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Title: Core Power LRG
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Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: 12X on September 23, 2002, 01:06:24 PM
Just got this ball last week,
Drilled just under a pin with 5-3/4",
Throwed it in the morning with fresh oil,
Played many different board to see a different pins actions....
This ball hit likes a truck... nothing is standing...
Another great ball from storm...

Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: Mike Austin on October 02, 2002, 07:53:55 AM
I drilled my LRG with my "default" layout.  Which for me is pin over the fingers on the span line and the cg swung out to the right.  This would also be about a 5 inch pin in about a 40 degree layout.  I had to use an extra hole, as this ball had close to 4 oz of top weight before drilling.  I put the x hole 5 inches straight over from the center of my span.

The LRG comes dull in the box.  This is supposed to be an oily ball, so I threw it dull first.  I have a couple of Trauma Responses, and this is Storm's big oil ball, so this is what I used as a reference point.  Out of the box, the LRG has better length and a sharper break point than the Response.  I would attribute this to the lower load in the particle shell.  The LRG finishes better through the pins than the Response does also.

The first set I bowled was not on fresh oil, and I had to play in front of the ball return to get the ball down the lane.  Not really the correct condition.  I tried to use the LRG in my Monday scratch league at another (wood) house.  Emerald bowl gives me fits because they are very wet/dry.  I like to play them deep with a ball with surface to cut down on the over/under reaction.  I was able to throw the LRG for the first game, shot 237, but could tell the ball was struggling to get down the lane.  Put it away, went to the Eraser.

After this set, I polished the LRG with NeoTac Control It.  Made the ball shine nicely, not like glass, but a noticable difference from the box surface.  Now I was able to play the lanes at Emerald much better.  I did not get in front of the ball return until the third game, and this is a house known for breaking down early and often. 256, 200, 187.  Big 4 the 9th and 10th the third game.  Missed a spare and split in the second game.  Lower scores were not the ball's fault.  

Finally, I bowled the scratch league at my "home" house, Brunswick synthetics.  This league is divided into periods.  They run a different pattern for each period.  Right now the lanes are on the dry side.  The last few weeks I have bowled well using a Tour Power and Eraser.  Standing about 30-35 looking at 13-16 a little past the arrows.  With the polished LRG I started at 38 looking at 17 at the arrows.  Very nice reaction.  I was deeper than everybody on my pair, able to get it back from errors to the right, and could hook it in around 3rd arrow from the get go - did not have to wait for the lanes to break down.  245 (4-9) in the 10th, 227 (one split), and 260 (solid 8 and 10 keep me from 300).  Solid 8 and 4-9 keep me from 300 the first game.  Very explosive, ball runs over the 8 pin, not much deflection, hits very hard.

I think this ball will be able to cover most mediums to almost any oily condition with the correct surface prep.  Ball hits very hard.  Hooks alot, but has more "usable" hook than the Response.  Favors the Super Power, but stronger.  Sharper break point/more hook than an El Nino X it.  Earlier hook than the Shock Trauma with more hook overall.  Not really any comparison to the other Core Power.  Ball should retail around $180, so not in the top tier price wise, but worth the money.  Very high performance.

Sorry so long, hope this helps ya!
Mike Austin
Mike Austin's Precision Pro Shop
Houston, TX
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: mteproshop on October 06, 2002, 08:46:37 PM
We recently had synthetic lanes installed on the upper half of the house.  Most of the bowlers are having trouble adjusting to the new lane surface, as they get too much skid inside and don't project the ball well enough to play up the lane.  I got an LRG in a little while ago with a 1.5 inch pin and 3oz top.  I thought it would be a good ball for one of the better bowlers who has been struggling on the synthetic lanes; 540 and 550 the first 2 weeks.  I put the pin just under the ring finger with the CG swung out a little, no hole.  He was a little skeptical because he didn't think a pin-in ball would be strong enough for him.  I asked him to try it anyway, and he used it that night.  The ball rolled stong in the mid-lane and kept the pins low.  He was able to kick the corners with the LRG because of the stong mid-lane roll, whereas the Recovery he normally used would over-skid and leave a lot of corners as a result.  He was also able to open up the lane and the ball continued to react well as the condition broke down.  He had 670 and 665 the first 2 times he used it, so he was very happy.  I would recommend this ball for bowlers with medium ball speed who tend to spin the ball more than roll it.  I have seen a couple of people with higher ball speeds try to use this, and it doesn't have enough flip for bowlers that throw hard.  It also doesn't really have a lot of "pop" at the back end, so don't drill it for someone who thinks they want a lot of hook.
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: brimar on October 12, 2002, 05:45:46 PM
Ok ive had this ball 2 weeks now and got over 20 games on it and WOW...the more im using it the more im liking it. This ball will absolutely NOT over react unless A. i throw it as slow as possible or B. There is absolutely no oil on the lane.

The biggest plus with this ball is its controlability and its consistency. The hit is just 10 in the pit on every shot. where my boost and blaze seem to carry better on lighter hits (specially the blaze) this ball just blow em all back CONSISTANTLY. practicing tonight i threw first 8 and they all looked identical and i missed marked by few boards wide and ball recovered nicely without over reacting (like the boost does)

I would also like to add im not sure this ball is for everyone. Bein a hi track player with above average revs this is what my pro shop person recommended along with a tour power. id like to see someone with lil less hand throw it on the same condition

Picked up the LRG last week and this is my inital impression review.
Drilled #1 on storms sheet. Im a high track player 5 3/8. Threw first 3 games on sport condition. 201, 206, 210.

I currently throw a boost and blaze and this ball is VERY DIFFERENT. this ball revs up very fast, reads the midlane very well and the hook was smooth and controlable.  The hit was also different than my boost and blaze.


Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: Billy Ray on October 18, 2002, 07:42:20 AM
Just got mine last week.
drilled it 5 by 5 with box surface(1000 matte)
this ball never reads the heads and revs up incredibly well in the mids and reads the lane exceptionally well. It also looks like its going to hit very soft but clears the deck well. both inside swinging the lane, Inside tight riding the wall in league and down the boards given enough oil it performs well. Glad too see a very new look at the lane from Storm and not just a new color with new hype like some other companies!

Now I can't wait to get my Hands on the X-FACTOR Next Month!
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: brimar on October 20, 2002, 09:06:31 PM
Follow up:
Well i threw this ball for the better half of the year and things only got better and better. This is the first ball that actually grew on me more and more. I found myself goin to this ball on conditions i wouldnt have even given a thought of playin with it on. I got very comfortable with it. It has been one of the most forgiving balls ive ever thrown, yet in 2 leagues i never saw anyone else with one. Perhaps its a sleeper or as guys in my league call it the UGLY ball. Im so tempted to grab a power charge now ( same block)
If your looking for control WITH some decent hook and great hit this is  worth a try!

Thanks for reading my update

Ok ive had this ball 2 weeks now and got over 20 games on it and WOW...the more im using it the more im liking it. This ball will absolutely NOT over react unless A. i throw it as slow as possible or B. There is absolutely no oil on the lane.

The biggest plus with this ball is its controlability and its consistency. The hit is just 10 in the pit on every shot. where my boost and blaze seem to carry better on lighter hits (specially the blaze) this ball just blow em all back CONSISTANTLY. practicing tonight i threw first 8 and they all looked identical and i missed marked by few boards wide and ball recovered nicely without over reacting (like the boost does)

I would also like to add im not sure this ball is for everyone. Bein a hi track player with above average revs this is what my pro shop person recommended along with a tour power. id like to see someone with lil less hand throw it on the same condition

Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: Mr Straight Ball on October 25, 2002, 12:07:57 PM
This ball is gooooood. I waited this long because my HRG was raising so much noise on the lanes. This ball is an excellent compliment to my HRG. The LRG rolls with a distinctly different roll from its Core Power bother the HRG. My HRG is VERY angular to the pocket while this ball really manages the breakpoint and makes a strong arcing motion to the whole. The LRG sports a 5 x 3.5 layout with a 1/2 of side weight still.

I rolled it on the sport pattern in league and shot 600 with my spare game MIA. The Sunday before sport league I saw what this ball could do to one of those everyone is scoring patterns. Man I had a messenger tumbling head over heels and hit the 10 pin on the top as it did a fly by. These Core Powers are the super ball version of the Super Powers. Two good tournament bowler pieces, keep the LRG and it's little bro the HRG in mind.

Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: Paul Gault on October 30, 2002, 12:42:59 PM
I have only owned the ball for 1 day now and all I can say is who needs anything else but this ball. WOW!!!!!! Like the other reviews here this ball does not over react. As long as I hit between the 5-1 board I could sit down cause I knew it was 10 in the pit. My first set with this ball straight out of the box no adjustment to cover, was a 706 series with 25 out of 36 frames being strikes. Not 1 time did this ball not strike when I hit my mark. The only frames that were not strikes for me were the ones I got shaky on in the 10th frame and missed my mark. I mean I have never thrown a 300 but went 9 in a row and 7 in a row back to back games. Awesome ball keep it up STORM!!!
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: mikecbowlz on December 11, 2002, 09:02:46 AM
This will be an INDIRECT review of the ball, based on three examples we've drilled for people in two weeks:
#1: Drilled for right-hander, very good bowler, medium revs, medium speed-- house condition, shot 803 with it. Did not appear to move all night long.
#2: Drilled for lefty, higher-revs, medium-high speed; layout with pin-negative (about 5-1/2" from PAP) to tame down stripped back-ends. Out-of-the-box, shot 300/792. Again, stayed within a board or two of the same place, where he usually goes through 3 balls a night and moves a lot.
#3: Drilled for righty, VERY good bowler, medium revs, medium speed, deadly accurate-- shot 834 with the ball. Also did not appear to move much all night.

All three players have remarked about the predictability of the ball, its tendency NOT to over-read or over-react at all, and its ability to play a consistent line for extended periods, anywhere from fresh oil and dry back-ends to fairly toasted heads and medium carrydown. All have also mentioned HIT and CARRY as exceptional, which the scores above would substantiate.

Needlesstosay, I have one on order and will be reporting shortly from first-hand experience.

Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: CPA on January 03, 2003, 12:39:35 PM
I have had the LRG for a couple of months now.  This ball has been a disappointment.  I have removed it from my arsenal I take to the lanes with me.  The ball is drilled with the pin over the ring finger and CG is out to the right and no weight hole.  This layout was suggested by the Storm tech department based on my statistics.  PAP is 5 1/2 over and 1/2 up.  The ball is too much for the dry and not enough for the oil.  When I do get it to the pocket, the carry is not good.  I probably need a different layout.
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: bowler0821 on January 05, 2003, 12:17:05 AM
4-4.5 pin
15-17 mphs
good amount of revs
I drilled this ball up about a month and a half ago and I love this ball. It has a 4-4.5 pin and I drilled it up with the pin above and to the right of the ring finger and cg kicked out a bit. This ball goes long and makes a hard roll not really a skid/flip ball just keeps coming back and just demolishes the pocket. I know why it is called a core power just hits so hard. In Nov I had a 288 with this ball it hit so hard on the 11 ball I had a solid 4 pin. Oh well great ball by storm and good smell too. MMMMM banana. I give it a 10 out of 10 great ball for med-heavy oil real strong. Way to go storm keep it coming.
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: mikecbowlz on January 14, 2003, 09:38:58 AM
Back in December, I posted an 'indirect' review of the ball, based on several we'd drilled for others. This is my own follow-up review of the ball in my own hands.

Test ball: 15 lbs., pin 2-3/4"; drilled stacked-leverage, balance hole on PAP
Bowler: RH, senior, stroker, "rotationally-challenged"
Condition: OLD wood lanes- heads freshly re-coated. Fresh league "house" shot.

Having seen what others were doing with this thing, I couldn't wait to get mine. When it finally arrived, I had no chance to practice with it after laying it out and drilling it. Therefore, I used it for the first time in league without ever throwing the ball before, which is something I NEVER do.

I needn't have worried. This ball is RIDICULOUS.

On fresh oil, the ball scoots 45 feet, turns smoothly and controllably, sets up and accelerates in a TOTALLY predictable line. If you miss right, it sets up a bit earlier and moves a bit more; if you tug it, it holds and sets up later. Either way, it's FLUSH. And the pins never travel more than about 3"-4" off the deck-- it holds them REALLY low. Carry is amazing. First game, lots of people shot big numbers, but that's normal for this house. For the first game, the shot is VERY easy. Once things start to transition, that changes.

As the lanes broke down this night, things got very interesting-- because the heads were freshly re-done, the carrydown made the mid-lanes get spotty and weird, and people struggled on both sides. Lots of corner pins, lots of hook-fade-hook-fade reactions, lots of strange leaves. Except with the LRG. It IGNORED the spottiness in the midlane. It just kept itself in the pocket and in control. By third game, most people were really fishing, and I did have to move left to stay with the oil-line, but carry didn't decline appreciably with the LRG. As the back-ends broke down, it became obvious I couldn't keep using the ball once things got too dry-- when it hits dry, it does move, and move decisively-- but on almost anything up to totally dry, it works beautifully.

Final result: First time, out of the box, I shot 722 with PREPOSTEROUS ease. I used the one ball all night, something that's unheard-of for me in that center. For two games, I didn't need to move my feet or target more than a board-- also very unusual. And even in the deeply-weird 3rd game, the moves were minor and the ball stayed predictable and controllable. With the very low-Rg core, this ball doesn't waste ANYTHING on big moves or major transitions out on the lanes; it saves EVERYTHING for the pins. The only 10-pins I left, and there weren't many, were richly-deserved weak 10's on bad shots; and the only surprise was a ringing, blowout 7 on a flush hit in the first game.

The Banana Ball gets a SOLID 10 from me.

Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: thirtyclean on January 23, 2003, 09:35:32 AM
Ball came 15# with a 1 1/2 inch pin and 3.6 on the top. Drilled
the ball 4 X 3 (pin under ring, cg kicked 1" to right). 1st,
this is the most controllable particle I have ever thrown. Does
not jump in the dry, and does not hang in the oil. Very forgiving.
I loved my Track Money but Storm has turned my head with this one.
Normally in our leauge, particle balls must be put away after the
first game unless they are highly polished. I was able to use this
one all night with about half the normal left adjustments (with my
feet). The ball also has great carry. I think this is a great fit
between the Trauma Response and the X-Factor. Great job by Storm.
Looking forward also to the solid version of the X Factor.
Storm rules again !

The Bowling Store, Niles Il
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: 6martinjames on February 01, 2003, 08:11:25 PM
Good ball! this ball goes long and takes a hard left turn at the break point. just a great ball and not a bad price!
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: tonyo420 on March 04, 2003, 03:43:01 PM
Good ball. I shot a 300 with it out of the box on my school team.
doesn't last long. I have 30 games on it and its starting to lose its hook and hitting power. I clean and it still dose not perform as good as in the begging.
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: Los300 on April 18, 2003, 07:46:00 PM
I just threw the LRG for the first time today and I was very impressed. The ball started up in the midlane and had a nice strong arching backend and good hitting power. There was no wild snap hook backend which I really don't want. I had my success throwing the ball straight up the boards because if I swung it outside it would hang and not get back. Overall another great effort from storm
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: Mongo on May 11, 2003, 12:02:36 AM
15 lb.
3" pin
3.5 oz. TW

Drill specs:
Label leverage (MB in track)
0 side/finger
Box finish

This ball wasn't what I was expecting.  Given its low RG and sheen finish, I really expected a hook monster...what I got was a ball that reads the entire lane as well as any ball I've thrown in a long time.

I've only gotten to test this ball on a house shot (34' Christmas tree, tons in the middle), but I've already fallen in love.

What I love about the LRG is that it is all about continuous motion.  You can see it read the mids and once it get going it doesn't stop.  I played around with different speeds and releases and always got the same look.  For those of you who like to change hand positions, the LRG responds well to different releases.

As far as what it compares to, I would put it a notch more hook than the Deuce.  Actually, the LRG reminds me of the V2 Particle, but is a bit earlier and stronger.  

Overall, this is another winner from Storm.  Slower speeds and strong roll players will like this as a big oil ball.  Bigger hands and faster speeds could use this as a benchmark.
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Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: khescock on May 16, 2003, 07:55:44 AM
I got my Core Power LRG back in November. I drilled it stacked because it had a close pin. The ball had a simple roll to it which was great for planning down and in on oil patterns since I don't put that much on the ball, plus you want to play more towards the pocket on Oil conditions instead of giving the pocket away. I even did well at a center that I've done well at because of this ball. The one thing I should never did was mess with the coverstock. I never believed in changing the coverstock, but I was talked into it and now, I'm trying to get it back the way I brought, but other then that, it's a great ball.
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: BuddiesProShopcom-Chris on June 26, 2003, 08:37:51 PM
I have had 4 of these. Each time using a 4 3/4 by 4 1/4 layout. Always use pins that are 1 - 1.5, top weight around 2.5 - 3. This layout just makes the ball roll and gives it predictability. The ball will not hook out of the building but it will get the job done. Love the versatility because when I tkae my hand out of it the ball still has something left down the late to make it hit. I use this ball so many times on sport conditions and by far it gives me my best look. The only pattern it was not great on was the short pattern (18 ft buff to 34 ft). Great first ball out of the box on a fresh house pattern. Wouldn't give you over reaction on fresh backends.
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: WAYouthBowler on October 23, 2003, 07:30:37 AM
I've had this ball for nearly 8 months now. Came with a 4 inch pin, and 3.5 oz of top weight.

Had it drilled up basic leverage and took it to the lanes. I knew this ball would roll, and the first night it rolled EARLY. 35' down the lane it made it's move, and what a gorgeous, smooth move it was. The lanes had just been oiled, but I was standing up against the ball return and trying to muscle it into the 1-3 pocket.

Instead I took it to the spinner and shined it up to 2000 with a layer of Elixir. Now the ball still maintains it's ever-so-smooth move of the breakpoint, but gets down the lane much much easier. The hit it produces is a nice little crack at the pindeck, with enough punch to carry the mixers as well generate a messenger here and there.

I seriously think everyone should have either this ball or one that produces the same type of reaction. It is just so very predictable that you're hurting yourself by not having this ball.

The proto-typical first ball out of the bag.

Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: CorePower on December 16, 2003, 09:56:51 PM
I am 15 years old and just got my new ball.  It has been the best ball I have ever owned and it has accelled me to the top of my league.  When I first got the Core Power LRG, I noticed it had tons of hook, but after about 30-40 games it didn't;to hook as much, but I could still easily get a 10-15 board hook just by throwing it.  My average went from 150 to about 190-195 in league and I rolled my best series of 674 just 4 weeks after using it.  My best thing to say is to make sure you have mid to high oil lanes in your league before you buy it.  If you have dry lanes, you will not be able to keep it on the lane!!  Also, I have been told that this ball gives me great pin-action, and half of my strike have a "messenger" or "scout" on 'em.  Good luck bowling and make sure it is fun, without fun, there is no bowling!
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: jfranco1206 on January 31, 2004, 06:03:02 PM
This is by far the best ball I have ever thrown. My average is 25 pins higher this season. I just ordered two more for my arsenal. Im going to have three different drill patterns. The first one i have is drilled to play outside ten and straight up. The second one i had drilled so it goes a little longer with less arc. I tell you one thing. Storm sucks for getting rid of the core power. I emailed them to see if they have any left in stock. I want this ball over any other out there. This ball is a power house.
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: LuckyLefty on February 17, 2004, 12:42:51 PM
Absolutely Love at first throw!

This is one of the very best bowling balls I have ever thrown.

On medium to medium heavy oil one can use this all day and just strike and strike and strike and strike!

Picked up in a trade from DA_Lefty along with a Apex Adrenaline.  Also had a Victory SPT and a Wow Pearl at the center.  All lighter load particle balls for MEDIum to medium heavy.

Let me start by saying the Victory SPT is one of my favorite in this class!!!

However, this baby which is at 1000 surface mat may just turn out to be my favorite in this class of all time!

The Apex Adrenaline was very good and looked like it could be played more more in with a little more side roll as does the Victory SPT(ie more versatile).

But for a pure lefty up the 8 board with a small swing shot on Synthetics this is the cats meow!!!  Unbelievably clean thru the heads in comparison to any solid particle I've ever used yet with unbelievable control of the midlane(like other particles)  Then a smooth big strong rounded move to the hole which packs an awesome wallop!!!  Light flush and mixxy all carry.

The closest ball I've ever used was my beloved Prozone Violet which had a ton of punch and a ton of control and made it look like it was going to throw a 300 just about every time you used it till you finally flushed one(lights always carried) and then it would leave that nasty violent looking ringing 7!

This ball with a 4 inch pin out has the pin actually touching the top and pap side of the ring finger and the cg down(1 inch) and slighlty out about 3/4 of an inch.  I would call this a 4 3/4 X 4, very very small weighthole!
A 60 degree drilling great for my strong side roll!

This ball right out of the gate chalked up a 227 with a 7 10 pocket split in the 9th that stopped what would have been an 7 bagger!  Only bad carry at all and the messenger tried to kill it!

They say this is the same core as the tour power but I don't believe it!  The punch is so much stronger(I had one).

THis ball is one of the best ever and is the winner of the competition above amongst a bunch of great stuff above for medium heavy oil!!!

In the bag!


PS I don't know how they make a particle this clean?  It must be a very low particle load!  But actually cleaner than most solid reactives.
PPS on this shot I had enjoyed the old and much praised Violet 3D offset from Hammer, this ball is actually cleaner thru heads, more control of the midlane and even smoother off the break with maybe more punch!  Comn!  That baby was ball of the year!  This is better!  Don't forget the Violet helped me win a hole pile of money so this is sayin somethin!  Got a used one?
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: Jnad300 on March 15, 2004, 10:42:19 PM
Have one its my go to ball when I cant carry any condition if I am having trouble with carry I pull it out and see what happens alot times always works for me wish they were still out there would get a couple more love this ball
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: louie on May 16, 2004, 09:15:08 PM
This is a 14 pound ball with a 3 inch pin and 4+ oz of top weight before drilling. I had it drilled with the pin above ring finger and the cg a bit right  and above grip center. This is about a 6x5 for me. I rolled this ball a couple of frames in box condition, but the LRG is too early for all of the house patterns I see here. I polished it to a high gloss. This added some length, and the ball was now playable for me on a fresh house shot.
The main feature of this ball is a nice midlane read. It is easy to see what this ball is going to do at about the 30 foot mark. It definately arcs rather than snaps. It carried well. I did notice that the ball was very receptive to speed and release changes. An accomplished bowler would appreciate this feature. A lane sprayer like myself might see their mistakes exposed.
As the lanes broke down, I tried to move deep inside. The ball reacted poorly here. It started to over/under a bit and the carry was poor.
All in all this is an excellent piece to play a slight swing on a wetter shot. I wouldn't recommend the ball for those who play on drier conditions or are looking for a late strong snap.
This is not a first ball out of the bag unless you bowl in a very wet house or have a shortage of hand. However, when the lanes are slick and you want to play around ten there is none better.

Why does everyone laugh when I bowl?


Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: tonykcgee on November 23, 2004, 01:55:58 PM
1st Drill 55degree pin above finger
2nd Drill 45degree pin below finger

Great ball for taking away the gas smell from inside my Car, it smells like banana candy now
Great ball for making me dizzy when I bowl
Great ball to attract the chicks, they like bananas.
Great ball to throw into the river with a chain attached to your dingy (I'm talking boat get your mind out of the gutter, don't you go getting me banned again)
Great ball to bring to the MegaTourneys they might pity you and give you a comp ball

Bad ball for bowling especially if you want to bowl your average
Bad ball if you're drunk, you won't be able to see the puke on the ball after you see the pin action.
Bad Ball to use in league, everyone will laugh at you and point at your yellow ball.

Ball reacts arc like and hits soft, when I flip it and try to cover boards it will hit soft and leave very many leaves.  When I throw it straight however the carry is much better but will occasionally leave something which keeps it out of my tourney bag.  I've polished it dulled it washed it dried it; threw it on synthetics, wood, cotton and asphalt and all I got was alot of money ill spent on a yellow turd that helped me lose alot of money.
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: tonykcgee on December 22, 2004, 11:36:37 AM
I was looking for my first review and I could not find it, it was probably posted in my pre reincarnated state.

To summarize my first post:  "Its the Turd of Turds"

Then after using it AGAIN, I don't know why maybe I'm a masochist, I suddenly realize that my 'turd of turds' review was completely incorrect.  You know why?  Because turds would love their baby turds and that would be a good thing this LRG is a BAD THING.

The LRG is the type of object that repulses turds, they would look at it and say "EEWWWWW"  My teammates now want to beat the crap out of me, lucky for me they are hippy tree huggers.  My wife now wants a divorce, lucky for me I make twice what she makes.  My car mysteriously shakes and rattles when the smell of banana candy wafts over the cabin, luckily its a Honda and will still get me from A to B while shaking and rattling, it doesn't help my upset stomach though.  What is it with this ball???  

You know what my 'turd of turds' review might've been on the Showtime ball.  What's with these yellow balls being turds?  They both hit so soft and mushy like my hand on a concrete wall after using these turds.  

LRG stands for "Left Reeling on the Ground" after you buy and use this ball..heh heh

Merry Festivus
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: jfranco1206 on January 08, 2005, 04:17:22 PM
The best ball in my aresenal
This ball can do it all...heavy oil move outside and throw up over 6...medium oil 6 to 10....dry 15 to 10...this ball is the best and am pissed it is discontinued...
Title: Re: Core Power LRG
Post by: thestormiscomming on February 23, 2008, 01:23:05 AM
i love it its so consistant for me and strong too ist hard not to hit brooklyn with this bad boy not my fav but its a ball i can always count on love it!!!
Bowl up a storm

Storm Shift Gravity
Storm Shift SLT PRO CG (overseas ball)
Storm Shift Attitude
Storm Shift
Storm Shift Global PRO CG (OVERSEAS)
Storm Special Agent
Storm Rapid Fire
Storm Core Power LRG
Storm Eraser Boost
Storm EL NINO X-it
Storm Team Storm spare ball (blue and yellow)
(two one got scratched so it moves a little)