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Summit Peak
« on: February 16, 2024, 10:07:30 AM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The Storm Summit Peak is a precision-crafted bowling ball designed for a unique shape unlike any other in your arsenal. Featuring the Centripetal HD within the A.I. Core, Storm has pushed RG and differential limits to instill confidence that it will never miss the mark. The RG and differential combination ensures early revs and consistent shaping down the lane where it matters most. With TX-23 Pearl, derived from the proven TX-16 (Phaze II) formula, this ball offers enhanced oil absorption for superior grip on slick conditions. Adjust the surface as needed for an even more potent response. The Summit Peak, with its pearl TX-23 and A.I. Core Technology, is a must-have for bowlers of all skill levels seeking unparalleled performance.

Color: Goldenrod/Mint/Iridium
All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
Coverstock: TX-23 Pearl Reactive
Core: Centripetal HD - A.I
Finish: Reacta Gloss
RG: 2.46 (15# ball)
Differential: 0.056 (15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil
Fragrance: Apple Kiwi Pie



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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2024, 08:24:19 AM »
Summit Peak
Cover: TX-23 Pearl Reactive
Core: Centripetal HD-AI
RG: 2.46 RG
Diff: 0.056

My layout: 4.5 x 2.5

The Summit Peak is a Pearl symmetrical ball that I see working best on medium to med-dry conditions. The pearl TX-23 cover is surprisingly clean. It does a great job of getting through early friction without getting off line too quickly. The super low rg core compliments the clean cover very well. Because of the length of the cover, the fast revving core translates to a medium to medium-slow response motion down lane. I have found that the Peak is best when the lanes transition past big and medium solid balls like the Absolute Power or Summit. It allows me to get down the lane easier without being too angular at the end of the oil pattern.

Bowler stats:
Left handed
PAP: 5 x 1/4up
Rev rate: 400


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Summit Peak Review
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2024, 02:03:16 PM »
Ball Specs:
Storm Summit Peak
TX-23 Pearl Reactive
A.I. Symmetric Core
Finish Reacta Gloss Polished
Layout 4.5 x4 with 1.5 Pin Buffer

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5” Over 1/2 up
Rev Rate 300. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed at release 17

The Summit Peak is another very strong pearl ball by Storm. The original Summit was smooth and predictable, the Peak is different. The Summit Peak is very responsive to friction and this creates a very powerful angular shape. This ball hooks almost as much as my Exotic Gem but more than my Zen Gold Label. Even though this is a symmetric core, the ball has a very strong mid lane grab that does not quit. The hit and carry of the Summit Peak are excellent and I am getting extra messengers even with my lower rev rate. The look of this ball gives it great shelf appeal. The Apple Kiwi Pie is a nice scent but is a little faint compared to some of the other scented balls. This ball hooks a lot but does not quit. This ball is already very popular and the results for different styles have been very good. I sometimes feel the Reacta Gloss needs to be adjusted on some balls like the Journey but it is a good choice for the Peak. Of course do not be afraid to modify surface on any ball these days, as the covers are easily tuned to your specific needs. I am really enjoying rolling the Summit Peak and the energized hook motion it provides.

The Summit Peak hooks plenty and has great back end motion.
The Balls colors are scent are very appealing.
If you need a strong angular pearl, try the Summit Peak.

Glenn Wendel
Storm Pro Shop Staff

Video Link:

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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2024, 09:37:07 AM »
The Summit Peak is the newest pearl symmetrical ball from Storm. If you know Storm, you know this is thier bread and butter! The Summit Peak gives me a clean, smooth ball that still tips enough downlane to provided a great transition piece on flatter conditions, while also being a great league ball on most house shots. This ball is the return of a shape we got out of balls like the Axiom Pearl and original Trend, but the latest version uses A.I. core technology. This new Storm tech makes the ball rev up quicker while still keeping its axis and continuing downlane. This combines control and dynamic ball motion in a way we haven't seen from Storm until this year, and the result is a reliable shape that never misses the midlane and also still hooks plenty downlane!

-Chase Valenzuela

Rick K

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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2024, 09:55:10 PM »
Summit Peak • Storm • Master Series
Coverstock • TX-23 Pearl Reactive • Finish Recta Gloss
Core • Centripetal HD-A.I. • Symmetric
Weight • 15 lbs. RG • 2.46 Differential • .056
Layout •4 1/4 x 4 3/4 x 1 5/8
Tester PAP • 5” R, 5/8” D Tester Axis Tilt • 9° Testers Rev Rate • 250
Test Pattern • 42' THS (Typical House Shot) • Modified, Kegel Stone Street

Storm has produced another winning success with the Summit Peak. And with combining the proven Centripetal HD-A.I. Core with the TX-23 Pearl Reactive Coverstock Storm has created a fantastic rolling ball that belongs in any straighter player's arsenal! So, let's take a closer look at what makes the Summit Peak – all that good!

The Centripetal HD-A.I. Core was developed in the original Summit and is a symmetrical powerhouse. As a straighter player, I love how the Centripetal HD-A.I. revs with a brisk and well-defined motion in the mid-lane without being overly aggressive. And what I find most appealing about the Centripetal HD-A.I. core is how it responds off the pattern.  The Centripetal HD-A.I. is smooth and clean, coming off the spot like you would expect with a symmetrical core. However, the difference is Centripetal HD-A.I. creates a strong angular motion we straighter players love to see. And with its relentless continuation through the pin deck, the Centripetal HD-A.I. makes the Summit Peak an excellent choice for straighter players like me.

The TX-23 Pearl coverstock serves the Summit Peak quite well. With its crisp and responsive nature, the TX-23 is an excellent choice for straighter players.  However, I struggle with Reacta-Gloss, so I took my Summit peak to 2000 grit-Abralon to start my review. And if you want to talk about being energized, my Summit Peak came alive and performed exceptionally well. I found the Tx-23 Pearl grips in the front part of the lane without sacrificing energy as it progresses through the mid-lane. And if you are a straighter player, you will enjoy how the TX-23 briskly responds to friction without being overly jumpy or squirrelly!  And lastly, late at night, when the heads are burnt up, and the backends are full of carry-down and spotty conditions, I loved how the TX-23 Pearl blended the conditions and still provided me with a smooth and predictable motion I could count on all night.

So, in conclusion, the Summit Peak is an excellent new release by Storm.  With the combination of the Centripetal HD-A.I. core and the TX-23 Pearl Reactive coverstock, the Summit Peak makes an excellent choice for any straighter player like me! And with the correct surface adjustment for your game, you can expect the Summit Peak to deliver results you can count on. So, stop into your local Storm VIP Pro Shop today and have your Summit Peak ready to roll for tonight's league. It is well worth it!

Rick Klimowicz
Storm Products Pro Shop Staff
Roll the Ball Pro Shop
Penndel, PA


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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #5 on: February 25, 2024, 11:13:22 PM »
Summit Peak
Cover Stock: TX-23 Pearl Reactive
Finish: Reacta Gloss
Core: Symmetric
Fragrance: Apple, Kiwi Pie

The Summit Peak is the latest addition to the Summit line and the new generation of AI core technology. With the pearl cover stock, the Summit Peak likes to get through the front part of the lane and create a sharp backend motion that many players are looking for in a ball. I tend to switch to this ball when equipment like my Absolute Power or Harsh Reality becomes too much and I need something that will clear the front parts of the lanes that are fried. When bowling in my league this is generally the first ball out of my bag, being that house shots can be less volume than a tournament shot. Besides the performance of this ball, the appearance of this ball is stunning and will stand out on the lanes.
Will Tefft
Storm Staff Member


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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #6 on: February 27, 2024, 02:52:44 PM »
The all new Summit Peak features the pearl version of the TX-23, wrapped around the performance proven AI Core Technology. So far I am very happy with what I have seen out of this piece. I am a huge fan of the 900 Global Sublime, I feel that this feeds off of that ball very well, they have similar motion, however, the Summit Peak is more responsive off the friction. I have seen the most success with this ball when I move left and need to loop the lane, it allows me to do so without losing pin carry. I have a feeling that you will see this ball a lot out on tour this year. Go to your local VIP Proshop and get one for yourself today!
Dual Angle: 35 x 5 x 40
VLS: 5 x 3 x 2.75


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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #7 on: March 01, 2024, 02:05:03 PM »

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Multiple - sport & recreational.


The Storm Summit Peak features an early rolling Centripetal HD A.I. Core and the pearl version of the TX-23 coverstock. This is an interesting combination as the low RG core wants to start up early, but the clean coverstock forces the bowling ball to skid further. I have not thrown the original Summit, but I do like what I see out of the Summit Peak.

I drilled my Summit Peak with my usual pin-up layout: 65 x 5 x 30. The bowling ball does flare quite a bit and certainly revs up quick. Since the core does feel early, the backend reaction is very rounded. I do like the smooth, controllable backend reaction with a cleaner coverstock as it allows me to stay a little straighter through the front part of the pattern, especially on worn lane surfaces.

I do think this Summit Peak will work great on medium patterns that don’t require too much launch angle. I think this will be a great ball when patterns go through their first transition, a little more friction appears, and the stronger asymmetrical bowling balls become too strong. For my higher ball speed, I put a little bit of surface on my Summit Peak and that created an even more predictable and rounded ball motion.


Watch our video of the Summit Peak on our YouTube Channel:


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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #8 on: March 04, 2024, 01:58:00 PM »

Length: 43'

Volume: 22.5 mLs

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS

This thing is really fun to throw and it smells AMAZING.  Summit Peak HOOKS. This ball right here never misses the spot.  This thing sees the midlane and is very strong down lane.  When the original Summit came out, It was billed as the strongest symmetrical Storm ball, to date.  When you pair the centripetal HD core with the TX-23 cover, you get a hook monster.  I need to use this ball on the fresh because that’s when it gives me the most room to miss.  Once the pattern gets more defined, I have to ball down to something that doesn’t see the friction so hard.  Don’t get it wrong, just because this is a “Symmetrical Pearl” doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be the first ball out of the bag.  This one is one that I push a lot of people to check out.   Not to mention the scent is perfect, Apple Kiwi Pie!

Layout for the Summit Peak: 5x4x2

Balls Currently getting play:
Absolute Power: 5x4x2
Attention Star: 5x4x2
Zen Gold Label- 5x5x2 (pin up) box surface
Zen Gold Label- 4.5x4.5x3.75 (pin down) 3k surface




Casey Mattingly
Storm/RotoGrip Staff
Turbo Regional Staff
Coach's Corner Pro Shop
Alexandria, IN

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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #9 on: March 05, 2024, 02:23:22 PM »
I really love the Storm Summit Peak. I drilled mine with pin over my fingers. It's a perfect transition ball. The Summit Peak gives me a clean, smooth ball reaction. For me, the Summit is a perfect complement to my 900 Global Sublime. On the house shots conditions, I begin with the Sublime and when it become to miss some punch at the end, I keep tRead more about review stating Peak; A must to havehe same place and change for the Summit Peak and it give me the backend reaction that I need. Thogether those balls create a perfect ''1-2 punch''. The Peak go across the centrer better thant the Sublime with the pearl surface. the The Summit Peak is unlike anything else with the mix of a pearl surface the TX-23 with the performance-proven A.I. Core Technology, this bowling ball is a “must have” by bowlers of all skill levels of pitch.This combines control, predictible and dynamic ball motion. I have it in my bags on my tournament road for sure ! #summitpeak #stormnation


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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #10 on: March 19, 2024, 01:08:57 PM »
The Storm Summit Peak features the same Centripetal HD inside the A.I. core as the original Summit, however the Peak is wrapped in the TX-23 pearl reactive coverstock.  At 15 pounds the rg is a very low 2.46 with a .056 differential.  I drilled mine at 5x4x2 which puts the pin above my middle finger.  Don’t let the pearl coverstock fool you, this ball hooks.  The low rg core gets the Summit Peak revving very quickly out of the bowler’s hand.  This helps the Summit Peak from “missing the spot” at the end of the pattern.  Compared to the original Summit, the Peak is about three to five feet longer with a similar total amount of hook.  However, the shapes of the two ball reactions are very different.  When this ball sees friction, it responds very quickly.  The Peak has a very strong, sharp backend motion, and the A.I. core sends pins flying!  This ball is great for fresher conditions where there is a defined hook zone.  The Summit Peak is a ball where you can throw it to the dry and watch the ball make a left or right turn back to the pocket!

PJ Haggerty

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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #11 on: March 24, 2024, 11:01:08 AM »
Storm Summit Peak Ball Review by PJ Haggerty

One of the newest additions to the Master line at Storm is the Summit Peak.  After drilling a few of the original Summit’s and having success with it, I was excited to see the brains in Utah create a pearl version.  Not only does the Summit Peak smell like Apple Pie, but it rolls great too.  Using the pearl TX-23 coverstock and the A.I. core technology, the Summit Peak has been extremely successful on multiple surfaces from multiple angles.

I’ve drilled one so far and really like it.  It’s mapped out as 6 x 4.5 x 2.  This puts the pin above my middle finger with a good-sized shift of the CG.  I’ve left the surface alone since, for me, the goal for the Peak is to be a ball to use after my Eternity-Pi, Gem, or Absolute Power start to see the front of the lane too much and I need something to fly through the front but still pick up the mid-lane and run over the 8-pin.

No doubt about it, this ball is strong, so you could probably get away with drilling it a little weaker than expected.  The response time is quick and this ball has been really good on multiple occasions.  It compliments the line extremely well and I look forward to having more success with it.



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Re: Summit Peak
« Reply #12 on: March 30, 2024, 07:09:48 PM »

Length: 43

Volume: 25

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Layout: 5 x 4 x 2 1/2 VLS

The Summit Peak is the pearl version of the original Summit that was released in the Summer of 2023 and quickly jumped to my ball of the year for 2023.  The original Summit definitely hit a wall when the heads started to dry up, so I was really looking forward to a pearl version to get a familiar shape, but get further down the lane and the Summit Peak didn’t disappoint.  I was surprised to see how much more angular the Summit Peak was compared to the original.  It’s been a great ball down from the original Summit when it starts hooking a bit too early.

My Specs -
Speed - 16 mph,
Rev Rate - 315. 
PAP 5 1/8 x 7/8 Up.

Youtube Link:


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Storm Summit Peak by Casey Murphy
« Reply #13 on: April 12, 2024, 07:40:50 PM »
Orientation:  Right Handed
Rev Rate:  400 RPM
Speed:  16-17 MPH
PAP:  4 ½ over and 1 1/8 up

Location:  Enterprise Park Lanes, Springfield MO
Pattern:  High Volume THS
VLS Layout: 
Layout 1:  4 5/8 x 4 x 2 ½  (pin above bridge)
Layout 2:  4 1/4 x 4 x 4 1/8 (pin below bridge)

The Summit Peak is a brand new Pearl symmetrical.  It features an AI Core with a new pearl cover.  This makes the Peak cleaner, smooth and continuous which isn’t typical of a sym pearl.  Usually they’re more skid snappy but the Peak holds its axis much longer.  This allows me to use the Peak to get the ball through the fronts but still be controlled downlane. Much like all the AI balls, the Peak is a unique shape!


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Re: Summit Peak: K Cordy
« Reply #14 on: April 16, 2024, 01:24:59 AM »
Length: 41

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


The Storm Summit Peak bowling ball is a game-changer, seamlessly blending power with precision. As its responsiveness is unparalleled with every roll, the angularity of its motion is simply effortlessly slicing through the pins with a calculated ferocity. But what truly sets the Summit Peak apart is its energized performance. 

Summit Peak features the Centripetal AI core technology found in the Summit but uses the new TX-23 Pearl cover. RG 2.46, Diff 0.056 makes this the early rolling, highest flaring pearl to date.

My layout:5 1/4 x 1 1/2 VLS
Puts the pin in a versatile position easily manipulated by hand and cover changes. Tested on a higher volume THS the Peak eased into a smooth roll and hard arcing backend motion. Being a lower rev, speed matched it allows me to keep my angles closed and control the fronts. Being this responsive and angular I need to chase the oil in order to use for multiple games in league. Great step down from the Summit Hybrid on blended conditions.

Summit Peak is my first or second ball in my league arsenal.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual bowler, the Storm Summit Peak will elevate your game to new heights.
Keith Cordy
900 Global Staff Ambassador