Kurt on October 13, 2002, 03:49:56 PM
needed a ball for dryer condition,with screaming backends
picked up a b.h.p. with 4 oz. top drilled with pin over bridge for length.
ball gets down with very little effort,but has a good strong move back to pocket.
very surpised for a 80.00 ball. off the drill press started league with 1st 9 and a nice pocket 7-10....
but if you run into a dry house can complain for the money.
dont expect the hit like your gonna get from the traumas and erasers,
but it is a hard hitting ball for the condition you are on.
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: crankers202 on November 20, 2002, 04:04:55 PM
This ball is amazing on dry lanes. This is one of the best pearlized balls I have ever seen. I got this ball at a pro shop for 90$. You can't go wrong with that price. I got it with the pin 2-3 inches out. I got the ring finger hole drilled about a half an inch diagonally down to the left with the center of gravity about three inches down from that hole. This ball will go extremely long with a little backend. Perfect for dry lanes. I was averaging in the high 170's and my next league night I averaged 216 with this ball. Good choice for entry level bowlers also or bowlers with slow ball speeds. The Big Hit Pearl is a must have for your bowling arsenal. It belongs in every bag.
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: SUPERPOWER on November 25, 2002, 01:58:59 AM
This Big Hit pearl is an excellent ball for the price goes long, enough backend consistant roll with impressive carrying power. On 8-13-02 shot a 300 with it not bad for 70.00 ball
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: amish_ashaman on October 14, 2003, 03:08:26 AM
This ball hooks a bit more than advertised. I got it for toast, drilled it with the pin over ring finger, CG kicked out a bit. It doesn't seem to go long enough for me, nor does it hit very well on a consistent basis. I'm getting rid of it.

Okay, I punched a hole on the PAP to take it back to negative, about 1/2 oz. This made it more controllable, and somehow made the hit more consistent. It hooks earlier but smoother. I may keep it a while longer.
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Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: KR300 on December 07, 2003, 11:06:30 AM
I've been looking for a reactive ball for fried lanes for a loooong time, and man have I found it. Drilled mine with pin over middle finger and cg close to center of palm. I can almost play up the boards on toast with this thing. Example: Using a polished ultra hot drilled pin over ring finger, played 17 to 5 at break point. Same lanes, was light playing up 10 and hitting it. Perfect ball for what its drilled for. Any cranker will love this ball with this set up.
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Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: Tracker798 on January 02, 2004, 12:20:52 AM
I bought this ball a few months ago with hopes that I'd be able to raise my average.  Now, I'm not huge into the drill patterns so I'm not even going to try to tell ya how it's drilled.  

In the few months I've had this ball, I've experienced the good and the bad.  First off, when the lane conditions are right, this ball is great.  It hooks a little more than advertised, but a small adjustments fixes that.  It hits well and seems to carry the pins when in the pocket, but be just a little high or deep and you're stuck.  

If there is oil, FORGET IT!  This ball hates the oil more than many I've seen or used.  You might as well be using a plastic ball.  The only other thing I don't like about this ball is it seems to "gash" very easily.  The second time I used the ball, I had a nice 2" slice in the side that appeared to just keep chipping if not fixed.

I've raised my average almost 15 pins with this ball so I can't say too many bad things about it.  Hopefully with a little more practice, I can figure out how to use this ball in all conditions.
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Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: stormrocks on January 02, 2004, 01:17:06 AM
This ball is good for dry lanes. I've had the ball for about a week and it goes down the lines with a big backend hooks. my pin on the ball is 2- 2.5
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: lft_side on January 02, 2004, 06:27:09 PM
I purchased this ball a while ago.  I needed something for extreme fried lanes.  I was suprised by how much it hooked at first but then i got used to it and it turned into an excellent ball for my league.  This ball has good length and decent backend. This ball can be used on medium oil playing direct lines or crankers can swing it on medium oil.  On dry you can make this ball do whatever you want.
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Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: bowlerXXL on February 03, 2004, 04:35:27 AM
I bought this ball on ebay used and had it drilled with the pin above the fingers and the cg kicked out a little.  For me this ball is lane specific.  It's a ball for toast definitely however I had great success with it on broken down patterns with crisp backends.  I've shot 300 and 267 with this ball practicing but have not been successful with it in league play.  I rate this ball a 5 because I have hand and with a touch of oil this ball won't recover.  It could be the drilling,  I don't know!
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: statechamp on February 07, 2004, 12:06:22 AM
This is one of the best balls i have ever owned and you can't beat the price. I bought this ball to go long and not have too much backend so i could go right up the boards with it on a dry condition. I have 6 games on this ball now and my low with it is 205. I've shot 268,265,258,258,207,205. I throw the ball about 19mph with a good about a revs and let me tell you this ball hits. I bowl on a high school team in ohio (austintown fitch-back to back state champs) and since i've been throwing this ball my avg has jumped from 209 to 214. great ball
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: RevLefty on November 13, 2004, 10:42:48 PM
I am a Lefty that has more hand than any other lefty that I have seen.  With that said lets get to the review.

Drill:  2.5oz top 3in pin 15lb  Ball is typical 10 o clock drill.  Cg in center of grip with pin next to my ring finger.  Left in box finish.

I drilled this to be a dry lanes ball.  Didn't fail me.  It is the best dry lanes ball ever. I drilled this last friday.  Shot 5 times since last friday with sets of 741,758,753,726 with a 298, and in mini tourney with 6 game total of 1459.  This was in three different houses, tells you how little oil we have in the tricities area in mich.  This is the best dirt ball i have ever owned.  Most low end resin balls don't hit well.  This is the exception to the rule.  Goes long and recovers well but not ove reative.  I am very impressed with this ball and cant put it down.  10 out of 10 for storm keep up good work.
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Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: bOwLiNgPiMp243 on November 28, 2004, 05:36:55 PM
I got the Red/Blue one but....
Great Desert Ball
Lane Conditions: Dry
Typical Conditions: Variety of Shots
Type of Lane: All Synthetic
What part of the lane did you play? Outside First Arrow
Did the ball track out? Fast
Weight of bowling ball: 15
Surface of bowling ball: Polished
Likes: Great Ball when your going thru a extensive tournament, where it starts out as a medium oiled shot... and the lanes are bone dry... also good when you need a snap on a sport shot.
Dislikes: Oil in ANYFORM

Got this ball from Dave(A beast @ bowling/good person/boss/pro-shop owner) and it was previously used for like 3 games. So it was still in tip top shape... and it fit my span great, and all i needed was a new slug and some inserts. Tested it out... Rolls long and snaps. I loved it and the way it rolls. The drilling is Leverage. I cant wait to test this puppy @ Travel League, Saturday Sport Shot, and Tournaments. I think i'm finally set w/ my equipment..... I would like to keep it to 6... but you never kno when your young, hip and ambitious as I..... Holla
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Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: SkillzMagillz on December 08, 2004, 11:59:15 AM
I drilled this up to go long and snap(but a tamed snap). I threw it on a dead synthetic shot and it snapped perfectly in from 3.  This ball has a nice smooth and consistent roll and really gets the job done on dry lanes.  I'm pretty sure thats the reason that people buy it.  As for floods this ball would only work for Robert Smith and Norm Duke.  If you aren't them than just stick with the powerballs.  
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: louie on January 13, 2005, 07:34:28 PM
14# ball with a 3 inch pin and 2.5 ounces of starting topweight. It is in box finish. I had it drilled pin just right of ring finger and cg back towards span. It's basically label. This is a great ball when the lanes are providing free hook. It is always clean through the heads despite their condition. It starts to roll in the midlane if friction is present and arcs controllably to the pocket. Hit is good. It carries everything it should plus a couple more. Provided the lanes are dry enough, this ball will keep you in the pocket due to its stable nature. It really doesn't hook enough to be a beginners ball. They would be better served with a Power Groove or something similar. If you need a dry lane piece, The Big hit Pearl will get the job done right!

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Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: tericson77 on March 10, 2005, 02:56:22 PM
I bought this ball last night after the pro shop mistakenly suggested the Hammer "The Deal". I needed a dry lane ball that would allow me to play down-and-in.  After realizing his mistake, he pulled the Hit off the shelf and drilled it for me free of charge (both balls were about $100 drilled).  I'm a high-rev, high axis rotation bowler, and that being said this ball is perfect.

After he drilled it, I threw 8 test shots (at 10:00 after two leagues, and dry as a bone) standing at 15, throwing out to the 10, and 7 of them were strikes.  I even had about a 4 board margin of error. It looked exactly like my Eraser Boost does on fresh oil.  The one shot that wasn't a strike, I got a little too ambitious and moved my feet out to 10.

After 3 frustrating weeks of bowling 590's fighting the dry lanes, I can get back to bowling 700's.
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: tericson77 on March 17, 2005, 12:04:15 PM
This review is a follow-up to my 3/10/05 review.

I have to first clarify that the ball I have is actually a Hit Pearl rather than a Big Hit, but my comments should still apply.

I used this ball in league for the first time last night and couldn't be happier with the results.  The last few weeks, it's been getting warmer and therefore harder to play the right side of the lane where I feel most comfortable.  Up until recently, I was a corner to corner, big hook bowler.  In January, I tried out throwing down and in with my Storm Eraser Boost, and my average jumped up 20 pins in 2 months.

The only problem is I didn't have a ball that would allow me to bowl down and in on any and every condition.  That's where the Hit Pearl comes in.  I've now tried this ball on dry, wet, walled, and reverse-block, and it will stay right and tight no matter what.

I had a legitimate chance for an 800 my first time using this ball in league had it not been for a split in the 9th in my 1st and 3rd games.  Nonetheless, I still shot a 235, 240, 253 (728).  I may never get a $150 to $200 "hook monster" again...
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: Judd on March 26, 2005, 09:59:25 PM
For the price, rather surprising carry.  I can carry 6-7 strikes per game with it (vs. 7-9 strikes with the Vertigo @ 3 times the price).  It works well on the burnt out lanes.  I lent it to my brother (lots of revs, med-slow speed, no control) to replace his Eraser Pearl-Particle for one night.  He bowled his high series of 516 with it, which isn't half bad for a 140 average bowler.  I haven't been able to shoot less than a 640 with it.
high rev bowler with med speed - 207 avg
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: EastonCxN on April 02, 2005, 02:39:38 PM
I am very suprised with this balls hook, i mean it hooks like it is a top of the line storm bowling ball for a fraction of the price
Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: Frank The Tank on March 22, 2006, 10:11:25 PM
Last night in practice my Storm Paradigm drove too high in the pocket at times because the lanes were dry in league so I switched up to my Storm Big Hit and I was impressed. I'm shooting close to 600's with this ball I'm averaging close to 200 with this ball I've shot 589 set with it 169 miscue on the 2nd game is what hurt me the most.

Here's the story
My friend crazyyankee on gave me this ball in a trade and I tried it in practice almost 6 months ago and it did well in practice when the lanes had strong backends. This is filling the bill and I like this ball has been in my car for several of months had it resurfaced because of the color of the ball I love the ball and the reaction helps me out when the lanes start to hook a lot can't do well without this ball here. I need this ball whenever my Storm Paradigm starts hooking too much on the backend.
Big Hit Logo View
Big Hit Front View

I usually average 50% of carry each game with this ball if the condition is right. I can't carry well through carrydown that's when I'll buy the Scorchin Inferno for this coming up weekend I hope.

It came in stacked but don't know how it was drilled but it works for me though.

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Title: Re: Big Hit Pearl
Post by: Pask8r17 on May 19, 2007, 07:27:52 PM
Hey all, I just felt like I had to rave about this ball.  A year or so back, i purchased a 15lb Bit Hit Pearl.  I originally got the ball for something when the lanes were bone dry and i got it all drilled up so it wasn't supposed to do anything.  what a got was a mack truck that didn't take any prisoners.  The ball hits a ton.  I can see why they call it the big hit, cause thats what it does.  I will say though, that the only thing that i am not happy about is that it hooks a lot more that advertised.  but, it's an awesome ball nevertheless.  It's a solid pick for me everytime.

Brad Drake
Fayetteville, NC