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« on: May 24, 2013, 09:03:01 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
Storm Marvel-S Ball Specs:
- Color: Aqua/Green/Black All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Coverstock: NRG™ Solid Reactive
- Core: Centripetal™ Core
- Factory Finish: 3000-grit Pad
- Reaction: High
- Fragrance: Spearmint
- Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil Lanes
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal

Description: Following suit in the Storm Marvel line the Storm Marvel-S (Solid) is made to demolish those pins. The Storm Marvel-S has the same centripetal Core which was made famous in the Marvel Pearl but blazes a new trail with the NRG Solid Reactive Coverstock. Add this ball to your arsenal and prepare to Marvel over it!



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« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2013, 07:40:11 AM »

Length: 42ft

Volume:high volume

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Modified HS


Likes: I went with a 50*4.75*60 layout on this ball. It is very smooth and heavy rolling. it gives me a great midlane reaction with tons of continuation. I threw it against my IQ Tour and it was an arrow stronger. This ball is great on heavier and/or longer patterns. It can also be used on medium conditions because of how smooth it is. Great addition to the arsenal.

Thrown by Storm Staffer Nick Smith



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Re: Marvel-S
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2013, 09:20:30 PM »
When the lanes are too tight for everything I have in my bag, I pull out the Marvel S.  When everyone else is struggling to get their stuff to hook, I can move a little to the left and it works great!  I drilled this ball pin down with the cg in line and it is a beast on the lanes!  Out of the box I can play from 20 to 7 and never have to move.  When I shine it I can open up the backend of the lane, and the ball carries good no matter how deep I get.  On oilier sport patterns this ball works great.  I give this ball a 10 out of 10 on being able to use it on all shot patterns. Fantastic job, Storm - you hit this one out of the park!


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Re: Marvel-S
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2013, 09:22:41 AM »

Length: Various Lengths

Volume: Various Volumes

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Various Patterns

The Marvel-S is a heavy rolling ball throughout the lane with a strong continuous backend motion. The layout that I used with my Marvel-S is pin down with the cg slightly in the grip with no Extra Hole. The coordinates are 80 X 4 7/8 X 70 and my Axis point is 5 5/8 over and ¾ up. My ball speed is around 15MPH and my rev rate is around 300. I like to play straighter and more of a down and in player.

I did not change the surface of the Marvel-S because I was looking for a very predictable ball that would read the mid lane.  The Marvel-S is perfect for what I was looking for!

The first pattern I threw the Marvel-S on was a typical House Pattern that is about 32 feet and considered dry by most bowlers in my area. The Marvel-S owned the pocket but lost too much energy in heads and mid lane. I compared the Sync with a pin up layout against the Marvel-S with a pin down layout and the Marvel-S was about 5 feet earlier and smoother throughout the lane.

The next pattern I threw the Marvel-S on was a variation of the USBC Team pattern. However, this variation was a lot tighter and the Marvel-S was perfect for the condition! It allowed me to play to the right and the smooth but strong rolling backend motion kept the ball in the pocket. The over under that everyone else had I did not and after the tournament was over I was the only one that was plus. The Marvel-S as long as there is some oil in the heads or front part of the lane this ball is a beast!

The last pattern I bowled on with the Marvel-S was also a tournament pattern. It is slightly longer and more blended and the backends are not the greatest. Again the Marvel-S was marvelous! The Marvel-S gave me a strong but readable motion to the pocket. Where other players had problems getting their equipment to finish, the Marvel-S was shredding the pins. The smooth yet strong nature of the Marvel-S is a benefit when bowling on tighter and flatter patterns. The hitting power of the Marvel-S is just the icing on the cake!

Marvel-S is a heavy rolling ball that will start up early in the oil and be very continuous on the backend!



Daniel Schaden
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Marvel-S review by Mark Tarkington
« Reply #4 on: July 11, 2013, 09:26:27 AM »
Right Handed
Ball weight:  14
Rev Rate:  378
Ball Speed:  18.2
Axis Tilt:  6.67
Axis Rotation:  45*
PAP:  3 7/8 horizontal, 1 ¼ up
Layout:  4” pin under middle finger, cg above thumb

I drilled this ball specifically for the Scorpion-type patterns.

My first time using this ball came on the Chameleon.  I knew the ball was going to be a bit strong, but I couldn’t help but use it all three games that night.  The ball was easy through the heads and quite strong at the end of the pattern.  I was standing 25-30, using a breakpoint of around 6-8 and the ball recovered every time.  I could NOT over-throw the ball.  My normal issue is pulling the ball and I had a small bit of hold at the beginning of the set, but it did not last all night.  As I continued to move left, and increased my speed, the ball was just too much.  Not to mention this was a 3 game series with a total of 6 bowlers (2 lefties) and the shot was getting too beat up for me to keep using the Marvel S.

I was impressed with the movement and carry.  With the box finish, it was exceptionally smooth and predictable.

After having the opportunity to use the ball on some house patterns and the Detroit Open pattern, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the strongest ball in my bag.  The ball is quite smooth off of the pattern and recovers quite well.  Overall, it covers more boards than any other ball in my bag.  I don’t get to use it very often, but when I do, it is just plain fun to roll.

For mediums and heavy patterns, I would say this is a must have.

Another great release from Storm!
Mark Tarkington
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Re: Marvel-S
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2013, 07:47:15 AM »
MARVEL-S review by Storm staffer Jeff Richgels

DRILLED June 27, 2013

You can see the picture of my MARVEL-S on my blog here:

Storm’s MARVEL line of balls have been a mixed bag for me. I still have a MARVEL solid in my arsenal that I use from time to time on heavy oil patterns. The MARVEL PEARL for my combination of moderate speed and 300-325 rev rate was harder for me to control than I prefer. And I tried multiple drillings and surface adjustments.

So I was very curious to see what the MARVEL-S brings for me.  The NRG coverstock that debuted in the NANO has been a favorite of mine (the MARVEL-S comes 3,000 but I’m sure I will prefer it more at 1,500 Turbo Sandbagger.) The core is the Centripetal that has been in the MARVEL line.

I drilled my aqua/green/black Spearmint fragrance MARVEL-S with the same strong, early-rolling drilling that I have had and enjoyed in numerous balls, most recently the Roto Grip DISTURBED I used with great success at the PBA Senior U.S. Open and USBC Senior Masters in June. The pin is under my bridge with the CG kicked right at about 60 degrees and a weight hole on P2 to make it static legal. Assuming my PAP still is 5 1/8 x 3/4 up (I need to re-check it!) it worked out to 5 Pin-PAP, 3 3/4 “Mass Bias” (it’s a symmetrical)-PAP, and 4 3/4 pin buffer.

My hope was for a great ball for heavy oil patterns such as PBA Scorpion and Shark that rolls differently than the DISTURBED.

So far, that is exactly what I have gotten.

Where my DISTURBED tends to sort of wobble going down the lane and react in line with how I throw it, the MARVEL-S with its strong core works hard to get to the point where it makes it move, then makes a quick and strong hockey stick-type of move.

That makes the MARVEL-S ideal for getting the ball rolling when that’s necessary, as when the middle puddle might be fairly heavy, while the DISTURBED is great at getting down the lane but still being strong on heavy, but fairly flat patterns like the Senior Open and Senior Masters.

Both came into play at a PBA Regional on a brutal Scorpion pattern last month and the DISTURBED got most of the play because the pattern played very flat and the DISTURBED got down the lane easier.

In other words, the MARVEL-S probably will be a great heavy house shot ball. And it also likely will be good on heavier build-up Sport patterns like Team USA Mexico City.

If you like a strong core ball that works hard to rev up and make it’s move, the MARVEL-S could be a great ball for you.


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Marvel-S review by staffer Garrett Richardson
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2013, 04:20:31 PM »
Hand: Left
Ball Speed: 16-17mph
Ball Weight: 15lbs
PAP: 5 left 7/16 up
Degrees of Tilt: 17
Layout: 5 x 5 ½ x 2

The Marvel S I have drilled pin above the ring finger with the cg in and no hole on the side with 3000 abralon. At the beginning I was a little skeptic about the ball only because it has a strong cover the NRG that is from the Virtual Gravity Nano and now the Sync in which I thought would be too strong but boy was I wrong. The Marvel S is by far the strongest ball in the current master line but not overly strong to where you cannot use it as often. Yes it does have the NRG solid cover that is currently the strongest cover in the storm line up but with the centripetal weight block that is very popular from the Marvel Pearl and !Q tours it gives you more control but still packs a punch down lane.

When I first started to roll the Marvel S I was very surprised on how much back end motion it has for a solid cover stock ball in the Marvel line up. The original Marvel was more even which is what I typically see in solids of this kind but with the upgraded cover; when it sees friction down lane it makes a strong turn to the pocket which is also what I see in the Sync which is the big daddy of the storm line up.

I went to Las Vegas for TAT (True Amateur Tournament) and used the Marvel S about 95% of the time and it got me into the finals. It was a 37 foot pattern something close to maybe the PBA Viper with a little bump outside if you played it right. The best look I had was outside around the 6 board straight up which still today it shocks me I was able to use it from the fresh to even on the break down and usually I cannot do that with this type of ball. When my other equipment would give me over under or fade down lane I was able to switch back up to the Marvel S (strongest ball in my bag that I brought) and it was smooth all the way down lane and was not jumpy at all with the 3000 abralon by hand compared to the 3000 out the factory. This is a great compliment to the Marvel Pearl when the lanes have more oil or for the people who have high ball speed for more medium condition you will have no problem using this ball.

If you have any questions about the Marvel S email me at

Garrett Richardson
Storm/Roto Grip Amateur Staff
Vise Inserts Amateur Staff
Pinole Bowler’s Supply


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Storm Marvel-S Review by Casey Murphy
« Reply #7 on: August 12, 2013, 10:20:49 AM »
Orientation:  Right Handed
Rev Rate:  400 RPM
Speed:  16-17 MPH
PAP:  5 across ¾ up

Location:  Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO
Pattern:  High Volume THS
Layout:  80, 5 ¼, 45

The Marvel-S is the first ball in Storm’s history to feature the NRG cover (Nanos, Sync, Vivid) and a symmetrical core (Centripetal Core, Marvel Series).  The result is an amazing combo.  The Nanos and the Sync are great balls from Storm in the asymmetrical category.  As with all asymmetrical balls these tend to roll early and be less effective after the lanes have dried up and transitioned.  The Marvel-S is the answer with its more continuous core.  The cover has enough teeth to handle the puddle of oil you find when you move into to the middle of the lane and the core will conserve enough energy and generate plenty of backend action to recover from the steeper angle.  The Marvel-S is the newest standard from Storm for transitioning high volume oil patterns. 


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Re: Marvel-S
« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2013, 09:37:58 AM »
The Marvel S is the latest release in the master line of bowling balls from Storm. This uses the same centripetal core that was first out in the Prodigy, and then found in the previously released Marvels. The difference, and a BIG difference I may add, is the NRG cover that was used on the Sync, the Vivid, and originally on the Virtual Gravity Nano.  This combination of NRG cover and core of the Marvel S, in my opinion, is the best yet.
The Marvel s has more continuation than any ball that was released with the Nano cover. The three releases prior, all had asymmetrical weight blocks, and had more of a hook set shape. The Marvel S has a more arching, continuous shape.  The big difference comes when moving deeper on the lane. Usually, as you get deeper, most bowlers look for a ball that doesn’t slow down as fast, and has energy to make the corner and carry. The Marvel S, even with the 3000 finish, rolls through the pins better than any other dull, low RG, high differential ball that I can remember.  Interesting enough, the Marvel S also rolls well from out, provided there is enough soup on the lanes to keep it holding pocket.
When comparing the Marvel S to the Sync, with matching drillings (the Sync has a larger balance hole than the Marvel S), pin under ring with the PSA kicked toward VAL, the Marvel S is a little cleaner to the spot, and more of a hard continuous arch, compared to the Sync that changes direction stronger, and rolls heavier toward the pins. If I need a defined shape, I go with the Sync. If I need to open it up a little, I go with the Marvel S.
The Marvel S is a must have for heavy oiled conditions. Speed dominant players should have no problem seeing enough pick up and roll to the pins. No squirt past the break point here. If you feel you are a rev dominant player, just add some polish to the cover to get it through the front of the lane.
If you are in the market for a strong cover, strong core bowling ball, then look no further than the Marvel S. Be sure to talk to your pro shop operator about the VLS system when laying out your new Marvel S. This great tool will give you the proper layout you are looking for, provided you enter the data correctly, when drilling any bowling ball. After you drill your Marvel S, just fine tune the reaction with proper balance hole placement and surface adjustments to maximize the bowling balls potential.
The last thing I would like to talk about is cover stock maintenance. The NRG cover is one of the most advanced covers in the industry. With that, means proper care to keep your new Marvel S rolling strong. I personally recommend using a microfiber towel every shot to keep the surface oil off the ball, and a good cleaning with reacta clean after your bowling session.  Every 15-20 games or so, I also recommend using Storm’s reacta scuff for a deep cleaning of the cover. This will get dirt and oil out of the peaks and valleys of the cover better than just ball cleaner alone. Proper maintenance will mean that your new bowling ball will have a much longer life. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Marvel S. And remember, always bowl up a Storm!!
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Re: Marvel-S
« Reply #9 on: August 27, 2013, 08:56:16 AM »
The Marvel S is by far the strongest Symmetrical ball I have ever thrown.  The combo between the NRG cover and the centripetal core is a WINNER!  I layed mine out a lil weaker since I knew it was going to be a strong piece.  60x4 3/8x30 (Axis: 3 3/4 over, 7/8 up) was the final decision, and I wasn't disappointed with the results.  Do not be afraid to throw a lil shine on this ball, as I say once again, IT IS STRONG!!!  A great addition to the arsenal for longer patterns or higher volume.  Thanks yet again to Storm Products!!!

Erik Ramos
Storm/Roto Grip Staff


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Re: Marvel-S
« Reply #10 on: August 31, 2013, 04:27:27 PM »
Marvel S
PAP - 4 3/16 over 1/4 up
Ball Speed 17-18 mph
Rev Rate 300-350
Right Handed
Layout 65 x 2.5 x 38
Surface Preparation: OOB

What I was looking for: With this ball I was looking to compliment my IQ Tour Solid with a little more down-lane motion and just overall a little more POP on the backend.

What I got:  This ball is like the IQ Tour Solid on Steroids. Very  smooth heavy rolling look with that POP on the backend that I was looking for.
This ball is great if you want to play deep on fresher house conditions. I would recommend polishing it for your THS.

This ball is very nice on tougher heavy oil patterns. It has a nice smooth roll and stores just enough energy to smash pins and continue. My carry percentage with this ball is astronomical.

The Marvel core wears the Syncs cover like a dream creating a smooth rolling heavy hitting ball that I will definitely be packing at every tournament I go to.
All my layouts are created using the Storm VLS. It has done a great job getting balls to react exactly how I imagine them in my head. I love the LOW RG layouts it has been spitting out for me.

Steven Fagan
Storm Pro Shop Staff
Lexington, KY

Mr Straight Ball

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Marvel-S aka Marvelous
« Reply #11 on: October 26, 2013, 09:34:39 AM »
Pin Length: 2 ½
Starting Top Weight: 3.5oz
Ball Weight: 16.1
5 ½ x 5 ½ x 2
Rev Rate: High
Ball Speed: 18
PAP/Track: 5”  across ½” down
Honestly, I was not going to put this ball in my bag as the Marvel™ I did not get to use a lot. The Marvel Pearl™ on the other hand, I cannot put it down! Storm’s Sales Manager presented a good case and told me to keep an open mind. He even told me how he wanted it drilled.

The first thing I noticed in my hand is that with the box finish, this ball was using up too much energy. If you don’t know anything about the Centripetal™ Core, it rolls heavy and it is continuous. And now sharing the NRG™ Solid Reactive cover (debuted on the Sync™) this ball is aggressive! This ball was just laughing at the oil so I knew in my hand this ball was going to come out anytime there is enough oil.

Well, I tried forcing the ball in my hand at times and then I used it on the PBA Scorpion shot. WOW! Despite the hard Brunswick Pro Lane Anvilane surface the ball was hooking through 43 foot pattern like a butter knife. It felt like a THS with the ability to miss wide and confident the ball would dance back.

The average bowler will use this ball to create a little room on the THS. The boomers will have to table this ball for the tighter patterns unless they shine it up. On the PBA tour they nicknamed this ball “Marvelous” so that tells you what the pros think of it. Liz Johnson grabbed a Marvel-S to win the Women’s US Open playing the out of bounds area.
Likes: Great mid-lane read, strong hooking arc motion
Dislikes: I cannot use it every day!
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Storm Marvel-S
« Reply #12 on: November 02, 2013, 06:10:59 PM »
  Right handed
  PAP- 4 up 1 1/4
  Rev Rate - 380-400
  Ball Speed - 16-17
  Axis Tilt - 15

 The Storm Marvel-S uses the Centripetal™ Core wrapped with the strong NRG™ Solid Reactive coverstock. This is the same cover that was used on the Nano.
I drilled mine like the Storm Matchmaker Balls, pin above and between the fingers stacked.  This is like a 4 inch pin to pap for me.  Lets just say that the Marvel-S is a very strong symmetrical ball.  For me this ball will need some oil up front to allow the ball to store some of its power down lane.  I was very impressed though with the continuation the Marvel-S had off of the spot, as the previous modern marvel was a little rolly. The Marvel-S had a very strong arc motion and backend, more than I was expecting from such a strong cover.   I used the Marvel-S on a couple different house shot and the USBC white pattern.  On the house shots I was able to stay in the puddle and open the lane up with great hitting power.  On the white pattern I was a little further right but still the Marvel-S was still able to create a very strong arc off the spot with exceptional carry.
This ball will excel on the longer sport and PBA patterns with the strong cover.
I have watched bowlers with lower rev rates really fall in love with this ball as it allowed them to create more miss room, especially when missing left in the puddle.

The Marvel-S is one of the strongest symmetricals balls that Storm has ever made.

Brian Watson
Storm/RG Amateur Staff

Tony Reynaud

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Re: Marvel-S
« Reply #13 on: November 12, 2013, 08:31:46 AM »
COVERSTOCK:NRG™ Solid Reactive
WEIGHT BLOCK: Centripetal™ Core
LIGHT WEIGHT BLOCK: Modified Centripetal™ Core
FACTORY FINISH: 3000-grit Pad
BALL COLOR: Aqua/Green/Black
DUROMETER: 73-75 Rex D-scale
FLARE POTENTIAL: 5” - 6” (High)
FRAGRANCE: Spearmint
WEIGHTS: 12-16 lbs.

My layout: 55 x 3 7/8 "x 45
My PAP: 4 3/4" over 1 5/8 up

The Marvel S from Storm is a fantastic bowling ball.  It is by far my favorite bowling ball since the IQ Tour which came out in July 2012.  Anyone that knows me knows how much I loved the IQ Tour. I drilled 6 IQ Tours so far, {I am not done drilling IQ Tours yet} and there is a good chance I will end up drilling more Marvel S’s before I am done. I think that highly of this ball. 

I really loved the Nano and was really disappointed when Storm discontinued it. The good news is the Marvel S has the same cover stock, which produces a nice heavy roll, which is great for a straighter player such as me. I feel because of the weight block, the marvel S is smoother then the Nano was.  Basically if you liked the Nano you will also like the Marvel S.

I bowl tournaments every weekend, and I can always tell how popular a bowling ball will be just by paying attention to what people are throwing, as well as what they are saying about a bowling ball. When a new ball gets released from any company you will see people throwing them. The great balls pick up steam and still sell really well months down the road. The Marvel S has been out for about 4 months now and I keep seeing more and more of them on the racks. As a staffer that is the true test of knowing when a ball is truly great and the Marvel S fits that bill.

Next time you are in a bowling center watching good bowlers, find someone throwing this Aqua green and black ball, watch how nice it rolls, and how powerful it really is when it enters the pocket. In conclusion the Marvel S from Storm gets my highest rating. I can’t stress enough that everyone needs to own this balling ball!


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Re: Marvel-S
« Reply #14 on: January 28, 2014, 08:27:51 AM »
I bought this ball a few months ago, really have not used it, due to not finding enough oil. For the times I did use it, I was pleased with it's performance. 

My ball is drilled pin above ring finger, weight hole kicked out in my lower quadrant. 

The read on this ball is pretty obivious, it clears the heads nicely and when it turns to the pocket, it's a strong motion with excellent continuation.  Not flippy, but a strong roll.

This ball maybe shot specific, depending where you play on the lanes and the oil pattern.  For me, I'm down and in and I cannot use it all the time, but when I do, I can rely on it.

For me, this ball is stronger than the original Marvel, with better hitting power.

Take care...