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Spectre Pearl
« on: January 14, 2022, 10:04:20 AM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The expectations for a Storm bowling ball are great and the Storm Spectre meets those expectations. This mid-performance ball showcases the inventive Vector Core which is encased in a 1500-grit polished R3S Pearl Reactive coverstock. This core and cover combination was designed and put together with the most inquisitive competitors in mind. The Spectre offers control as it skids through the front of the lane without losing traction for the midlane and break point on medium oil conditions.

Color: Crimson/Iron
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Coverstock: R3S Pearl Reactive
Core: Vector (14#-16#)
Finish: 1500-grit Polished
RG: 2.54 (based on 15# ball)
Diff: 0.050 (based on 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium
Fragrance: Candy Cane Cookie



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Re: Spectre Pearl
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2022, 07:48:12 AM »

Length: 43'

Volume: 22.5mLs

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: Marvel Pearl vibes

Dislikes: none yet!

Spectre for me has Marvel Pearl Vibes.  It’s more Roll-y than my wolverine but it fits in the same area.  Its more off the spot than my Hyroad pearl.  I used a similar pin up layout for the Spectre as I did with the Wolverine.  My Hyroad pearls are pin down so its expected to be more off the spot. As I’m writing this, Im thinking that I may drill another pin down to see what the difference is, truly, to the pin down hyroad pearl.
This ball does great work and it will for everyone who throws it.  It’s just a very good, all around, Pearl symmetrical ball.

Surfaces changes are good.  I always seem to add a little surface to my pearls anyways, R3S is no different. Great Scent with the Candy Cane!

My layout is 4x5x2 or 50x5x30

Other balls getting a lot of play:
Dark Code-4x6x2
UFO Alert-4.5x5x3.75
Altered Reality-4.25x5.25x2

Casey Mattingly
Storm/RotoGrip Staff
Turbo Regional Staff
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Alexandria, IN


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Re: Spectre Pearl
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2022, 06:54:43 PM »
Hey everyone, this is Storm staff member Josh Shoemaker here again with another ball review for the brand new Spectre. As always, I would like to thank Storm for providing the equipment I use every time I step out onto the lanes and I Am Bowling for making sure I always look good no matter what! Today I will be bowling on a standard medium to higher volume house shot in a new center. This will most likely be where a majority of my videos will be recorded from now on due to myself bowling league here now. This lane had a ton of friction from leagues and open bowling but I decided to roll with it anyways. This will give everyone a good look of how the ball rolls on less than ideal conditions. The Spectre features the brand new vector core. The vector core features an RG of 2.54 and diff of 0.050 in 15 lbs. This core was designed to bridge the gap between lower RG symmetrical options like the Trend 2 or Phaze 3 and the beloved Hyroads. Wrapped in R3S pearl, the Spectre is capable of creating a lot of traction chemically to help blend the lane out front to back when you still need a cleaner option. I decided to drill my Spectre with the same layout as my Trend 2. It’s no secret that I haven’t used a ton of symmetrical balls as of late. I feel as though with the current SPI line of asyms, we have a ton of options for 95% of lane conditions. I still occasionally need a ball with a smaller core option, so a ball like the Spectre is a must have for late in the block or higher friction surfaces. When compared to the Hyroad, the Spectre is a little earlier and stronger overall. Preorder your very own Spectre from any Storm VIP pro shop for the January 14th release!

Review Video:


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Storm Spectre review by Trevor Roberts
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2022, 05:09:21 PM »
Lane Condition
Length: 40
Volume: Medium
Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS

The new Storm Spectre is a ball that will see a lot of lane time for me. I used it last weekend at the Players Championship when the lanes were hooking and it worked great. The cover on the Spectre is super clean, but down lane it rolls forward rather than hooks right to left. It was the ball that I used immediately before I switched to the Wolverine. Those two balls compliment each other so well later in blocks. I also used the Spectre in league, where the lanes hook quite a bit, and it is my new go to ball. I can use it to the right, and when I need to move left it works just as well. Every style of bowler would benefit from drilling this ball!

YouTube Review

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Trevor Roberts
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Right Handed
Rev Rate: 400
Speed: 16
PAP: 5 1/2 up 13/16

Kevin Duncan

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Re: Spectre Pearl
« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2022, 08:25:21 PM »
Storm Spectre
Layout: 4.5 x 4 x 2.5 Storm Vector Layout
Rev Rate: 325 rpm
Testing information: 41 foot THS (medium to light volume)
Bowling Center: Fulton Bowling Center
Kegel Machine – Brunswick Anvilane

The Storm Spectra utilizes the cutting-edge Vector Core and the R3S pearl reactive cover.  All I can after throwing the Storm Spectre in league is WOW!  The R3S pearl coverstock was so clean through the fronts then big back-end motion. A true continuous back-end motion. The Storm Spectre will be a step down from the Zen. There are very few times that I fall in love with a ball right away but the Spectre is already a favorite.  The Spectre falls into the must have category for me. #Stormnation

Luke Rosdahl

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Storm Spectre Review by Luke Rosdahl
« Reply #5 on: February 07, 2022, 12:41:26 PM »
The Spectre features the R3S Pearl coverstock and new symmetric Vector core.  R3S Pearl hasn’t been seen very often, it was last on the Intense, the hybrid version is currently on the Phaze 3, and it’s a stronger version of R2S Pearl that we have currently on the Phaze 4 and Hyroad Pearl.  The Vector core is derived from the Tensor core in the Incite series, but is symmetric with an RG of 2.54 and a differential of .050 in 15 pounds.  Overall it’s very similar to the Wolverine but with a stronger cover formula, which makes it a couple boards stronger.  Due to sharing the same cover formula with the Phaze 3 but having a weaker core, the two make a very good pair to run together.  The Phaze 3 revs up earlier, is a couple boards stronger and sharper at the breakpoint, the Spectre is a few feet longer and rounder, so they feel like a full step apart, they don’t overlap.  The Spectre is also a good step up from the Hyroad Pearl which can be a little too long and weak sometimes, so it very neatly fills a gap we’ve had between the Master and Thunder line for a few years. 

Spectre Review:
Storm Amateur Staff
Turbo Regional Staff
YouTube Channel:
Twitter: @LukeRosdahl


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Re: Spectre Pearl
« Reply #6 on: February 07, 2022, 06:34:32 PM »
This is one of the most exciting balls I have thrown in a while. Like a modern day Marvel Pearl meets Hyroad type of vibe. The Spectre has the Vector core and the R3S pearl reactive cover. Clean up front with a nice strong down lane motion that is not jerky but has plenty of punch. The ball is so versatile that playing tighter angles or moving left and opening the lane up, I lack no hitting power or loss of carry. It feels and looks a lot like an updated take on what the Marvel Pearl would be on today’s patterns and oil volume. This is the type of ball that should be 1 of the first out on most patterns, it will give you a good idea of what you are about to bowl on. Smells great too!

Jason Hollingsworth
Storm Amateur Staff
Bowlifi Staff    


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« Reply #7 on: February 11, 2022, 12:42:11 PM »
The new storm Spectre features the brand new Vector Core wrapped around the R3S Pearl reactive cover. This ball was designed to be a bridge between the Trend and Hyroad bowling balls. For me and my arsenal, I think that this ball is between my trend 2 and Wolverine. This ball was also featured by Sean Rash on the Players Championship show, this ball was highlighted well in that show, it showed its versatility by being able to strike on both the medium and long oil patterns. This is a great midline ball, that will allow all players and styles to strike from multiple angles, go out and get yours today!


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Re: Spectre Pearl
« Reply #8 on: February 15, 2022, 02:46:15 PM »

Length: 41ft

Volume: medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: MARVEL PEARL!!!! The original Marvel Pearl, not the remake!!!!!! That is exactly what this ball reminds me of and that is an amazing compliment to that ball!! 4.5*45, The Spectre is an amazing ball in the Thunder Line for Storm. This ball is more catered to the lanes once they transition but when its time to get into it lookout!!! Its clean, reads the lane at the right spot and continues which is exactly what the Marvel Pearl was known for. Its not too angular down lane, not creating too much entry angle to the pocket so it makes the pins stay low as the ball goes thru the pin deck. This ball will get alot of lane time on all types of patterns




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Storm Spectre Ball Review
« Reply #9 on: February 16, 2022, 04:12:53 PM »
(I have attached a link to the Spectre Ball Review that I did on YouTube. Feel free to check it out!)

Rev Rate: 375
Ball Speed: 15-16 mph
PAP: 5 inches over, 1/2 inch up
Layout: 60x5x30

Synthetic Lanes

Typical House Shot

The new Storm Spectre has that classic Storm roll…super clean through the fronts with that famous skid flip on the backend. If you bowl on high friction surfaces, this ball can be a benchmark to start off in your typical house shot league. If you can’t start Game 1 with it, Games 2 and 3 will be a great time when the transition starts coming along. I compared it with my Storm Trend 2, which has a stronger cover but fits in the same mold as the Spectre. I had to move 3-5 boards left to get it through the fronts properly for the best angle of attack. Two different ways to strike with the Spectre being the cleaner of the two.

Another great ball in the Thunder Line. You will be throwing thunder bolts at the pocket!!!


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Spectre Pearl Review
« Reply #10 on: February 16, 2022, 05:43:33 PM »
Coverstock: R3S Pearl Reactive
Core: Vector
RG: 2.54
Diff: 0.050

The Spectre features the R3S pearl cover and the Vector core. R3S pearl cover reads the midlane giving it a smooth controllable shape. I find myself using the Spectre when my balls are getting down the lane a little too far before they see friction. This is when I would switch to the Spectre when I need a ball to pick up a bit earlier or I am needing a controllable shape to play the lanes. This ball has been overlooked with the release of the Phaze 4, but I use the Spectre when the Phaze 4 is getting down the lane to far and I need a ball to pick up sooner. Don’t sleep on the Spectre!

Tobias Myers


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Re: Spectre Pearl
« Reply #11 on: February 18, 2022, 03:52:06 PM »
Ball Reviews:
Nova/Phaze 4/Spectre
We have a good natural progression of the 3 new releases from Storm Bowling. From strongest to weakest would be the Nova, Phaze 4 then Spectre.
The Nova is a pretty strong bowling ball. For comparison purposes think of an Roto Grip X-1 on steroids as it is earlier and more continuous. The concept is similar in that it is a strong asymmetrical hybrid with surface. The difference would be about 2-3 boards more hook with the Nova. This would be great on the fresh and some transition on your typical house shots and on a variety of sport patterns when you want to begin opening up the lane and getting deeper into the oil.
The Phaze 4 is the newest compliment to the Phaze line; this time featuring a pearl coverstock. The Phaze 4 is pretty clean yet provides plenty of mid lane roll. The nice feature of this ball is the control element to it. It allows you to play into the oil and does not overreact when it sees friction. I drilled mine pin down to keep my angles closed. This ball will be a great ball on a multitude of patterns and/or house conditions when you begin opening up the lane. The pin down drilling allows me to use it on the fresh for THS. I, also, took the polish off and it blends the lane real well.
The Spectre is the cleanest of the 3 new releases. It will be a great step down off either of the 2 aforementioned balls. I drilled mine pin down and removed the surface to help blend the lane and keep my angles closer. When the fronts begin to really go and you need a ball that will get down lane and not labor the Spectre will be a great option to have.


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Spectre Pearl
« Reply #12 on: February 25, 2022, 03:04:17 PM »
The new storm spectre is a classic storm ball being super clean through the fronts with a big punch in the back.This is going to be a benchmark ball for some houses that are high in friction or a great piece top ball down to from the trend 2 or the phaze 4. This ball has easily been over looked with the arrival of the phaze 4. But don't sleep on the new spectre. This ball is the real deal, put your favorite layout on this one and you'll be off to the races.

      Anthony Wiegand


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Re: Spectre Pearl
« Reply #13 on: February 25, 2022, 07:05:09 PM »
Ball Specs:
Storm Spectre
1500-grit polished R3Sâ„¢ Pearl Reactive
Weight Block: Vectorâ„¢ Core (Symmetrical)
Color: Crimson/Iron

The Spectre is Storm’s latest symmetrical bowling ball. If you love the Wolverine but are looking for something with a little stronger motion, this fills that gap perfectly. On the flip side, if you are looking for similar motion to the altered reality but want something slightly weaker, this is the perfect fit. This ball tends to look really good on the fresh and in our opinion is the perfect benchmark ball for a house shot, similar to the famous OG hy-road.

Kyle, Joel, & Dean Johnson
Storm Pro Shop Staffers


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Spectre Pearl review
« Reply #14 on: February 27, 2022, 11:00:08 AM »
Ball Specs:
Storm Spectre
R3S Pearl Reactive
1500 Grit Polished
Vector Symmetric Core

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5” Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed at release 17

 I really like this ball! I was looking forward to this ball when I saw the specs on it. The core looked to me like Storm took the Incite core and smashed it down making it a symmetric shape. The Spectre has a better down lane motion for me than the Wolverine which was earlier and smoother than I thought it would be. The Spectre is cleaner and creates more back end for what I bowl on and has great carry. I would consider it to be a medium to dry lane ball. I would put it between my hypes and Trend 2 in total hook. The price is excellent on this ball and the scent is very good too! I am glad we had this ball at our last ball demo and it was very popular. I am a little worried that with all the new balls on the market this excellent piece may be overlooked. If you have a Storm Match maker Demo come to your area you really need to make time to roll this great equipment. The Spectre is a house shot killer and has been rolling well for my traditional and no thumb bowlers alike. On a medium condition I seem to be able to stay with this ball all three games in league with very little adjustment which is nice. This ball will be with me for the State tournament for sure.

The Spetre is a great ball and smells good too!
The Ball has a great motion and hit.
The Spectre is much better than its price point.

Glenn Wendel
PBA Member
Storm Pro Shop Staff

Video Link:

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