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Storm Proton PhysiX
« on: January 28, 2021, 10:46:55 AM »
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Bowler: Matt Rubright
PAP 5 over 1 Up
Ball Speed 17 mph
Rev Rate 450
Layout: 55 x 5 ¼” x 75

Storm Proton PhysiX Link:
Rubright Ball Reviews presents the Storm Proton PhysiX:

Struggle with getting your bowling ball to hook? Look no further, the Proton PhysiX has arrived!  Proton PhysiX consists of the Atomic Core, which was featured in the PhysiX and AstroPhysiX, however this ball is wrapped with the NeX Solid reactive coverstock, and has every intention of hooking!  The Proton PhysiX cover was featured on the Axiom, which has been a popular choice by many touring PBA professionals.  This ball comes out of box at a 2000-grit finish and would best be suited in a speed-dominant bowlers hands.

This review was shot on a 39’ sport compliant condition (2:1 ratio) with 28mL.  The surface that we bowled on, HPL, likes to hook.  I feel that the Proton PhysiX will best be used on a fresh house shot (to blend out the wet/dry lane condition) and heavier volume sport compliant conditions.  The motion provided by the Proton PhysiX is an earlier rolling motion that can be utilized when the lanes condition are fresh.  You won’t get a massive hook out of this ball because that not the purpose of this piece.  You will see the ball want to dig in the oil and provide you with a smoother even roll.

If you have any questions about the Storm/Roto Grip line up, feel free to comment down below!  For future content be sure to SUBSCRIBE and turn notifications “ON”.  If you enjoyed this video, be sure to “LIKE” it!  Go to your local Storm VIP Pro Shop and check out this piece today!

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Matt Rubright
Storm Amateur Staff Member
Rev Rate 450 rpm    Axis Rotation: 30-50 degrees
Ball Speed 17 mph    Axis Tilt: 10 degrees
PAP 5 over 1 up
YouTube Channel (Rubright Ball Reviews):