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Author Topic: Intense - Finally rolled a good set with it.  (Read 2526 times)


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Intense - Finally rolled a good set with it.
« on: July 01, 2018, 07:03:29 PM »
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So last Friday night I rolled a 694 with my Intense, 3 even games in the 232 range. So it wasn’t a 265 and then down the rabbit hole, or the other way around. Bummed I missed 700, but a new high for me over 674 with a Forza GT.

I didn’t even move till G3F6, and when I left the 10 pin, I replayed the ball motion with angle of entry and just changed up my release ( softened it up ).

Not sure what is contributing to these new highs and love for the Intense now. Perhaps that post of mine on long chain molecules, and the cover is curing with the peaks being a bit stiffer now, so it’s easier to get down lane. It’s aged a bit like a fine wine and it now ripe for me to be rewarded with in which I’m glad I didn’t plug it. Or maybe I’m just really tilting the ball hard now so it doesn’t read so fast. I’m not sure how to check for that and should read up on it. Last; perhaps I’m really learning something from the sport shot league and it’s showing up in regular play.

But I’m really enjoying it now and learning more about my limitations with it. I haven’t  change the surface or done anything with it besides just park it in the box for 3 months.

Now the Intense Fire sounds more appealing to me, and the entire RAD4 / RADE series as well.

Im going with a combination of the cover curing and my improved skill level. So going back to my post on Long Chain Molecules and how the cover is very soft and flexible when new and then cures and stiffens over time  to produce a whole nother motion or look, not to be confused with the ball just died must be spot on. My post, balls don’t die, they just change in motion would apply here.