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« on: August 16, 2023, 08:59:58 AM »
The Storm Summit is designed to help bowlers reach the peak of their performance. This upper-mid performance bowling ball introduces the bowling world to the TX-23 Hybrid Reactive coverstock and the Centripetal HD-A.I. weight block. The TX-23 Hybrid Reactive coverstock is a modified version of the successful TX-16 coverstock to give more grip on slick oil conditions. The core is the proven Centripetal HD that has been paired with A.I. (Amplified Inertia) outer core. The result is a lower RG and a higher differential making this Storm's strongest symmetric bowling ball so far.

Color: Blue/Gold/Silver
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Coverstock: TX-23 Hybrid Reactive
Core: Centripetal HD - A.I
Finish: 3000-grit Abralon
RG: 2.46 (15# ball)
Differential: 0.056 (15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil
Fragrance: Snickerdoodle



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Re: Summit
« Reply #16 on: October 31, 2023, 08:32:16 AM »
Cover Stock: TX-23 Hybrid Reactive
Finish: 3000 Grit Abralon
Core: Centripetal HD A.I.
RG: 2.46
Differential: 0.056

The new Storm Summit comes with the TX-23 Hybrid coverstock, that is a modernized variation of the beloved TX-14 that is found in the the Phaze II.  The core is the Centripetal HD weight block is surrounded by the ALL-NEW A.I. (Amplified Inertia) outer core. With this combination, you get Storm's strongest Symmetrical ball to date. I compare this to both my Reality and Iq Tour, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. It got through the heads, slightly better than the Reality, but very strong in the midlane, and very smooth off the backend. It has similar midlane reaction to the IQ tour, but picks up slightly sooner, with a smoother back end reaction. I am able to throw this on sport and house shots, as it has proven to be very versatile. One of the best attributes I have seen with this ball, is when I would miss right early, rather than it picking up and jumping through the nose, the ball slows down, and makes a smooth transition right to the pocket. Typically with strong symmetrical balls, I have to keep my angles tight, in order to carry a corner pin, with the Summit, I do not. I am able to still open up the lane, with out sacrificing carry, which in turn, lets me stay with the same ball longer.

The Summit is going to be a very good ball for some time, so do not hesitate to add this to your arsenal.

PJ Haggerty

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Re: Summit
« Reply #17 on: October 31, 2023, 06:06:46 PM »
Storm Summit Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

The strongest symmetrical ball to date from Storm.  Summit.  Featuring a new core (Amplified Inertia) along with the Centripetal weight block, the Summit reads the lane early, often and pounds the pins with authority.  With an extremely low RG (2.46) and high differential (.056), this ball is extremely strong and is designed for those conditions with extreme amounts of oil.  It has certainly lived up to its hype thus far and I’m impressed.  It’s been in my tournament bag since I’ve been able to drill it and its earned a consistent spot for now.

I’ve drilled two so far and really like both.  The one I’ve had the most success with is mapped out as 5.5 x 4 x 2.  This puts the pin just to the left of my bridge along with a kicked CG.  Also, I’ve let the lane oil shine the surface, so it looks somewhat shiny, but I wanted to keep the original teeth in the cover so I didn’t use any polish.  When the asymmetrical balls don’t look great, the Summit is my go-to.  I’ve mainly used it when I’ve had to create some angle and go left-to-right with it, but it’s been perfect for house shots.  It’s not too quick off the friction and it picks up in the middle if I miss in.  The situation is the same for tournament conditions too.  It’s been a staple in my bag.

If you need a strong, benchmark type ball that can be used on multiple patterns and compliments the asymmetrical pieces in your bag, go drill a Summit!



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Re: Summit
« Reply #18 on: November 13, 2023, 07:08:26 AM »
Sam Cooper. Roto Grip Amateur Staffer. Layout 50x5.5x40. When I got this ball, you could just tell it was going to hook. I first tested it out on a beat-up house shot just to get some oil on the cover. I did have to keep moving my feet left but I also noticed that the ball never stopped hooking or "burned up". Next, I tested it on some longer patterns with some volume. This ball had no problem reading the mid lane and continuing through the back of the pin deck. In my one league we bowl on the Kegal Chromium oil pattern(42ft). The team we were bowling likes to throw urethane on this pattern. I thought to myself, lets test out the Summit with the urethane carry down. I am going to keep this in the memory banks because the ball looked amazing despite the carry down on the pair. For as big and strong as this ball is it is surprisingly usable. I am impressed and knew it would be a great tournament ball. In terms of comparing it to other balls in the line it is stronger than a phase 2 but less than bigger asymmetrical like the Gem's .