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Storm !Q Emerld
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:18:26 AM »
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The IQ Emerald is truly an amazing ball. I never threw the IQ gold but I can honestly say if it is anything like this ball it was amazing. The R2S coverstock is storms bread and butter cover while standing the test of time and being very versatile no matter what core is underneath.

To me this ball is a great one two punch with the original IQ Tour Solid. The IQ Tour being very smooth down the lane and making a nice arc into the pocket whereas the IQ Emerald is much better later in the night when the lanes have started to break down and more length is needed to keep getting into the pocket.

For me this will be a great tournament ball on shorter and lighter volume patterns. The R2S pearl gets down lane with ease and the core creates a smooth consistent motion that will be reliable on sport patters.
Layout is Pin above the Bridge 60x5-1/2x36
Stephen Foley
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