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Title: Crux Prime
Post by: BallReviews-scodaddy21 on January 23, 2019, 12:30:13 PM
Storm has brought back the Catalyst Core in the Storm Crux Prime high performance bowling ball. This popular core has been known for its unmatched power, increased entry angle, as well as allowing more room for error due to dynamic asymmetrical design and vertical cavity technology. The SPEC coverstock used in this ball stands for Storm Performance Enhanced Coverstock. This special coverstock was specifically designed to endure the friction and oil a bowling ball goes through each time it is thrown down the lane. The SPEC Solid Reactive coverstock used on the Crux Prime is best used on heavier oil conditions and really shines when the lanes start to transition. No matter what lane condition this ball faces it will consistantly read the midlane and store energy for the backend.

Color: Red/White/Purple
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Core: Catalyst (Asymmetrical)
Coverstock: SPEC Solid Reactive
Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
RG: 2.50
Differential: 0.052
** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
Fragrance: Poemgranate Cider
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: BSumner on January 25, 2019, 09:31:06 AM

Length: 42

Volume: 25mls

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS





The new Spec cover stock on the Storm Crux Prime is the next significant advancement in bowling ball technology. This isnít an overstatement. I have 10+ games on this ball already and there is no hint of lane shine or oil saturation. The ball is still reading the lanes as well as it did off the press.
So far, this ball performs as expected. I went with my favorite 3 ľ x 6 ľ x 2 Ĺ layout. No trick layouts. I want to see the full potential. Now, if youíre looking for some big hook monster thatíll go gutter to gutter on a lake of oil, let me manage your expectations. I tested this on a higher volume house shot. If you want this ball to put up some big numbers, hereís what you need to expect. The Crux Prime is going to dig in on the front part of the lane and give you a mid-lane shape youíre otherwise not going to get with a pearl or polished ball. This ball will NOT give you that ďhockey stickĒ shape path. It does itís damage by controlling the pattern, holding energy, and driving through the pins.
Who should throw this ball? WellÖ everyone shouldÖ but hereís who I think itís going to help most. Speed dominant players (me) on high volume flat patterns. Lower rev players on longer or wider house shots. High rev players, youíre probably going to see a weaker backend reaction than youíre hoping for on a house pattern. If thereís a hint of early friction, youíll see that typical deflection through the rack. This ball is a great tournament, challenge, or sport shot ball for you.
Itís early, but I am incredibly impressed with the new Spec cover stock technology. This is a game changer for sure! If you were a fan of the Alpha CruxÖ you should order this ball now.

Video Review:

Brian Sumner
Storm Amateur Staff
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: StormAndrew on February 02, 2019, 03:43:58 AM
I had the opportunity to test out 2 different layouts with the new Crux Prime; one pin down and one pin up. The layout for the pin down is 50 x 3 3/4 x 75 and the pin up is 45 x 4 x 30.

I really liked both layouts on these balls as it will provide added versatility to my arsenal. I tried the pin down first as that will be my benchmark layout on the fresh oil patterns. This provided a very early controllable read of the lane to help blend out the pattern. Thereafter, I went to the pin up when I needed the ball to save energy and kind of float a little bit through the fronts and provide energy and angle down lane. You can see the comparison of how energy is spent by watching the video and comparisons between the shots.

Another component that I really liked about this ball is how long I was able to stay in it without making a ball change. Typically, I use asymmetrical balls for the first game or 2 then ball down to something weaker and more angular. With the Crux Prime I will be able to stay in it a lot longer than 2 games. This is attributed to the new coverstock, SPEC, which is designed to maintain energy down lane without burning up too early.

For those who loved the original Crux's or is looking for their next strong asymmetrical solid the Crux Prime will be an excellent choice to add to your bag.

Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: Kevin Duncan on February 02, 2019, 06:01:11 PM



Storm Crux Prime
Layout: 4 x 4 x 2 Storm Pin Buffer Layout
Rev Rate: 300 rpm, 7 degree of axis tilt, 40 degree of axis rotation
Testing information: 41 foot THS (medium to light volume)
Bowling Center: Fulton Bowling Center
Kegel Machine Ė Brunswick Anvilane

The Storm Crux Prime utilizes the Catalyst Core and the new SPEC (Storm Performance Enhancing Coverstock) coverstock.  The goal with the Crux Prime was to design a high-performance bowling ball that can hold up to the wear and tear of lane friction and prevent oil absorption.  Storm's design team did exactly what the intended.
The Storm Crux Prime will definitely hook.  The ball reaction was a strong, continuous hook.  I compared it to my Alpha Crux with 2000 surface and ended up 3 and 2 left with the Crux Prime.  The Alpha Crux was a little more angular, which is also true for my PhysiX.  The Crux Prime will be a first ball option in a lot of tournaments, especially for the speed-dominant players.  Actually, the Crux Prime is working well for a lot of different styles of bowlers.
Visit your local Storm VIP Pro Shop!
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: e sevous on February 10, 2019, 10:32:24 PM

Length: 45'

Volume: 29mls

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Sport

My experience with this ball has been mainly on a 45í sport pattern and some house shot usage.  A quick look at my layout [45x5x25] this would give the impression the ball would start up a little early, give some length, hit the breakpoint and jerk left. That was not the case! I got the length, come off the end of the pattern and with a hook motion that was very readable and what I felt was the big like of the ball was the hit. The Crux gave me great carry with light hits by keeping the pins low and dancing while flush hits didnít give you stone 9. I like the colors as they show your rotation while others may not appreciate the flash this ball offers. On the house pattern I felt myself making small moves during the first few games I used it to keep it in play but eventually, I had to put it down due to a lot of transition causing my angles to be too open for my comfort
Likes: versatility, continuation



Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: Kcbrunner on February 14, 2019, 02:35:43 PM
This ball is simply amazing... it looks good and smells good.  I have mine drilled 70*4.5*30 and it crushes the pins !!!  It is strong off the break point but still gives me great ball motion on different patterns :)
Title: Re: Crux Prime review by Sabrina Groves
Post by: RoundHolesNoGripsProshop on February 18, 2019, 03:27:05 PM
Ball:  Storm Crux Prime
Layout:  15x5.5x45
Surface:  Box
Lane Condition:  THS mediumvolume
Lane Surface:  Brunswick Anvilane

Tester:  Sabrina
Average:  220
Dexterity:  Right
PAP:  4 9/16>, 3/8U

I drilled up a Crux Prime for our fresh league shot. I chose this layout because of my high axis tilt and need a ball to help me read the fresh oil better.   I have one more that will be drilled that will be used for tournaments. So far I am really liking what this ball gives me down the lane. I am able move my feet left during the 4 game set without losing carry.   I used this ball during our Wednesday scratch league and had a good look the first game and a half when playing just inside 2nd arrow out to 7/8.  As the lanes transitioned I moved into my ďweak 10 zoneĒ that I see with some of my other equipment.  This is where the Crux Prime really shined!  I continued to carry the deeper I got, which for me is not that usual.

Overall, I am liking what this ball is giving me to start the night and end the night. It is not jerky down lane when it hits the dry.  It is smooth in the front part of the lanes and gives a good back end motion down the lane. I canít wait to see what this ball will give me with tournaments!

Sabrina Groves
Round Holes No Grips Proshop
Storm Advisory Staff
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: jshoe97 on February 27, 2019, 05:52:53 PM
Hey all, this is storm staffer Josh Shoemaker bringing you another ball review video for the Storm crux prime. The crux prime features the same catalyst core found in the alpha crux and crux pearl, but is now wrapped in an all new solid cover featuring SPEC technology. When examining the design intent for SPEC, you can see that the cover is designed to maximize durability and longevity. While initially bowling with the ball, you can immediately tell that whatever surface you put on the ball seems to last longer than normal. Whereas itís impossible to avoid lane shine all together, SPEC truly does maintain the maximum amount of friction to the lane as possible for an increased amount of time. For this review video, I decided to bowl on a fairly flat 44í sport shot. For me personally, the crux prime will fit at the top end of my bag, used primarily as a ball for fresh tournament conditions. My immediate impressions of the crux prime were nothing short of spectacular. The ball really does form as suitable replacement for the alpha crux, where I truly believed we had a gap in the line for some time since the discontinuing of the alpha. The crux prime is extremely early, round and continuous making controlling the pocket on this moderately difficult pattern a breeze. When thrown next to the alpha, you can see that the prime forces me just a touch farther left due to it being slightly slower to respond to friction than the alpha. The physix however is a step down in terms of reaction, being much cleaner and quicker downlane. On this particular pattern, I was forced much farther left with the physix due to how much faster it is down lane. Make sure to visit your local VIP pro shop to purchase your very own crux prime today!

Title: Crux Prime Review by Luke Rosdahl
Post by: Luke Rosdahl on February 28, 2019, 11:15:33 AM
The Crux Prime features the return of the Catalyst core from the original Crux series, and a new cover called SPEC.  The benefits of SPEC are greatly increased durability and longevity due to a nearly non existent oil absorption rate.  Another feature is an improved friction response, unlike other heavier oil balls that can lose energy and burn up on friction, SPEC actually increases its entry angle on friction, so no matter what kind of condition youíre on, burning up and quitting isnít something the Prime is going to do.  It IS however very smooth, it blends wet/dry very well and is slower on friction, so itís very consistent and predictable and seems for me to ignore the pattern more and offer a truer read than other balls, but thatís at the expense of a more typical and familiar long and strong resin reaction.  It is speed sensitive due to the slow response to friction, so higher speed/lower rev combos will likely not get along with it well, and itís not backend in a box, but personally Iím a huge fan, I havenít put it down, and Iíve heard nothing but positives from everyone Iíve talked to.
Title: Re: Crux Prime Review by Luke Rosdahl
Post by: michael.willis9 on February 28, 2019, 11:19:58 AM
luke you made me feel better about passing on it with your comment about higher speed/low rev players won't like it as much.  i have been on the fence about what high end ball i was going to get for sport.  i ended up with the halo pearl as i've been having issues creating some angles into the pocket.  but the consistency of the crux prime kept bringing me back to it.  i ended up getting the halo pearl though.
Title: Crux Prime
Post by: toddles822 on March 02, 2019, 07:05:19 AM

Length: 41 feet

Volume: ~22 mL

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


- Very strong, continuous, but controllable.
- Despite being a heavy-oil ball, it can hold its own on a wide variety of patterns.

- None

The Catalyst core was one of my favorite engines that Storm has ever released; the Crux Pearl was a backend monster and the Alpha Crux was a beast on heavy and sport conditions--so much so that I still see a few in tournament bowlers' arsenals three years after its release. Needless to say I was excited to hear that Storm was bringing back this great core.

What's different about this version of the Crux is the new solid cover called SPEC (Storm Performance Enhanced Coverstock). The intent of this cover is to not only create unparalleled "dig" and power as it encounters friction, but is designed for longevity and consistency over time.

Out of the box I immediately noticed the strength of this ball. I used this on a higher-volume, longer house shot than I'm used to, but I was 8 boards left with my feet and 5 boards left at the arrows than I normally start out at on the more dry house pattern that I'm accustomed to. Using this line (4th arrow out to 9 board on the fresh) I had 300 straight out of the box. As the lane started to transition, I was able to keep migrating left without losing any hitting power.

The next day I bowled at my drier house for league. While I did start 3 and 2 further left with a breakpoint of 8, the ball crushed the pocket with a ton of power shot after shot. The lanes really dried up as the night went on, forcing me to get in front of the ball return and get inside 5th arrow. Unlike most solid covers that burn up and leave endless 10-pins from this angle, the 10 was either knocked straight off or slapped silly by the 6 pin, even as the night ended. 751 with it even on tons of friction. So despite being described as a heavy-oil ball, which it is, it can be used on the drier shots as well with striking results.

It's safe to say that Storm really delivered a winner with this beast. Stop by your local Storm pro shop and pick one up today!
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: live2bowlgr8t on March 04, 2019, 09:44:54 AM

Length: 41ft, 42ft, 45ft

Volume:medium, med-high

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Multiple


Likes: Doesn't shine up after being used!!!!!!!!

     The New Crux Prime is a huge success!!!! If you were a fan of the original Crux then you will love this ball!! The new SPECTO cover is absolutely amazing. The one constant issue I have with all our solid covers is that the balls get a lot of game shine very quickly, causing me to have to continuously hit the covers with abralon pads regularly to keep them at the surface I like. With the new SPECTO technology I haven't had to do it 1 time yet on the Crux Prime. Generally I would start to see game shine develop on balls after about 5 games or so depending on the volume of oil. I am already closing in on the 15 game mark with the Crux Prime and it still looks the same as it did when I drilled it and for me that is a huge check in the pros column!!! I used my normal 65*4.75*35 layout on it, this layout is on my physix and code X and was also on my first Crux. Compared to the other asym balls that I have this ball is like the best of both worlds when it comes to how quickly it reads the lane and how much continuation it gives me through the pins. Its alittle sooner than the Physix and doesn't have quite as much continuation down lane but its not near as early as my SureLock and Code X and gives me significant more continuation than both of those. I typically don't like using big asym balls on league patterns because they force me way too far left for what I prefer to play and my angles are much tighter because the strong cores want to slow down too much but this Crux Prime didn't mind seeing the friction at all. I had no problem chasing the oil left and still being able to get the ball away from me with great drive through the pins.
This ball will be a must for any tournament bowler for longer patterns and the league bowler that sees a heavier volume in their house shot.

Nick Smith
Storm/Roto Grip Amateur Staff
Bowling Connection Pro Shop

Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: TonyMarino on March 06, 2019, 10:36:08 AM
Storm Crux Prime

If you know me and my ball reviews, you know I do not like to make blanket statements about bowling ballsÖ BUTÖ the Crux Prime is THE BEST BOWLING BALL ON THE MARKET. Period! It is ďVirtual GravityĒ and ďCellĒ good!

The Prime uses the proven Catalyst Core that has been in all of the Crux ball of the past, and to this day bowlers on the PBA Tour as still throwing the Alpha Crux even though itís been discontinued for over a year. What makes the Crux Prime really SPECial is the new SPEC coverstock. I donít know the science behind what makes this cover so good but all I know is that it creates a ball motion that I have never had in my bag before.

I have mine earlier and stronger than a Sure Lock, but it has more shape than a Halo and way stronger than a Code X.

It is the strongest coverstock that Storm makes but somehow doesnít read at the foul line and quit like you would expect a super strong cover to do. The only thing I donít like about the Prime is the color scheme (I hate bowling balls with white in them) Ö but outside of that, this ball continues to give me a look that I cannot get with any other balls in my bag!
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: hittnhard on March 06, 2019, 12:57:13 PM
Storm Crux Prime

Catalyst Core

SPEC Cover

The new Premiere Line ball, the Crux Prime is going to be a hit for anyone that sees medium heavy-heavy oil lane conditions.

Strength----I compare it to the Sure Lock. The main difference being the versatility of the Crux Prime. The Sure Lock was a heavy oil specific ball for me. Too strong for any house shot conditions I would see. The Crux Prime's versatility gives me the ability to use it on a medium oil house shot on both wood and synthetic lane surfaces.

Shape---I expected a midlane, smooth reaction/shape from the Prime. But after a couple games I noticed this was going a couple feet longer than the Sure Lock with more angle in the back. For me it looks like a stronger version of the Physix shape.

This piece will be my go to starting ball for heavy oil. Something a little stronger than my trusty Physix is what I was looking for and it looks like this will do it!!
Title: Storm Crux Prime Review by Casey Murphy
Post by: caseyccg on March 08, 2019, 02:47:45 PM
Orientation:  Right Handed
Rev Rate:  375 RPM
Speed:  16-17 MPH
PAP:  4 5/8 straight across

Location:  Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO
Pattern:  High Volume THS
Layout:  50, 5 ľ, 70

I really liked the Crux series, especially the Alpha, so I was ready for the Prime.  For me the Crux Prime is the perfect update in the Crux series.  The Alpha was a little strong and slow for me, I needed something a touch cleaner and more on the backend.  The Crux Prime is PERFECT for that.  The SPEC cover does roll like a solid but it gives me backend and angle I never thought I could get with a solid.  I have no trouble using in during a set.  Itís early smooth enough that I can throw it on the fresh but itís definitely got enough backend for me to use it later in a league session.  If youíre a fan of the Crux series, this on is a no brainer.
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: rodbowler75 on March 10, 2019, 06:00:53 PM
The Crux line has always been a favorite to me. With the release of the Crux Prime I was really excited to have this option back in my bag. I drilled mine 50 x 5 x 30 out the box this ball was super early for me. Changed the surface to 3,000 and allowed me to see better results! It's a nice step up from my Physix when I more ball in my hand. Great ball to add to your lineup if you're looking for a high performance ball!
Title: Crux Prime review - Mark Tarkington
Post by: GutterLine on March 15, 2019, 08:00:25 AM
Right Handed
Ball weight:  16
Rev Rate:  400
Ball Speed:  17
Axis Tilt:  7
Axis Rotation:  45*
PAP:  3 3/4 horizontal, 7/8 up
Layout:  50 x 4 Ĺ x 50

The Crux series has been very good to me.  Iíve had all of the worldwide releases and one of the overseas releases.

Each Crux I have has a very specific and distinct reaction.  The covers are so diverse between them, Iím able to usually find one that works on many patterns.

Enter the Crux Prime with the Spec cover.  Same fantastic core, new coverstock.  Used one of my go-to layouts for big asyms and have not been disappointed.   Iíve used it on a variety of THS patterns in many houses and this cover may make it the most versatile of all worldwide releases (Crux series).  Out of box, my reaction was great.  It gave me the normal Ďstand left throw rightí look on most house patterns.  This core rolls through the pins better than most for me.  It just seems to match my game really well.  As it began to lane shine, after about 15 games, it was getting additional length, so I started tweaking the shell to see what else I can get out of it.  Iíve had it as low as 1000 and high as 3000, but have yet to shine it up.

This iteration of the Crux rolls great like all of the series, but I believe the new Spec cover may last longer than the GI-16 or ERG covers from the previous releases.  Iím going to continue to put games on this one and see how long that cover will last. 

Since drilling, Iíve carried this ball to every tournament that Iíve rolled and there arenít many times that I havenít been able to use it at some point.  Iím going to enjoy rolling every game I can with this one.

Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: PJ Haggerty on March 17, 2019, 11:11:43 PM
Storm Crux Prime Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

If you need a ball for heavier oil conditions, the Crux Prime is the ball you need to drill.  With the same engine as the Alpha Crux and a brand new coverstock (Spec), the Crux Prime is designed to dig in the mid-lane and not stop hooking.  After drilling two of them, Iíve seen first hand it does exactly that.

The first one I drilled is mapped out as 5 Ĺ x 5 x 60 @ 3000 with water.  With that layout and surface, Iíve seen the response time get quicker.  Since so much urethane is going down the lane these days, I think the Crux Prime can help by still going through the pins the right way. 

The second one I drilled is mapped out as 6 x 4 x 70 with a very tall pin above my bridge and the mass bias right by the thumb.  I hit it with a 2000 pad and this layout gives me a very controllable and forward motion.  My response time is slower on this ball, but it doesnít slow down through the pins.

All in all, if you need a ball to fight through oil and dig in the mid-lane, the Crux Prime should be the next ball in your bag.

Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: StormRoto on March 18, 2019, 11:04:51 AM
PAP - 3 5/8 up 1 1/8
Speed - 16
Tilt - 17
RPM -400

Storm's new ball in the premier line is the Crux Prime.  It comes with all new coverstock called SPEC with the same core that is in the Crux line - Catalyst.  I drilled mine 5.25 x 4.5 x 4.5 pin down.   For me the motion of the Prime is very strong overall.  But for a solid ball it still gives me good backend motion and just keeps going through the pins.  Some bowlers are comparing the Prime to the Alpha, but for me the Crux is 3-5 boards stronger.  I think the Prime will be a very good choice for S/D at Nationals this year.  I have drilled a lot of these balls for all types of styles with great results.

Brian Watson
Pro Shop Staff
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: RyanPatterson30 on March 18, 2019, 05:25:53 PM
Crux Prime

Layout: 60 x 5 x 40
PAP: 4 1/8 up 1
Speed: 18

This ball has gotten a lot of hype due to the core inside and it has not been a disappointment. I went with a longer Pin from Pap than other Asymmetrical Solids (Halo, Sure Lock) which allows this ball to get through the front part of the lane and a little more angular than normal for me. This ball is a perfect replacement for the Alpha Crux but it does more than that ball. I see it tumble through the front but continue on the back which will be the perfect shape I want for flatter patterns. I have seen success with this ball with added shine but I have decided to keep mine at 2000 to compliment other pieces in my bag.

Ryan Patterson
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: Bigmike on March 23, 2019, 08:10:00 PM
My stats are in my profile. I laid the CRUX PRIME out 65x5x35. This is my preferred initial layout on big core asymmetric bowling balls. I have been touching the surface up with 2000 when it shows a little lane shine.

For me I have mainly been throwing the PRIME on a sport condition league that is 45' this half. The PRIME can be very slow off the spot if I am lazy with my release. Compared to a PHYSIX that has 45x4x30 layout, the PRIME was slow at the point. I went ahead and put a balance hole 6 3/4" from my pin down the VAL. Different bowling ball with the balance hole. The PRIME is more responsive at the break point and can be a little sharp. The strong cover does let me play the hold on this longer pattern which is better for my game as I tend to miss left more than I do right.

I have been balling down with either the PHYSIX or new RG HALO PEARL depending on how much we chop up the track with surfaced balls.

Drill this one if you want a strong ball that responds to your grip pressure. If you hit it the PRIME will hook, if you lay off, the PRIME will stay online and be predictable. all in all, this should be a good sport shot type ball because it is controllable and does not naturally break loose at the end of the pattern even on the fresh unless you "get on it" at the bottom and make it hook sharply.
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: msipple on March 29, 2019, 08:12:40 AM
Pin Length: 3- 4 
Starting Top Weight: 3.1 oz
Ball Weight: 15
Pin buffer 5 inches

Rev Rate:  380-420
Ball Speed: 15-16
PAP/Track:  PAP:  5 13/16Ē and 1/2" up
Box Finish: 2000 Abralon
The Crux Prime has increased entry angle, and a greater margin for error with its dynamic asymmetrical design and vertical cavity technology. The benefits of SPEC Solid Reactive can be truly appreciated on heavier conditions, especially when they begin to transition. When this coverstock encounters midlane friction, it digs in harder, unlike anything Storm has produced to date
This ball is really strong in the midlane and goes through the pins better and more consistent than any ball I have drilled yet. This ball seems to match up to straight players as well as high rev players. This balls works well on House shots as well as Sport shots. If you need a stronger ball in your arsenal the Crux Prime is a must!

Mike Sipple
Storm Amateur Staff
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: tommygn on March 29, 2019, 01:32:57 PM
The Crux Prime is the latest high performance bowling ball in the premier line from Storm. The Prime uses the same Catalyst core that was in the previous Crux balls, but this time, wrapped with an all new to the industry cover stock formula called Spec. This new formula of solid reactive material produces a lot of hook, with less oil absorption than other formulas and comes from the factory with a 2000 grit abralon finish. In a nutshell, the Crux Prime is a big hook ball that is also built to last. The Prime has an Rg of 2.50 with a differential of 0.052, and intermediate diff of 0.017, in 15lb bowling balls.

I drilled my Crux Prime using a 4 x 4 x 3 layout. Comparing the Prime to a Physix with a
4 x 5 x 3 layout, both balls were in their respective factory finish, although the Physix has about 35 games on it. I drilled the Prime and went to league the next night with an open mind and no expectations. I had been using the Physix, and been doing very well on this higher volume house condition, and posting a 300 with it a little bit back. I started with the Prime, which I had to move in about 3 & 2 with my feet/mark, to keep the ball holding pocket, compared to the Physix. All I could say was WOW! The Prime read the pattern perfectly for two games, posting a 279 and 245 without moving my feet. Then game 3, 168. I stayed in one spot WAY too long, and by the time I moved, I was playing catch up the rest of the game which turned into Splitsville. The next set I threw the Prime, I learned from my previous mistake of staying put. I decided to gradually move in with it as the 3 game set went on, shooting 258, 237, 278 for a 773. What I learned about the Prime, is that this ball will be a beast for me when I can use it in PBA where we move every game, and generally donít see as much traffic  as the right side of the lane gets. When bowling on high traffic conditions, know when to move with it, or just put it away and grab something else. The Prime also rolled great for me on the 2012 PBA Detroit Open pattern that is 42 feet long, with total volume of 25.5ml. I was able to stay put for three games on this pattern, and not see that huge breakdown at the breakpoint like I saw on the league condition, posting blocks of 673, 653, and 664, on the fairly flat sport pattern. I polished the Prime with Storm step #1 to see how it rolled with less surface, and it looks great on USBC White pattern #2.

In summary, the Crux Prime has a very unique ball motion. It takes changes to the cover very well, and doesnít seem to lane shine as quick as other super strong covers can. The biggest thing with the Prime, is to know when to make a move, or when to go to a different ball. The motion that it makes can sometimes trick a bowler into thinking they can stay in one spot longer, then they really should. This will be a great ball for bowlers who watch what is going on with the lanes throughout the night, but could possibly mislead a bowler who isnít watching for transition. Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Crux Prime. As always, bowl up a Storm!
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: hammermike2000 on April 09, 2019, 01:46:27 PM
Storm Crux Prime

Layout: 55 x 4 5/8 x 55

The Crux Prime has surprised me, in that it has become of my favorite bowling balls that I have thrown in years. I did not expect this super strong high end ball to be as usable at it is. I did hit the ball lightly with some polish before using it, so that I could mimic the lane shine that would usually show up after 20-30 games. My intent with doing this was to conserve the energy through the front part of the lane better, which it did. This ball is still quite strong, even with the surface adjustment, but I have no qualms with moving left and circling the lane a bit when the lanes break down. Having said that Ė this ball is in no way at home on drier lanes, but as long as there is some oil in the front part of the lane, this ball is a treat. Out of box it could handle the heaviest of heavy oils. The midlane traction is very strong, but the ball continues through the pins very well. Amazing ball on anything medium oil or heavier!

Mike LeViner
Title: Storm Crux Prime
Post by: fazzone22 on April 15, 2019, 04:16:37 PM
The new Crux Prime by Storm picked up right where the Alpha Crux left off giving Storm that dominate asymmetrical ball at the top of their line.  Having never thrown the Alpha Crux or Sure Lock, I choose to Compare it too the Roto Idol Solid, the Crux Prime actually gives me a similar motion as Idol but in a stronger motion. If you loved any of the Cruxís and especially the Alpha Crux, you will absolutely love this ball.
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: williamsonkm20 on May 09, 2019, 01:13:29 PM
Catalyst core, need I say more?? Since you asked.. If you need a ball for heavy oil, don't bother looking any further. I have never thrown a ball that literally just never stops. The deeper inside I get the better the ball reacts. I drilled mine pin up as anything drilled pin down for me is too strong on your THS. My first look with this on a sport pattern was nothing short of amazing. It allowed me to throw the ball more comfortably and not feel the need to manipulate ball roll with my hand or speed quite as much. Having a low/medium rev rate, manipulating the ball roll with such things is something I have grown accustomed to, so this was a nice change. Knowing how long the Crux Prime will be able to remain in my bag do to the new SPEC cover technology I am extremely excited, it's just an added bonus. Definitely a great fresh heavy oil ball for when my Physix just isn't quite enough.
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: bowlstorm3 on May 12, 2019, 08:36:03 PM
The Prime has the brand new SPEC solid cover wrapped around the Catalyst core. I have drilled 2 and I LOVE them both. The first was a pin up 50 x 5.5 x 30. This ball is super slow off the friction which makes it very readable and predictable. I didnít think a ball this slow would carry so well, but it does. I have thrown it on all kinds of patterns except super short and it looks good on almost everything.

With as controllable and slow as my pin up is, I decided to drill a low flare 90 x 2 x 55. Normally, I only throw these layouts on short, hooking sport patterns to control the lane, much like urethane. This one is good in that setting but also handles hooking house patterns pretty well too.

If you are in the market for a amazingly smooth, controllable piece, give this one a try! If you want an angular, downlane hook monster, this probably isnít the ball. If that is what you want, give the Physix a try.
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: smcintire78 on May 13, 2019, 08:50:46 AM
Layout: 25 x 5 x 40
My PAP: 4 7/8Ē x 3/4Ē up
Axis Tilt: Between 3 and 8 degrees
High Track Player

Intent for this ball/layout: Wanted a strong midlane read that also blended out the backend from ver reacting but still with plenty of energy and angle into the pins.

What I got: I was not disappointed. This ball motion is STONG and will read in the heaviest of oil patterns. When it exits the pattern it doesnít run out of gas like most big asym solids. The new Spec cover stock really helps this ball continue through the pins.
ē   House Shot: The fresh cover is STRONG. And in my opinion need to be adjusted to play on your typical house shot. This thing needs oil, so if your intent is to use it in league then you will need to bring the cover up to at least 3000 to account for the lighter volume house condition.
ē   2019 PBA 41ft Marshall Holman oil: The heavier volume pattern is what I originally wanted this ball for and it did not let me down. I was able to move right into the track area and the balls strong cover and core read the midlane beautifully creating the exact shape that I needed for this pattern. Once the pattern started to break down I was able to move left with it and it not run out of gas as long as there was oil in the heads to keep it from hooking too early.
Get this ball in your bag ASAP. You will not be disappointed. Bowl up a storm! #StormNation
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: mwischmann on May 18, 2019, 02:13:55 PM
The new Crux Prime with the Spec cover is so good!! This ball has a smooth and heavy roll motion that is controllable and continues through the pins. It is a heavy oil ball that can be used on multiple patterns from medium up to heavy oil. I've used the Crux Prime in a couple tournaments and have loved the motion I have seen so far. I am a high rev, higher speed player so I like to use balls that get in to a roll sooner and the Crux Prime is perfect for it especially on flatter patterns. This ball is a must have in the bag!!



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):




Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: Pbapolizzi on May 21, 2019, 12:40:02 PM
Layout 65x6x70 Went for smooth reaction, was not disapointed
Bran New Spec cover with the tested Catalyst Core

The Crux Prime is a very stong asymetrical bowling ball. I like to use it on higher volume patterns for tournament play or on a fresh house shot.
This ball reads the front part ofthe lane very quickly meaning you will more than likey want to open your angles when throwing this ball. Slightly more front to back than my phyix.
But overall smoother than the physix. This ball compliments The Phase 2 quite well as a 1,2 punch combonation
overall perfect peice to the bag if you are missing a soild asymetrical ball.
Title: Crux Prime Review
Post by: Tknoop1127 on May 23, 2019, 01:01:25 PM

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Various Patterns


This ball is amazing! For being an Asym solid ball, I am able to get left without losing much energy. I drilled mine pin up above the bridge. Typically, I can only play 10-15 before I need to switch to a pearl to save energy, but with the Crux Prime, I can play left of 15 easily. You can use this ball on any pattern. I've used it on THS, and medium-long sport patterns on the PBA.

I for sure recommend this ball to anyone looking for a strong dull ball. You will not be disappointed!  #StormNation

Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: dcutler on May 24, 2019, 05:55:14 PM
My name is Doug Cutler and I am a Storm Staffer and I have had drilled 2 Crux primes and man both of these balls are awesome.  My First Crux Prime I drilled 70 x 4 1/2 x 35 and the surface is 4000 grit.  This ball I tried out of the box but man it was really strong and for the shot we were bowling on I had to bring the surface up to 4000 grit and man this is the ball I use right out of the bag.  I am able to stay left early and keep my ball speed up and I am able to use this ball for about 2 1/2 games and then I go to my Pin down Crux prime and move right and open my angles up.  This ball with this layout I can use it on THS, and Medium to Heavy Oil Patterns.  My Second Crux Prime I drilled 45 x 4 1/2 x 70 and the surface is 3000 grit. This Crux I really like when there is carry down and man this balls does not read to early and it save more energy in the back and has a lot of shape and man it hits hard.  I use this crux on Medium to Heavy Oil Patterns and you can use it on THS. I would say that this would not be a ball for short oil patterns.  I have used these 2 crux primes a lot and if you liked the original crux you will love this crux also.  This is a ball you will definitely need in you ball, so get to your local pro shop and purchase your Crux Prime if you have not gotten one yet.  Storm hit another home run with this ball.  #stormnation #cruxprime #bowlupastorm

Doug Cutler
Storm Staffer
PBA Regional Champion
Title: Crux Prime review by Storm Staffer Matthew Kemper
Post by: bowlerman147 on May 24, 2019, 06:57:44 PM
The Storm Crux Prime is Storms newest Premier Line bowling release.  The Crux Prime contains the Catalyst Core which is found in all of the Crux line of balls.  The Prime is covered by Storms newest cover stock called the SPEC Solid Reactive cover.  The ball is factory finished at 2000 grit.

First off I want to talk about the new SPEC cover stock.  The SPEC cover is designed to fit the new USBC rules for oil absorption.  This cover is amazing.  Iíve thrown a few practice sessions and 5 games at the USBC Open with it already and the cover still looks and feels dull like it did brand new.  I canít wait for this cover to be available on future bowling balls. 
I drilled my prime pin down and stacked below my bridge.  I drilled it specifically for Nationals.  I wanted a good strong ball that can handle oil but with a layout that will roll earlier and stay smoother down lane.  This is exactly what I got.  This layout combined with the cover really helped me control the back end reaction on the tough USBC Open conditions.  I found some success early with the Prime but when I started to have to migrate left, the ball because to strong in the front part of the lane where I had to ball down to get more backend reaction.  On house shot conditions Iíve found the Prime to be very strong and the ball hits like a tank through the pins.  Despite my layout choice I still find the Prime to have a good amount of backend reaction which makes it great for medium to long patterns and heavier volume of oil.  For me the Prime is quite a bit stronger compared to the original Crux and Alpha Crux. 
I recommend this ball for anyone looking for a ball that can handle oil and who is not afraid to get left and loop the lane.  This ball will cover may different types of oil patterns except maybe short patterns but its very versatile.
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: rotogrip_rick on May 25, 2019, 01:37:02 PM
Storm Crux Prime Ė 50 x 6 x 50 Ė 14lbs.
Spec solid coverstock Ė 2000 grit Ė 6Ē plus flare
The final ball added to my new 14lbs. arsenal is the Storm Crux Prime. Drilled for SPL and Brunswick lane panels I have been practicing on since my return to the sport a few weeks ago since my accident last year. I started with weaker stuff and working my way up to stronger stuff and found that this ball was WAY too much on the THS I bowled on normally. My home center is older HPL and a hard cliff at the end of the pattern, there is 2 other centers I like to bowl at and one has newer SPL and the other has really new Brunswick panels. With the RA value of the SPEC cover, it cuts through all the heavier oil and still has plenty of energy left to recover on the backends. To see conditioner sit on this ball for several seconds and it NOT soak into it was COMPLETELY amazing. Best heavy oil ball I have used in a while that has not diminished in performance over the past 30 games I have used it.
Title: Crux Prime Ball Review
Post by: Rotogripskitt15999 on May 25, 2019, 03:26:41 PM
Here today to do a ball review on the storm crux prime.The storm crux prime is using s-pec solid cover stock with a 2000 grit finish.After drilling one I can see where this ball can fit in alot of bowlers bags.I was really liking the original crux the roll and shape this ball had when is was going down the lane,now with the prime you can tell this ball is alot sooner but down lane alot smoother shape,not to jumpy of the dry as the original crux.Plus I really like how colourful this ball is when going down the lane you can tell from anywhere in the bowling ally that's a crux prime lol.Great ball to start with and very good for more volume patterns,ive also took it down to 1000ab and you can tell this cover stock likes to chew threw the oil with ease.Bowlers with little more speed can benefit with a ball like this.
Title: Re: Crux Prime
Post by: Gene J Kanak on May 29, 2019, 10:25:09 PM

Length: 44 ft.

Volume: Medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: Smooth and controllable

Dislikes: Not as strong or continuous as expected


Okay, so I've seen dozens of Crux Primes go down the lane around town, so I was excited to get my hands on one to try. The layout on this one was roughly 4x4x2, which is what I typically use for my Storm/Roto balls.

To be honest, to me, this one didn't really live up to the hype. I liked that it cleared the fronts easier than normal for a strong solid asym, but it just didn't perform down the lane. Don't get me wrong; I wasn't expecting a booming backend from a heavy oil ball, but the movement off the spot was sort of loping. Instead of smoothly continuing around the corner, it just kind of went straight, and I didn't get it to finish through the deck. I thought maybe it was burning up, but even when I went way inside and tossed it into the puddle, I saw the same thing.

So, for me, this wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I'm certainly not saying the ball is bad in any way; it just wasn't the look that fits my eye or that I was expecting. I prefer the move I get from my No Rules to what I saw from the Prime.